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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#41082 Wordpress edit page flickering in Chome browser only General major defect (bug) 06/16/2017 4.8
#41079 PHP Notice: Undefined offset: -1 in /var/www/html/live/wp-includes/rewrite.php Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 06/16/2017 4.3
#41070 register_sidebar and dynamic_sidebar inconsistency Widgets normal defect (bug) 06/23/2017 4.8
#41050 Cannot read property 'top' of undefined in belowEntryMetaClass (TwentySeventeen) Themes normal defect (bug) 06/15/2017 4.8
#41049 Visual editor adds extra space to top of the post TinyMCE normal defect (bug) 06/20/2017 4.8
#41042 When using IE11 to edit a page the visual editor does not show any text or images Editor normal defect (bug) 06/15/2017 4.8
#41035 Don't return if WP_Error object return by wp_insert_term() from foreach() loop in wp_set_object_terms() Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 05/02/2018 4.7 needs-patch
#41034 importing users in multisite: should add existing users to the current blog Import normal defect (bug) 06/13/2017 4.8
#41033 Cannot Change the Text Color of Links in the WordPress 4.8 Visual Editor Editor normal defect (bug) 09/18/2017 4.8
#41029 The changed author is not making the coming revisons Revisions normal defect (bug) 06/13/2017 4.8
#41026 Copy & Paste doesn't copy color styling issue in Wordpress 4.8 Editor major defect (bug) 09/12/2017 4.8
#41024 File uploader looks misaligned in Mac Chrome Plugins normal defect (bug) 06/14/2017 4.8 has-patch
#41015 moving site with index.php Build/Test Tools normal defect (bug) 06/12/2017 4.8
#41012 YouTube embed options Embeds normal defect (bug) 06/12/2017 4.8
#41008 WP_Error wrote instead of category name in wp_options table, category_base field General normal defect (bug) 06/12/2017 4.8
#41001 Recently Active Plugins Option does not reset when you delete a plugin. Plugins normal defect (bug) 06/11/2017 4.8
#40998 Replacing static page that includes a snippet General normal defect (bug) 06/10/2017 4.8
#40990 In IE youtube videos are not being played under mediaelement player General critical defect (bug) 06/11/2017 4.8
#40984 Possible Bug with Named Orderby Meta Query SQL Query normal defect (bug) 06/09/2017 4.8
#40958 force_balance_tags breaks Ninjaforms and probably other plugins that output html within js. Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 06/13/2017 4.7.4
#40953 Empty values are handled inconsistently between wpdb->get_results() and wpdb->get_col() Database normal defect (bug) 06/08/2017 0.71 dev-feedback
#40949 wp_dropdown_users($args) is not returning desired list of users Users normal defect (bug) 06/08/2017 4.7.5
#40940 Twenty Twelve uses invalid linear-gradient() syntax Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 06/09/2017 4.7.5
#40911 Replacing an image in the text editor causes text below to get deleted Editor normal defect (bug) 07/05/2017 4.7.5 dev-feedback
#40909 Focus in attachment custom fields is lost when updating the value. Media normal defect (bug) 07/28/2017 4.7.5 dev-feedback
#40901 get_comments_number_text() third argument parsing weirdly Comments normal defect (bug) 06/01/2017 4.7.5
#40899 '&' Is always escaped in the JavaScript template. General normal defect (bug) 06/01/2017 4.7.5
#40889 REST API: New terms creation with meta causes PHP Notice REST API normal defect (bug) 07/10/2017 4.7 needs-unit-tests
#40882 Characters omitted when copying and pasting from Word Editor normal defect (bug) 05/29/2017 4.7.5
#40870 Using underscore in meta box id field metabox is not working correctly General normal defect (bug) 05/26/2017 4.7.5
#40863 WP 4.7.5 XMLRPC new method for parsing arguments omits menu_order XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 08/04/2017 4.7.5
#40849 Featured items are no longer displayed General normal defect (bug) 05/23/2017 4.7.5
#40796 Overriding WordPress globals is prohibited Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 05/18/2017 4.7.5
#40795 If plugin zip file has very long name, windows systems can fail to upgrade Plugins normal defect (bug) 05/17/2017 4.7.5
#40786 Leading spaces are added to custom textarea metabox Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 05/17/2017 4.7.5
