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This report highlights any tickets which the current user has added patches on, yet the ticket remains open.

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Coloured rows are those where the ticket has been marked as needing a patch.

Ticket Milestone Type Summary Workflow Component Version Severity Priority Modified
#4280 Awaiting Review reopened feature request Allow to constrain widgets being displayed on certain page types only needs-patch Widgets 2.2 minor low 06/25/08
#27365 Future assigned defect (bug) Upgrader bulk_upgrade() functions do not return the correct data has-patch Upgrade/Install 2.9 normal normal 10/23/15
#33053 Future new defect (bug) download_url() includes query string in temporary filenames has-patch Upgrade/Install 4.2.1 normal normal 07/21/15
#15101 Future new enhancement Update Message Reduces User Orientation reg. WordPress Version has-patch Upgrade/Install 2.5 normal normal 06/16/15
#25692 Future new enhancement Update /info/ API endpoints has-patch Upgrade/Install 3.7 normal normal 10/28/13
#22840 Future new defect (bug) Uploading an existing plugin saves the zip in media library needs-patch Upgrade/Install 3.4.2 normal normal 09/13/13
#18289 Future reviewing task (blessed) Direct link to plugin installation should have admin chrome needs-testing Upgrade/Install normal normal 10/05/11
#16216 Future new enhancement Hide core updater if running an svn checkout has-patch Upgrade/Install normal normal 04/19/11
#16156 Future new defect (bug) update-core is oblivious to api.wp.org being unreachable dev-feedback Upgrade/Install normal normal 04/04/11
#7795 Future assigned enhancement Activate and Deactivate Theme hooks needs-patch Themes 2.7 normal normal 12/18/08
#38243 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Attempting to create a term with invalid UTF8 characters creates a blank term has-patch Taxonomy normal normal 10/06/16
#31270 Future assigned defect (bug) Unexpected slugs for same-title different-parents term creation has-patch Taxonomy 4.1 normal normal 02/09/15
#11623 Future accepted defect (bug) review options list and update sanitize_option() needs-patch Security 2.9 normal normal 12/26/09
#26886 Awaiting Review reopened defect (bug) wp_enqueue_script doesn't load all scripts reporter-feedback Script Loader 3.8 normal normal 02/24/15
#16808 Awaiting Review reopened defect (bug) Insufficient permissions for custom post type management and custom role/caps needs-patch Role/Capability 3.1 normal normal 08/09/13
#35983 Awaiting Review new enhancement Better support for "singular" endpoints has-patch Rewrite Rules normal normal 02/28/16
#14477 Future reopened enhancement get_pages with child_of only works with uninterrupted hierarchies needs-patch Query 3.0 normal high 11/27/14
#10535 Future reopened defect (bug) _wp_filter_build_unique_id issues with the first time a filter is hooked by a class has-patch Plugins 2.9 normal normal 08/02/09
#10786 Future assigned defect (bug) Implementation of %my_taxonomy% in permastructs is incomplete dev-feedback Permalinks 2.9 minor normal 09/18/09
#6778 Future reopened enhancement Detect when the config will cause infinite loop dev-feedback Permalinks 2.5 normal normal 08/16/09
#38931 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) `update_option()` race condition with non-autoloaded options has-patch Options, Meta APIs 3.7 normal normal 11/24/16
#38328 Awaiting Review new enhancement Lost Password email construction - two links should be one. has-patch Login and Registration 4.7 normal normal 10/17/16
#37705 Future new defect (bug) Remove unnecessary parts of WP_HTTP which remain has-patch HTTP API normal normal 08/18/16
#25840 Future new enhancement Feature Request: WP_ACCESSIBLE_HOSTS as option needs-testing HTTP API 3.7.1 normal normal 11/08/13
#18738 Future assigned enhancement Improving cron spawning and other non-blocking HTTP requests has-patch HTTP API normal normal 09/24/11
#16895 Future assigned enhancement wp_list_pluck cannot be used with arrays of references dev-feedback General 3.1 normal normal 03/19/11
#32774 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Improve WP_Filesystem::dirlist() format consistency needs-patch Filesystem API minor normal 06/24/15
#26802 Awaiting Review accepted defect (bug) WordPress FTP component fails to update core on IIS7+ needs-patch Filesystem API 3.7.1 major normal 01/18/14
#25741 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Broken WP_Filesystem methods needs-patch Filesystem API normal normal 10/28/13
#23845 Future new defect (bug) Install new theme via FTP failed needs-patch Filesystem API 3.5.1 normal normal 09/06/13
#14401 Future reopened defect (bug) Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content). needs-patch Filesystem API 3.0 normal normal 08/20/13
#20652 Future reopened defect (bug) Install plugins with FTP upload, virtual subdomain, bad base dir? needs-patch Filesystem API 3.3 normal normal 05/10/12
#29204 Awaiting Review reviewing defect (bug) SimplePie error with fetch_feed() has-patch Feeds 3.8 normal normal 03/09/15
#16979 Future new enhancement Extra hooks needed in comment process needs-patch Comments normal normal 04/16/11
#18385 Awaiting Review new enhancement Canonical redirections not suited for Queries with multiple query vars and "pretty permalinks" in general dev-feedback Canonical 3.2 normal normal 08/12/11
#21602 Future assigned defect (bug) redirect_canonical can lead to infinite loop on index navigation if site url is not all lower case has-patch Canonical blocker normal 01/09/16
#13041 Future reviewing defect (bug) Canonical redirection will redirect a non-exitant page to a post. has-patch Canonical 3.0 normal normal 04/18/10
#12456 Future reopened defect (bug) Canonical URL redirect issue with post_id/postname permalink structure tested Canonical 2.9.2 normal normal 03/05/10
#32452 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) Cache optimizations needs-patch Cache API 4.1 normal normal 05/21/15
#22239 Awaiting Review new defect (bug) wp_ob_end_flush_all() tries to destroy non-destroyable output buffers has-patch Bootstrap/Load normal normal 10/21/12
#18322 Future new defect (bug) The Road to Magic Quotes Sanity dev-feedback Bootstrap/Load 3.2.1 normal normal 10/02/11
#35554 4.8 new enhancement De-emphasis WordPress Version in the admin has-patch Administration normal normal 01/21/16
#36426 Awaiting Review new enhancement WP Admin memory limit not increasing to base limit by default has-patch Administration 4.6 normal normal 08/19/16
#16858 Awaiting Review reviewing defect (bug) Usage of HTTP_HOST in the administration has-patch Administration 3.1 normal normal 03/24/11
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