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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#32497 The plugin list table is not very extendable Plugins normal enhancement 05/28/15 4.3
#32507 Admin notices remove styling of lists Administration normal enhancement 06/03/15 4.2.2
#32508 Action Hooks for empty username and empty password Plugins normal enhancement 05/28/15 4.3 has-patch
#32510 Add HTML5 Tags to WordPress General normal feature request 05/27/15 4.2.2
#32522 Embed WordPress Posts in WordPress Posts Embeds normal enhancement 08/03/15
#32528 Create a new search_form_content hook in get_search_form() General normal feature request 06/17/15 4.3
#32532 Add admin notification message text to array of labels when registering a custom post type Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 06/01/15 4.3 needs-patch
#32544 No function exposes all supported MIME types Media normal enhancement 06/09/15 4.2.2 needs-patch
#32545 Adding actions before and after "Add New" button Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 07/07/15 4.2.2 dev-feedback
#32551 Superseded feature plugins should suggest deleting the plugin in the auto deactivation notice Plugins normal enhancement 06/02/15 4.3
#32558 More compact handling of the filter bar on small screens General normal enhancement 08/27/15
#32563 Introduce filter for disabling new user notifcation Login and Registration normal enhancement 06/11/15 4.3 has-patch
#32565 Adding an underscore prefix meta key with a meta value provides an incorrect error message Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 07/09/15 4.3
#32598 suggest.js: consider announcing suggested items to assistive technologies Administration normal enhancement 06/18/15 4.2 needs-patch
#32607 Function for URL to registers scripts and styles General normal feature request 06/15/15 has-patch
#32610 Pagination counts should use specific terminology, not "items" Administration normal enhancement 06/11/15 4.3
#32622 Make the text of the Image delete AYS dialog clearer Media normal enhancement 06/15/15 4.3
#32638 Add hovertext option to link tool in the visual editor Editor normal enhancement 06/14/15 4.2
#32639 A URL Agnostic Wordpress General normal enhancement 06/13/15 4.3
#32642 Add supports argument to register_taxonomy Taxonomy normal enhancement 06/17/15 4.3 dev-feedback
#32653 Improve Linkback Presentation Pings/Trackbacks normal enhancement 06/15/15
#32656 Add hooks to allow hijacking cron implementation rmccue Cron API normal feature request 06/19/15 dev-feedback
#32658 Post media attachments should show assigned media by default Media normal feature request 06/16/15 4.3
#32700 Allow media attachments in nav menus Menus normal enhancement 06/24/15 needs-patch
#32731 add_menu_page function param: position should be refactored. Plugins normal enhancement 06/20/15 4.2.2
#32743 Customizer: Menus Panel Priority Customize normal enhancement 06/23/15 4.3
#32753 Automatically wrap the current selection with bracket and quote characters in TinyMCE TinyMCE normal enhancement 06/22/15 ui/ux
#32755 media_sideload_image should return early when preg_match didn't match Upload normal enhancement 06/24/15 4.2.2 has-patch
#32785 Removing admin submenu items lack consistency Menus normal enhancement 08/11/15
#32789 Abstract get_category_by_path into get_term_by_path Taxonomy normal enhancement 07/12/15 needs-unit-tests
#32790 Filter for do_shortcode_tag() Shortcodes normal enhancement 08/23/15
#32793 Combine jQuery and jQuery migrate to reduce HTTP requests External Libraries normal enhancement 06/28/15 3.6 has-patch
#32798 Add support for mysql named pipe (windows os) Database normal enhancement 06/27/15 has-patch
#32802 Update Masonry (v3.3.0) & imagesLoaded (v3.1.8) package External Libraries normal enhancement 06/29/15 4.3 needs-codex
#32815 Color schemes silently disabled in source checkout of core Administration normal enhancement 07/09/15 4.3
#32824 Consistent search fields between posts and terms Posts, Post Types normal feature request 06/29/15 4.3
#32831 Add jQuery.noConflict as part of the build process Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 06/29/15 needs-patch
#32849 Allow option of Grid AND List View of the gallery when inserting media into post Media normal enhancement 08/13/15
#32877 Added filter in wp_get_attachment_image Media normal enhancement 07/05/15
#32879 Live switching Language I18N normal feature request 07/03/15 4.2.2
#32899 Ability to extend Attachment Display Settings section Media normal enhancement 07/06/15 4.2.2
#32903 Url request order of priority - why "search" 3rd, after category, tag but before author, date, post etc? Permalinks normal enhancement 07/07/15 4.2.2
#32904 Create new dashicons faq Administration normal enhancement 07/07/15 4.2.2
#32915 Buttons: focus style review Administration normal enhancement 07/16/15 4.2 needs-patch
#32917 Tests_DB_Charset tests don't fully cover wpdb::strip_invalid_text_for_column() Charset normal enhancement 07/08/15 4.2 needs-unit-tests
#32922 Dashboard Widget API Widget Sorting Administration normal enhancement 07/08/15 4.2.2
#32933 Allow pre-delete bailout in `wp_delete_post()` Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 07/09/15 has-patch
#32939 Add filter for get_locale() in remove_accents() I18N normal enhancement 07/09/15 4.3
#32940 Add IDs to Admin Hyperlinks Administration normal enhancement 07/09/15 4.3
#32955 Add Functionality for Facebook/Google Style Link Previews Embeds normal feature request 07/11/15
