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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#33500 Refactor wp-signup.php Login and Registration normal enhancement 09/01/15 trunk
#33513 Add support for the 'lang' attribute in admin bar menu items. Toolbar normal enhancement 09/02/15 3.3 has-patch
#33542 User preferences API idea Users normal feature request 11/16/15 dev-feedback
#33555 Customizer backward indicator always visible Customize normal enhancement 08/27/15 4.3
#33566 Keyboard shortcuts for all functionality on the dashboard General normal enhancement 08/27/15 4.3
#33573 Use the site icon introduced in 4.3 for the My Sites page Administration normal enhancement 08/28/15 4.3 ui/ux
#33574 Add ability to scroll through long toolbar menu items morganestes Toolbar normal enhancement 09/15/15 trunk needs-patch
#33576 Quick edit tags on the editor screen Editor normal enhancement 08/27/15 4.3
#33585 Improve wp_list_categories to support multiple taxonomies Taxonomy normal enhancement 08/28/15 trunk needs-patch
#33589 Using the customizer on wp-login.php (and similar) Customize normal enhancement 09/17/15 4.3
#33593 Make shortcodes case insensitive Shortcodes normal feature request 08/29/15
#33600 Add `theme_mods_{$stylesheet}` option during `populate_options()` Themes normal enhancement 08/29/15
#33631 Add filter to prevent user creation during site creation Networks and Sites normal enhancement 08/31/15 trunk
#33657 wp.customize.Container.onChangeActive uses "construct" variable name instead of "container" Customize normal enhancement 09/03/15 4.3 has-patch
#33704 Deprecate wp_is_mobile() General normal enhancement 09/03/15 3.4 dev-feedback
#33727 jQuery UI Datepicker has no core styling Administration normal enhancement 09/04/15
#33740 Create a new API to standardize application tracing Bootstrap/Load normal feature request 09/05/15 trunk
#33746 Widgets in Customizer: Accessibillity for Reorder Customize normal enhancement 11/18/15 4.3
#33755 Add Site Logo to WordPress Core Customize normal feature request 10/03/15 ui/ux
#33773 Media, Featured Images: The media modal doesn't remember filter settings in the context of featured images Media normal enhancement 09/07/15 4.3
#33841 WP_Dropdown_Categories: Parent Category Optgroups Taxonomy normal enhancement 11/18/15 trunk
#33847 add_shortcode enhancement request for optional priority Formatting normal enhancement 09/14/15
#33848 Protect against vulnerability in Netscape 4? Security normal enhancement 09/14/15 trunk
#33849 Add a page hook to customize.php page Customize normal enhancement 09/18/15 trunk
#33852 robots noindex, nofollow for wp_die() General normal enhancement 11/04/15 4.3
#33857 Add new function the_home_url() General normal feature request 09/14/15 has-patch
#33860 Loop helpers function Query normal enhancement 10/18/15 4.3 dev-feedback
#33863 uksort takes a lot of time with large number of cron events General normal enhancement 09/15/15 4.3
#33866 Small images are upsized in customizer area General normal enhancement 09/14/15 4.3
#33874 Widget not saving new options after updating. Widgets normal enhancement 09/21/15 4.3
#33884 Move meta functions to their own files Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 10/12/15 trunk
#33886 Need ability to determine the priority at which an action hook or filter is being run Plugins normal enhancement 09/25/15 trunk
#33895 Editor: Reduce clutter between title and content by hiding permalink UI Editor normal enhancement 09/16/15 4.3
#33899 Change get_current_site to get_current_network Networks and Sites normal enhancement 10/20/15 3.0
#33900 introduce get_current_network_id helper function Networks and Sites normal enhancement 10/20/15 trunk
#33915 Add a filter in dynamic_sidebar() function to modify sidebar index Widgets normal enhancement 10/25/15 4.3 needs-patch
#33931 Complex simplification and standardisation of all the list and quick edit screens Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 09/19/15 trunk
#33946 Add pointy brackets to recipient adress of email notifications Mail normal enhancement 09/21/15 4.3.1
#33948 Implement subresource integrity (SRI) Script Loader normal enhancement 10/01/15 dev-feedback
#33950 Media Gallery Modal can reduce complexity and get a more intuitively UI / UX Media normal enhancement 09/21/15 4.3.1
#33955 get_posts() menu args filter Menus normal enhancement 10/08/15 has-patch
#33959 Improve wp_get_attachment_thumb_file Media normal enhancement 10/08/15 trunk needs-unit-tests
#33969 Publish Now button for scheduled posts Editor normal enhancement 09/24/15 ui/ux
#33979 Add filter for 'post_gallery_item' Gallery normal enhancement 09/24/15 trunk needs-patch
#33981 Default Captions Should Use max-width Media normal enhancement 10/31/15 4.3.1 has-patch
#33993 Add Links for additional props on about.php after updating. Help/About normal enhancement 09/24/15
#33994 Multisite cron from command line (eg. crontab) Cron API normal enhancement 09/29/15
#34005 Re-enable Visual Editor and Page Template dropdown on Posts page Editor normal enhancement 09/25/15 4.3.1
#34009 Need ability to query what post_type_supports values plugins and themes might use Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 09/25/15 trunk
#34010 Add Ability to Fetch Post Types by Supports Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/26/15 trunk needs-unit-tests
