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This report highlights any tickets which the current user has added patches on, yet the ticket remains open.

By default, this report shows tickets for the current user, however, you may view other users' patches using URL like:, where username should be replaced with a username.

Colored rows are those where the ticket has been marked as needing a patch.

Ticket Milestone Type Summary Workflow Component Version Severity Priority Modified
#28138 new defect (bug) Updating menu item requires passing all of a menu item's data to wp_update_nav_menu_item() has-patch Menus 3.0 normal normal 06/04/2019
#13273 Future new enhancement Allow "'non-clickable" menu items needs-patch Menus 3.0 normal normal 11/10/2023
#37417 Future new enhancement Customize Nav Menus: more visible way to navigate the preview to a menu item object has-patch Customize 4.3 normal normal 05/17/2022
#38954 Future new defect (bug) Customizer: Increase preview refreshBuffer (perhaps with decay) when making rapid changes such as via text inputs needs-patch Customize 4.6.1 normal normal 05/31/2021
#29071 Future reopened enhancement Make it easier to include an instance of the Customizer outside of customize.php needs-patch Customize 3.4 normal normal 05/22/2021
#32678 Future assigned enhancement Audit toolbar links and content needs-testing Toolbar normal normal 02/27/2020
#34367 Future reviewing enhancement Image Editing: Orientation-aware rotation icons needs-patch Media normal normal 06/04/2019
#24856 Future new enhancement Authors widget to highlight authors has-patch Widgets 3.8 normal normal 03/14/2019
#42046 Future new defect (bug) Customize Themes: Clarify active and previewed themes needs-patch Customize 4.9 normal normal 01/15/2018
#35827 Future assigned enhancement Customizer: Create a dropzone for adding images needs-patch Customize 4.1 normal high 09/26/2017
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