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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#38228 Add filter to default gallery shortcode output Gallery normal enhancement 04/12/2018 4.7 dev-feedback
#43298 Add filter to hide comment types from showing up in the default query schlessera Comments normal enhancement 02/19/2018 trunk dev-feedback
#25070 Add filter to use do_accordion_sections for post metaboxes Editor normal enhancement 10/01/2015 3.6 dev-feedback
#28238 Add filter to value returned from get_space_used() Upload normal enhancement 11/01/2015 3.5 has-patch
#37088 Add filter to wp_strip_all_tags in wp_trim_words Formatting normal enhancement 06/13/2016 4.5
#22377 Add filter to wp_update_plugins() rmccue Upgrade/Install minor enhancement 12/03/2015 3.4 has-patch
#41574 Add filter: wp_get_attachment_link_attributes Media normal enhancement 08/06/2017 has-patch
#39298 Add filters for the exporter Export normal enhancement 12/15/2016
#38239 Add font-size to root HTML element for rem support? Administration normal enhancement 10/05/2016 4.7
#38368 Add front-end revision browsing Revisions normal enhancement 03/08/2018
#40485 Add function for retrieving metadata from registered script Script Loader normal feature request 06/07/2017 4.2 has-patch
#36642 Add function to generate `image-set` attribute Media normal enhancement 04/22/2016 4.6
#44073 Add functionality to search plugin with double quoted keyword Plugins normal feature request 05/14/2018
#42900 Add gender field to user profile for use in translations I18N normal enhancement 12/21/2017 trunk has-patch
#39120 Add get/set methods to remaining main query classes (comments and terms) Query normal enhancement 04/07/2018 has-patch
#19264 Add get_nav_menu_item_children() Menus normal enhancement 02/29/2016 3.0 has-patch
#35124 Add get_user() function that maps to get_user_by() Users normal enhancement 12/16/2015
#41575 Add global action to get_template_part Themes normal enhancement 08/07/2017 4.9
#24567 Add help to media modals Help/About normal enhancement 09/02/2015 3.5 dev-feedback
#23148 Add hook in wp_ajax_save_attachment for additional attachment fields Media normal enhancement 02/17/2017 3.5 has-patch
#32638 Add hovertext option to link tool in the visual editor Editor normal enhancement 06/14/2015 4.2
#36982 Add image attributes and additional context to the wp_calculate_image_srcset and wp_calculate_image_sizes filters adamsilverstein Media normal enhancement 08/19/2017 4.6 dev-feedback
#43678 Add indents to default .htaccess rules Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 04/02/2018 has-patch
#24044 Add index to wp_options to aid/improve performance Options, Meta APIs major enhancement 10/13/2017 has-patch
#18546 Add index.php to wp-includes and wp-admin/includes Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 09/04/2017 3.2 dev-feedback
#37284 Add indication for required next to Confirm Password Users normal enhancement 05/04/2017 4.6 has-patch
#38223 Add indicators to off-site links in wp-admin General normal enhancement 10/04/2016
#38810 Add level class to terms list-table rows Taxonomy normal feature request 11/16/2016 dev-feedback
#43466 Add ltr admin body class Administration normal enhancement 03/19/2018 has-patch
#43342 Add m.me (Messenger) icon to twentyseventeen’s supported social media links Bundled Theme normal enhancement 02/17/2018 trunk dev-feedback
#28614 Add microtime support to current_time() chriscct7 Date/Time normal enhancement 10/30/2015 3.9.1 has-patch
#35725 Add mime-type for Webp Media normal enhancement 01/18/2018 3.5 dev-feedback
#42735 Add missing periods to some error messages Text Changes normal enhancement 11/28/2017 has-patch
#43798 Add multiple parent ids in get_term function General normal enhancement 04/18/2018
#32965 Add new Credit field to media attachment details Media normal enhancement 09/07/2015
#41125 Add new `_deprecated_class()` function General normal enhancement 06/25/2017 4.9
#37079 Add new filter pre_wp_get_nav_menu_items Menus normal enhancement 08/17/2017 has-patch
#40642 Add new filter to populate_options Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 05/02/2017 1.5 dev-feedback
#38548 Add new filters on wp_script_is/wp_style_is Script Loader normal enhancement 10/28/2016 4.7
#33857 Add new function the_home_url() General normal feature request 09/14/2015 has-patch
#44000 Add notification bubble to Tools menu for GDPR export/erase requests Privacy normal enhancement 05/16/2018 trunk has-patch
#43604 Add option to completely disable syndication feeds Feeds normal enhancement 03/25/2018 trunk
#37549 Add optional parameter to wp_generate_attachment_metadata for image dimensions. joemcgill Media normal enhancement 09/23/2016 4.6 has-patch
#36981 Add optional stack trace dump for WordPress deprecation notices General normal enhancement 05/31/2016
#20007 Add options & UI for admin registration and password reset notifications Administration normal enhancement 01/13/2016 3.4 has-patch
#42309 Add page-numbers CSS class to wp_link_pages generated links Themes normal feature request 04/17/2018 4.9
#40046 Add password length filter in `register_new_user` function. Users normal enhancement 03/06/2017 4.7.2
#19514 Add per-page filter for nav menu post type meta box Menus normal enhancement 01/30/2015 has-patch
#43548 Add personal data from attachments to personal data export General normal enhancement 03/15/2018 trunk needs-patch
