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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#32228 "Page updated" notification should fade as soon as another change is made. italianst4 Editor normal enhancement 03/28/2018 ui/ux
#38238 Sorting a list table by some kind of count should default to DESC initially helen Administration normal enhancement 06/11/2017 has-patch
#19859 "Bulk Edit" Missing The Ability To Edit Tags gavinwye* Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 07/31/2017 ui/ux
#26861 Too easy to delete a site in Multisite flixos90 Networks and Sites minor enhancement 07/18/2017 has-patch
#18489 Create constants in default-constants.php for the uploads folder to allow better custom uploads location eddiemoya Upload normal enhancement 09/20/2015 3.2.1
#35188 Pass nonce action from "nonce_life" filter dwainm General normal feature request 06/28/2016 4.6 has-patch
#31502 Replace embed URL with error message if oEmbed provider returns an error deremohan Embeds normal enhancement 06/07/2016 2.9 has-patch
#42791 wp_add_dashboard_widget() should accept location and priority parameters davidjlaietta Administration normal enhancement 02/25/2018 has-patch
#18362 Post timestamp creation should use whitelisted post statuses instead of blacklisted danielbachhuber Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 09/14/2015 3.0 has-patch
#19709 Add 'before_sidebar' and 'after_sidebar' attributes to register_sidebar() christophherr Widgets normal enhancement 06/26/2017 2.2 has-patch
#21256 New theme feature - add_theme_support( 'content-width', $defaults ) chriscct7 Themes normal feature request 04/28/2018 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#24689 Improve error wp-admin page chriscct7 Administration normal enhancement 11/06/2017 ui/ux
#30188 Introduce utility functions to check constants chriscct7 Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 09/22/2017 dev-feedback
#22822 New media: 'Create a new gallery' button should indicate that it's the first of two steps chriscct7 Media normal enhancement 09/25/2016 3.5 ui/ux
#28375 export posts/pages query chriscct7 Export normal enhancement 01/21/2016 3.1 needs-patch
#29082 Pass $meta_id into sanitize_meta() and subsequently into the filter for register_meta callback chriscct7 Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 12/10/2015 3.3 has-patch
#28635 Add status codes and hooks to wp-cron.php chriscct7 Cron API normal feature request 12/06/2015 has-patch
#25266 wp_unschedule_event should apply filter to changes chriscct7 Cron API normal enhancement 12/06/2015 has-patch
#22114 Propagating password on change chriscct7 Users normal feature request 12/03/2015 3.4.2 has-patch
#28614 Add microtime support to current_time() chriscct7 Date/Time normal enhancement 10/30/2015 3.9.1 has-patch
#10364 Usability problem on the Widgets admin interface azaozz Widgets normal enhancement 12/28/2015 needs-patch
#38061 Rename the text window name on the editor afercia Editor normal enhancement 11/21/2017 has-patch
#35476 Allow posts to be filtered before return when `fields` parameter is used with `WP_Query` adamsilverstein* Query normal enhancement 04/05/2016 dev-feedback
#39691 wpLink autocomplete search improvement adamsilverstein Editor normal enhancement 02/18/2018 4.8
#36982 Add image attributes and additional context to the wp_calculate_image_srcset and wp_calculate_image_sizes filters adamsilverstein Media normal enhancement 08/19/2017 4.6 dev-feedback
#25123 The 'Revisions' post meta box should scroll adamsilverstein Revisions normal enhancement 08/07/2017 ui/ux
#36836 Two different preview saving processes cause confusion with editorial teams adamsilverstein Revisions normal enhancement 05/13/2016
#25233 Revisions metabox improvements adamsilverstein Revisions normal enhancement 11/04/2015 needs-patch
#40916 Add "noreferrer" to comments in dashboard adam3128 Comments normal enhancement 06/26/2017 dev-feedback
#36012 Add .current-ancestor class to any relative menu item ancestor SergeyBiryukov Menus normal enhancement 09/05/2016 4.4.2
#35778 Populate Website URL profile field for the 1st user after install EFAREM Users normal enhancement 07/10/2017 has-patch
#42156 Adjust the inline docs for get_sites() to avoid WP_Site_Query doc-duplication DrewAPicture Networks and Sites normal enhancement 02/08/2018 4.6 has-patch
#44237 Add filter for comment flood message text General normal enhancement 05/26/2018 has-patch
#44235 GDPR - Provide filter on $email_data for the confirmed action emails Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 trunk
#44229 Use CDNs where possible to serve external assets like jQuery General normal enhancement 05/25/2018
#44226 Link to Privacy Policy in comment consent Comments normal feature request 05/25/2018 4.9.6
#43711 Let's create a standard development setup for WordPress core. Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk
#44169 New filter to short circuit WP_User_Query results Users normal enhancement 05/25/2018 has-patch
#44034 Privacy: Introduce a function to count user requests by type Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk needs-unit-tests
#44066 Add a tool to test personal data without sending a mail to a user Privacy normal feature request 05/25/2018 4.9.6
#44223 Add privacy_url to get_bloginfo() Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 has-patch
#44159 feature request: otption for removing save my name in comments General normal feature request 05/25/2018 4.9.6
#43588 Anonymize commenter IP address once a comment is no longer pending Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk needs-unit-tests
#44097 Introduce cookie consent & management to core Privacy major enhancement 05/25/2018
#44222 GDPR - Add Archive state to erasure requests Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk
#43938 Make it clear to administrators that not all plugins support privacy policy content, personal data export and erasure Privacy normal enhancement 05/24/2018 trunk needs-patch
#44033 Get Avatar Comment Types should be a Function Not Just a Filter Comments normal enhancement 05/24/2018
#44213 Tab order in Tools Administration normal enhancement 05/24/2018 4.9.6
