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Ticket Summary Owner Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#7795 Activate and Deactivate Theme hooks normal normal Future Release enhancement 03/15/2019
#16396 Add a hook to the theme editor page when the write is successful normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#10432 Dynamic classes for current blog post item, current term item normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#13691 Make get_template_part() accept multiple template names normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#35164 Singular body class and main post post class normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#22810 Support for theme changelogs normal normal Future Release enhancement 08/06/2021
#12839 Themes should be sandboxed on activation to prevent fatal errors normal normal Future Release enhancement 01/02/2021
#25927 Remove the theme information from style.css and add a theme manifest file normal normal feature request dev-feedback 06/04/2019
#19627 Themes should be able to opt-in to a static front page normal normal feature request 06/04/2019
#18301 Activating a new theme on multisite is very long-winded DrewAPicture* normal normal Future Release enhancement 09/18/2018
#30797 New function for parent theme stylesheet uri obenland normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#51072 Add action hook after theme skip links sarahricker normal normal Future Release feature request 10/16/2020
#18298 deprecate TEMPLATEPATH and STYLESHEETPATH wonderboymusic normal normal Future Release enhancement 12/29/2017
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