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Enhancements Awaiting Review (78 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#35205 Add additional hooks to the 'attachment-info' template to customise output Administration normal feature request 12/22/15
#35218 Parse the creation date out of uploaded videos Media normal enhancement 12/27/15 trunk has-patch
#35239 Open Post Embed in New Window swissspidy Embeds normal enhancement 12/30/15 4.4 needs-patch
#35243 Extending the text widget to also allow visual mode Widgets normal enhancement 02/10/16
#35248 WordPress should remove domain trailing dot (as/like it removes "www.") Canonical normal enhancement 01/23/16 4.4
#35250 Enable developer to omit "internal" taxonomies from return value of get_taxonomies() Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/25/16 needs-docs
#35254 Add img longdesc attribute in stock themes linked to media page Media normal enhancement 12/29/15 4.4
#35269 Check data type of wp_xmlrpc_server_class filter before instantiate wp_xmlrpc_server_class XML-RPC normal feature request 12/30/15 4.4
#35274 Break-out conditional in allow_subdomain_install() Networks and Sites normal enhancement 12/31/15 trunk has-patch
#35291 filters for responsive image srcset and sizes attributes joemcgill Media normal enhancement 01/03/16 4.4
#35307 Pass $which variable to to restrict_manage_users action hook Users normal enhancement 01/20/16 4.4 needs-patch
#35308 get_the_excerpt: For protected posts the output should be able to be filtered Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/05/16 has-patch
#35309 remove_menu_page and remove_submenu_page Administration normal enhancement 01/04/16 4.4
#35314 Background color should be applied to the body element instead of html Administration trivial enhancement 01/07/16 trunk has-patch
#35318 Automate anti-virus scanning of WordPress zips Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 01/06/16
#35320 Customizer closes when you activate a new theme Customize normal enhancement 01/06/16
#35331 Update external Prototype library to 1.7.3 Script Loader normal enhancement 01/06/16 trunk has-patch
#35358 Values of 0 doesn't need to have units specified in .scss file Administration normal enhancement 01/14/16 dev-feedback
#35384 Archive for post in Menu Editor Menus normal enhancement 01/22/16 needs-unit-tests
#35385 Able to get raw content by calling get_the_archive_description Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/09/16 trunk
#35386 Refining Walker code General normal enhancement 01/09/16 trunk needs-unit-tests
#35388 Add support to wp_remote_request to support multipart/form-data HTTP API normal enhancement 01/09/16 trunk
#35398 Allow post types to override `posts_per_archive_page` Query normal enhancement 01/11/16
#35416 List children pages of another (in dashboard) Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/12/16
#35422 only exit if the redirect is true when registering on multisites Login and Registration normal enhancement 02/12/16 trunk has-patch
#35430 Should the 'counts' cache group be persistent? Cache API normal enhancement 01/13/16 4.4
#35435 Support Webmentions Pings/Trackbacks normal enhancement 01/14/16
#35449 Add ability to filter back to blog link on login page adamsilverstein Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/14/16 trunk dev-feedback
#35456 New args for apply_filters in WP_Widget_Archives Widgets normal enhancement 01/14/16 has-patch
#35465 Improve wp.Backbone docs General normal enhancement 01/15/16 3.5
#35476 Allow posts to be filtered before return when `fields` parameter is used with `WP_Query` adamsilverstein* Query normal enhancement 01/19/16 trunk dev-feedback
#35495 Allow `get_terms()` to return all terms, make `$taxonomy` parameter optional Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/12/16 trunk needs-unit-tests
#35509 Add filter `email_exists` in `email_exists` function Users normal enhancement 01/18/16 has-patch
#35524 Overwrite default widget templates Widgets normal enhancement 01/19/16
#35530 Style and upgrade "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute." page Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 01/20/16
#35532 Additional Security for XML-RPC to Prevent High Server Load - Specifically Pingbacks Pings/Trackbacks normal enhancement 01/19/16 4.4.1
#35546 AllPosts page UI: "Edit" name in "Bulk Actions" does not match with "Bulk Edit" group box Posts, Post Types minor feature request 01/20/16 4.4.1
#35552 Added pointer cursor on theme, plugin, and media uploader Upload normal feature request 01/21/16 3.9 has-patch
#35554 De-emphasis WordPress Version in the admin Administration normal enhancement 01/26/16 dev-feedback
#35567 New argument is_embedable for register_post_type Embeds normal enhancement 01/26/16 4.4.1
#35569 Avatar should update when email is changed Users normal feature request 01/22/16
#35585 Support loading multiple languages to be loaded at the same time - rewrite the l10n to a class? I18N normal enhancement 01/25/16 trunk
#35600 Hooks for post sticky status changes Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/26/16 4.4.1 has-patch
#35602 Fix suggestion for edit Media feature in some multisite installations Media normal enhancement 01/25/16 trunk
#35603 Allow `wp_count_posts()` on multisite after switching sites Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/02/16 needs-unit-tests
#35618 New function: `admin_email` Users normal enhancement 01/28/16
#35650 title_reply_to should work when javascript is enabled Comments normal enhancement 01/28/16 trunk
#35654 Make Gallery size default configurable Gallery normal enhancement 01/29/16 4.4
#35658 Provide additional data for registered meta through register_meta() Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 02/09/16 needs-unit-tests
