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Ticket Summary Owner Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#34907 List for translation updates normal normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#14028 Maintenance mode nag persists after successful upgrade normal minor enhancement 03/01/2021
#14393 Maintenance mode overkill. Please refine usage of it normal normal Future Release enhancement 03/18/2017
#37484 Make form in request_filesystem_credentials() in line with WP admin form styling / HTML structure / security normal normal Future Release enhancement 06/29/2020
#11869 Multisite upgrade notice at wpmu-upgrade-site.php isn't steadily visible. normal minor Future Release enhancement 04/23/2017
#35016 New plugin version in upgrader object normal normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#45437 On plugin update screen, offer more information and options normal minor Future Release enhancement 12/06/2018
#30559 Plugins and themes translations aren't downloaded when language is changed normal normal Future Release enhancement 05/06/2019
#33287 Prompt the user before leaving during core upgrade normal normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#23709 Relax wildcard restrictions for populate_network() when installing in subdomain mode normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#33345 Remove blocking API requests for update checks normal normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#31534 Shiny Updates: Language pack install support normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#31902 Shiny Updates: Language packs updates normal normal enhancement 11/13/2019
#29005 Small Improvements of text in setup-config.php normal normal enhancement 02/06/2020
#34649 Support for filtering constants and .htaccess message in network setup normal normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#34610 Unify Add plugin with Add theme: load tabs through ajax normal normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#29260 Update site transients response differences lowest normal enhancement 06/05/2019
#22076 WP Upgrader: update_bulk_plugins_complete_actions and update_bulk_theme_complete_actions should pass information about all plugins/themes to the filter normal normal enhancement 06/04/2019
#43395 Add Automated E2E Tests for Core Updates normal normal WordPress.org task (blessed) 03/04/2020
#31531 Shiny Updates: Updates on update-core.php swissspidy normal normal Future Release task (blessed) 08/07/2020
#50674 Plugin and Theme Update Hooks pbiron* normal normal Future Release enhancement dev-feedback 10/19/2020
#51857 Add rollback for failed plugin/theme updates pbiron normal normal Future Release enhancement early 06/03/2021
#44894 Add support for an optional `$roles` parameter to `populate_roles()` flixos90 normal normal Future Release enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/23/2019
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