#44211 Add cookie domain to `userSettings` script localize General normal feature request 05/24/2018 has-patch
#44094 Hook for WP_User data hydration to enable strong data security Users normal enhancement 05/23/2018
#44083 Add action to wp_mkdir_p() when directory is created successfully Filesystem API normal enhancement 05/23/2018 2.0.1 has-patch
#43748 Create new action edit_user_updated_user similar to edit_user_created_user Users normal enhancement 05/23/2018 dev-feedback
#32326 Improve Support for Structured Data Themes normal enhancement 05/23/2018 needs-patch
#43854 Add cards to the Tools page for personal data tools Privacy normal enhancement 05/23/2018
#44201 Ability to specify a URL as the privacy page Privacy normal feature request 05/23/2018 4.9.6 ui/ux
#44073 Add functionality to search plugin with double quoted keyword Plugins normal feature request 05/23/2018
#44186 Possibles enhancements to 4.9.6 privacy tools Privacy normal enhancement 05/23/2018 4.9.6
#42264 Systematic way of dealing with compat code and polyfills Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 05/23/2018
#43096 Reduce redundant calls to translate() I18N normal enhancement 05/23/2018 trunk
#33948 Implement subresource integrity (SRI) Script Loader normal enhancement 05/22/2018 dev-feedback
#44129 Setting Privacy Policy page as existing page gives misleading alert Privacy normal enhancement 05/22/2018 4.9.6 ui/ux
#44000 Add notification bubble to Tools menu for GDPR export/erase requests Privacy normal enhancement 05/21/2018 trunk has-patch
#44177 Enhance wp_debug_backtrace_summary() with the optional ability to include arguments General normal enhancement 05/21/2018 has-patch
#44179 Use wp_update_comment instead of $wpdb->update $wpdb->comments when anonymizing comments Privacy normal enhancement 05/21/2018 trunk needs-patch
#16828 Add filter on initial_meta_boxes for nav menu Menus normal enhancement 05/21/2018 ui/ux
#44161 Expired session tokens need to be removed from database because GDPR Privacy normal enhancement 05/20/2018 4.9.6 needs-patch
#43175 Discussion - Pseudonymisation Privacy normal enhancement 05/19/2018
#44012 Store the agreed-to-privacy-policy date/timestamp to help prove GDPR compliance Privacy normal feature request 05/19/2018 4.9.5
#44153 Plugin privacy polices and admin notification Privacy normal enhancement 05/18/2018
#44133 Should the Data Export indicate when we have no information on the user Privacy normal enhancement 05/18/2018 4.9.6 has-patch
#43812 Retrieving Blog/site description in multisite Networks and Sites normal enhancement 05/18/2018 trunk dev-feedback
#44150 Consider adding a privacy policy confirmation checkbox to the register screen General normal enhancement 05/18/2018 4.9.6
#44145 Rework Privacy settings page to use the Settings API Privacy normal enhancement 05/18/2018 4.9.6
#44067 Refactor get_avatar and related functions to make Gravatar a Hook instead of a Default Comments normal enhancement 05/17/2018
#44005 Privacy template file Privacy normal enhancement 05/17/2018 4.9.6 needs-patch
#44131 If draft page selected for Privacy Policy page should verbiage change from view to preview Privacy normal enhancement 05/17/2018 4.9.6
#44135 Have Erasure button workflow follow Export button workflow replacing with static link Privacy normal enhancement 05/17/2018 trunk
#44006 Privacy Policy page should have suffix like other special pages Privacy minor enhancement 05/17/2018 trunk has-patch
#44119 WP API post status queries don't work with custom public post stati REST API normal enhancement 05/17/2018 4.9.5
#43767 Auto Delete Users after a period of time Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018
#43549 Add a privacy policy page setting/selector to the customizer Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018 trunk needs-patch
#43821 Add UX in the Network Admin for setting a network-wide privacy policy Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018
#43822 Add UX in the Network Admin for exporting/anonymizing/deleting personal data across the entire network Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018
#43856 Include submitter IP details in password reset emails? Privacy minor enhancement 05/16/2018 needs-patch
#43890 Allow Admin to Skip e-mail confirmation for Export/Anonymization Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018 has-patch
#43895 Organize privacy functions into logical files and classes Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018
#43912 Requests (new, pending, completed) should not be deletable. Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018
#43927 Filter policy help blocks away from the_content Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018 trunk
#44001 GDPR: oEmbed two click / local emoji scripts Privacy major enhancement 05/16/2018 4.9.5 needs-patch
#44078 Add an email pseudonymization function that preserves first letter and TLD Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018 needs-patch
#44114 GDPR - Provide upload mechanism for admins to supplement the data export generated by WordPress Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018 trunk
#21938 Add "no-store" to Cache-Control header to prevent history caching of admin resources Administration minor enhancement 05/16/2018 3.4 needs-patch
#44103 change the type attribute of #menu_order from 'text' to 'number' General normal feature request 05/16/2018 4.9.5
#43771 use wp_rand instead of mt_rand() Security normal enhancement 05/15/2018 trunk dev-feedback
#35696 Allow extra control over CSS Classes in paginate_links() Themes normal enhancement 05/15/2018 has-patch
#38942 New filter for header image tag attributes Themes normal enhancement 05/15/2018 4.7 has-patch
#36666 Enhance `remove_theme_support()` so that it can take additional arguments Themes normal enhancement 05/15/2018 3.0 dev-feedback
#26636 There Is No Filter For get_sidebar() Themes normal enhancement 05/15/2018 1.5 has-patch
#31237 improve get_the_archive_title() with new filter Themes normal enhancement 05/15/2018 4.1 dev-feedback
#44090 Reword plugin compatibility text to something more meaningful Plugins normal enhancement 05/15/2018 has-patch
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