#35666 Add support for HTTP response codes to wp_send_json_error(), wp_send_json_success(), and wp_send_json Formatting normal enhancement 01/30/16 3.5 needs-patch
#35669 Store widgets in a custom post type instead of options Widgets normal enhancement 02/03/16 2.8 dev-feedback
#35685 Default HTTP schema when adding a custom link Menus normal enhancement 02/01/16 4.4
#35688 Introduce Taxonomy Supports Infrastructure Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/01/16 trunk
#35691 New function: `wp_get_protocol` General normal enhancement 02/04/16
#35692 Allow seed value to be passed to WP_Query when using random ordering Query normal enhancement 02/12/16 trunk needs-unit-tests
#35696 Allow extra control over CSS Classes in paginate_links() Themes normal enhancement 02/02/16 has-patch
#35697 Add a `fields` key to `wp_get_sites()` Networks and Sites normal enhancement 02/02/16 needs-unit-tests
#35710 Make aria-label on TinyMCE buttons translatable. TinyMCE normal enhancement 02/04/16 4.4.1
#35725 Add mime-type for Webp Media normal enhancement 02/04/16 3.5 has-patch
#35726 Add .webp support to WP_Image_Editor_GD Media normal feature request 02/04/16
#35727 Fatal error: Class 'WP_Widget' not found Upgrade/Install normal feature request 02/04/16
#35756 Refactor to use function in `wpdb` to find `charset_collate` Database normal enhancement 02/05/16 trunk
#35760 Provide API for TinyMCE editor to be dynamically instantiated via JS Editor normal enhancement 02/06/16
#35762 Search in post excerpt Query normal enhancement 02/06/16 has-patch
#35773 _network_meta() functions could use _metadata() API Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 02/08/16 3.0 dev-feedback
#35775 Enhancements: add_post_thumbnail_image_size / wp_get_attachment_id Media normal enhancement 02/08/16 4.4.1
#35778 Populate Website URL profile field for the 1st user after install Users normal enhancement 02/08/16 needs-patch
#35780 New data-type: recordable video General normal feature request 02/09/16 trunk
#35783 The WordPress shades of grey Administration normal enhancement 02/11/16 has-patch
#35791 WP_Site_Query class General normal enhancement 02/09/16 4.4
#35796 "Permalink Settings" admin page is largely blog/post specific Text Changes normal enhancement 02/11/16 dev-feedback
#35806 Add filter to capability check when checking if user row is editable Users normal enhancement 02/12/16 trunk
#35810 New function: `is_post_type` Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/12/16
#35811 user_url length should be increased Database normal enhancement 02/12/16 4.4.1
#35815 Search for new plugins from the 'Installed Plugins' screen adamsilverstein Plugins normal enhancement 02/12/16 ui/ux
#35817 Force users to set strong passwords Administration normal enhancement 02/12/16 0.71 dev-feedback
#35819 Robots.txt exclusion rule order reversal General normal enhancement 02/12/16 4.4.2
#35823 Implement "FS_CHMOD_FORCE" constant; if set - media uploads and image resizing do NOT ignore FS_CHMOD_FILE Upload normal enhancement 02/12/16 trunk

Reporter Feedback / Close (22 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#17834 Quick Edit of Hierarchical Terms Taxonomy normal feature request 12/30/15 close
#17857 WP_Embed - Split shortcode() function into two for increased flexibility Media normal enhancement 10/30/15 2.9 dev-feedback
#18616 WP_Query Order by Taxonomy Query normal enhancement 10/23/15 3.2.1 close
#20437 WP Upgrader filter to allow plugins to upload to existing directory Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 08/04/15 3.3.1 reporter-feedback
#20956 Navigation changes: Posts/Pages Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/08/16 3.4 close
#21139 Month format in Publish box I18N normal defect (bug) 10/01/15 3.4 reporter-feedback
#21414 Use the "Keyboard Shortcuts" checkbox in the user profile to turn on/off all custom shortcuts TinyMCE normal enhancement 10/16/15 ui/ux
#21631 HTML encoded characters in the custom menu's URL html are decoded after first save and removed after second save Menus normal defect (bug) 12/23/15 3.4.1 close
#21883 WP_Plugin action/filter concept Plugins minor enhancement 10/01/15 close
#22037 Customizer: Live preview fetches page but does not display Customize normal defect (bug) 09/26/15 3.4.2 reporter-feedback
#22530 garbage query strings on URLs are not sanitized or removed General normal defect (bug) 08/22/15 3.4.2 reporter-feedback
#22951 Performance enhancements for esc_url() markjaquith Formatting normal defect (bug) 09/02/15 2.8 reporter-feedback
#22999 The position of the cursor is ignored when inserting media in DFW and Text mode (IE) Media normal defect (bug) 11/23/15 3.5 close
#23323 img quicktag is so inferior to add media, should be merged or removed Editor normal enhancement 12/24/15 3.5 close
#23562 Using Speech Recognition Software with the Add Media Panel Media normal defect (bug) 12/12/15 3.5.1 close
#23669 Allow front page template to fall back to home template when site displays blog posts index on front page Themes normal enhancement 10/14/15 3.5.1 close
#23750 Uploads go into subdirectory install of WordPress Upload normal enhancement 11/24/15 3.5.1 close
#23867 add_rewrite_endpoint causes front-page.php template to be ignored Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 12/12/15 3.5.1 reporter-feedback
#24152 Use JSON as alternative to headers Themes normal feature request 10/12/15 close
#25006 Display date pages from categories with permalinks Permalinks normal feature request 12/03/15 close
#25358 Last-Modified header is ' GMT' for feeds on sites with no approved comments when using a static Posts page stevenkword Feeds normal defect (bug) 08/10/15 3.8 reporter-feedback
#25671 get_theme_mods does not have a filter Themes normal enhancement 09/13/15 reporter-feedback
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