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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#38750 Split wp_signups into wp_user_signups and wp_blog_signups Login and Registration normal feature request 12/27/2016 3.0 needs-unit-tests
#30610 Multisite Theme Usage Report Themes normal feature request 12/17/2016 4.0.1 dev-feedback
#39291 Twenty Seventeen does not allow header logo to be normal size, and header scrolls off at desktop viewport Themes normal feature request 12/15/2016 4.7
#39274 Consider a capability for posting comments Comments normal feature request 12/14/2016 dev-feedback
#37844 No filter / js trigger for changing the wp popup toolbar General normal feature request 12/13/2016 4.5.3
#37719 Pre/Post Unzip Hooks Filesystem API normal feature request 12/08/2016
#39076 Reinstate Vimeo support in Twenty Seventeen Themes normal feature request 12/06/2016 4.7
#38810 Add level class to terms list-table rows Taxonomy normal feature request 11/16/2016 dev-feedback
#37801 Media Functions Media normal feature request 11/10/2016
#38742 Dashicons Chrome Extension General normal feature request 11/10/2016
#34615 Make it possible to disable a user account Users normal feature request 11/08/2016
#38618 wp_description() and description-tag Themes normal feature request 11/02/2016 4.6.1
#38536 Hook/Function to Set Content-Security-Policy Security normal feature request 10/27/2016 4.7
#35269 Check data type of wp_xmlrpc_server_class filter before instantiate wp_xmlrpc_server_class XML-RPC normal feature request 10/23/2016 4.4 dev-feedback
#38379 Add server side validation class in wordpress core External Libraries normal feature request 10/20/2016 4.7
#38297 System Status Report General normal feature request 10/12/2016 4.7
#36734 Filter for preview button Editor normal feature request 10/06/2016
#18630 Custom Comment Validation Error Comments minor feature request 10/04/2016 3.3 has-patch
#38213 Coding standards - html5 friendly? General normal feature request 10/03/2016 4.7
#36842 More global event hooks using the media.events, like "modal:open", "modal:close", etc Media normal feature request 09/28/2016 4.6
#38132 Remove orphaned postmeta Options, Meta APIs normal feature request 09/22/2016
#38064 Surveying system to gather user voices General normal feature request 09/18/2016
#36368 Add `access_admin` capability Users normal feature request 09/16/2016 dev-feedback
#38067 New filter `wp_post_lock_status` Posts, Post Types normal feature request 09/15/2016 has-patch
#37965 Add post_last_activity column to posts database table Posts, Post Types normal feature request 09/07/2016 dev-feedback
#37959 Add wp_alert() function General normal feature request 09/06/2016
#35780 New data-type: recordable video General normal feature request 09/06/2016
#37921 Make "newbloguser" URL segment customizable/filterable Users normal feature request 09/02/2016 dev-feedback
#37831 Change the permalink structure without changing the url of older articles Permalinks normal feature request 08/25/2016
#25137 Enable safe mode to run WordPress without loading plugins Bootstrap/Load normal feature request 08/19/2016 3.6 dev-feedback
#31688 The Ability to Align oEmbedded Content Embeds normal feature request 08/18/2016 needs-patch
#34235 Multi selection in menu Menus normal feature request 08/17/2016 4.3.1 needs-patch
#17142 Prettier gallery display and navigation through core Gallery normal feature request 08/15/2016 3.3 needs-patch
#33252 Add a Faster SHORTINIT-like admin-ajax Alternative General normal feature request 08/05/2016 4.2.3
#37537 Hooks To Improve UI & UX when making a plugin that modifies the Edit-Comment Screen Comments normal feature request 08/02/2016 4.5.3
#35990 Registering a custom post type should create a Recent CPT posts widget type Widgets normal feature request 07/28/2016 dev-feedback
#37347 Add a filter to disable maintenance mode for all updates, everywhere. Upgrade/Install normal feature request 07/13/2016 4.5.3 has-patch
#36391 Create a hook to handle dynamic CSS? Script Loader normal feature request 07/13/2016
#34223 Core support for image regeneration Media normal feature request 07/05/2016 4.3
#34641 Inline menu item editing in backend Menus normal feature request 07/04/2016
#37263 New capability: write a comment General normal feature request 07/03/2016
#37245 New action hook for register_setting Options, Meta APIs normal feature request 06/30/2016 4.5.3
#35188 Pass nonce action from "nonce_life" filter dwainm General normal feature request 06/28/2016 4.6 has-patch
#33593 Make shortcodes case insensitive Shortcodes normal feature request 06/27/2016 dev-feedback
#36983 To empty the input field in the case of an `invalid_email`. Login and Registration normal feature request 06/01/2016 4.5.2
#36797 Post which contain all HTML / HTML5 form elements. Themes normal feature request 05/11/2016 4.5.2 needs-unit-tests
#4280 Allow to constrain widgets being displayed on certain page types only mufasa Widgets minor feature request 05/04/2016 2.2 needs-patch
#35055 Custom Meta for nav_menu_items Menus normal feature request 04/25/2016 4.4
#36575 Provide a way to alter Link Inline Toolbar Functions or presence TinyMCE normal feature request 04/20/2016 4.5
#36509 Live Responsive Previews in wpadminbar Toolbar normal feature request 04/14/2016
#28463 Need core concept of the first publication of a post/comment. Posts, Post Types normal feature request 04/08/2016 dev-feedback
