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Defects Awaiting Review (46 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#23243 wp_mail() not working with "Name <email>" format in buggy PHP versions on Windows Mail minor defect (bug) 01/31/13 3.5
#21285 Don't ping yourself, especially on localhost Pings/Trackbacks normal defect (bug) 01/22/13 1.2 has-patch
#21770 Multiple New Feature Pop-ups mess UI Administration normal defect (bug) 01/22/13 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#17959 WP-Tab css WraithKenny Administration minor defect (bug) 01/21/13 3.2 has-patch
#23085 Calling $wpdb->query() when no connection exists causes mysql_error() to throw an error Database minor defect (bug) 01/21/13 3.5 dev-feedback
#23227 Properly reflect date and time formats throughout admin area Date/Time trivial defect (bug) 01/18/13 3.5 ui/ux
#23203 Scheduling Posts assumes GMT but UI uses local timezone (creating undesired scheduled posts) Date/Time normal defect (bug) 01/16/13 3.5 dev-feedback
#16430 Comment 'Reply' button still present when comment max depth has been reached, just without text. Comments normal defect (bug) 01/15/13 3.0.4 has-patch
#23188 Hardcoded relative url 'async-upload.php' in plupload/handlers.js Upload normal defect (bug) 01/14/13 3.5
#23117 permalink failed on IIS7 and Reserved Proxy for wordpress 3.5 Permalinks major defect (bug) 01/04/13 3.5
#22879 Canonical Link Missing on Front Page Canonical normal defect (bug) 12/30/12 3.4.2
#23020 wp.getPageList should act like wp.getPages XML-RPC minor defect (bug) 12/30/12 2.2 has-patch
#23056 date_i18n() does not localize dateformat 'r' I18N normal defect (bug) 12/26/12 1.5
#22999 The position of the cursor is ignored when inserting media in DFW and Text mode (IE) Media normal defect (bug) 12/19/12 3.5
#18360 One of the links in the Password Reset Mail is wrong lizhenry Users normal defect (bug) 12/11/12 3.2.1 has-patch
#22247 Ensure post ID evaluates to true before adding "Edit post" tab in admin bar Toolbar normal defect (bug) 11/13/12 3.1 has-patch
#22150 Customizer: Remove Image doesn't remove from Media Library Upload minor defect (bug) 11/10/12 3.4
#22101 Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed Feeds normal defect (bug) 10/27/12 3.4.2
#17718 Don't redirect if user is already on port 80 Canonical normal defect (bug) 10/16/12 3.1.3 has-patch
#17793 No explanation on invalid characters on registration form Users trivial defect (bug) 10/15/12 2.1 has-patch
#21672 Custom menu memory problem Menus normal defect (bug) 10/15/12 3.4.1
#22127 strange behaviour with shortcode with the_content filter Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 10/08/12 3.4.2
#22070 Deleting menus with no title / slow menu saving Menus normal defect (bug) 10/01/12 3.4.2 dev-feedback
#21859 Import blog and media library is not working Import normal defect (bug) 09/28/12 3.4.2
#20275 wp_update_nav_menu hook is not fired when nav menu item is auto-added Menus normal defect (bug) 09/27/12 3.3.1 has-patch
#21098 Out of memory errors in XML-RPC XML-RPC major defect (bug) 09/23/12 3.4 dev-feedback
#21425 the 'edit_users' capability also allows 'promote_users' Role/Capability major defect (bug) 09/22/12 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#21845 Losing comment reply by accidentally clicking on another comment Comments normal defect (bug) 09/17/12 3.4.2 ui/ux
#20842 Buttons are not on the same line when saving a post as pending (RTL) I18N normal defect (bug) 09/08/12 3.4
#20262 When "Automatically close comments on articles older than X days" is enabled, comments appear closed on draft posts Comments normal defect (bug) 09/05/12 3.3 dev-feedback
#21762 Storing a multidimensional array using register_setting double-serializes subarrays identified with a string sekatsim Database normal defect (bug) 09/01/12 3.4.1
#21669 Make "Home" option persistent in Pages box on Menus screen Menus minor defect (bug) 08/27/12 3.4.1 needs-patch
