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Ticket Summary Reporter Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#39634 Customize: Add REST API endpoints for panels, sections, controls, settings, and partials westonruter stubgo Customize normal normal enhancement 06/08/17
#39389 Customize: Make sure selective refreshed partial placement is scrolled into view westonruter Customize normal normal enhancement 08/05/17
#39119 Verify change of network admin email address before it changes johnbillion Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement 07/26/17
#38900 Customize: Add REST API endpoints for changesets westonruter Customize normal normal feature request 08/02/17
#38794 Customize: Allow panels and sections to have notifications just like controls can westonruter Customize normal normal enhancement 06/08/17
#38707 Customizer: Additional CSS highlight, revisions, selection, per-page, pop-out folletto Customize normal normal enhancement 08/14/17
#36882 Add a reusable admin CSS class for destructive actions flixos90 Administration normal normal enhancement 07/17/17
#35210 Add notification area to Customizer westonruter Customize normal normal enhancement 06/08/17
#34843 Customizer: allow themes in the Customizer to be disabled by plugins mattwiebe celloexpressions Customize normal normal enhancement 06/08/17
#32399 List table: Lists of items should inform users about the "current view" being displayed afercia joedolson* Administration normal normal enhancement 07/24/17
#28721 Scheduled changes for the customizer danielbachhuber Customize normal normal enhancement 08/15/17
#27404 Widget Customizer: Allow adding inactive widgets to widget areas westonruter melchoyce Widgets normal normal feature request 07/10/17
#21819 Use an image size for custom headers instead of duplicating an attachment koopersmith Media normal normal enhancement 08/05/17
#12423 Include default code editor scribu georgestephanis Editor normal normal feature request 08/15/17
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