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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#42819 dashicons css: load woff file instead of inline embed base64 code in dashicons.css General normal enhancement 12/07/2017 4.9.1 has-patch
#35048 custom menu - OPTIMIZE QUERY! Menus normal feature request 12/13/2015
#33119 custom location for wp-config.php Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 07/25/2015 4.3
#39080 created unittest for is_serialized and is_serialized_string files and move tests into them General normal enhancement 12/04/2016 4.7 has-patch
#27286 create menu page for custom post types General normal enhancement 05/21/2015 3.8 dev-feedback
#43356 create is_403 function Query normal feature request 02/19/2018 4.9.3
#41558 create a (reusable) wp_default_admin_scripts Themes normal enhancement 08/07/2017 2.6
#38054 class.wp-scripts.php - add_action when init is already doing Script Loader normal enhancement 09/14/2016 4.6.1
#42763 class-wp-list-table unnecessarily disables first and last pagination buttons General normal enhancement 12/01/2017 4.9.1 has-patch
#43957 check_password_reset_key could use get_user_by instead of direct query Login and Registration normal enhancement 05/04/2018 4.9.5
#44103 change the type attribute of #menu_order from 'text' to 'number' General normal feature request 05/16/2018 4.9.5
#38896 avatar_settings help text may not be accurate if avatar_defaults is filtered Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 11/21/2016 dev-feedback
#8924 autoload should be boolean in add_option() Database normal enhancement 01/03/2015
#41281 attachment_url_to_postid results in very slow query Database normal enhancement 04/02/2018 4.9
#20558 allow wp_localize_script data to be added to existing objects Script Loader normal enhancement 12/03/2015 3.3 dev-feedback
#41783 allow loading wp-config.php (values) without DB bootstrap Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 09/02/2017 4.8.1
#19707 admin-ajax.php requests via http regardless of force_ssl_admin() state Administration normal enhancement 03/06/2018
#43781 adding apply_filters on $handle in localize Script Loader normal enhancement 04/16/2018 4.9.5
#43083 adding "Unlisted" type for post visibility Posts, Post Types normal feature request 03/02/2018
#39069 added unit test for maybe_unserialize() General normal enhancement 12/04/2016 4.7 has-patch
#36244 added a filter to allow the separator in the week date range to be changed General normal enhancement 04/05/2016
#33847 add_shortcode enhancement request for optional priority Formatting normal enhancement 09/14/2015
#40370 add_image_sizes does not create the "crop position" versions of the image Media normal enhancement 11/24/2017 2.9 dev-feedback
#43683 add_form_fields & edit_form_fields adding order. Taxonomy normal enhancement 04/03/2018 4.9.4
#41801 add wp_get_image_extensions() and wp_image_extensions filter Media normal enhancement 09/05/2017 4.9 has-patch
#41802 add wp_attachment_is_audio() and wp_attachment_is_video() Media normal enhancement 09/05/2017 4.9 has-patch
#39868 add unit tests for wp_validate_boolean() in function.php General normal enhancement 02/14/2017 4.8
#37941 add rel="noopener noreferrer" to any target="_blank" nicolapeluchetti Security normal enhancement 02/11/2018 has-patch
#39969 add filter to end of post_categories_meta_box() Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/26/2017
#37338 add filter in get_data_by Users normal enhancement 07/12/2016 4.5.3
#41921 add esc_html before the admin title display Administration normal enhancement 09/20/2017 has-patch
#39772 add ajax functionality to switching tabs and pagination in plugins Plugins normal enhancement 02/02/2017 4.8
#37928 add `pre_add_option` filter Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 04/21/2017 has-patch
#38800 add WP_ADMIN_URL and WP_INCLUDES_URL constants Script Loader normal enhancement 09/29/2017
#41646 activate.php and deactivate.php for Plugins Plugins normal feature request 08/15/2017 4.8.1
#43770 accept 'menu_order' for 'orderby' get_sites() argument Networks and Sites normal enhancement 04/17/2018 trunk
#36745 _wp_menu_item_classes_by_context Menus normal enhancement 06/06/2016 3.0 dev-feedback
#41753 _wp_get_attachment_relative_path uses hardcoded uploads directory path Media normal enhancement 09/04/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#43156 _walk_bookmarks(): please add the link id as HTML id attribute. Formatting normal enhancement 01/24/2018 4.9.2
#43956 _embed parameter should accept options on what to embed REST API normal feature request 05/04/2018 needs-patch
#43366 _default_wp_die_handler() Need filter code for update css style. Administration major feature request 02/27/2018 4.9.4
#36774 Wrong JQuery UI AMD support External Libraries normal enhancement 08/03/2016
#41907 WordPress-Importer Assign all entries to one 'local' user Import normal enhancement 09/20/2017 ui/ux
#23866 WordPress xmlrpc wp_getPosts filter for slug XML-RPC normal enhancement 09/02/2015 3.4 dev-feedback
#35248 WordPress should remove domain trailing dot (as/like it removes "www.") Canonical normal enhancement 01/08/2018 4.4
#40149 WordPress password strength checking is improved, but the hint now doesn't help Users normal enhancement 09/27/2017 4.7.3 has-patch
#39795 WordPress objects are only accessible via global variables General normal enhancement 02/06/2017 4.8
#39850 WordPress embedded links drop query vars from URL Embeds normal enhancement 02/11/2017
#43484 WordPress Notification Center proposal Users normal feature request 04/30/2018 ui/ux
#43441 WordPress News and Events widget: WordPress.org/news posts only show one at a time Administration normal enhancement 03/05/2018 trunk
#31788 WordPress Lost Your Password form Error Message Inaccuracies Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/07/2018 has-patch