#34012 post_exists() results in a bad query Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 09/29/15 trunk needs-unit-tests
#34034 Hook for Page Attributes Metabox Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 10/13/15 has-patch
#34062 The WXR export tool should export terms metadata Export normal enhancement 11/18/15 trunk has-patch
#34064 Filter the file type error message Filesystem API normal enhancement 09/28/15
#34084 Automatically log user in after installation Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/04/15 dev-feedback
#34092 Introduce Multiple Enclosures for Shortcodes Shortcodes normal enhancement 10/07/15
#34093 New filter: `get_calendar_post_type` in get_calendar() General normal enhancement 09/30/15 has-patch
#34101 Update WP core's jquery-serialize-object script Script Loader normal enhancement 09/30/15
#34113 Add a 'View Archive' link to admin bar for post types. Toolbar normal enhancement 10/15/15 trunk dev-feedback
#34114 Remove the requirement to call load_plugin_textdomain() or load_theme_textdomain() I18N normal enhancement 10/02/15 dev-feedback
#34115 oEmbed not working on author page without posts Embeds normal enhancement 10/22/15 2.9 needs-patch
#34116 Rethink default install content like "Sample Page", etc. Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/02/15 dev-feedback
#34118 Allow permalinks to spell out when certain symbols are used Permalinks normal enhancement 10/03/15 needs-patch
#34123 Thumbnails are much larger than the original Media normal enhancement 10/02/15 trunk
#34133 Improve the Moderate Comment screen Comments normal enhancement 10/25/15 ui/ux
#34136 Allow register_post_type's rewrite to remove CPT slug Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 10/02/15 4.3.1
#34157 Style the increment and decrement buttons for number inputs Administration normal enhancement 10/06/15 ui/ux
#34161 PhpMailer mock decorator methods Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 10/20/15 dev-feedback
#34176 Lossless image compression Build/Test Tools trivial enhancement 10/07/15 trunk
#34184 IIS with Helicon Ape is not detected for suggesting pretty permalinks Permalinks normal enhancement 10/07/15 4.3.1
#34186 Misleading error message Database normal enhancement 10/08/15 trunk
#34189 Add warning about changing $table_prefix for existing database Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 10/16/15 trunk needs-codex
#34195 Deprecate get_terms_fields General normal enhancement 10/07/15 trunk
#34211 Ability to specify fields WP_Query can search Query normal enhancement 10/11/15 trunk
#34212 Re-think default 'Add Plugins' tabs/filters Plugins normal enhancement 10/09/15 trunk
#34223 Core support for image regeneration Media normal feature request 10/08/15 4.3
#34226 Add 'widget_display_callback' filter to the_widget() Widgets normal enhancement 10/08/15 4.3.1
#34233 There is not a body class filter within the customizer. Customize normal enhancement 10/10/15 3.4
#34235 Multi selection in menu Menus normal feature request 10/09/15 4.3.1
#34292 Support for DNS Prefetching & Prerender Script Loader normal feature request 10/14/15 has-patch
#34308 The _n*() functions don't cater for a string that represents exactly one item I18N normal enhancement 11/12/15 dev-feedback
#34309 New function: `add_multiple_actions()` and `add_multiple_filters()` Plugins normal enhancement 10/16/15
#34316 User status inconsistent between single-site & multisite Users normal enhancement 11/08/15 1.5 needs-unit-tests
#34323 Make customizer media control placeholders clickable Customize normal enhancement 10/19/15 trunk has-patch
#34324 Tag picker for attachments Media normal enhancement 10/16/15 4.3.1
#34334 Add a dynamic version of the admin_print_footer_scripts hook General trivial enhancement 10/17/15 has-patch
#34365 View mode is not sticky for users/sites Administration normal enhancement 10/20/15
#34367 Image Editing: Orientation-aware rotation icons Media normal enhancement 10/23/15 needs-patch
#34371 Allow Filtering of TinyMCE charmap / Special Characters TinyMCE normal feature request 11/05/15
#34378 unit tests for the current_time() in functions.php General normal enhancement 10/21/15 trunk has-patch
#34383 Feature Request - Add ID field and function to dynamically generate image IDs for images in the Media Library Media normal feature request 10/21/15 4.3.1
#34385 Missing site_url path results in array to string conversion Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 10/21/15 4.3.1
#34396 Gallery shortcode : make image captions relative to the current gallery Gallery normal enhancement 10/22/15 3.5
#34401 Search mechanisms complaning of access denied error on wp-login.php?action=logout Login and Registration normal enhancement 10/22/15 has-patch
#34414 Add extra item fields to exported WXR file Export normal feature request 10/23/15 trunk has-patch
#34419 Update Pingback Processing Code Pings/Trackbacks minor enhancement 10/23/15 needs-patch
#34420 Add Trackback Validation in Core Pings/Trackbacks normal feature request 10/23/15
#34428 New function `has_archive_post_type()` Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/24/15
#34442 How to target only the get_comments() query in comment_template() Comments normal enhancement 10/26/15 4.3.1
#34455 Additional Filters for Press This Press This normal feature request 10/26/15 4.3.1
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