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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#36471 Accessing the path /data/feed/atom on a Wordpress URL causes an error with WP_DEBUG enabled Feeds normal defect (bug) 04/27/16 4.4.2
#14551 menu item : current_page_parent : issue with Front page displays Menus normal defect (bug) 04/23/16 3.0 has-patch
#35272 .menu-item-home class not applying to static front pages Menus normal defect (bug) 04/21/16 4.4 has-patch
#36223 Editor statusbar not correctly toggled when wordpress_adv_hidden is set to false. TinyMCE normal defect (bug) 04/20/16 4.4.2
#34835 date_i18n() produces invalid output for numerical time zones Date/Time normal defect (bug) 04/19/16 3.1 needs-patch
#34697 Password (re)set form fails when addressed as /wp-login.php/ Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 04/19/16 4.3.1 has-patch
#34711 date_i18n bug with format M-t Date/Time normal defect (bug) 04/19/16 4.3.1
#33972 static use of PHPMailer class results in stale state between calls to wp_mail() Mail normal defect (bug) 04/18/16 4.3 needs-patch
#33253 Some admin buttons not styled correctly in IE9 when not using post-thumbnails Post Thumbnails normal defect (bug) 04/18/16 4.2.3
#36342 No check to validate supplied author in export_wp() Export normal defect (bug) 04/18/16 3.1 early
#35018 The authentication check modal dialog appears just once Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 04/17/16 4.4 has-patch
#36556 has_cap was called with an argument Users normal defect (bug) 04/17/16 4.4.2
#34061 customizer search widgets input text is not verticaly aligned and dont have equal spacing from left and right. Customize normal defect (bug) 04/16/16 3.9 dev-feedback
#30634 Customizer: Image cropping on mobile devices does not work Customize normal defect (bug) 04/16/16 4.0.1 needs-patch
#36456 oEmbeds containing Emojis aren't cached if the meta_value column's charset is utf8 and not utf8mb4 Embeds normal defect (bug) 04/16/16 4.4.2
#36185 Default WordPress video-player incompatible with Right-To-Left (RTL) Media normal defect (bug) 04/16/16 4.4.2
#35209 Permalinks of published pages get changed when creating new pages as a draft Permalinks normal defect (bug) 04/15/16 4.4 dev-feedback
#34822 Post name permalinks problems Permalinks normal defect (bug) 04/15/16 4.3.1 dev-feedback
#36524 Problem with accessing last saved work General normal defect (bug) 04/14/16 4.4.2
#34450 get_id_from_blogname returns false if the main domain starts with www. Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 04/14/16 4.3.1 needs-unit-tests
#36485 Lost pending customizer settings after theme change Customize normal defect (bug) 04/11/16 4.2 needs-patch
#36470 Multisite - network sites list not very memory efficient Administration normal defect (bug) 04/11/16 4.3
#33779 Menu Customizer: Show on screen? Customize normal defect (bug) 04/08/16 4.3
#34088 Add delay to admin menu arrow's disappearance Administration normal defect (bug) 04/08/16 4.3.1 has-patch
#36449 When concatenating styles in script-loader dependencies may not be honoured. Script Loader normal defect (bug) 04/08/16 4.4.2
#36448 When concatenating scripts in script-loader dependencies may not be honoured. Script Loader normal defect (bug) 04/08/16 4.4.2
#36445 force_balance_tags not properly balancing custom HTML tags with dashes in them Formatting normal defect (bug) 04/07/16 4.4.2 has-patch
#36444 Site Icon: Previews for Transparent PNGs can appear blank. Customize normal defect (bug) 04/07/16 4.3 needs-patch
#36437 wp_delete_attachment causes warning Media normal defect (bug) 04/07/16 2.0 has-patch
#36428 Weird default value of option 'default_link_category' Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 04/06/16 3.5
#36360 Multisite - WP defaults to LT language even if it set to EN Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 04/03/16 4.4.2
#36397 add_query_arg doesn't work with numbered html entities Formatting normal defect (bug) 04/01/16 2.8 dev-feedback
#35299 HTML code doesn't always show in page editor Editor normal defect (bug) 04/01/16 4.4
