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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#38733 REST API: Maintenance Mode sends HTML in request. kadamwhite WordPress.org Site normal normal WordPress.org defect (bug) needs-codex 07/09/2019
#34189 Add warning about changing $table_prefix for existing database Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement needs-codex 06/04/2019
#50399 Gutenberg Editor Direction when Site language is Arabic and the Profile Language is English Editor normal normal defect (bug) needs-codex 04/20/2021
#24815 get_the_post_thumbnail() fetches full sized image if 'post-thumbnail' custom size not defined in theme Media normal normal defect (bug) needs-codex 06/04/2019
#46566 get_post_thumbnail() is not working with transition_post_status hook Post Thumbnails normal critical defect (bug) needs-codex 03/19/2019
#16600 AdminMenu rendering code chokes on uppercase Posts, Post Types normal minor defect (bug) needs-codex 06/04/2019
#18897 query_posts / WP_query parameter 'offset' should play nicely with 'paged' wonderboymusic Query normal normal enhancement needs-codex 06/04/2019
#40408 REST API (v2) Does not handle metadata REST API normal normal defect (bug) needs-codex 07/09/2019
#45022 Add a wp-ajax.php at the root of wordpress REST API normal normal feature request needs-codex 04/05/2021
#26318 XMLRPC wp.uploadFile fails to place media in sub blogs XML-RPC normal normal defect (bug) needs-codex 06/05/2019
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