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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#43373 Evaluate Async & Defer for Inline WordPress Admin Scripts Script Loader normal enhancement 02/20/18 trunk
#43357 SimplePie deprecated calls modified Feeds normal enhancement 02/20/18 trunk has-patch
#32234 Streamline parameter order of get_user_option() Users normal enhancement 02/19/18 4.2.1
#43298 Add filter to hide comment types from showing up in the default query schlessera Comments normal enhancement 02/19/18 trunk dev-feedback
#39691 wpLink autocomplete search improvement adamsilverstein Editor normal enhancement 02/18/18 4.8
#43320 Harden API requests against man-in-the-middle attacks Security minor enhancement 02/18/18 3.7.1
#43342 Add m.me (Messenger) icon to twentyseventeen’s supported social media links Bundled Theme normal enhancement 02/17/18 trunk dev-feedback
#43341 Proposal: new cache helper functions Cache API normal enhancement 02/17/18
#43303 Providing hooks for html table markups in do_settings_{sections|fields} Administration normal enhancement 02/16/18 trunk
#43258 Output buffering General normal enhancement 02/16/18 dev-feedback
#43319 Bootstrap 4 Card issue in backend General normal enhancement 02/16/18 4.9.1
#38228 Add filter to default gallery shortcode output Gallery normal enhancement 02/15/18 4.7 dev-feedback
#33948 Implement subresource integrity (SRI) Script Loader normal enhancement 02/15/18 dev-feedback
#32326 Improve Support for Structured Data Themes normal enhancement 02/15/18 needs-patch
#43324 query_vars is not necessarely representative of the final query_vars used to build the SQL query Query normal enhancement 02/14/18 trunk
#43318 New filter suggestion for manage_users-network_custom_column Users normal enhancement 02/14/18 trunk
#41281 attachment_url_to_postid results in very slow query Database normal enhancement 02/14/18 4.9
#43294 Sticky class should be added regardless of where posts are queried Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/13/18 trunk
#37934 Separate account settings and profile settings Users normal enhancement 02/13/18 ui/ux
#24040 Use "posts" instead of "topics" (in tagcloud tooltips) Text Changes normal enhancement 02/12/18 ui/ux
#37941 add rel="noopener noreferrer" to any target="_blank" nicolapeluchetti Security normal enhancement 02/11/18 has-patch
#41580 Review the usage of the `::-moz-focus-inner` CSS fix for the buttons extra padding in Firefox viktorfroberg Administration normal enhancement 02/11/18 has-patch
#38869 Change "Site Default" in User Profile Options for Language to "Site Setting" I18N normal enhancement 02/11/18 4.7 ui/ux
#43287 The text "immediately" should be capitalize in publish meta box. Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/11/18 4.9.4 ui/ux
#43273 set users_can_register to 0 by default Users normal enhancement 02/09/18 trunk
#43271 Issue with term duplicate check in wp_insert_term Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/09/18 4.9.4
#43208 Separate setting validation from sanitization Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 02/09/18 needs-unit-tests
#40237 Educate users about modern password best-practices Security normal enhancement 02/09/18 ui/ux
#39623 Twenty Seventeen: Consider removing custom header from internal pages if selected video header Bundled Theme normal enhancement 02/09/18
#43263 wp_audio_shortcode() preload default: should it be metadata or none? Media normal enhancement 02/08/18 3.6
#41672 REST create user: existing_user_login is returned before existing_user_email shooper Users normal enhancement 02/08/18 4.7 dev-feedback
#41266 Not hard coding the table alias prefix in WP_Meta_Query would make class more extendable noisysocks Query normal enhancement 02/08/18 4.8 has-patch
#42156 Adjust the inline docs for get_sites() to avoid WP_Site_Query doc-duplication DrewAPicture Networks and Sites normal enhancement 02/08/18 4.6 has-patch
#41545 Allow cmd/ctrl-enter to submit comment forms lindstromer Comments minor enhancement 02/08/18 has-patch
#42421 Move "Filter by" strings into labels arrays of registrations nicolalaserra Administration normal enhancement 02/08/18 dev-feedback
#36228 Uncheck "uncategorized" when you select a category Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/08/18
#43248 wp_localize_script() and ultimately print_extra_script() not using script_loader_tag filter Script Loader normal enhancement 02/07/18 4.9.4
#43242 Do not propose users to skip a minor upgrade Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 02/07/18 4.9.3 has-patch
#23165 Admin validation errors on form nonce element IDs (_wpnonce) Security normal enhancement 02/05/18 needs-codex
#43227 Media uploaded to post should remove underscores and hyphens from text inserted into title attribute Media normal enhancement 02/05/18
#43225 feed_links and feed_links_extra should have filters Feeds normal enhancement 02/05/18 trunk needs-docs
#43224 Extract `$utf8_pcre` from `wp_check_invalid_utf8()` into a separate function Formatting normal enhancement 02/04/18 trunk
#37000 Support for the SameSite cookie attribute Security normal enhancement 02/04/18 dev-feedback
#43210 Introduce singular capabilities for managing individual options Role/Capability normal enhancement 02/02/18 dev-feedback
#43209 REST API should take settings errors into account Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 02/01/18 dev-feedback
#40633 Update wp-admin gray colors aka 50 Shades of WordPress General normal enhancement 02/01/18
#37684 Allow sites to have filterable "states" akin to posts & media mnelson4 Networks and Sites normal enhancement 01/30/18 dev-feedback
#43183 wp-comments-post.php endpoint support for OPTIONS Comments normal enhancement 01/30/18 4.9.2
