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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#44169 New filter to short circuit WP_User_Query results Users normal enhancement 05/21/2018 has-patch
#44094 Hook for WP_User data hydration to enable strong data security Users normal enhancement 05/15/2018
#34927 user_url and user_email length too short Users normal enhancement 05/14/2018 dev-feedback
#22310 wp_insert_user bit ilogical with rich_editing Users normal enhancement 05/12/2018 4.9.5 needs-patch
#43484 WordPress Notification Center proposal Users normal feature request 04/30/2018 ui/ux
#43886 Chrome autofills password over "new password" field when updating user. Users normal feature request 04/27/2018 trunk dev-feedback
#43748 Create new action edit_user_updated_user similar to edit_user_created_user Users normal enhancement 04/12/2018
#43635 Allow to (only) store users in an external user database/backend Users normal enhancement 03/26/2018 4.9.4 has-patch
#43601 Improve error messaging when activating multisite users Users normal enhancement 03/21/2018 trunk has-patch
#41937 Change name of "wp-settings-" and "wp-settings-time-" cookie petertoi Users normal enhancement 02/21/2018 has-patch
#32234 Streamline parameter order of get_user_option() Users normal enhancement 02/19/2018 4.2.1
#43318 New filter suggestion for manage_users-network_custom_column Users normal enhancement 02/14/2018 trunk
#37934 Separate account settings and profile settings Users normal enhancement 02/13/2018 ui/ux
#43273 set users_can_register to 0 by default Users normal enhancement 02/09/2018 trunk
#41672 REST create user: existing_user_login is returned before existing_user_email shooper Users normal enhancement 02/08/2018 4.7 dev-feedback
#39242 Add caching to count_user_posts() Users normal enhancement 01/27/2018 dev-feedback
#43013 Confirmation Email workaround Users normal enhancement 01/02/2018 4.9.1
#39123 Allow usernames to be changed by administrators Users normal enhancement 11/21/2017 needs-unit-tests
#42326 Allow for user deletion in multisite Users normal enhancement 10/24/2017 3.0 needs-unit-tests
#41544 $id_or_email parameter in get_avatar filter needs to be more concrete Users normal enhancement 10/14/2017 dev-feedback
#24972 wp_dropdown_roles() multiple pre-selected options Users normal enhancement 09/27/2017 3.6 ui/ux
#34316 User status inconsistent between single-site & multisite Users normal enhancement 09/27/2017 1.5 needs-unit-tests
#40149 WordPress password strength checking is improved, but the hint now doesn't help Users normal enhancement 09/27/2017 4.7.3 has-patch
#41950 wp_insert_user() should accept a meta_input argument Users normal enhancement 09/22/2017 2.0 needs-patch
#41931 Not possible to add custom display_name option Users normal feature request 09/20/2017 4.8.2 has-patch
#40518 multisite users table should use user's ID to get the avatar Users normal enhancement 08/24/2017 4.7.4
#41673 Abstract update capability logic into a meta capability Users normal enhancement 08/19/2017 4.9 needs-unit-tests
#41051 Confirm use of weak password Field show when removed password Users normal feature request 08/10/2017 4.8 has-patch
#28160 Get authors user query in-efficient when dealing with large numbers of users. Users major enhancement 07/12/2017 3.9
#35778 Populate Website URL profile field for the 1st user after install EFAREM Users normal enhancement 07/10/2017 has-patch
#6148 Internationalization of personal names Users normal enhancement 07/05/2017 has-patch
#41199 Allow the optional editing of an author slug Users normal enhancement 06/30/2017
#39829 Missing Filter before user is created within "wp_insert_user" function Users normal enhancement 05/16/2017 4.7.2
#37284 Add indication for required next to Confirm Password Users normal enhancement 05/04/2017 4.6 has-patch
#40348 Option to enable User Dashboard on single-site installations Users normal enhancement 04/03/2017 3.0 dev-feedback
#40265 Introduce an 'All Network Users' view to multisite user list tables Users normal enhancement 03/26/2017 3.0 has-patch
#40046 Add password length filter in `register_new_user` function. Users normal enhancement 03/06/2017 4.7.2
#39787 wp_list_authors can be optimize Users normal enhancement 02/05/2017 4.8
#37899 Make Profile Picture Section of Edit User Admin Page Filterable Users normal enhancement 02/02/2017 4.7
#39067 wp_insert_user custom validation Users normal enhancement 12/23/2016 has-patch
#39347 Role Column In Multisite's User List, Augment User Profile to Show Sites/Roles Users normal enhancement 12/20/2016 4.7
#34615 Make it possible to disable a user account Users normal feature request 11/08/2016
#38473 Additional hook for users list table navigation area Users normal enhancement 10/24/2016 4.7 has-patch
#38109 Improvements to user deletion Users normal enhancement 09/20/2016 4.6.1
#36368 Add `access_admin` capability Users normal feature request 09/16/2016 dev-feedback
#37976 wp_users deleted but warning does not appear. Users normal enhancement 09/08/2016 4.7
#37921 Make "newbloguser" URL segment customizable/filterable Users normal feature request 09/02/2016 dev-feedback
#37641 Support queries on `spam` and `deleted` fields in `WP_User_Query` on multisite Users normal enhancement 08/18/2016 3.1 has-patch
#36715 Contextual help to describe what roles are Users normal enhancement 07/25/2016
#37338 add filter in get_data_by Users normal enhancement 07/12/2016 4.5.3
#37200 Add wrappers with IDs to user-edit.php Users normal enhancement 06/27/2016 4.6
#36860 Introduce filter for users_have_content within delete action of users.php Users normal enhancement 05/23/2016 4.6
#35868 Add Filter for Profile User Description Bio Users normal enhancement 04/05/2016