#33561 get_transient() will always return the value of a broken transient Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 03/31/16 4.3 needs-unit-tests
#36355 Article URL redirects no longer working Canonical normal defect (bug) 03/31/16 4.0
#34924 Network upgrade fails on tls 1.2 only servers HTTP API normal defect (bug) 03/30/16 2.7
#27421 Escape madness in meta API Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 03/29/16 3.8.1 has-patch
#33276 redundant wp_using_ext_object_cache check in get/set_transient Cache API normal defect (bug) 03/29/16 2.8 dev-feedback
#35267 Prevent CPTs/Taxonomies from using "custom" as their name Menus normal defect (bug) 03/25/16 4.4 dev-feedback
#36325 Move #wpadminbar above #page Toolbar normal defect (bug) 03/25/16 4.4.2
#35690 WordPress permalink redirect error Canonical normal defect (bug) 03/24/16 4.4.1
#36313 get_pages() child_of argument does not work in combination with meta_key/value query Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 03/24/16 4.4.2
#35694 Types of some attachment metadata has changed ocean90 Media normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 4.4.2
#35163 wp_get_archives() returns unresolved query string General normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 4.4
#35755 wp_tempnam produces filenames longer than 255 characters Filesystem API normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 4.4
#35707 On installation page, autocompleted password should not be visible. Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 4.3
#35959 Functon 'wp_generate_attachment_metadata(...)' silently swallowing errors from 'wp_get_image_editor(...)'. Media normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 3.5
#36308 get_attached_file() destroys file paths on Windows Media normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 4.4.2
#36303 edit_user() will give PHP Notices if user_login is unset on add. Users normal defect (bug) 03/23/16 4.4.2
#36273 update_attached_file() on Windows will result in invalid image path when using native Windows directory separators Media normal defect (bug) 03/18/16 4.4.2 needs-unit-tests
#35017 Bug in bindPasswordForm() LastPass mismatch issue Users normal defect (bug) 03/17/16 4.4
#34634 Empty PHP_SELF causes 404 pages to load front page with 200 status code Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 03/16/16 2.0 has-patch
#31642 Editor Not Formatting List Properly TinyMCE normal defect (bug) 03/16/16 4.1.1
#36258 BuddyPress Admin Toolbar becomes blank for non-logged users when loading site on a device with a screen smaller than 1024x768 Toolbar normal defect (bug) 03/16/16 4.4.2
#33834 wpautop treats html comments as content General normal defect (bug) 03/15/16 4.3
#27530 Anchor tag wrapped around div tag would add extra paragraph tag Editor normal defect (bug) 03/12/16 3.8.1 has-patch
#36207 Widget description in widgets is not using word-wrap: break-word Widgets normal defect (bug) 03/12/16 4.4.2
#34814 Presence of "Less than sign" < adds additional closing shortcode tag. Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 03/10/16 4.2.3
#36202 Menus screen: fix persistence of toggles for displayed nav menu item properties Menus normal defect (bug) 03/10/16 4.4
#22694 Can't upload a file with an apostrophe in name Media normal defect (bug) 03/10/16 3.4.2
#35867 Screen scrolls to bottom when moving menu items on mobile Menus normal defect (bug) 03/10/16 4.4.2
#23909 Widgets settings loaded and instances registered unnecessarily Widgets normal defect (bug) 03/09/16 3.5.1 needs-patch
#35182 Site icon URLs don't respect SSL in admin Administration normal defect (bug) 03/09/16 4.4 dev-feedback
#36056 When saving a post for an other author, the current_user_can() check is not passing the post ID with the edit_others_posts capability Role/Capability normal defect (bug) 03/09/16 4.4.2
#35155 Error messages still get covered over by wp admin menu. Administration normal defect (bug) 03/08/16 4.4 dev-feedback
#36130 Custom Taxonomy Edit Redirected to Homepage Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 03/07/16 4.4.2
#36124 Format: Aside next to an embedded video, removes player and only displays URL Formatting normal defect (bug) 03/06/16 4.4.2
