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Stars Comments Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
2 49 #51130 Events displayed in venue timezone instead of user's iandunn Date/Time high normal 5.5.2 enhancement has-patch 10/24/2020
4 #51320 PHP Notice while moving post to trash (post_type has 2 registered taxonomies both with default_term set) SergeyBiryukov* Posts, Post Types normal normal 5.5.2 defect (bug) commit 10/15/2020
3 6 #51383 PHP error body class added for suppressed errors SergeyBiryukov Administration normal normal 5.5.2 defect (bug) has-patch 10/20/2020
12 #50482 Uncaught Exception: Serialization of 'Closure' is not allowed when run PHPUnit in plugin development Build/Test Tools normal critical 5.5.2 defect (bug) 10/01/2020
2 17 #51157 Bundled Themes: List block appears too far to the left after 5.5 upgrade Bundled Theme normal normal 5.5.2 defect (bug) dev-feedback 10/22/2020
4 29 #50949 Posts show wrong time when user is in a different time zone than the site's Date/Time normal major 5.5.2 defect (bug) 10/16/2020
2 8 #51053 Video Embeds set to aligh left disappear in Gutenberg editor Embeds normal normal 5.5.2 defect (bug) has-patch 10/15/2020
20 37 #50861 Remove Facebook and Instagram as an oEmbed Source Embeds normal normal 5.5.2 task (blessed) has-patch 10/15/2020
3 3 #51153 Use ini_get_all() to determine 'memory_limit' value in Site Health Site Health normal normal 5.5.2 defect (bug) close 10/19/2020
1 8 #50849 Incorrect action passed to hooks when updating plugin/theme by uploading ZIP file Upgrade/Install normal normal 5.5.2 defect (bug) has-patch 10/22/2020
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