#21699 Losing post status Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 08/27/12 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#18995 Superfluous check in WP_Users_List_Table::display_rows() Users normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.2.1 has-patch
#17812 media_upload_form_handler runs twice when editing attachment from "From Computer" media upload tab (browser uploader) Upload normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.1.3 has-patch
#21470 Wrong menu when no menu is set Menus normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.4.1
#21448 unfiltered HTML comments from a frame js fix breaks js in windowed comments Comments normal defect (bug) 08/02/12 3.4.1 has-patch
#21396 Categories widget reports categories without posts when they have custom posts Widgets normal defect (bug) 07/27/12 3.4.1
#20057 Media upload for multi-webserver setups introduces a nasty race condition that could corrupt uploaded files Media major defect (bug) 07/26/12 3.3.1
#21172 Adding the first filter/action in an earlier priority during a later priority causes the earlier priority to run (last) Plugins normal defect (bug) 07/07/12 3.4 has-patch
#21139 Month format in Publish box I18N normal defect (bug) 07/02/12 3.4
#18501 plugin_dir_path() returns unsanitized path on Windows installs Plugins normal defect (bug) 06/15/12 2.8 has-patch
#20745 Hard-code less capability types Role/Capability normal defect (bug) 05/25/12 3.0 has-patch
#20214 Pingback discovery doesn't strip fragment identifiers from URL Pings/Trackbacks normal defect (bug) 05/14/12 3.3 has-patch
#17382 XMLRPC wp_getUsersBlogs Scalability XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 05/13/12 3.0.1 needs-patch
#18762 Pagination does not work correctly on walker in reverse order. Comments normal defect (bug) 05/02/12 3.2.1 has-patch

Enhancements Awaiting Review (54 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#31788 WordPress Lost Your Password form Error Message Inaccuracies Login and Registration normal enhancement 03/29/15 trunk has-patch
#31779 Warn users before using a built-in file editor for the first time Editor normal enhancement 03/27/15
#19834 More Robust Capabilities for Attachments Media normal feature request 03/27/15
#29664 Support font embedding and word break for Burmese in core. I18N major enhancement 03/26/15 has-patch
#28407 You are unable to override the attachment name in wp_mail() when adding attachments Mail normal enhancement 03/26/15 3.9.1
#31775 wp_mail attachments support only ascii symbols Mail normal enhancement 03/26/15 4.1.1
#30902 Create new dashicons (4.2) Administration normal enhancement 03/26/15 4.1
#29014 Normalization of template tag filters Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 03/25/15 3.9
#31522 Quicktags: use aria-label to improve accessibility Editor normal enhancement 03/25/15 4.1 has-patch
#31759 Allow to set $allow_bail when creating new wpdb object to handle connection error silently Database normal enhancement 03/25/15 4.1.1
#26386 Add fixed full screen background option to custom backgrounds Customize normal enhancement 03/24/15 has-patch
#31747 wp_insert_comment better docstrings Comments normal enhancement 03/24/15 trunk needs-patch
#31674 Help Tab -- Make it stand out with the admin color scheme accent color Help/About normal enhancement 03/24/15 4.1
#31744 All PHP files in the root should be dummy files, pointing to wp-includes versions Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 03/24/15
#31743 Add HeadJS Load to Core Script Loader normal feature request 03/24/15
#31737 Unique identifier for Heartbeat API calls Autosave minor enhancement 03/23/15 4.1.1 dev-feedback
#25455 Breadcrumb API Template normal feature request 03/23/15
#31736 Add locale to get_body_class to enable local WordPress themes/plugins to enable different design for locales General normal enhancement 03/23/15 trunk
#31395 Indicate difference of two visually equal, but otherwise different images in non-list media views Media normal enhancement 03/22/15 4.0