#36095 <xmp> tag disapper after switch to Visual view General normal defect (bug) 03/04/16 4.4.2
#30402 WordPress does not respect the bit-depth of the original image when resizing Media normal defect (bug) 03/04/16 3.9.2 needs-patch
#36082 Schedule post, not added to cron, shown as 'scheduled' in admin. Doesn't publish. Cron API normal defect (bug) 03/04/16 4.4.1
#34872 dbDelta Missing Index Name Creates Duplicate Indexes Database normal defect (bug) 02/29/16 3.5.1 has-patch
#35256 $wpdb->insert_id equals 0 Database normal defect (bug) 02/28/16 4.2.4
#35968 wp_reschedule_event timestamp overridden when set in the future Cron API normal defect (bug) 02/28/16 4.4.2
#34913 Unscheduling cron jobs fails when original arguments were not an array. Cron API normal defect (bug) 02/28/16 3.0 dev-feedback
#35334 Pasting this text from Google results in alternating letters being linked Editor normal defect (bug) 02/26/16 4.4
#35940 Menus: Menu item names change to numbers for added and edited menu items Menus normal defect (bug) 02/24/16 4.4.2
#35927 _wp_attachment_metadata meta_value wrong type in export General normal defect (bug) 02/23/16 4.4.2
#35131 Unexpected 404: pending post hides published post with matching slug Query normal defect (bug) 02/22/16 4.3.1
#35833 Adding a table with the "widefat" class on post and taxonomy list table screens causes the quick edit UI and bulk edit to fail Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 02/21/16 4.4.2 dev-feedback
#35887 Adding multiple media to post - selecting image size Media normal defect (bug) 02/20/16 4.4.2
#35870 image_default_link_type does not work for galleries Editor normal defect (bug) 02/19/16 4.4.2
#35839 Escape backslashes upon export for better import Export normal defect (bug) 02/15/16 4.4.2
#35800 Preview button for CTP not working for user with limited Capabilities Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 02/11/16 4.4.1
#19998 Feeds can contain characters that are not valid XML Feeds normal defect (bug) 02/11/16 3.3.1 needs-unit-tests
#21753 Feed excerpts are missing important filter formatting Feeds normal defect (bug) 02/10/16 3.4.1 needs-unit-tests
#35794 redirect_canonical doesn't strip off custom feed endings Canonical normal defect (bug) 02/10/16 3.9 needs-patch
#35792 tags cannot be added to post when using armenian language interface azaozz Administration normal defect (bug) 02/10/16 3.4 needs-patch
#19493 post and archive pagination don't work with custom endpoints Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 02/10/16 2.1 needs-patch
#34565 Warning after change theme Themes normal defect (bug) 02/08/16 3.4 dev-feedback
#35758 Reading Settings fallback option when none is selected at Front page displays Query normal defect (bug) 02/07/16 4.4.1
#35765 Media Library & Permalink Overlap General normal defect (bug) 02/07/16 4.4.1
#35709 Front end: created post with empty title is shown with number instead of title Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 02/05/16 4.4.1 has-patch
#10690 WordPress does not support non-ascii characters in the domain name markjaquith Canonical normal defect (bug) 02/04/16 2.8.4 needs-unit-tests
#35216 Return empty string from wp.shortcode.replace() callback is ignored Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 01/29/16 3.5 needs-patch
#35663 Focus inside theme modal dialog window under Appearance >> Themes Administration normal defect (bug) 01/29/16 4.4.1 needs-patch
#35627 Delete user posts not reassigned. Users normal defect (bug) 01/27/16 4.3.1
#25597 The capability used for managing tags should be separate from that for categories Role/Capability normal defect (bug) 01/26/16 2.3 dev-feedback
#26933 Toolbar "Howdy, " message CSS broke in IE Toolbar normal defect (bug) 01/26/16 3.8 has-patch
#33148 Categories are missing in admin category list when child category linked to non-existant parent id Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 01/21/16 4.2.3
#35505 Navigation tabs styling inconsistencies Administration normal defect (bug) 01/21/16 4.4.1
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