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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#23127 Media Upload hangs on Crunching on too big image sizes. Media normal defect (bug) 04/09/15 2.7
#23117 permalink failed on IIS7 and Reserved Proxy for wordpress 3.5 Permalinks major defect (bug) 01/04/13 3.5
#23088 Multisite, Subdomains and www Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/24/14 3.0
#23085 Calling $wpdb->query() when no connection exists causes mysql_error() to throw an error Database normal defect (bug) 05/12/15 3.5 dev-feedback
#23056 date_i18n() does not localize dateformat 'r' I18N normal defect (bug) 12/26/12 1.5
#23023 Touch UI Menu Code doesn't address flyout menus two-levels deep. Menus minor defect (bug) 12/13/13 3.5
#23020 wp.getPageList should act like wp.getPages XML-RPC minor defect (bug) 12/30/12 2.2 has-patch
#23017 Support for fatal errors on XML-RPC XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 03/19/13 3.5 has-patch
#22999 The position of the cursor is ignored when inserting media in DFW and Text mode (IE) Media normal defect (bug) 12/19/12 3.5
#22993 Admin - users without a role are difficult to find Users normal defect (bug) 01/31/14 3.5 ui/ux
#22957 get_boundary_post Only works from a single page Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 02/01/14 2.8 has-patch
#22935 Horizontal scrollbar in RTL media modal Media normal defect (bug) 08/26/14 3.5 needs-patch
#22879 Canonical Link Missing on Front Page Canonical normal defect (bug) 12/30/12 3.4.2
#22846 Site transient autoload even when they have expiry time Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 07/28/14 3.4.2
#22694 Can't upload a file with an apostrophe in name Media normal defect (bug) 04/27/15 3.4.2
#22669 iPad: Can't Scroll Plugins Modal Administration normal defect (bug) 10/31/13 3.4.2
#22660 Admin bar in multisite: mobile tap on "My Sites" dropdown in back-end doesn't work Toolbar normal defect (bug) 02/16/15 3.4.2 needs-patch
#22530 garbage query strings on URLs are not sanitized or removed General normal defect (bug) 01/30/15 3.4.2
#22505 Toolbar dropdowns don't hide on front end on tap away Toolbar normal defect (bug) 10/31/13 3.4.2
#22370 dynamic_sidebar does not consider switch_to_blog Widgets normal defect (bug) 01/14/15 3.4.2
#22338 Add filter for the output from `get_sample_permalink` Permalinks normal defect (bug) 08/15/13 3.4.2 dev-feedback
#22287 Plugin in another plugin folder causes Activate link to be wrong on Download Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 07/19/14 3.4
#22279 WordPress Export/Import deletes carriage returns Export major defect (bug) 09/10/14 3.4.2
#22272 shortcode_unautop() Doesn't Account for Opening/Closing Shortcode tags each Being on Their Own Line Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 10/29/14 3.4.2
#22247 Ensure post ID evaluates to true before adding "Edit post" tab in admin bar Toolbar normal defect (bug) 11/13/12 3.1 has-patch
#22236 edit.php: Apply when Bulk Actions selected forgets tag= filter Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 01/26/14 3.4.2 has-patch
#22233 update_option() fails when value has nested objects Options, Meta APIs minor defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.4.2
#22214 Inconsistency in the show_ui parameter for register_post_type Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 03/15/15 3.3 dev-feedback
#22150 Customizer: Remove Image doesn't remove from Media Library Upload minor defect (bug) 11/10/12 3.4
#22128 Adding upload mimetype in Multisite does not work if mimetype is not already defined Upload minor defect (bug) 02/14/15 3.0
#22101 Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed Feeds normal defect (bug) 10/27/12 3.4.2
#22076 WP Upgrader: update_bulk_plugins_complete_actions and update_bulk_theme_complete_actions should pass information about all plugins/themes to the filter Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 08/21/13 3.0 needs-patch
#22003 Saving custom fields goes to post-new.php rather than post.php Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 02/02/14 2.5
#21947 Fix 3-column dashboard display Administration normal defect (bug) 08/05/13 3.4 has-patch
#21900 update_post_meta() returns FALSE when meta_value to be updated is the same Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.4.2