#31715 Small UI redesign proposal for media uploader Media normal enhancement 03/21/15 4.1.1
#31640 Menus: hiding all sections from the left column using "Screen Options" makes it confusing to add new menu items Menus normal enhancement 03/20/15 4.1.1 has-patch
#6425 Support for RTL in feeds Feeds normal enhancement 03/20/15
#31700 Update Grunt devDependencies in package.json Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 03/20/15 trunk has-patch
#20578 Allow users to delete a plugin without uninstalling Plugins normal enhancement 03/20/15 dev-feedback
#31136 Allow plugin authors to register an additional 'Uninstall Notification' plugin header and to display back to the user during plugin uninstall flow Plugins normal enhancement 03/20/15 dev-feedback
#31673 Multisite UX: deleting a plugin Networks and Sites normal enhancement 03/20/15 4.1.1
#31702 Add action to handle network not found for multisite Networks and Sites normal enhancement 03/20/15 has-patch
#29865 In plugins screen, searching installed plugins vs. searching for plugins to install is confusing Plugins normal enhancement 03/19/15 has-patch
#31693 Feature Request - CHILDtheme as STANDARD-FEATURE Upgrade/Install normal feature request 03/19/15 4.1.1
#31320 Make customizer JavaScript API available during the live preview Customize normal enhancement 03/19/15 4.1 needs-patch
#26396 Implement a generic clearfix Administration minor enhancement 03/19/15
#31692 WP_Query post__in parameter to accept another WP_Query objcet Query normal enhancement 03/19/15 trunk
#31688 The Ability to Align oEmbedded Content Embeds normal enhancement 03/18/15
#31556 `$wpdb` global object should be retrieved via a helper function to help prevent global stomping Query normal enhancement 03/18/15 trunk dev-feedback
#31680 get_queried_object on multiple taxonomies Query normal enhancement 03/18/15 4.1.1
#31624 $wpdb->prepare() named placeholders Database normal enhancement 03/18/15 trunk needs-unit-tests
#26861 Too easy to delete a site in Multisite bradparbs Networks and Sites minor enhancement 03/17/15 has-patch
#30187 Ability to not apply editor stylesheets to wp_editor TinyMCE normal enhancement 03/17/15 3.3
#27177 Child themes should inherit parent theme customizer settings on activation / switching Customize normal enhancement 03/16/15 3.8
#30441 New action hook in auto-upgrade process Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 03/16/15 3.7 dev-feedback
#17142 Prettier gallery display and navigation through core Gallery normal feature request 03/16/15 3.3 needs-patch
#31643 Allow widget sidebars to be loaded open or closed via filtering Widgets normal enhancement 03/14/15 trunk
#18471 Add action hook after cron processed it's jobs Cron API normal enhancement 03/13/15 3.2.1 has-patch
#31638 Bulk Edit & Quick Edit User Interfaces should be consistent Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 03/13/15
#31635 Bulk Edit -> Publish should publish scheduled posts Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 03/13/15
#31634 Minor UI improvements to bulk editing Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 03/13/15
#22924 Add filter to theme editor accepted files Themes normal enhancement 03/13/15 3.5 has-patch
#21171 jQuery Events for Metaboxes Editor minor feature request 03/13/15
#31614 Add Actions to underscore media-template items Media normal enhancement 03/12/15 trunk
#23323 img quicktag is so inferior to add media, should be merged or removed Editor normal enhancement 03/12/15 3.5
#12120 Thumbnail image isn't created if the original is too small Media normal feature request 03/12/15 has-patch
#31470 Add user capability check to WordPress update nag Role/Capability normal enhancement 03/12/15 4.1 has-patch
#31603 Don't change $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] just to filter the current URL query string General normal enhancement 03/11/15 trunk
#31281 Register JavaScript/Underscore templates using the WP Dependency API Script Loader normal enhancement 03/11/15
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