#40203 Add post thumbnail to Recent post widgets Widgets normal enhancement 11/21/2017 2.8 ui/ux
#41118 Add post type classes to internal link search results Editor normal enhancement 06/21/2017 4.9
#37965 Add post_last_activity column to posts database table Posts, Post Types normal feature request 09/07/2016 dev-feedback
#36978 Add pre filter to get_term_by Taxonomy normal enhancement 05/30/2016 needs-unit-tests
#39695 Add preload headers in redirects HTTP API normal enhancement 02/27/2017 needs-unit-tests
#21912 Add return filter to current_theme_supports() Themes normal enhancement 09/02/2015 3.4 has-patch
#34608 Add role display name to WP_Role object Role/Capability normal enhancement 11/10/2016 needs-patch
#38379 Add server side validation class in wordpress core External Libraries normal feature request 10/20/2016 4.7
#38147 Add sprintf.js library to WordPress External Libraries normal enhancement 10/02/2016 has-patch
#28635 Add status codes and hooks to wp-cron.php chriscct7 Cron API normal feature request 12/06/2015 has-patch
#39927 Add support for CSS class and attributes in wp_login_form input fields Login and Registration normal enhancement 10/02/2017 4.7.2 has-patch
#32798 Add support for mysql named pipe (windows os) Database normal enhancement 06/27/2015 has-patch
#32202 Add support for options page locking (settings API concurrency) Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 10/25/2016 3.6 dev-feedback
#42920 Add support for the picture element Media normal enhancement 01/18/2018 needs-unit-tests
#23279 Add templates to style registration, signup, activation, login and password reset pages Login and Registration normal enhancement 02/22/2017 has-patch
#40047 Add term_meta to WP_Term class getter method Taxonomy normal enhancement 03/13/2017 4.8 dev-feedback
#38265 Add term_relationship_id column to wp_term_relationships Taxonomy normal feature request 10/25/2017 dev-feedback
#39192 Add the ability to suggest changes to post drafts Editor normal feature request 03/13/2017 needs-patch
#43791 Add the call to pingback_url to core instead of themes Pings/Trackbacks normal enhancement 04/20/2018 4.9.5 dev-feedback
#42765 Add the filter to the taxonomy metabox when editing a post Taxonomy normal enhancement 12/01/2017 4.9.1
#43697 Add theme update counter in admin theme menu item Themes normal enhancement 04/18/2018 trunk has-patch
#43835 Add thumbnail to category (like to posts) Taxonomy normal feature request 04/24/2018 dev-feedback
#38675 Add user language chooser to wp-signup.php I18N normal enhancement 11/04/2016 4.7 dev-feedback
#39626 Add video screenshots in media browser Media normal enhancement 02/26/2018 ui/ux
#28006 Add visual cues when viewing drafts on the frontend Posts, Post Types normal feature request 07/26/2017 ui/ux
#34189 Add warning about changing $table_prefix for existing database Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 10/24/2016 4.4 needs-codex
#37959 Add wp_alert() function General normal feature request 09/06/2016
#20167 Add wp_pages_checklist for creating checklist of pages on site Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/13/2015 has-patch
#37200 Add wrappers with IDs to user-edit.php Users normal enhancement 06/27/2016 4.6
#40460 Add-On Grouping for Plugin List Screen Plugins normal feature request 04/15/2017
#42587 Added Css Classes field to wp-link in editor. Editor normal enhancement 11/16/2017 trunk
#21070 Added a filter to the sub-menu class attribute Menus normal enhancement 09/02/2015 3.4 dev-feedback
#39632 Adding Query identifier attribute Query normal feature request 06/07/2017
#44018 Adding a filter in paginate_links function General normal enhancement 05/09/2018
#32545 Adding actions before and after "Add New" button Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/08/2018 4.2.2 dev-feedback
#28997 Adding additional classes to image captions via UI Media normal enhancement 08/25/2016 dev-feedback
#32987 Adding filters to allow alternate sidebar storage for registered sidebars Widgets normal enhancement 09/17/2015 4.3 dev-feedback
#41179 Adding get_the_content-filter Themes normal enhancement 04/18/2018 4.8 needs-codex
#37870 Adding hints to login/registration form fields Login and Registration normal enhancement 08/30/2016 4.6
#40878 Adding menus route REST API normal feature request 03/19/2018 4.7 dev-feedback
#20596 Adding more actions to a widget Widgets normal enhancement 05/12/2015 dev-feedback
#39731 Adding oEmbed For Google Drive Embeds normal enhancement 02/28/2017 4.7.2
#39973 Adding playbuzz.com as an oEmbed provider Embeds normal feature request 03/06/2017 3.9 needs-patch
#39415 Adding sms to list of allowed protocol General normal enhancement 12/29/2016 4.8
#40842 Adding template filters Themes normal enhancement 10/23/2017 needs-codex
#38549 Additional CSS lost when changing themes Customize normal enhancement 11/22/2016 4.7
#39841 Additional Post Button Options Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/14/2017 4.7.2
#38473 Additional hook for users list table navigation area Users normal enhancement 10/24/2016 4.7 has-patch
#41627 Additional parameter for multisite activation Plugins normal feature request 08/13/2017 4.8.1
#40475 Additional way to add plugin by indicating URL|slug of plugin page Plugins normal enhancement 04/30/2018
#43636 Additional wp_query 'fields' choices Query normal enhancement 04/17/2018 4.9.5 dev-feedback
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