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Enhancements Awaiting Review (82 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#26592 Allow ABSPATH to be set outside of wp-load.php Bootstrap/Load normal feature request 03/21/14 3.8
#21195 get_avatar_url General normal feature request 03/12/14 2.5 has-patch
#12702 Enable sticky post checkbox for custom post type Publish metabox Posts, Post Types normal feature request 03/10/14 dev-feedback
#19834 More Robust Capabilities for Attachments Media normal feature request 02/25/14 needs-patch
#19207 dbdelta supporting foreign key Database normal feature request 02/22/14 3.2.1
#21375 Add Filter for next_posts_link/prev_posts_link label Posts, Post Types minor feature request 02/21/14 dev-feedback
#23622 Support Google Maps / Docs / Spreadsheet embeds Embeds normal feature request 02/19/14
#18623 Allow themes to pre-register multiple custom backgrounds Appearance minor feature request 02/12/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#17142 Prettier gallery display and navigation through core Gallery normal feature request 02/12/14 3.3 needs-patch
#21666 Theme customizer reset Appearance normal feature request 02/12/14 3.4.2
#18079 WP has dropped support of the path field in the site table Rewrite Rules normal feature request 02/12/14 3.0 has-patch
#23285 Implement an AMD JavaScript loader in WordPress Script Loader normal feature request 02/12/14
#10142 Add metadata support for taxonomies Taxonomy normal feature request 02/09/14 dev-feedback
#20025 Add a filter for post types when viewing list of comments in the backend Comments normal feature request 02/02/14 3.3.1
#24511 Backend function for retrieving post row actions. Posts, Post Types minor feature request 02/02/14
#18848 Filter post listing screen by post parent johnbillion Posts, Post Types normal feature request 02/02/14 3.3
#21665 Allow non-editable pages to be classified & organized as "System Pages" Posts, Post Types normal feature request 02/02/14 dev-feedback
#17236 Make it easier to subclass custom header and background Appearance normal feature request 02/02/14
#19561 Allow a background colour to be set for custom headers Appearance normal feature request 02/02/14 2.1 dev-feedback
#24776 Need Filter Hooks on Creating Slug - Check Availability of Slug if That is Used for Post, Page, Taxonomy or any Plugin Permalinks normal feature request 02/02/14 dev-feedback
#18821 Add a Last Updated Date Field for Plugins to the WP Backend Upgrade/Install normal feature request 02/02/14 3.3
#20946 NA Dash: Improve 'Right Now' in Network Admin Networks and Sites normal feature request 02/02/14 3.4 ui/ux
#20468 Recently active network plugins Plugins normal feature request 02/02/14 3.0
#19902 blog_url() and get_blog_url() template tags Permalinks normal feature request 02/02/14 3.3.1 dev-feedback
#21766 modify body_class function to allow non-class items Themes normal feature request 02/01/14 dev-feedback
#23142 Make it possible to "stem" an arbitrary prefix with the Template Hierarchy's "stemming" logic. Themes normal feature request 02/01/14 3.5
#20730 make function wp_list_categories rewritable for templates (File: category-template.php) Taxonomy normal feature request 02/01/14
#14644 Administrator should be able to change usernames Users normal feature request 01/30/14 dev-feedback
#21256 New theme feature - add_theme_support( 'content-width', $defaults ) Themes normal feature request 01/29/14 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#20947 feature request: one-click update for core, themes and plugins (all in one) Upgrade/Install normal feature request 01/27/14 ui/ux
#26904 General 'delete_plugins' hook needed Plugins normal feature request 01/22/14 3.8 has-patch
#20659 Document available shortcodes in eg. new post page Shortcodes normal feature request 01/20/14
#20523 Disable autoloader when using class_exists() Bootstrap/Load normal feature request 01/19/14 3.3.1
#17525 There should be a datetime_format option to specify whether the date or the time comes first Date/Time normal feature request 01/19/14
#21107 wp_register_resource Script Loader normal feature request 01/19/14
#19628 FEATURE REQUEST: std deviation option for wp_tag_cloud Taxonomy minor feature request 01/19/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#25277 WP_scripts does not allow to add data after the enque has been added to HTML Script Loader normal feature request 01/19/14 3.6 has-patch
#22249 Add ability to set or remove attributes on enqueued scripts and styles. Script Loader normal feature request 01/19/14 dev-feedback
#26717 Hooks to Schedule the Auto Update Upgrade/Install normal feature request 01/09/14 3.7
#26780 Fixing multiple dashboard widget columns Administration normal feature request 01/06/14 3.8
#20509 Theme idea - generic.php Themes normal feature request 01/04/14 dev-feedback
#26737 WP_Image_Editor should provide a query_formats function. Media normal feature request 12/31/13
#26610 Add hooks to "Add User" page in admin back-end Users normal feature request 12/13/13 3.8
#26511 Separate locale for the admin toolbar I18N normal feature request 12/09/13
#26114 Auto prepare utilities for wp-db.php Database normal feature request 12/01/13 3.7 dev-feedback
#22180 Add attachments to "existing content" area in link dialog Editor normal feature request 11/28/13 3.4
#25546 Improve Post Previews Editor normal feature request 11/13/13 3.8
#25679 local support forum issue WordPress.org site normal feature request 10/29/13
#24305 Link of Posts count column in Term List Table (single taxonomy for more custom post types) Taxonomy normal feature request 08/31/13 3.5.1 needs-patch
#23045 WP_User_Query features Users normal feature request 08/26/13