#40785 Image caption in WYSIWYG is not displaying in post page Media normal defect (bug) 05/19/2017 4.7.5
#40784 WP_HTTP_IXR_Client constructor needs to check that $server is valid HTTP API normal defect (bug) 08/04/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40773 Hello, I found the problem with permalink on the site in the latest version of WordPress. Permalinks normal defect (bug) 06/12/2017 2.9
#40768 site.com/login should not redirect to login page when user is already logged in Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 05/15/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40757 Standardize Application of 'the_category' Filter Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 05/13/2017 4.7.4
#40746 Error on adding .ico icon in customizer. Customize normal defect (bug) 05/16/2017 4.3
#40742 wp_upload_dir() returns wrong value after provider changes disk General normal defect (bug) 05/12/2017 2.9
#40723 Pasting Word content - then trying to remove tags via WYSIWYG - does not work Editor normal defect (bug) 05/10/2017 4.7.4
#40719 iis7_add_rewrite_rule and iis7_delete_rewrite_rule create malformed web.config Administration normal defect (bug) 05/10/2017 4.7.4
#40716 WordPress's magic quotes emulation doesn't slash keys like PHP's built-in magic quotes General normal defect (bug) 06/06/2017 0.71
#40715 TinyMCE should use the site language instead of the user one General normal defect (bug) 05/10/2017 4.7
#40706 pasting text that has emojis into a new post breaks autosave and save draft Autosave normal defect (bug) 05/09/2017 4.7.4
#40701 Admin menu icon distorted in Chrome when #adminmenu folded Administration normal defect (bug) 06/22/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40688 there is a bug in deleting a photo and replacing it by the new photo with the same name Gallery normal defect (bug) 05/07/2017 4.7.4
#40687 pre_option_upload_url_path filter no longer working General normal defect (bug) 08/10/2017 4.7.4
#40685 /wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php function resort_active_iterations not working correct General normal defect (bug) 06/08/2017 4.7.4
#40682 get_current_blog_id() and get_current_network_id() are loaded before absint() Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 06/26/2017 3.5 needs-patch
#40681 The "Edit Post" page appears to MOVE a category to the top based on bad logic, instead of leaving it under its parent. Editor normal defect (bug) 05/06/2017 4.7.4
#40676 wpautop adds opening & closing p tags around the opening a tag and around the closing a tag when the link contains certain flow content elements like div, h1, h2... Formatting normal defect (bug) 07/21/2017 4.8 needs-unit-tests
#40675 Accented letter at end of line displays wrong Editor normal defect (bug) 05/08/2017 4.7.4
#40668 Duplicate anchor text word General normal defect (bug) 05/17/2017 4.7.4
#40665 Edit control on Video inside editor should not show up before selecting Editor normal defect (bug) 05/04/2017 4.7.4
#40660 the_post_navigation not excluding terms - wp 4.7.4 General normal defect (bug) 05/04/2017 4.7.4
#40649 parent_file filter seems to be overwritten by get_admin_page_parent call Menus normal defect (bug) 05/23/2017 4.7.4
#40643 Russian post date month translation is incorrect I18N normal defect (bug) 05/02/2017 4.7.4
#40638 In attachments taxonomy displays slug instead of name Media normal defect (bug) 05/05/2017 4.7.4
#40634 Media handling: No fil shows when press filter in list view moduls Media normal defect (bug) 05/08/2017 4.7.4
#40632 Fix undefined index notice in wp-includes/user.php Users normal defect (bug) 05/02/2017 4.7.4
#40631 Safari issues with wp-includes/ms-files.php General normal defect (bug) 05/02/2017 4.7.4
#40630 Advanced meta compare "like" in WP_Query Query normal defect (bug) 05/16/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40614 REST API: String argument for rest_do_request/rest_ensure_request does not work as expected. REST API normal defect (bug) 08/25/2017 4.4 has-patch
#40613 Add query cache to WP_User_Query class Users normal defect (bug) 04/25/2018 3.1 has-patch
#40606 wp_filter_nohtml_kses escaping single quotes even when no HTML tags are being used in the string General normal defect (bug) 04/29/2017 4.7.4
