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Defects Awaiting Review (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#22879 Canonical Link Missing on Front Page Canonical normal defect (bug) 12/30/12 3.4.2
#23056 date_i18n() does not localize dateformat 'r' I18N normal defect (bug) 12/26/12 1.5
#22999 The position of the cursor is ignored when inserting media in DFW and Text mode (IE) Media normal defect (bug) 12/19/12 3.5
#22247 Ensure post ID evaluates to true before adding "Edit post" tab in admin bar Toolbar normal defect (bug) 11/13/12 3.1 has-patch
#22101 Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed Feeds normal defect (bug) 10/27/12 3.4.2
#21672 Custom menu memory problem Menus normal defect (bug) 10/15/12 3.4.1
#21859 Import blog and media library is not working Import normal defect (bug) 09/28/12 3.4.2
#20275 wp_update_nav_menu hook is not fired when nav menu item is auto-added Menus normal defect (bug) 09/27/12 3.3.1 has-patch
#21762 Storing a multidimensional array using register_setting double-serializes subarrays identified with a string sekatsim Database normal defect (bug) 09/01/12 3.4.1
#18995 Superfluous check in WP_Users_List_Table::display_rows() Users normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.2.1 has-patch
#17812 media_upload_form_handler runs twice when editing attachment from "From Computer" media upload tab (browser uploader) Upload normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.1.3 has-patch
#21470 Wrong menu when no menu is set Menus normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.4.1
#21448 unfiltered HTML comments from a frame js fix breaks js in windowed comments Comments normal defect (bug) 08/02/12 3.4.1 has-patch
#21396 Categories widget reports categories without posts when they have custom posts Widgets normal defect (bug) 07/27/12 3.4.1
#18501 plugin_dir_path() returns unsanitized path on Windows installs Plugins normal defect (bug) 06/15/12 2.8 has-patch
#20214 Pingback discovery doesn't strip fragment identifiers from URL Pings/Trackbacks normal defect (bug) 05/14/12 3.3 has-patch
#17382 XMLRPC wp_getUsersBlogs Scalability XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 05/13/12 3.0.1 needs-patch
#18762 Pagination does not work correctly on walker in reverse order. Comments normal defect (bug) 05/02/12 3.2.1 has-patch
#23227 Properly reflect date and time formats throughout admin area Date/Time trivial defect (bug) 04/20/15 3.5 ui/ux
#31750 add_meta_box() ignores calls with invalid $priority parameter Posts, Post Types trivial defect (bug) 04/09/15 2.5 dev-feedback
#30830 Remove unnecessary space after class="postbox when postbox_classes returns an empty string in metaboxes Administration trivial defect (bug) 12/26/14 3.0
#30605 Typographically incorrect usage of hyphens Help/About trivial defect (bug) 12/10/14 4.0 has-patch
#27945 Sortable list table column header text is higher than non-sortable headers drozdz Administration trivial defect (bug) 10/14/14 3.8 has-patch
#25273 wp_link_pages shouldn't be able to use a negative page number Posts, Post Types trivial defect (bug) 03/21/14 0.71 dev-feedback
#16747 'feedtype_enclosure' hooks not triggered without custom field Feeds trivial defect (bug) 08/17/13 1.5 has-patch
#17793 No explanation on invalid characters on registration form Users trivial defect (bug) 10/15/12 2.1 has-patch

Defects Awaiting Review, reported against latest stable branch (74 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#32537 404 error on empty title Permalinks critical defect (bug) 06/15/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#32983 Duplicate Posts & Picture by creating user Posts with meta/custom fields Posts, Post Types major defect (bug) 08/01/15 4.2.2
#32620 WordPress is not stripping invalid tags in get_the_content_feed Feeds minor defect (bug) 06/28/15 4.2.2
#32314 Database error on update to 4.2.2 from 4.2.1 Database minor defect (bug) 05/13/15 4.2.2
#33251 Customizer hidden features: Shift+Click to edit widgets Customize normal defect (bug) 08/03/15 4.2
#33248 Customizer Theme Installer version and description should not be floated Themes normal defect (bug) 08/03/15 4.2 needs-patch
#33228 Customizer initial focus Customize normal defect (bug) 08/03/15 4.2 has-patch