#40065 Check for invalid user before `lostpassword_post` in `retrieve_password()` Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/30/18 4.7.3 dev-feedback
#43175 GDPR - Discussion - Pseudonymisation General normal enhancement 01/29/18
#39242 Add caching to count_user_posts() Users normal enhancement 01/27/18 dev-feedback
#43164 Function Description : wp-includes/link-template.php General normal enhancement 01/26/18 4.1
#43160 Reduce wp-admin/update-core.php load time by half Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 01/26/18 4.9.2
#43162 Deleting a site from a multisite network leaves orphaned database tables and files Networks and Sites normal enhancement 01/26/18 3.0 dev-feedback
#43159 Introduce helper function for XMLRPC checks Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/26/18 has-patch
#40108 Pagination Enhancement wp_link_pages() Themes normal enhancement 01/25/18
#35823 Implement "FS_CHMOD_FORCE" constant; if set - media uploads and image resizing do NOT ignore FS_CHMOD_FILE Upload normal enhancement 01/25/18
#43147 Introduce `esc_html_comment` and translation related functions Formatting normal enhancement 01/25/18 trunk dev-feedback
#43156 _walk_bookmarks(): please add the link id as HTML id attribute. Formatting normal enhancement 01/24/18 4.9.2
#42725 Allow gender specific translations I18N normal enhancement 01/23/18 trunk dev-feedback
#43117 Featured image -> Featured media Media normal enhancement 01/23/18
#39791 sanitize_file_name() optimizations Media normal enhancement 01/20/18 4.8
#43132 Best integrations on the apps with WordPress.org Forum General normal enhancement 01/19/18
#40432 Customizer: Should we stop contextually hiding features? Customize normal enhancement 01/19/18 4.0
#43130 Add New Site: admin autocomplete search all users Administration normal enhancement 01/19/18 4.9.2
#35725 Add mime-type for Webp Media normal enhancement 01/18/18 3.5 dev-feedback
#41963 Embed state (i.e., The insert from URL pane) for inserting a header background video Media normal enhancement 01/18/18
#42920 Add support for the picture element Media normal enhancement 01/18/18 needs-unit-tests
#41902 wp-load.php: comment for error reporting levels Bootstrap/Load trivial enhancement 01/18/18 0.71
#43120 HTML Tag Auto-Formatting in Custom HTML Widget Widgets normal enhancement 01/18/18 4.9
#40434 Optimize SQL in Admin - In the Post/CPT List `wp-admin/edit.php` > the function get_posts() Query normal enhancement 01/17/18 4.7.3 has-patch
#43096 Reduce redundant calls to translate() I18N normal enhancement 01/16/18 trunk
#43085 Metabox UI rough box shadow when in closed mode Administration normal enhancement 01/14/18 trunk
#43080 Allow access to triggered WP_Error when using login_errors and login_messages filters General normal enhancement 01/12/18 4.9.1
#41839 Add "Update available" option to "Plugins" on the admin menu Menus normal enhancement 01/12/18 4.9 dev-feedback
#41020 Use target="_blank" for links in WordPress news and events and updates Administration normal enhancement 01/11/18 4.8 has-patch
#43060 register taxonomy should accept a label to affect the description under each field on the Add Tag form Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/11/18 needs-patch
#35530 Style and upgrade "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute." page Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 01/10/18
#31192 Enable sorting of search results on "Add Plugins" admin page Plugins normal enhancement 01/10/18 4.1
#42937 Success Message should display on insertion of new category in Taxonomy page Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/10/18 4.9.1 needs-unit-tests
#22579 Confusion of WP admin Discussion settings Comments normal enhancement 01/09/18 ui/ux
#43052 Add an End action function to Color Picker External Libraries normal enhancement 01/09/18 trunk
#40594 Reset box shadow for links in the admin bar Toolbar normal enhancement 01/09/18 4.8 has-patch
#32545 Adding actions before and after "Add New" button Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/08/18 4.2.2 dev-feedback
#42970 Add a 'rest_nonce_action' filter to the REST API REST API normal enhancement 01/08/18 trunk has-patch
#43042 Ability to add Page Anchor along with changing Navigation Label in menu system (Live Preview mode) Menus normal enhancement 01/08/18 4.9.1
#35248 WordPress should remove domain trailing dot (as/like it removes "www.") Canonical normal enhancement 01/08/18 4.4
#31788 WordPress Lost Your Password form Error Message Inaccuracies Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/07/18 has-patch
#43019 Hook to validate post form data before save General normal enhancement 01/05/18 ui/ux
#42253 Adjust the inline docs for register_taxonomy() and WP_Taxonomy::set_props() Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/05/18 4.7 has-patch
#43023 Make Core Image Handling More Extensible Media normal enhancement 01/04/18 4.9.1
#39346 Display Error if GD library ins't installed/enabled Media normal enhancement 01/04/18 4.7
#39330 WP_Image_Editor_Imagick: get pdf from url Media normal enhancement 01/04/18 4.8
#43013 Confirmation Email workaround Users normal enhancement 01/02/18 4.9.1
#43010 Attribute Name Escape Formatting normal enhancement 01/02/18 has-patch
#43004 Keep shortcodes in the RSS summary feed General normal enhancement 12/31/17 4.9.1
#41451 Use pretty permalinks by default in the test suite Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 12/28/17 needs-unit-tests
#42990 Deprecate WP_UnitTestCase::_make_attachment Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 12/28/17 trunk has-patch
#42941 Improve options.php error "options page not found" Plugins normal enhancement 12/23/17 4.9.1 has-patch
#42900 Add gender field to user profile for use in translations I18N normal enhancement 12/21/17 trunk has-patch
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