#21859 Import blog and media library is not working Import normal defect (bug) 09/28/12 3.4.2
#21821 wp_title spits warnings and returns a blank when a query is both is_post_type_archive and is_category/is_tax/etc Themes minor defect (bug) 11/17/14 3.4 needs-patch
#21773 Scheduled pages/posts should not appear in custom menus Menus normal defect (bug) 02/24/14 3.0
#21762 Storing a multidimensional array using register_setting double-serializes subarrays identified with a string sekatsim Database normal defect (bug) 09/01/12 3.4.1
#21753 Feed excerpts are missing important filter formatting Feeds normal defect (bug) 02/21/14 3.4.1 has-patch
#21672 Custom menu memory problem Menus normal defect (bug) 10/15/12 3.4.1
#21669 Make "Home" option persistent in Pages box on Menus screen Menus minor defect (bug) 08/27/12 3.4.1 needs-patch
#21631 HTML encoded characters in the custom menu's URL html are decoded after first save and removed after second save Menus normal defect (bug) 07/13/14 3.4.1 needs-patch
#21554 Problem with determining e-mail charset in wp-mail.php lizhenry Mail normal defect (bug) 02/02/14 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#21537 Email address sanitisation mangles valid email addresses Formatting normal defect (bug) 01/07/15 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#21470 Wrong menu when no menu is set Menus normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.4.1
#21448 unfiltered HTML comments from a frame js fix breaks js in windowed comments Comments normal defect (bug) 08/02/12 3.4.1 has-patch
#21396 Categories widget reports categories without posts when they have custom posts Widgets normal defect (bug) 07/27/12 3.4.1
#21285 Don't ping yourself, especially on localhost Pings/Trackbacks normal defect (bug) 01/22/13 1.2 has-patch
#21265 settings_fields() conflict with admin-ajax.php in ajax requests Plugins normal defect (bug) 02/02/14 3.4.1
#21234 Recursive directory creation & get_calendar() for custom post types Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.4.1
#21211 Alter how settings_errors are output in options.php Administration normal defect (bug) 07/01/13 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#21204 Encoding problem with errors and warnings I18N normal defect (bug) 01/20/14 3.4.1
#21172 Adding the first filter/action in an earlier priority during a later priority causes the earlier priority to run (last) Plugins normal defect (bug) 05/09/15 3.4 dev-feedback
#21139 Month format in Publish box I18N normal defect (bug) 05/12/15 3.4 ui/ux
#21134 Registering and enqueueing on the same action can cause enqueueing to happen before registering Script Loader normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.4 has-patch
#21015 Months dropdown should not show if only posts are 'auto-draft' status Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/21/14 3.1 has-patch
#20973 date_i18n() produces invalid output for shorthand formats Date/Time normal defect (bug) 10/30/13 3.4 dev-feedback
#20944 Changing plugin filename causes Fatal error on automatic activation after update Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 08/08/13 3.3 has-patch
#20902 redirect_canonical() on using permalink: Not all $_GET being redirected Canonical normal defect (bug) 11/12/14 3.4 needs-unit-tests
#20888 RDF Feed validation problems. Feeds normal defect (bug) 04/02/15 3.3.2 needs-unit-tests
#20854 PHP warning caused by missing 'spam' and 'deleted' fields in a custom user table Nikolaos Raftopoulos Users normal defect (bug) 08/21/14 3.3.2 has-patch
#20853 get_post_custom show directly serialized data from the post_meta arrays. Options, Meta APIs minor defect (bug) 01/19/14 1.5 dev-feedback
#20845 wp_set_current_user( null, "name") does not work when $current_user is already 0 Users normal defect (bug) 11/07/13 3.3.2 has-patch
#20842 Buttons are not on the same line when saving a post as pending (RTL) I18N normal defect (bug) 05/12/15 3.4 ui/ux
#20746 Accessing non-existing theme folder in Network install gives 500 error Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 05/04/15 3.3.2 has-patch
#20712 Wrong data type returned from get_option for "page_on_front" after update_option Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.3.2 dev-feedback