#42455 WordPress Class methods and Single Responsibility (recent posts widgets) Plugins normal enhancement 11/07/2017 4.9
#29790 Widgets don't know the widget area context they're in Widgets normal enhancement 04/27/2015 dev-feedback
#27405 Widget Customizer: Fade out sidebar sections that lack any rendered widgets Widgets normal enhancement 06/07/2017 3.9 needs-patch
#41498 Why are global functions not wrapped in function_exists? I18N normal feature request 03/27/2018
#24241 Whitelist trackbacks/pingbacks from own site Pings/Trackbacks normal enhancement 05/02/2016 3.5.1 has-patch
#40288 Whitelist oEmbed for Apple Keynote Embeds normal enhancement 04/24/2017 has-patch
#39918 Whitelist audioBoom oEmbeds Embeds normal enhancement 02/21/2017 4.8
#39537 When switching themes, set previous theme mods as autoload = no Themes normal enhancement 01/10/2017 4.8
#30976 When selecting multiple plugins and performing deactivate, keep selected for next bulk action (if any) Plugins minor enhancement 07/24/2017 4.2 ui/ux
#32998 What's a weblog? Text Changes minor enhancement 09/03/2016
#38127 Webm support enhancements Media normal enhancement 09/22/2016 4.6.1
#39870 Warning when an inserted link contains &preview=true Editor normal enhancement 02/14/2017 4.8
#40156 Warning for invalid hook callback is not very useful Plugins normal enhancement 03/15/2017 0.71
#38946 WP_Upgrader: Protection against deleting files in destination directory Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/07/2017 has-patch
#40661 WP_Term_Query->parse_query() needs filter like 'get_terms' Taxonomy normal enhancement 08/04/2017 needs-unit-tests
#36641 WP_Term method __toString Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/05/2017 needs-unit-tests
#43885 WP_Role and WP_Roles::get_role() missing Display Name Role/Capability normal enhancement 04/27/2018
#39851 WP_REST_Posts_Controller::get_items() has too many concerns REST API normal task (blessed) 03/07/2017 4.7
#42703 WP_Query: Swap parsing date into own method Database normal enhancement 11/26/2017 trunk
#40711 WP_Post:get_instance: Update cache if $_post->filter is empty Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 05/10/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#15550 WP_Nav_Menu_Widget needs a filter for args Widgets normal enhancement 01/11/2016 3.1 dev-feedback
#39330 WP_Image_Editor_Imagick: get pdf from url Media normal enhancement 01/04/2018 4.8
#41560 WP_Filesystem_FTPext class documentation updates Filesystem API normal enhancement 08/04/2017 needs-patch
#33841 WP_Dropdown_Categories: Parent Category Optgroups Taxonomy normal enhancement 11/18/2015 4.4
#20683 WP_Dependencies' constructor should accept a string/array value for $deps rather than converting a string to an empty array markjaquith Script Loader normal enhancement 02/16/2016 dev-feedback
#31042 WPDB field_types Variable Too Broad? Database normal enhancement 01/17/2015
#26976 WP should try to set a default title Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/03/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#43599 WP is asking for comment count for post 0 Comments normal enhancement 03/25/2018 4.9.5 needs-docs
#22076 WP Upgrader: update_bulk_plugins_complete_actions and update_bulk_theme_complete_actions should pass information about all plugins/themes to the filter Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 09/02/2015 3.0 needs-patch
#40142 WP Remote Remaining Methods HTTP API normal enhancement 06/05/2017 2.7 needs-unit-tests
#41273 WP REST API: allow separate add_post_type_support() for post when accessing via REST vs WP Admin REST API normal feature request 07/11/2017 4.8
#36426 WP Admin memory limit not increasing to base limit by default Administration normal enhancement 08/19/2016 4.6 has-patch
#44119 WP API post status queries don't work with custom public post stati REST API normal enhancement 05/17/2018 4.9.5
#24442 Visit theme/plugin/author homepage vs Visit theme/plugin/author site Text Changes normal enhancement 09/01/2015 dev-feedback
#28367 Video upload failure is a dead end Upload normal enhancement 11/16/2015 3.9.1
#39614 Video header: Support free formats like .webm/vp8 and .ogv/theora Customize normal enhancement 03/13/2017 4.7.1
#38432 Validate user creation and email change by token Login and Registration normal feature request 01/17/2018 4.9 needs-unit-tests
#40150 VARCHAR/TEXT inefficiencies Database normal enhancement 03/14/2017 4.7.3
#40777 Using a static 404 HTML file (dynamically generated) (and/ or .htaccess instead of favicon.ico) Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 05/16/2017 4.8
#34316 User status inconsistent between single-site & multisite Users normal enhancement 09/27/2017 1.5 needs-unit-tests
#23391 User in contributor role can add images to post only via the text editor Role/Capability normal enhancement 05/14/2015 needs-patch
#44179 Use wp_update_comment instead of $wpdb->update $wpdb->comments when anonymizing comments Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 trunk needs-patch
#34525 Use wp_parse_id_list() in the WP_Query class Query normal enhancement 11/02/2015 4.3.1 has-patch
#33573 Use the site icon introduced in 4.3 for the My Sites page Administration normal enhancement 05/14/2018 4.3 ui/ux
#41020 Use target="_blank" for links in WordPress news and events and updates Administration normal enhancement 01/11/2018 4.8 has-patch
#41054 Use sargable date filtering where possible Database normal enhancement 06/15/2017 needs-patch
#41986 Use regular core button styling for page header buttons General normal enhancement 03/09/2018 ui/ux
#44032 Use random_bytes() for generating keys and salts Upgrade/Install trivial enhancement 05/12/2018 has-patch
#41451 Use pretty permalinks by default in the test suite Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 12/28/2017 needs-unit-tests
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