#33046 Export screen: missing labels and accessibility improvements Administration normal defect (bug) 08/03/15 4.2
#32322 Custom permalink structure incorrect for Future posts kdoole Permalinks normal defect (bug) 08/03/15 4.2 needs-unit-tests
#33234 Tags/Categories Count Incorrect General normal defect (bug) 08/02/15 4.2.3
#32825 .manage-column checkbox Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 08/02/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#33226 wrong $key utilization on WP_Object_Cache::add() General normal defect (bug) 08/01/15 4.2.3
#33222 Cannot upgrade plugins Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 07/31/15 4.2.3
#33215 Main plugin file loaded multiple times under special circumstances on Network Activate Plugins normal defect (bug) 07/31/15 4.2.3 needs-patch
#32111 Problem in spanish version with buttons for publish Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 07/31/15 4.2
#33200 Changing BLOG_ID_CURRENT_SITE breaks media Media normal defect (bug) 07/30/15 4.2.3
#33029 Dismissable admin notices focus loss morganestes Administration normal defect (bug) 07/29/15 4.2 dev-feedback
#33187 Menu becomes empty after saving in WordPress 4.2.3 Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 07/29/15 4.2.3
#33170 get_comments interface doesn't return comments with 'comment' type Query normal defect (bug) 07/29/15 4.2.3
#33148 Categories are missing in admin category list when child category linked to non-existant parent id Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 07/27/15 4.2.3
#33101 Two error messages defined for a single error Users normal defect (bug) 07/27/15 4.2.3
#32578 Admin menu: current item should have an aria-haspopup attribute when folded afercia Administration normal defect (bug) 07/27/15 4.2 dev-feedback
#33143 Twenty Fifteen uses jQuery window.width() - which is not synced with used media queries Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 07/27/15 4.2.3
#33002 List table: avoid redundant Edit links and reduce noise for screen readers Administration normal defect (bug) 07/27/15 4.2 needs-patch
#33134 Complex Nested Shortcodes Inside of Attributes Are Not Processed Left-to-Right Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 07/27/15 4.2.3
#33131 Missing trailing slash when ssl cookie is set Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 07/26/15 4.2.3
#33128 admin_menu not called when attachment form is loaded in a frame Media normal defect (bug) 07/26/15 4.2.2
#33122 DB_CHARSET in config should be set to utf8mb4 if mysql version >5.5.3 Database normal defect (bug) 07/25/15 4.2.3
#33104 Redirect Loop when enabling/disabling a theme on multisite Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 07/23/15 4.2.3
#33085 Customizer: controls description inside labels are not real labels nor descriptions Customize normal defect (bug) 07/22/15 4.2
#33064 Customizer: form inputs need a way to have hidden labels Customize normal defect (bug) 07/21/15 4.2
#33053 download_url() includes query string in temporary filenames Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 07/21/15 4.2.1 has-patch
#33028 Skip to content: avoid page jump Administration normal defect (bug) 07/20/15 4.2 has-patch
#33051 Pictures rotated 90 degrees left on upload Media normal defect (bug) 07/20/15 4.2.2
#32609 tinymce gallery preview uses full resolution images Media normal defect (bug) 07/20/15 4.2.2
#33030 Admin menu update/comment count notification accessibility Administration normal defect (bug) 07/17/15 4.2 needs-patch
#32580 Quick edit: persisting auto-suggest tags tooltip Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 07/17/15 4.2 has-patch
#33017 Unattached images displayed with page.php instead of index.php Themes normal defect (bug) 07/17/15 4.2.2
#33025 Invalid argument in class-wp-posts-list-table.php Administration normal defect (bug) 07/17/15 4.2.2
#33023 Error wp-includes/post.php in _get_custom_object_labels General normal defect (bug) 07/17/15 4.2.2
#33012 Full MIME type parameter ignored in wp_mime_type_icon() and 'default' used instead. Media normal defect (bug) 07/16/15 4.2.2
#32295 Pagination on preview/scheduled posts Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 07/14/15 4.2.2
