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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#20167 Add wp_pages_checklist for creating checklist of pages on site Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/01/14 has-patch
#20717 Filter For Requiring Post Password Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/01/14 has-patch
#22271 get_post_class() does not always apply filter to output Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/01/14 3.4 dev-feedback
#21712 Enhancements to wp-signup.php and wp-activate.php Login and Registration normal enhancement 02/01/14 3.4.1
#18791 Add custom post type support for Author Template functions Users normal enhancement 02/01/14 3.2.1 needs-patch
#19556 Make wp_term_checklist() available as a template tag Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/01/14 has-patch
#24731 Add a 'multiple' option to wp_dropdown_categories Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/01/14 3.6 has-patch
#20730 make function wp_list_categories rewritable for templates (File: category-template.php) Taxonomy normal feature request 02/01/14
#18548 Add a better option for <title> tags joostdevalk Themes normal enhancement 02/01/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#24726 New filter hook for get_metadata() Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 01/31/14 has-patch
#26973 Automatically redirect Blogger feed URLs Canonical normal enhancement 01/31/14
#14644 Administrator should be able to change usernames Users normal feature request 01/30/14 dev-feedback
#26386 Add fixed full screen background option to custom backgrounds Appearance normal enhancement 01/28/14 has-patch
#19716 Marking buttons and names in text Text Changes normal enhancement 01/27/14 3.3
#20947 feature request: one-click update for core, themes and plugins (all in one) Upgrade/Install normal feature request 01/27/14 ui/ux
#21540 Add support for responsive video embeds Viper007Bond Embeds normal enhancement 01/26/14
#18660 Enhance rel_canonical function, add filter joostdevalk Canonical normal enhancement 01/26/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#25616 Add a content length filter to wp_dashboard_recent_drafts() Administration normal enhancement 01/26/14 dev-feedback
#21483 Theme Customizer: Use any image from media library for background image Appearance normal enhancement 01/26/14 3.4.1 needs-patch
#18590 Swap out "return false" JS calls for preventDefault Administration normal enhancement 01/26/14 3.3 has-patch
#18743 Persistent redirect_to For Login, Registration, and Lost Password Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/26/14 3.3
#24988 Cleanup for `/wp-admin/js/accordion.js` General normal enhancement 01/26/14 3.8 has-patch
#24465 Introduce filter for user password on registration Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/26/14 has-patch
#23731 Use jQuery Menu Aim to improve responsiveness of our admin menus Administration normal enhancement 01/25/14
#20007 Add option for new user registration notifications Administration normal enhancement 01/25/14 3.4 ui/ux
#8924 autoload should be boolean in add_option() Script Loader normal enhancement 01/25/14
#26890 Add a switch themes link to the Theme Customizer Appearance normal enhancement 01/25/14 3.4 has-patch
#26929 add_site_option signature should match add_option signature Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.8
#20213 Pagination fails silently when mysql.trace_mode is on Database normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.4
#24886 Functional Docs: wp-includes/load.php Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.5.2 has-patch
#21414 Use the "Keyboard Shortcuts" checkbox in the user profile to turn on/off all custom shortcuts TinyMCE normal enhancement 01/24/14 ui/ux
#24833 Multisite site search for subdomain install with mapped domains Networks and Sites normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.5.2
#24148 Add aria-labelledby attributes to comment form Comments normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.5 has-patch
#18968 Remove some term cache misses Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.3 has-patch
#20558 allow wp_localize_script data to be added to existing objects Script Loader normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#22742 Fix feed inefficiencies - Possibly Extend Etag/Last-Modified/Conditional Get functionality Feeds normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.4.2
#23473 Performance Improvement in three JavaScript Source Codes Administration normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.5 has-patch
#24498 Improving performance of meta_form() Administration normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.5.1
#23750 Uploads go into subdirectory install of WordPress Upload normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.5.1 needs-patch
#26394 In update_option if option is missing add the option with autoload no Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 01/24/14 3.7
#21792 Add link to settings.general from appearance.header Appearance normal enhancement 01/23/14
#26913 Update json2.js External Libraries normal enhancement 01/23/14 3.8 dev-feedback
#26904 General 'delete_plugins' hook needed Plugins normal feature request 01/22/14 3.8 has-patch
#23806 Nav Menu Edit Walker per menu item type, not menu? Menus normal enhancement 01/20/14 needs-patch
#20659 Document available shortcodes in eg. new post page Shortcodes normal feature request 01/20/14
#26880 Inline nav menu description Menus normal enhancement 01/20/14 3.8
#21168 Add ability to remove a parent theme's page templates Themes normal enhancement 01/20/14
#19466 Last-Modified HTTP header not just for feeds sergey.s.betke@… Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#21282 Introduce wp_header() pluggable function Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#20523 Disable autoloader when using class_exists() Bootstrap/Load normal feature request 01/19/14 3.3.1
