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Ticket Summary Reporter Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#30180 wp_get_attachment_image_src does not return alt or meta joedolson joedolson* Media normal normal enhancement 06/05/17
#39119 Verify change of network admin email address before it changes johnbillion Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement 05/07/17
#16838 Excluding Akismet from Future WordPress Releases / Plugin Directory sc0ttkclark Plugins normal normal enhancement 06/19/17
#40187 The tag cloud should output a list afercia Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 05/15/17
#40854 Allow media to be embedded in Text widget alexvorn2 Widgets normal normal enhancement 06/05/17
#39693 Fix missing assignment of widgets on theme switch melchoyce Widgets normal normal enhancement 06/21/17
#41081 Improve Custom Menu widget, show notification if menu is empty or no menu selected alexvorn2 Widgets normal normal enhancement 06/22/17
#39908 Make the page and category widget exclusions use a drop down not ID karmatosed Widgets normal normal enhancement 06/08/17
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