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This report highlights any tickets which the current user has added patches on, yet the ticket remains open.

By default, this report shows tickets for the current user, however, you may view other users' patches using URL like:, where username should be replaced with a username.

Colored rows are those where the ticket has been marked as needing a patch.

Ticket Milestone Type Summary Workflow Component Version Severity Priority Modified
#54740 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) REST API: oneOf validation behaves unexpectedly with strings/arrays needs-patch REST API 5.6 normal normal 09/05/2022
#53412 Awaiting Review new feature request Consider allowing themes to include block directory block references needs-patch Themes normal normal 06/15/2021
#49787 Future assigned defect (bug) Twenty Nineteen: Highlight text color isn't reflected in the editor needs-testing Bundled Theme normal normal 07/16/2024
#52543 Future assigned defect (bug) Twenty Twenty: Vendor prefix build steps are missing configuration reporter-feedback Bundled Theme normal normal 05/26/2024
#21583 Future new enhancement Improve discoverability and visual design of Screen Options and Help Panels needs-patch Help/About normal normal 12/19/2023
#49715 Future reopened task (blessed) Alternate views for WP List Tables has-patch Administration normal normal 12/01/2020
#38922 Future reviewing defect (bug) Use REST API for ajax tag search needs-patch Taxonomy normal normal 10/25/2020
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