#25669 Introduce helper function for AJAX checks Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/19/14
#17856 magic_quotes_gpc future-proof enhancements Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/19/14 has-patch
#16612 WordPress should return nocache headers for requests with comment cookies Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/19/14
#17525 There should be a datetime_format option to specify whether the date or the time comes first Date/Time normal feature request 01/19/14
#21107 wp_register_resource Script Loader normal feature request 01/19/14
#24728 Provide option to disable / remove swfupload Upload normal enhancement 01/19/14
#22293 New Filter for wp_update_term Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/19/14
#16734 Allowing multiple selection when using wp_dropdown_categories Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.1 dev-feedback
#20359 wp_list_categories - Diff to make use_desc_for_title parameter more flexible Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/19/14 2.2.1 needs-codex
#20203 To return 404 page when user request not existing category and existing at once (in URL) Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.3.1
#19742 WP_Styles should pass more info to the filter Script Loader normal enhancement 01/19/14 has-patch
#20513 Refactor $wp_scripts init checking code Script Loader normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.4 has-patch
#25666 Pass perpetrating $handle to enqueue_script's _doing_it_wrong() call Script Loader normal enhancement 01/19/14
#24954 Enhance wp_enqueue_style to allow the rel attribute to be set Script Loader normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.6
#25277 WP_scripts does not allow to add data after the enque has been added to HTML Script Loader normal feature request 01/19/14 3.6 has-patch
#20683 WP_Dependencies' constructor should accept a string/array value for $deps rather than converting a string to an empty array markjaquith Script Loader normal enhancement 01/19/14 has-patch
#22249 Add ability to set or remove attributes on enqueued scripts and styles. Script Loader normal feature request 01/19/14 dev-feedback
#17455 Add $post_type argument to get_lastpostdate/get_lastpostmodified/_get_last_post_time Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/19/14 has-patch
#18266 WordPress does not signal DB errors when adding/updating post Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.2.1
#21641 Filter on pending/draft array in wp_insert_post() Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/19/14
#18362 Post timestamp creation should use whitelisted post statuses instead of blacklisted danielbachhuber Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/19/14 3.0 has-patch
#18244 Add autoload flag to update_option Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 01/19/14 has-patch
#16435 When only one image has been uploading, make Enter submit the Insert into Post button Media normal enhancement 01/17/14 3.0.4 ui/ux
#22880 Customize Themes without activation Appearance normal enhancement 01/17/14 needs-patch
#23135 Filter for Block Elements in wpautop() Formatting normal enhancement 01/17/14 3.5 dev-feedback
#24205 is_plugin_active() should return true for must-use/dropin plugins Plugins normal enhancement 01/16/14 3.5.1 has-patch
#26690 Dashboard: show all drafts in Quick Draft area to administrator users Administration normal enhancement 01/16/14
#14955 Themes should support uninstall.php or uninstall hook Themes normal enhancement 01/16/14 has-patch
#25280 wp_localize_script unexpectedly converts numbers to strings I18N normal enhancement 01/15/14 3.2 dev-feedback
#24837 querying optimization for category AND searching Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/10/14 3.6 has-patch
#26717 Hooks to Schedule the Auto Update Upgrade/Install normal feature request 01/09/14 3.7
#24908 Proposed new filters/hooks for revisions Revisions normal enhancement 01/08/14 dev-feedback
#26681 Allow HTML in selection captured with Press This bookmarklet Press This normal enhancement 01/07/14 3.8
#26788 Improve dbDelta fields match Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 01/07/14 3.8
#24765 Allow more attributes to the audio / video shortcode Shortcodes normal enhancement 01/06/14 3.6
#26780 Fixing multiple dashboard widget columns Administration normal feature request 01/06/14 3.8
#19859 "Bulk Edit" Missing The Ability To Edit Tags gavinwye* Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 01/06/14 ui/ux
#20509 Theme idea - generic.php Themes normal feature request 01/04/14 dev-feedback
#26624 Enhancement: Sidebars on backend should be fixed Widgets normal enhancement 01/03/14 3.8
#23509 Conditional function that lets you know if your site is being viewed through the Customizer Appearance normal enhancement 01/03/14 dev-feedback
#21931 White screen of death if theme can't be found Themes normal enhancement 01/02/14 dev-feedback
#22966 Show admin-cropped thumbnails instead of WordPress-cropped thumbnails Media normal enhancement 12/31/13 ui/ux
#26737 WP_Image_Editor should provide a query_formats function. Media normal feature request 12/31/13
#26738 Show approved comment count on admin dashboard / At a glance metabox Administration normal enhancement 12/29/13 3.8 has-patch
#26691 Admin Color Schemes: generic classes for colors Administration normal enhancement 12/21/13 3.8
#20048 Allow mt.getRecentPostTitles to return the sticky flag XML-RPC normal enhancement 12/19/13 3.3.1 needs-patch
#25559 Enhance prepare method to better support SQL IN operator Database normal enhancement 12/18/13 3.8 dev-feedback
#23882 get_permalink() accepts an ID, the_permalink() does not Permalinks normal enhancement 12/18/13 3.5 has-patch
#26662 Menus: have main menu assignment persist between theme switches Menus normal enhancement 12/17/13 3.8 needs-patch
#26663 Put progress bar download monitoring in plugins and themes Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 12/17/13 3.8
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