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Ticket Summary Reporter Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#43421 The $capabilities argument in the `add_role()` function is incompatible with `user_can` eclev91 Role/Capability normal normal enhancement 03/18/18
#42465 Add `permalink_structure` to REST API general site data schlessera pento REST API normal normal enhancement 01/11/18
#39965 REST API: not possible to request collection of posts across post types iseulde jnylen0 REST API high normal enhancement 03/08/18
#42737 Add method wp.api.getModelByType for retrieving api models mkaz adamsilverstein REST API normal normal feature request 03/06/18
#34706 Introduce an edit_post_{$post->post_type} action garrett-eclipse Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement close 02/28/18
#43525 Add a method to generate the image subsizes with multiple requests azaozz Media normal normal enhancement 03/15/18
#43524 Add another default image size azaozz Media normal normal enhancement 03/12/18
#42721 Introduce native language name as a WP_Locale property SergeyBiryukov I18N normal normal enhancement 11/28/17
#42057 Add ability to pass a label for the <form> element returned by get_search_form() williampatton sami.keijonen General normal normal enhancement 02/28/18
#43473 Add default text for a privacy policy azaozz General normal normal enhancement 03/05/18
#43437 Add way for registered users to request deletion or anonymization of their private data azaozz General normal normal enhancement 03/09/18
#41191 Create browse happy type notice for PHP versions joostdevalk flixos90 General normal normal enhancement 03/18/18
#35465 Improve wp.Backbone docs ericlewis gma992 General normal normal enhancement 01/11/18
#21170 JavaScript actions and filters koopersmith adamsilverstein General normal normal feature request 01/04/18
#41074 Create new Dashicons (4.9) EmpireOfLight netweb Editor normal normal enhancement 03/13/18
#42635 Customize: Add default value for customizeAction param for sections westonruter Customize normal normal enhancement 11/20/17
#42272 Customize: Use client-side templates for rendering base controls westonruter Customize normal normal enhancement 11/20/17
#42644 Customize: Add rich text control for managing tagline and new footer credit theme support westonruter Customize normal normal feature request 11/20/17
#43558 Add composer.json file clarinetlord Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 03/16/18
#43432 Streamline tests with installation skips soulseekah Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 03/07/18
#40948 Load meta files earlier in `wp-settings.php` flixos90 Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 03/16/18
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