#35205 Add additional hooks to the 'attachment-info' template to customise output Administration normal feature request 04/07/2016 4.4.2
#35726 Add .webp support to WP_Image_Editor_GD Media normal feature request 02/04/2016
#34906 Create widget categories Widgets normal feature request 01/05/2016 dev-feedback
#32639 A URL Agnostic Wordpress General normal feature request 12/23/2015 dev-feedback
#30169 show available languages in theme details Themes normal feature request 12/13/2015 dev-feedback
#35048 custom menu - OPTIMIZE QUERY! Menus normal feature request 12/13/2015
#12120 Thumbnail image isn't created if the original is too small Media normal feature request 12/12/2015 needs-patch
#21834 Comment History Comments normal feature request 12/10/2015 has-patch
#31414 Paginating Themes, Plugins, and Media Networks and Sites normal feature request 12/09/2015 4.1.1 has-patch
#28635 Add status codes and hooks to wp-cron.php chriscct7 Cron API normal feature request 12/06/2015 has-patch
#22114 Propagating password on change chriscct7 Users normal feature request 12/03/2015 3.4.2 has-patch
#29368 Pasted media do not appear in the library Media normal feature request 12/03/2015 3.9.2 needs-patch
#34821 Allow creating users without an email address Users normal feature request 12/02/2015 4.3.1
#34638 New function for retrieving previous and next adjacent image General normal feature request 11/09/2015 4.4
#34463 Improve search results accuracy Query minor feature request 10/27/2015 4.3.1 dev-feedback
#25927 Remove the theme information from style.css and add a theme manifest file Themes normal feature request 10/23/2015 3.7.1 dev-feedback
#34383 Feature Request - Add ID field and function to dynamically generate image IDs for images in the Media Library Media normal feature request 10/21/2015 4.3.1
#33346 Convert the browser update check to an asynchronous request Administration normal feature request 10/08/2015 3.2 needs-patch
#18848 Filter post listing screen by post parent johnbillion Posts, Post Types normal feature request 10/03/2015 3.3 needs-unit-tests
#25546 Improve Post Previews Editor normal feature request 10/03/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#29798 unified theme and plugin uploader General normal feature request 09/20/2015 needs-patch
#32658 Post media attachments should show assigned media by default Media normal feature request 09/17/2015 4.3 needs-patch
#33857 Add new function the_home_url() General normal feature request 09/14/2015 has-patch
#32528 Create a new search_form_content hook in get_search_form() General normal feature request 06/17/2015 4.3
#31278 Suggestion For Menus Menus normal feature request 02/10/2015 4.2
#29728 Could be very useful 'wp_remove_nav_menu_item' Menus normal feature request 01/29/2015 3.0 has-patch
#43890 Allow Admin to Skip e-mail confirmation for Export/Anonymization Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 has-patch
#44235 GDPR - Provide filter on $email_data for the confirmed action emails Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 trunk
#44239 Personal data reports do not include image attachment metadata Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 4.9.6
#44179 Use wp_update_comment instead of $wpdb->update $wpdb->comments when anonymizing comments Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 trunk needs-patch
#43938 Make it clear to administrators that not all plugins support privacy policy content, personal data export and erasure Privacy normal enhancement 05/26/2018 trunk needs-patch
#44238 Add protected param to register meta Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 05/26/2018 3.1.3 has-patch
#44229 Use CDNs where possible to serve external assets like jQuery General normal enhancement 05/25/2018
#43711 Let's create a standard development setup for WordPress core. Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk
#44169 New filter to short circuit WP_User_Query results Users normal enhancement 05/25/2018 has-patch
#44034 Privacy: Introduce a function to count user requests by type Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk needs-unit-tests
#44223 Add privacy_url to get_bloginfo() Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 has-patch
#43588 Anonymize commenter IP address once a comment is no longer pending Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk needs-unit-tests
#44097 Introduce cookie consent & management to core Privacy major enhancement 05/25/2018
#44222 GDPR - Add Archive state to erasure requests Privacy normal enhancement 05/25/2018 trunk
#44033 Get Avatar Comment Types should be a Function Not Just a Filter Comments normal enhancement 05/24/2018
#44213 Tab order in Tools Administration normal enhancement 05/24/2018 4.9.6
#44094 Hook for WP_User data hydration to enable strong data security Users normal enhancement 05/23/2018
#44083 Add action to wp_mkdir_p() when directory is created successfully Filesystem API normal enhancement 05/23/2018 2.0.1 has-patch
#43748 Create new action edit_user_updated_user similar to edit_user_created_user Users normal enhancement 05/23/2018 dev-feedback
#32326 Improve Support for Structured Data Themes normal enhancement 05/23/2018 needs-patch
#43854 Add cards to the Tools page for personal data tools Privacy normal enhancement 05/23/2018
#43797 Logging for GDPR privacy/security xkon Privacy normal enhancement 05/23/2018 dev-feedback
#44186 Possibles enhancements to 4.9.6 privacy tools Privacy normal enhancement 05/23/2018 4.9.6
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