#32956 Adding Extra Table Navigation To Multisite Site list Networks and Sites normal enhancement 07/10/15 4.3
#32958 Allow Sorting of Plugins when using Add New (or searching in the .org repository) Plugins normal feature request 07/10/15 4.1
#32965 Add new Credit field to media attachment details Media normal enhancement 07/29/15
#32972 Control for dropdown categories Customize normal enhancement 07/14/15 4.3
#32987 Adding filters to allow alternate sidebar storage for registered sidebars Widgets normal enhancement 08/26/15 4.3 dev-feedback
#32990 Unit Tests for edit-form-advanced.php Editor normal enhancement 07/14/15
#32998 What's a weblog? Text Changes minor enhancement 07/15/15
#32999 Provide a way to not attached unattached image when inserting into post. Media normal enhancement 07/15/15 4.2.2
#33003 making simplepie class resistant to leading whitespace feed issues rmccue External Libraries normal enhancement 07/17/15 4.2.2
#33007 Add a dashboard widget that encourages users to translate WordPress I18N normal enhancement 07/16/15
#33016 Make dashicons available for site icon Administration normal enhancement 07/16/15
#33034 Refactor SCRIPT_FILENAME ending with php.cgi check in load.php Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 07/19/15 4.3
#33043 Add contributing.md to git mirror Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 07/19/15
#33045 New conditional tags for child/parent pages General normal enhancement 07/20/15 has-patch
#33049 Media Library toolbar: spinner position on small screens Media normal enhancement 07/20/15 4.2
#33054 Better featured image/attachment sanity checks Media normal enhancement 07/20/15 4.2.2
#33066 Improve Plugin Search Functionality Plugins normal enhancement 09/04/15 4.2.2 dev-feedback
#33070 the_thumbnail_url or similar Post Thumbnails minor feature request 09/04/15 4.2.2 dev-feedback
#33071 Updating Page/Post UI Posts, Post Types normal feature request 07/22/15 4.2.2
#33073 Some strings need "no HTML entities" translator comments I18N normal enhancement 07/23/15 4.3
#33105 On reconnect return the value of db_connect() Database normal enhancement 07/23/15 3.9 has-patch
#33113 Add is_template_part() functionality Themes normal feature request 07/24/15
#33119 custom location for wp-config.php Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 07/25/15 4.3
#33120 Editor: Filter for word count type Editor normal enhancement 08/19/15 4.3 has-patch
#33123 Filter on theme mod default value Themes normal enhancement 07/25/15 4.3
#33161 Create a standard for defining and identifying site environment Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 07/29/15 4.2
#33190 Quicktags img button should have a protocol agnostic default value for src attribute Editor normal enhancement 08/02/15 4.2.3
#33195 Press This: Enable mobile web app view Press This normal enhancement 07/30/15 4.2
#33204 kses $allowedposttags should support microdata Formatting normal enhancement 07/30/15
#33214 Allow media file size to be set from metadata when viewing media modal Media normal enhancement 08/26/15 3.5 has-patch
#33219 Press This: Allow custom metadata? Press This normal enhancement 07/31/15 4.2
#33225 Selecting amount of posts/comments etc to show on a page listing General normal enhancement 08/01/15
#33232 Posible duplicated css Customize normal enhancement 08/02/15 4.3
#33240 Introduce a capability for previewing posts Role/Capability normal enhancement 08/08/15 needs-unit-tests
#33241 wp_get_http should stream directly to the file rmccue HTTP API normal enhancement 08/05/15 has-patch
#33250 Customizer Preview iframe: remove the html loading title attribute Customize normal enhancement 09/01/15 4.2 has-patch
#33252 Add a Faster SHORTINIT-like admin-ajax Alternative General normal feature request 08/05/15 4.2.3
#33278 Naming files with dimensions when manually cropping images Media normal enhancement 08/15/15 4.1.6 has-patch
#33283 Display warning on plugins page when performing a bulk action on no selected plugins Plugins normal enhancement 08/05/15 4.2 has-patch
#33285 Open 'View Post' in new tab when 'Post published.' or 'Post updated.' Posts, Post Types minor enhancement 08/13/15 4.3
#33287 Prompt the user before leaving during core upgrade Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 08/06/15 4.1.6
#33295 Login: Remove decoration from translation strings Login and Registration normal enhancement 08/18/15 2.5 has-patch
#33296 Allow sites to skip a query in meta_form() that can delay loading the page Administration normal enhancement 08/06/15 4.3 has-patch
#33302 Create new dashicons - responsive design / reflow content General normal feature request 08/20/15
#33306 Only Query for author ID if user is member of blog Query normal enhancement 09/05/15 4.3
#33307 Lack of any hooks for user registration in case of multisite installation AND BuddyPress Login and Registration normal enhancement 08/07/15 4.3
#33311 TB_window spinner should probably disappear when loading is done Plugins normal enhancement 09/02/15 4.2.4 dev-feedback
#33315 Sticky Customizer section heading when scrolling Customize normal enhancement 08/08/15 4.3
#33319 Customizer header image crop uses static URL when refreshing UI after crop. Customize normal enhancement 09/02/15 3.9 has-patch
#33336 Suggested changes to text string 'Only lowercase letters (a-z) and numbers are allowed' Text Changes normal enhancement 08/12/15 4.2.4 has-patch
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