#35806 Add filter to capability check when checking if user row is editable Users normal enhancement 04/05/2016
#35124 Add get_user() function that maps to get_user_by() Users normal enhancement 12/16/2015
#22114 Propagating password on change chriscct7 Users normal feature request 12/03/2015 3.4.2 has-patch
#34821 Allow creating users without an email address Users normal feature request 12/02/2015 4.3.1
#29128 Number of pages owned by a user is not shown under Users >>> All Users Users normal enhancement 11/01/2015 3.9.1 needs-patch
#25269 Action hook for when a user updates their password Users normal enhancement 10/07/2015 needs-patch
#26962 in wp-admin/profile.php no restoration filled if an error occurs fields. Users normal enhancement 10/03/2015 2.0 needs-patch
#27377 profile_update action with old_user_data should include the additional_user_keys data? Users normal enhancement 10/03/2015 2.7 needs-patch
#25765 Directory of users, listing with the role Users normal enhancement 09/20/2015 needs-patch
#23857 Delete User Should Delete Comments Users normal enhancement 09/02/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#23430 sanitize_user() disallows + in usernames causes problem for email as username Users minor enhancement 08/28/2015 3.5.1 has-patch
#23373 Limiting get_users() results by meta value with LIKE wildcards Users normal enhancement 05/28/2015 3.5 has-patch
#23413 Provide query result data to custom user columns Users normal enhancement 05/11/2015 dev-feedback
#22328 Pass reset password URI to retrieve_password_message filter Users normal enhancement 05/08/2015 2.8
#31186 Get more info about the modified author Users normal enhancement 04/28/2015 4.2 has-patch
#26195 Deleting users asks for reassigning posts even when there is no post/comment Users normal enhancement 04/10/2015 3.7.1 dev-feedback
#31880 Expand wp_dropdown_users $show argument to allow custom user meta field Users normal enhancement 04/03/2015 4.1.1
#31106 Introduce nicename_exists Users normal enhancement 01/23/2015 has-patch
#24251 Reconsider SVG inclusion to get_allowed_mime_types Upload normal enhancement 03/10/2018 early
#35823 Implement "FS_CHMOD_FORCE" constant; if set - media uploads and image resizing do NOT ignore FS_CHMOD_FILE Upload normal enhancement 01/25/2018
#36423 Constant in wp-config.php to disable uploads Upload normal feature request 02/02/2017
#38481 wp_handle_upload_prefilter not used before deriving attachment title Upload normal enhancement 12/04/2016 4.6.1 dev-feedback
#21981 Securing the uploads directory Upload normal enhancement 08/20/2016 needs-patch
#30384 Cannot hook plupload's JavaScript consistently Upload normal enhancement 12/03/2015 4.0 needs-patch
#28367 Video upload failure is a dead end Upload normal enhancement 11/16/2015 3.9.1
#28238 Add filter to value returned from get_space_used() Upload normal enhancement 11/01/2015 3.5 has-patch
#18489 Create constants in default-constants.php for the uploads folder to allow better custom uploads location eddiemoya Upload normal enhancement 09/20/2015 3.2.1
#44032 Use random_bytes() for generating keys and salts Upgrade/Install trivial enhancement 05/12/2018 has-patch
#43492 Core Telemetry and Updates Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 05/09/2018 dev-feedback
#43916 Auto update translations when the respective plugin/theme is updated Upgrade/Install normal feature request 05/01/2018 dev-feedback
#43160 Reduce wp-admin/update-core.php load time by half Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 04/18/2018 4.9.2
#43416 Function to Maybe Convert Tables to InnoDB Upgrade/Install normal feature request 02/26/2018 trunk
#43242 Do not propose users to skip a minor upgrade Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 02/07/2018 4.9.3 has-patch
#35530 Style and upgrade "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute." page Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 01/10/2018
#42448 Add 'upgrader_pre_unpack' hook Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/19/2017 has-patch
#42520 A Dot at the end of message "WordPress successfully updated" is missing Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/12/2017 4.9 has-patch
#38946 WP_Upgrader: Protection against deleting files in destination directory Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/07/2017 has-patch
#39364 Introduce a trigger to handle a custom queue job and run them Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/07/2017 4.7 dev-feedback
#28376 Improve error message seen by user in update.php Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/02/2017 3.9.1 needs-patch
#42376 Beta Download/Install capabilities with Plugins & Themes Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/30/2017
#41970 Removed unused variable. Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/13/2017 has-patch
#36612 Add Ratings into the Add New Theme page Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/10/2017 ui/ux
#20947 feature request: one-click update for core, themes and plugins (all in one) Upgrade/Install normal feature request 10/03/2017 ui/ux
#41597 Language pack download requires too broad file system permissions Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 08/11/2017 4.9
#34676 Optimize bulk plugin updates Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 08/07/2017 4.4 ui/ux
#41241 questioning for sftp-hostname while update does not accept final slash Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 07/04/2017 4.8
#40006 $response var in comments not an array but an object Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 03/01/2017 has-patch
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