#32994 invite email from secondary blog does not use network site URL for wp-activate link Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 07/14/15 4.2.2
#32222 Silent error on attempt of user creation Database normal defect (bug) 07/14/15 4.2.1 dev-feedback
#32993 get_terms with child_of only works with uninterrupted hierarchies General normal defect (bug) 07/14/15 4.2.2
#32462 Percent character using at Postname have a problem with IIS Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 07/14/15 4.2.1
#32976 Adding tags using Quick Edit without picking a tag from live search drop-down menu causes the overlay of it after saving Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 07/13/15 4.2.2
#32975 Improve translation string in theme edit screen I18N normal defect (bug) 07/13/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#32966 Admin footer text is misplaced in plugins.php and plugin-install.php Administration normal defect (bug) 07/12/15 4.2.2
#32954 "View post" link should not change when sample permalink changes Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 07/10/15 4.2 has-patch
#32918 _wp_menu_item_classes_by_context does not generate "current-menu-ancestor" class when the menu structure was changed by e.g. a plugin Menus normal defect (bug) 07/08/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#32921 WordPress mangles text inside <script> tags in posts even if text-control is set to disable any processing Editor normal defect (bug) 07/08/15 4.2.2
#32867 Wordpress replaces HTML entities for angle brackets in titles, breaking HTML validation General normal defect (bug) 07/02/15 4.2.2
#32866 dashicons CSS: one-word font families don't need quotes Administration normal defect (bug) 07/02/15 4.2 has-patch
#32848 Null values for Update Options does not reset in $all_options Cache API normal defect (bug) 07/01/15 4.2.2 needs-unit-tests
#32856 wpColorPicker close should check that iris hasn't been destroyed before toggling it. General normal defect (bug) 07/01/15 4.2.2
#32749 Missing CEST time zone in SimplePie rmccue External Libraries normal defect (bug) 06/30/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#32833 previous_post_link/next_post_link disappear when excluding by post_format General normal defect (bug) 06/30/15 4.2.2
#32126 XML-RPC stopped working with 4.2 in a cross-domain scenario XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 06/29/15 4.2
#32737 Press This Mobile Code for Bookmarklet cannot be fully selected or copied on Mobile devices Press This normal defect (bug) 06/28/15 4.2.2
#32803 get_extended() Loses Container Tags When Opening Tag is in [main] Editor normal defect (bug) 06/27/15 4.2.2
#32766 customize_register fires twice, cannot pass query args properly Customize normal defect (bug) 06/26/15 4.2.2
#32750 If changing the checkbox state "organize my uploads..." in the media preferences the thumbnails aren't shown anymore Media normal defect (bug) 06/22/15 4.2.2
#32747 WP Admin Menus/SubMenus Overlap in small screen Menus normal defect (bug) 06/22/15 4.2.2
#32315 $wpdb->insert fails without error msg Database normal defect (bug) 06/18/15 4.2.2
#32458 Upgrade Error Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 06/18/15 4.2.2
#32626 List tables CSS: inconsistent alignments Administration normal defect (bug) 06/12/15 4.2
#14730 ms-files.php required ob_clean() and flush() westi Multisite normal defect (bug) 06/10/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#32579 Admin menu: color schemes fly-out menu background when focused Administration normal defect (bug) 06/08/15 4.2 has-patch
#32513 Disabling WYSIWYG tab via the wp_editor_settings filter breaks the editor if it contains a textarea tag Editor normal defect (bug) 06/04/15 4.2.2
#32562 Password reset error - unwanted character in the link with some email service (they are parsing incorrectly) - make it more bulletproof Mail normal defect (bug) 06/03/15 4.2.2
#32554 Editing an image inserted in a post does not resize correctly Editor normal defect (bug) 06/02/15 4.2.2
#32526 Tax_Query doesn't working in switch_to_blog() Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 05/29/15 4.2.2
#32506 oembed with wpautop set to false Embeds normal defect (bug) 05/27/15 4.2.2
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