#21644 Should contributors be allowed to edit their posts once scheduled? Role/Capability normal feature request 08/22/13 3.4.1
#17834 Quick Edit of Hierarchical Terms Taxonomy normal feature request 08/22/13 ui/ux
#13780 WordPress Version Requirement Support for Themes ryan Themes normal feature request 08/22/13 needs-patch
#16830 url_to_postid() doesn't resolve attachments when rewrite rules are disabled Rewrite Rules normal feature request 08/18/13 1.2 has-patch
#18118 Append page slug to body_class function Themes normal feature request 08/16/13 has-patch
#23747 Ordering Categories Taxonomy normal feature request 08/12/13 dev-feedback
#20735 Adding tags to form element of categories. Taxonomy normal feature request 08/12/13 3.3.2 needs-patch
#24991 Add 'instantiated_post' hook to WP_Post->_construct() Posts, Post Types normal feature request 08/08/13 3.6 dev-feedback
#22029 Install multiple plugins Upgrade/Install normal feature request 08/08/13 3.5 needs-patch
#16691 Add do_action or menu description in nav-menus.php Menus normal feature request 07/08/13 3.1 needs-patch
#24534 Add hooks to style feeds using xslt Feeds trivial feature request 06/07/13 3.5.1
#24313 Filter Columns by View Administration normal feature request 05/11/13
#24051 a way of turning on upload space quota on single-site WordPress install Media normal feature request 04/12/13 3.5.1
#23616 General Handler for Whitelisted Options' Submissions Plugins normal feature request 02/26/13 needs-patch
#23575 Standard UI Classes and Functions Administration normal feature request 02/22/13 3.5
#23431 [embed] shortcode doesn't work with do_shortcode() Embeds normal feature request 02/10/13 3.5 has-patch
#23008 Add a Hook To Hide Inactive Widgets Widgets minor feature request 12/19/12 3.5 ui/ux
#20791 Add tolerance: 'pointer' option to widgets Widgets normal feature request 12/15/12 3.3.2 dev-feedback
#19343 Allow Quick Edit to be Disabled for Custom Post Types Quick/Bulk Edit trivial feature request 11/22/12 3.3 needs-patch
#19770 Implement browser-side resizing with Plupload Upload normal feature request 09/01/12 3.3
#21055 Interface for wpdb compatibility Database normal feature request 08/24/12
#21171 jQuery Events for Metaboxes General minor feature request 07/06/12
#21128 Sort Users by Sites Users major feature request 07/01/12 3.4
#21097 Reinstall Theme feature Themes normal feature request 06/28/12
#20596 Adding more actions to a widget Widgets normal feature request 05/02/12 dev-feedback
#16252 Allow comment reparenting to fix poor threading Comments normal feature request 04/29/12 ui/ux
#18630 Custom Comment Validation Error Comments minor feature request 04/04/12 3.3
#20194 Add Description meta to General Settings General minor feature request 03/17/12 3.3 needs-patch
#19904 Trim Leading and Trailing White Space in a Post Title General normal feature request 01/27/12 3.3.1
#17227 wp should work around bug in move_uploaded_file for tighter security Security normal feature request 11/17/11 3.2.1
#16264 Add function get_pages_by_template() Posts, Post Types normal feature request 10/22/11 3.1 has-patch
#17254 Contributors should be able to upload Role/Capability normal feature request 09/10/11 3.1

Reporter Feedback / Close (18 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#27796 Odd look of check marks/icons all of sudden Administration normal defect (bug) 04/16/14 3.8.2 reporter-feedback
#24760 Creating default object from empty value in wp-includes/ms-settings.php on line 111 Multisite normal defect (bug) 04/15/14 3.0 reporter-feedback
#26933 Toolbar "Howdy, " message CSS broke in IE Toolbar normal defect (bug) 04/15/14 3.8 reporter-feedback
#27804 bug when updating after domain change settings Administration normal defect (bug) 04/15/14 3.8.2 reporter-feedback
#27028 Custom fields in the Media Uploader added with attachment_fields_to_edit do not behave correctly. Media normal defect (bug) 04/10/14 3.9 reporter-feedback
#27495 Multisite SVG uploads are served with incorrect mime/type Media normal defect (bug) 04/10/14 3.0 close
#27723 By using the import and export tool, there is a small error that bothers General normal defect (bug) 04/08/14 3.8.1 reporter-feedback
#27712 editor not working Editor normal defect (bug) 04/08/14 3.9 reporter-feedback
#27677 Twenty Fourteen: Input text field missing border when using Jetpack subscription form shortcode Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 04/07/14 close
#27584 Twenty Thirteen: Top level of drop down menus does not work on iPad Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 03/31/14 3.8.1 reporter-feedback
#27568 WordPress automatic updates are breaking unix rights Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 03/28/14 3.7 reporter-feedback
#25335 Twenty Thirteen: plugins cannot filter `the_content` for Gallery post format on index views Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 03/27/14 3.6 close
#27035 Media Selection /Upload Not Responsive on 4.7 Inch Screen Media normal defect (bug) 03/27/14 3.8.1 reporter-feedback
#14232 tiny_mce.js different from wp-tinymce.js.gz TinyMCE normal defect (bug) 03/27/14 3.8.1 reporter-feedback
#27524 The titles of columns in the admin aren't translated with custom post types and custom taxonomies I18N normal defect (bug) 03/27/14 3.8.1 reporter-feedback
#27471 wp.newComment allows to post new comments even if they are closed or not supported XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 03/27/14 3.8.1 reporter-feedback
#24548 _wp_menu_item_classes_by_context assumes $queried_object->ancestors is an array Menus normal defect (bug) 03/25/14 reporter-feedback
#23867 add_rewrite_endpoint causes front-page.php template to be ignored Rewrite Rules major defect (bug) 03/24/14 3.5.1 reporter-feedback
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