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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#43624 Pass EXIF data to the wp_read_image_metadata filter Media normal enhancement 03/24/18 has-patch
#43617 Nonce invalid messages non-informative, needs changed General normal enhancement 03/24/18
#43622 Improve error messages General normal enhancement 03/24/18
#38743 Introduce add_action_once() Plugins normal feature request 03/23/18
#43621 Introduce `add_action_once` and `add_filter_once` sugar. Plugins normal feature request 03/23/18 dev-feedback
#43620 Privacy Policy page design General normal enhancement 03/23/18 needs-patch
#41175 Twenty Seventeen: The letters in words with i, j, l look all the same in h3-headings that are also formatted strong. Bundled Theme normal enhancement 03/23/18 4.8
#43608 Display missing module error for GD when on Media Settings Media normal enhancement 03/23/18 4.6
#43588 Anonymize commenter IP address once a comment is no longer pending General normal enhancement 03/22/18 trunk needs-unit-tests
#43602 Add to the privacy tools UX a means to erase personal data by username or email address General normal enhancement 03/22/18 trunk needs-patch
#41138 Add classes to Widgets in widgets.php and customize.php pages Widgets normal enhancement 03/22/18 ui/ux
#43349 WP Rest API: Support for WP Mail REST API normal feature request 03/22/18 trunk
#43350 REST API: Support for WP Cron REST API normal feature request 03/22/18 trunk
#43428 Improve CORS headers sent to REST Api requests REST API normal enhancement 03/22/18 trunk
#43481 Add tabs and placeholders to privacy tools page in wp-admin General normal enhancement 03/22/18 ui/ux
#43546 Add to the privacy tools UX a means to export personal data by username or email address General normal enhancement 03/22/18 trunk needs-patch
#43484 WordPress Notification Center proposal Users normal feature request 03/22/18 ui/ux
#24672 Remove final from WP_Post class Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 03/21/18 3.5 dev-feedback
#43601 Improve error messaging when activating multisite users Users normal enhancement 03/21/18 trunk has-patch
#19834 More Robust Capabilities for Attachments Media normal feature request 03/21/18
#43597 Modify template-loader engine Themes normal enhancement 03/21/18
#43599 WP is asking for comment count for post 0 Comments normal enhancement 03/21/18 4.9.5
#43598 site-options notoption only queried and never set in not multisite wordpress installs Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 03/21/18 4.9.5
#43586 Minor UI adjustments to the Author box in the Edit Comment screen Comments normal enhancement 03/20/18 ui/ux
#43551 Add a means to package personal data into a file General normal enhancement 03/20/18 trunk needs-patch
#43549 Add a privacy policy page setting/selector to the customizer General normal enhancement 03/20/18 trunk needs-patch
#43587 UI adjustments to the Status box in the Edit Comment screen Comments normal enhancement 03/20/18 ui/ux
#43421 The $capabilities argument in the `add_role()` function is incompatible with `user_can` Role/Capability normal enhancement 03/20/18 4.9.4 needs-unit-tests
#40472 Update PHPMailer to 5.2.26 External Libraries major enhancement 03/20/18 4.8 dev-feedback
#43579 Optional post_id param in media_sideload_image and media_handle_sideload function Media normal feature request 03/19/18 has-patch
#43383 Allow menu items to be inserted in place Menus normal feature request 03/19/18 4.9.4 ui/ux
#43466 Add ltr admin body class Administration normal enhancement 03/19/18 has-patch
#43176 Nav Menu Search - add filters for query args Menus normal enhancement 03/19/18 trunk needs-patch
#40878 Adding menus route REST API normal feature request 03/19/18 4.7 dev-feedback
#43575 Post Format Post Formats normal feature request 03/19/18 4.8.2
#43573 Convert plugin cards into four columns for hi-res screens Plugins normal enhancement 03/19/18 has-patch
#43276 Install Progress Button Cover Name of Plugin Plugins normal enhancement 03/19/18 4.9.4 ui/ux
#43429 Add "In response to ..." before threaded comments in comment feed Comments minor enhancement 03/19/18 ui/ux
#43469 Native Site Icon feature in Customizer is outdated Customize normal enhancement 03/19/18 4.9.4 ui/ux
#43491 Automatically create a Privacy Policy page when installing WordPress General normal enhancement 03/18/18 trunk ui/ux
#43533 UI issue: URL disappears if you decide to customize the link General normal enhancement 03/18/18 4.9.4 ui/ux
#43559 wp_ajax_add_meta() does not allow empty values Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 03/17/18 trunk has-patch
#43548 Add personal data from attachments to personal data export General normal enhancement 03/15/18 trunk needs-patch
#43547 Add personal data from usermeta/userdata to personal data export General normal enhancement 03/14/18 trunk needs-patch
#27399 Filter the HTML output of wp_get_attachment_image Media normal enhancement 03/14/18 2.5 has-patch
#43538 'No items,' should be considered to display when no Most Used Category is available Menus normal enhancement 03/14/18 trunk has-patch
#43515 Twenty Seventeen: Two different function, which return same result Bundled Theme normal enhancement 03/12/18 needs-patch
#39907 Add "Remove all widgets" button for themes with multiple widget areas Customize normal enhancement 03/12/18
#29205 Remove manual UTC offsets that are not officially used Date/Time normal enhancement 03/12/18 2.9.1 has-patch