#40603 Incorrect paragraph tag placement in wpautop Formatting normal defect (bug) 06/14/2017 4.7.4
#40598 PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function switch_to_locale() on null I18N normal defect (bug) 07/12/2017 4.7.4
#40595 wp_authenticate_username_password() should respect WP_Error object generated by higher priorities Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 04/28/2017 4.7.4
#40593 Media library replace image popup not displaying completely below 641px width Media normal defect (bug) 04/28/2017 4.7.4
#40588 Trashing and restoring a draft post replaces the slug Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/28/2017 4.5 needs-unit-tests
#40583 TinyMCE Paste Plugin Copy Paste Issue TinyMCE critical defect (bug) 06/08/2017 4.7.4
#40580 rest_ensure_response() can return WP_Error object, but is consequently not checked in get_item() method REST API normal defect (bug) 05/03/2017 4.7 needs-unit-tests
#40572 .htaccess has incorrect permissions after installation rcutmore Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 06/26/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40571 PHP Notice error: Undefined index: hook_suffix General normal defect (bug) 04/26/2017 4.7.4
#40568 Add an action in WP_Error::add() General normal defect (bug) 04/26/2017 2.1
#40540 Drag and drop of images with captions sometimes works Editor normal defect (bug) 06/02/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40528 Title with ascii paragraph separator is not being filtered on post save Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/23/2017 4.7.4 has-patch
#40526 Twenty Seventeen: section frontpage not able to save and no sidebar Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 04/22/2017 4.7.4
#40521 Using a custom query var on a static front page results in wrong $post Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/22/2017 4.7.4
#40505 Shift-click to select a range of checkboxes still not working with 4.7.4 update Administration normal defect (bug) 04/20/2017 4.7.4
#40504 Cannot create hyperlinks using editor in Posts / Pages since 4.7.4 Editor normal defect (bug) 04/20/2017 4.7.4
#40502 Add the check version and template attributes method for /themes/update-check/1.1/ API HTTP API normal defect (bug) 04/20/2017 4.7.4
#40500 Adding custom capabilities to a custom post type seems to break permalink link on post edit screen Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/20/2017 4.7.3
#40492 Twenty Fifteen: Jumping if there is content just before the closing body tag Bundled Theme minor defect (bug) 06/01/2017 4.7.1 dev-feedback
#40488 Wordpress sometimes generates images that Edge/IE cannot read. Media normal defect (bug) 06/28/2017 4.7.3
#40487 GUID contains more than 255 characters General normal defect (bug) 04/19/2017 4.7.3
#40477 REST API: Does NOT Trigger New User Notifications! Users normal defect (bug) 12/04/2017 4.7 needs-unit-tests
#40465 Multisite fails to rewrite upload path on main site Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 04/17/2017 4.7.3
#40464 Embed video in Wordpress gives W3c Markup Validation issue Embeds normal defect (bug) 04/16/2017 4.4
#40456 Submenu greater than 10 items not visible in twenty seventeen Themes normal defect (bug) 04/15/2017 4.7.3
#40446 Status: "InnoDB: Error: Trying to do i/o to a tablespace which exists without .ibd data file. i/o type 10, space id 102077, page no 0, i/o length 16384 bytes" Database critical defect (bug) 04/14/2017 4.7.3
#40436 Custom taxonomy terms order lost under wp-admin/post.php edit action for a custom post type Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 05/11/2018 4.7 has-patch
#40426 Remove dns-prefetch of s.w.org domain General minor defect (bug) 07/22/2017 4.8
#40425 Restore This Revision button is covered up adamsilverstein Revisions normal defect (bug) 04/13/2017 4.7.3
#40420 key/group naming confusion in _get_non_cached_ids() Cache API normal defect (bug) 04/12/2017 3.9
#40418 ID columns in multisite database tables should be unsigned Database major defect (bug) 04/13/2017 3.0 dev-feedback
#40401 Value of data-colname in wp-list-table is not escaped Administration normal defect (bug) 04/10/2017 4.3 has-patch
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