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#11384 rewrite->flush() needlessly deletes the rewrite_rules option Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 01/10/2016
#16472 set_query_var() / get_query_var() does not work for NULL values Query normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 02/02/2014
#26248 setting WP_TESTS_FORCE_KNOWN_BUGS to true shouldn't produce fatal errors wonderboymusic Unit Tests normal normal 3.8 defect (bug) 11/25/2013
#30970 setup_postdata should be able to accept a Post ID, currently requires full WP Post object boonebgorges Posts, Post Types normal normal 4.4 enhancement needs-unit-tests 09/12/2015
#25784 shortcode.js needs unit tests Unit Tests normal normal 3.8 enhancement 12/04/2013
#15600 shortcode_unautop returns emtpy string westi Formatting high major 3.3 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/12/2011
#21181 simplify and add filter to is_upload_space_available westi Multisite normal normal 3.5 enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/18/2012
#27193 tax_query returns only partial results Query low normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 12/15/2014
#41357 test_comment_query_should_be_cached() doesn't perform an assertion boonebgorges Comments normal normal 4.9 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 08/24/2017
#20522 the sanitize_file_name_chars filter and ch(0) Formatting normal minor enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/17/2014
#38828 update_blog_details() performance improvement ideas General normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 07/06/2017
#13480 update_option + PHP5 Object references not storing correctly in cache ryan Cache API normal normal 3.0 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 09/22/2011
#24635 update_user_caches() should support accepting a WP_User instance Users normal normal 4.4 enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/08/2015
#29714 user_can_access_admin_page() returning false for edit.php?post_type=CPT Role/Capability normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 11/23/2014
#20633 wp-includes/comment.php:738 - Undefined property: WP_Query::$comments wonderboymusic Comments normal normal 3.9 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 01/29/2014
#20665 wp.getUsersBlogs method runs out of memory when there are too many blogs nacin XML-RPC normal normal 3.5 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 06/30/2012
#11175 wp_check_invalid_utf8() should drop invalid utf-8 chars only instead of truncating string hakre Charset normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/17/2014
#24948 wp_delete_term() Shouldn't delete other default terms Taxonomy normal minor enhancement needs-unit-tests 09/20/2013
#22585 wp_editor() gives fatal error on front-end ryan Editor normal major 3.5 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 11/27/2012
#29942 wp_get_object_terms - no caching mechanism in place - results in duplicate queries Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 09/28/2016
#28688 wp_get_object_terms - orderby boonebgorges Taxonomy normal normal 4.2 enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/18/2015
#34493 wp_handle_comment_submission() does not set the user_ID johnbillion Comments high normal 4.4 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 11/05/2015
#44533 wp_is_stream wrappers need preg delimiter when quoting Filesystem API normal normal 5.1 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/12/2018
#36009 wp_new_user_notification "user" option for third parameter SergeyBiryukov Users normal normal 4.6 enhancement needs-unit-tests 09/14/2018
#35012 wp_old_slug_redirect can cause redirect loop Canonical normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 12/16/2015
#9959 wp_rel_nofollow_callback adds too many rel/nofollow attributes wonderboymusic Comments low normal 4.4 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 11/04/2015
#26042 wp_save_post_revision() can compare against the wrong $last_revision post wonderboymusic Revisions normal major 4.0 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/26/2020
#15657 wp_strip_all_tags causes paragraphs to run together Formatting normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/07/2013
#12118 wp_texturize converting x to × is too greedy Formatting normal normal 3.0 defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 12/15/2017
#26906 wp_user_update does not update custom user meta fields Users normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/04/2015
#7988 wpautop p (paragraph) bug with div Formatting normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 09/22/2011
#16957 wptexturize - problem with numbers and non-breaking spaces Formatting normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 03/15/2014
#24556 wptexturize() edge case bug with specific sentence structure Formatting normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 01/16/2014
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