#20571 problems with slug and view in custom post types Posts, Post Types minor defect (bug) 01/29/14 3.3.1 has-patch
#20520 Author Page Pagination Broken When Removing /author/ Slug Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 10/26/14 3.3.1 needs-patch
#20338 Slugs and special chars Permalinks normal defect (bug) 08/24/13 3.3.1
#20289 wp_nav_menu container is not set when menu isn't defined Menus normal defect (bug) 10/25/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#20275 wp_update_nav_menu hook is not fired when nav menu item is auto-added Menus normal defect (bug) 09/27/12 3.3.1 has-patch
#20264 WP_Editor unexpected behavior/bug when used in widget TinyMCE major defect (bug) 11/07/13 3.3.1
#20262 When "Automatically close comments on articles older than X days" is enabled, comments appear closed on draft posts rachelbaker Comments normal defect (bug) 05/20/15 3.3 dev-feedback
#20260 Post by email posting same message multiple times Mail normal defect (bug) 02/02/14 3.3.1
#20214 Pingback discovery doesn't strip fragment identifiers from URL Pings/Trackbacks normal defect (bug) 05/14/12 3.3 has-patch
#20114 Posts and Pages w. private visibility don't show up in existing content Editor major defect (bug) 10/26/14 3.3.1
#20109 Valid htaccess rule causes 404 after upgrade to 3.3.1 Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 10/27/14 3.3.1 needs-patch
#20057 Media upload for multi-webserver setups introduces a nasty race condition that could corrupt uploaded files Media major defect (bug) 07/26/12 3.3.1
#19998 Feeds can contain characters that are not valid XML Feeds normal defect (bug) 05/12/15 3.3.1 has-patch
#19986 Issue with add_filter() and add_action() when using anonymous functions. Plugins minor defect (bug) 05/05/14 3.3.1 has-patch
#19921 always use require_once for wp-load.php (fixes "ABSPATH defined multiple times") Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.3.1
#19918 Attachments are viewable from any permalink that matches their slug Adrian (designmodo.com) Permalinks normal defect (bug) 10/25/14 3.2 dev-feedback
#19896 Non-WP rewrites not saved on a multisite install Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 02/26/15 3.0
#19892 wp_fix_server_vars() mangles REQUEST_URI on some servers Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.3.1 has-patch
#19846 Specify 'primary' sidebar, so widgets land in correct sidebar when changing themes Widgets normal defect (bug) 08/23/13 3.3.1 dev-feedback
#19737 "What's New" screen confusing for minor updates Help/About normal defect (bug) 01/25/14 3.3 ui/ux
#19686 404 - File or directory not found Permalinks normal defect (bug) 01/24/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#19643 Allow array for $extra_fields in request_filesystem_credentials dd32 Filesystem API minor defect (bug) 01/15/15 3.0 dev-feedback
#19493 post and archive pagination don't work with custom endpoints Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 04/20/15 2.1 needs-patch
#19487 Remove useless calls to set_time_limit() westi Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 1.5 has-patch
#19455 The "magic_quotes_sybase" Problem 夏天 Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 01/19/14 3.2.1 has-patch
#19447 Image uploads fails with % symbol in filename Upload normal defect (bug) 03/04/15 3.3 has-patch
#19415 wp_nav_menu showing private/conctepts posts without rights Menus major defect (bug) 02/14/15 3.0 has-patch
#19085 Removing First Submenu Page in Admin Menu breaks URL for Menu Page Administration major defect (bug) 03/21/14 3.1 has-patch
#19068 admin comment search never resets URL, grows infinitely Comments normal defect (bug) 02/02/14 3.2.1
#19038 Menu Items aren't deleting on page being trashed, only when deleted Menus normal defect (bug) 01/30/15 3.2.1 dev-feedback
#19031 Category view incorrectly counting custom posts Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 07/29/13 3.2.1
#18998 date/time handling in xml-rpc assumes GMT value XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 10/26/14 3.2.1
#18995 Superfluous check in WP_Users_List_Table::display_rows() Users normal defect (bug) 08/05/12 3.2.1 has-patch
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