#43492 Core Telemetry and Updates Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 03/12/18 dev-feedback
#24730 Introduce a timezone-retrieval method Date/Time normal enhancement 03/12/18 has-patch
#40657 Deprecate current_time( 'timestamp' ) Date/Time normal enhancement 03/12/18
#24251 Reconsider SVG inclusion to get_allowed_mime_types Upload normal enhancement 03/10/18 early
#43480 Add $gmt parameter to the_time() function Date/Time normal enhancement 03/10/18 4.9.4 has-patch
#36691 Ability to disable "Password Protected" post option Role/Capability normal enhancement 03/10/18 needs-patch
#43516 Allowing default category to be applied to all CPT associated to 'category' taxonomy Taxonomy normal enhancement 03/10/18 trunk has-patch
#40683 Add a Plugins link to admin bar menu Toolbar normal enhancement 03/09/18 4.7.4 has-patch
#41986 Use regular core button styling for page header buttons General normal enhancement 03/09/18 ui/ux
#43486 The Problem with HTML and wpautop TinyMCE normal feature request 03/09/18 trunk
#38368 Add front-end revision browsing Revisions normal enhancement 03/08/18
#43495 Use Semantic Versioning for releases Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 03/08/18 dev-feedback
#43144 Add a language icon next to language selectors I18N normal enhancement 03/07/18 4.0 ui/ux
#38280 Make term count for a specific object type available Taxonomy normal enhancement 03/06/18 4.7 has-patch
#19755 Redundant blog_versions table Multisite minor enhancement 03/06/18 3.0 dev-feedback
#41685 Save database version in site meta (Multisite) Networks and Sites normal enhancement 03/06/18 3.0 needs-unit-tests
#19707 admin-ajax.php requests via http regardless of force_ssl_admin() state Administration normal enhancement 03/06/18
#31039 Move retrieve_password() from wp-login.php Login and Registration normal enhancement 03/05/18 dev-feedback
#43441 WordPress News and Events widget: WordPress.org/news posts only show one at a time Administration normal enhancement 03/05/18 trunk
#40037 Add ability to ask wpdb for full db server info Database normal enhancement 03/04/18 4.8 needs-unit-tests
#43464 Search Options in Customizer Customize normal enhancement 03/04/18 trunk
#43459 Provide a "manifest.json" file for exposing information about wordpress endpoints General normal feature request 03/02/18 trunk
#43083 adding "Unlisted" type for post visibility Posts, Post Types normal feature request 03/02/18
#42663 Imagick support for stream wrappers Media normal enhancement 03/01/18 trunk dev-feedback
#43451 Disallow objects as meta values Options, Meta APIs normal feature request 03/01/18 4.9.2
#42855 Add ability to filter header, sidebar, searchform, footer and template_part file paths Themes normal enhancement 02/28/18 has-patch
#42082 Support compare custom fields in WP_Meta_Query Query normal enhancement 02/28/18 4.9.4 needs-patch
#43366 _default_wp_die_handler() Need filter code for update css style. Administration major feature request 02/27/18 4.9.4
#43424 Use access modifiers in POMO library I18N normal enhancement 02/26/18
#39626 Add video screenshots in media browser Media normal enhancement 02/26/18 ui/ux
#43416 Function to Maybe Convert Tables to InnoDB Upgrade/Install normal feature request 02/26/18 trunk
#39281 Twenty Seventeen: header.php forces thumbnails on all post types Bundled Theme normal enhancement 02/25/18 4.8 has-patch
#43403 Improve wp_add_inline_script() Script Loader normal enhancement 02/24/18
#42089 Function to detect if current page is a preview of a draft Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/24/18 4.8.2
#42088 Function to detect if current page is a scheduled post (is_scheduled() or is_future()) Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/24/18 4.8.2
#40276 enhancement: add a $type parameter to wp_add_inline_script() Script Loader normal enhancement 02/24/18 4.7.3
#43386 render-partials-init similar to render-partials-response in customiser selective refresh. Customize normal enhancement 02/23/18 4.5
#40123 Improve media uploading flow Media normal enhancement 02/22/18 ui/ux
#20037 Introduce 'noindex' filter for robots meta tag Themes normal enhancement 02/21/18 3.4 dev-feedback
#42747 i18n: Add specific text domain processing to `makepot` tools I18N normal enhancement 02/21/18 trunk has-patch
#43373 Evaluate Async & Defer for Inline WordPress Admin Scripts Script Loader normal enhancement 02/20/18 trunk
#43348 Filter by 'Authors' option in wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page Posts, Post Types normal feature request 02/20/18
#43357 SimplePie deprecated calls modified Feeds normal enhancement 02/20/18 trunk has-patch
#43363 Twenty Seventeen Theme - Custom URL for Header Video Bundled Theme normal feature request 02/20/18 4.9.4
#40031 Consider Adding Web Annotations to WordPress Comments normal feature request 02/19/18
#32234 Streamline parameter order of get_user_option() Users normal enhancement 02/19/18 4.2.1
#43356 create is_403 function Query normal feature request 02/19/18 4.9.3
#43352 Make html5 standard rather than opt in for theme development Themes normal feature request 02/19/18 trunk
#43347 Introduction of 'has_single' register_post_type parameter Posts, Post Types normal feature request 02/18/18
#43320 Harden API requests against man-in-the-middle attacks Security minor enhancement 02/18/18 3.7.1
#43342 Add m.me (Messenger) icon to twentyseventeen’s supported social media links Bundled Theme normal enhancement 02/17/18 trunk dev-feedback
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