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This report highlights any tickets which the current user has added patches on, yet the ticket remains open.

By default, this report shows tickets for the current user, however, you may view other users' patches using URL like: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/report/29?USER=username, where username should be replaced with a WordPress.org username.

Colored rows are those where the ticket has been marked as needing a patch.

Ticket Milestone Type Summary Workflow Component Version Severity Priority Modified
#22367 reviewing defect (bug) Usernames with "@" char are assumed email addresses, causing incorrect look-up in several places dev-feedback Users normal normal 08/23/2019
#32065 new enhancement Hide entire RSS widget when no items to display has-patch Widgets 4.2 normal normal 08/21/2019
#35651 new defect (bug) No longer any consistent way to add content to bottom of comments form 2nd-opinion Comments 4.4 normal normal 08/19/2019
#32565 assigned defect (bug) Adding an underscore prefix meta key with a meta value provides an incorrect error message has-patch Options, Meta APIs 4.3 normal normal 08/15/2019
#28020 new defect (bug) get_userdata and wp_get_current_user do not share WP_User instance has-patch Users normal normal 08/09/2019
#37462 new enhancement Introduce is_private() conditional has-patch Posts, Post Types normal normal 08/09/2019
#44589 5.3 reviewing enhancement password reset email link faulty in some email clients has-patch Mail normal normal 09/12/2019
#19898 5.3 reopened enhancement Create a is_login() function similar to is_admin() 2nd-opinion Administration 3.3 normal normal 09/12/2019
#46830 5.3 accepted defect (bug) When menu item removed form Customizer menu uncheck it's source item has-patch Menus normal normal 09/06/2019
#47963 5.3 new enhancement Readme file: consider to remove reference to WordPress 2.7 has-patch Administration normal normal 09/02/2019
#47085 5.3 new enhancement Site Health appear on individual sites in Multisite needs-patch Site Health 5.2 minor low 08/27/2019
#45516 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) Auto Draft title issue for custom post types 2nd-opinion Posts, Post Types 5.0 minor normal 08/22/2019
#47849 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) Post excerpts accept spaces has-patch Posts, Post Types 5.2.2 normal normal 08/21/2019
#43579 5.3 assigned enhancement Optional post_id param in media_sideload_image and media_handle_sideload function needs-testing Media normal normal 08/19/2019
#46863 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) site title doesn't properly escape '{{ }}' has-patch Customize 5.1 major normal 08/18/2019
#44641 5.3 new defect (bug) Customizing Button Text in Custom Media Manager Frame Doesn't Work Anymore needs-testing Media 4.9.7 normal normal 08/14/2019
#23498 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) wp_list_authors ignores 'exclude_admin' arg when admin account has a display_name other then 'admin' 2nd-opinion Users 3.1 normal normal 08/12/2019
#47858 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) Incorrect redirect after deleting a term from a taxonomy of a custom post type has-patch Taxonomy normal normal 08/10/2019
#37826 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) Can't manage comments of trashed posts has-patch Comments normal normal 08/09/2019
#44083 5.3 reviewing enhancement Add action to wp_mkdir_p() when directory is created successfully has-patch Filesystem API 2.0.1 normal normal 08/09/2019
#46328 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) Long spam link mobile view has-patch Comments 3.9 minor normal 08/07/2019
#40302 5.3 new defect (bug) Reset password field is not auto-focused has-patch Login and Registration normal normal 08/06/2019
#46964 5.3 accepted defect (bug) ID attribute value are used multiple times in "Custom Field" form has-patch Editor 5.0 normal normal 08/06/2019
#36998 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) wp_sanitize_redirect() strips spaces out of URLs instead of encoding them has-patch Formatting normal normal 08/05/2019
#35488 5.3 reviewing defect (bug) wp_logout() not working as it should has-patch Users normal normal 08/02/2019
#38836 5.3 reviewing enhancement A current_page_parent CSS class is not added to relevant WP menu items if the query is for a custom post type single item has-patch Menus normal normal 08/01/2019
#47690 5.3 new defect (bug) remove_submenu_page() doesn't remove corresponding entry from $_wp_submenu_nopriv has-patch Administration normal normal 07/28/2019
#48034 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Video embeds fail if embed block is converted to a reusable block. has-patch Embeds normal normal 09/13/2019
#48027 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) WP_Comment fields (e.g. user_id) have wrong types needs-patch Comments minor normal 09/13/2019
#48006 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) post_date not as expected has-patch Posts, Post Types 5.2.3 normal normal 09/10/2019
#47954 Awaiting Review new enhancement Create a sanity check for siteurl and home changes has-patch Administration normal normal 09/06/2019
#47868 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) wp_delete_attachment returning successfully, deleting all DB data, but NOT deleting files, and NOT returning false dev-feedback Media normal normal 08/20/2019
#40153 Awaiting Review new enhancement Filter for wp_safe_remote_get in download_url has-patch General 4.8 normal normal 08/19/2019
#43723 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Sanitize user_contactmethods output dev-feedback Administration normal normal 08/19/2019
#47889 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) uploading image contains special characters will return a wrong image url has-patch Media 5.2.2 normal normal 08/17/2019
#41114 Awaiting Review new enhancement Installation: "Search Engine Visibility" not keeping checked on error has-patch Administration 4.8 normal normal 08/16/2019
#44094 Awaiting Review reviewing enhancement Hook for WP_User data hydration to enable strong data security 2nd-opinion Users normal normal 08/09/2019
#44042 Future new enhancement Hook for ‘delete_option’ behaviour required dev-feedback Options, Meta APIs 1.2 normal normal 08/17/2019
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