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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#21834 Comment History Comments normal enhancement 08/26/13 has-patch
#25145 WP_User_Query should support pagination parameter like paged Users normal enhancement 08/26/13 dev-feedback
#23045 WP_User_Query features Users normal feature request 08/26/13
#17834 Quick Edit of Hierarchical Terms Taxonomy normal feature request 08/22/13 ui/ux
#13780 WordPress Version Requirement Support for Themes ryan Themes normal feature request 08/22/13 needs-patch
#12696 Add ordering support to plugins_api() when filtered on tag or search term ryan Plugins normal enhancement 08/21/13
#19306 remove_all_filters() should set to array(), not unset Plugins normal enhancement 08/20/13 has-patch
#10364 Usability problem on the Widgets admin interface azaozz Widgets minor enhancement 08/17/13 has-patch
#24497 Add CollegeHumor.com oEmbed Support Embeds normal enhancement 08/16/13 has-patch
#18118 Append page slug to body_class function Themes normal feature request 08/16/13 has-patch
#24386 Make _pad_term_counts work for non-post type objects and attachments Taxonomy normal enhancement 08/12/13 needs-patch
#23747 Ordering Categories Taxonomy normal feature request 08/12/13 dev-feedback
#21950 Don't create shared terms Taxonomy normal enhancement 08/12/13 needs-patch
#20748 Include CPT Posts in Author Count & Archive Page Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 08/08/13
#21258 Autosuggest for tags suggests tag already chosen Editor normal enhancement 08/08/13
#24597 get_{$adjacent}_post_sort filter should have post type parameter Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 08/07/13 has-patch
#24910 Adding a class field to the text widget Widgets trivial enhancement 08/05/13 dev-feedback
#21243 move password hint text to a function General normal enhancement 08/05/13 has-patch
#24865 Allow plugins to hook into autosave and include field data from the autosave with the package. Autosave normal enhancement 07/31/13 dev-feedback
#22329 Retina Gravatars General normal enhancement 07/30/13 dev-feedback
#24689 Improve error wp-admin page Administration normal enhancement 07/28/13 has-patch
#18558 Handling of dormant shortcodes is inelegant Shortcodes normal enhancement 07/18/13 has-patch
#24727 enable multiple featured images Post Thumbnails normal enhancement 07/12/13
#24501 Request Allow Search Engines to Index this Site Option Turned Off By Default for Developers Upgrade/Install minor enhancement 07/10/13 has-patch
#24664 Let taxonomy term control CPT archive Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 06/30/13
#24655 use hoverIntent for the WP Admin Bar when viewing site Toolbar normal enhancement 06/28/13
#24565 lighter image selection screen in media insertion Media normal enhancement 06/23/13
#24588 Excerpt enhancement request General normal enhancement 06/23/13
#24603 Introduce pre_move_uploaded_file filter to allow pre-processing of uploaded files Upload normal enhancement 06/19/13
#24527 one (or none at all) click media insertion Media normal enhancement 06/08/13
#24531 Add subpage_file Filter Before Admin Menu Administration minor enhancement 06/07/13
#18769 Admin should not break if URL changes Administration normal enhancement 06/03/13
#24442 Visit theme/plugin/author homepage vs Visit theme/plugin/author site Text Changes normal enhancement 05/28/13 dev-feedback
#23237 Add tag function to format markup General normal enhancement 05/16/13
#24313 Filter Columns by View Administration normal feature request 05/11/13
#24284 is_multi_author() should query by specific post type and status General normal enhancement 05/08/13 needs-patch
#22579 Confusion of WP admin Discussion settings Text Changes major enhancement 05/01/13
#24081 Simplifying the 5 minute setup Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 04/14/13 dev-feedback
#24068 Allow absolute paths to be passed into content_url() General trivial enhancement 04/12/13 has-patch
#24040 Use "posts" instead of "topics" (in tagcloud tooltips) Widgets minor enhancement 04/11/13 ui/ux
#21294 Introduce zoom-crop in Media image handling Media normal enhancement 04/08/13
#23983 Add filter to get_post_thumbnail_id to override default thumbnail use Media normal enhancement 04/08/13 dev-feedback
#23692 feed_links should have a parameter to choose which feed to display Feeds minor enhancement 04/05/13 dev-feedback
#17584 Add post_type_supports filter mitchoyoshitaka Posts, Post Types trivial enhancement 04/03/13 has-patch
#23800 Filter Comment Blacklist, to delete duplicated terms Comments normal enhancement 03/16/13
#23786 Shortcodes working inside HTML and PHP comments Shortcodes minor enhancement 03/15/13
#23328 While editing widgets in accessibility mode the position can be indicated by widget titles instead of numbers Widgets normal enhancement 03/04/13
#23616 General Handler for Whitelisted Options' Submissions Plugins normal feature request 02/26/13 needs-patch
#23413 Provide query result data to custom user columns Users normal enhancement 02/16/13 has-patch
#23378 wp_(insert|update)_term() should accept term slug as 'parent' argument Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/10/13 has-patch
#23421 Add sortable to taxonomy column Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/09/13
#23422 Add query filter argument to register_taxonomy Taxonomy normal enhancement 02/08/13
#23391 User in contributor role can add images to post only via the text editor Role/Capability normal enhancement 02/05/13
#23339 DFW in HTML mode should have switch text direction button for RTL languages Editor normal enhancement 02/01/13
#22305 Credits Page Should Include more than 'just' people who commit a patch Help/About normal enhancement 02/01/13
#22938 Presentation of hierarchical taxonomy in Media modal should be checkboxes rather than comma-separated tag list Media normal enhancement 01/31/13
#23083 Tag balancing for text widgets Widgets normal enhancement 01/29/13 has-patch
#19784 Plugin Information dialogue should list Contributors Plugins normal enhancement 01/22/13
#23261 Add include to orderby options for get_terms() Taxonomy normal enhancement 01/22/13 has-patch
#23179 New avatar related option - use gravatar only for registered users Comments normal enhancement 01/21/13
#23116 Media GalleryEdit Controller should have an option to hide gallery settings Media normal enhancement 01/04/13
#23087 Filter wp-register.php canonical redirect in single site too Canonical normal enhancement 12/30/12 has-patch
#23061 get_post_meta() on post with large amount of meta keys uses too much memory Database normal enhancement 12/27/12
#22976 Remove reference to category to tag converter from the tools page Text Changes normal enhancement 12/18/12
#22650 Filter the Gravatars on credits.php Administration normal enhancement 11/30/12 has-patch
#22497 Post type should be able to show on mobile apps XML-RPC normal enhancement 11/20/12 has-patch
#22436 escape recent posts widget post titles Widgets normal enhancement 11/14/12 has-patch
#22310 wp_insert_user bit ilogical with rich_editing Users normal enhancement 10/30/12
#22256 Hook namespacing Plugins normal enhancement 10/23/12
#21840 Add filter for taxonomies shown in quick edit Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 09/08/12
#21730 More modular and reusable email validation functions Users normal enhancement 08/29/12 dev-feedback
#21055 Interface for wpdb compatibility Database normal feature request 08/24/12
#21649 _WP_Editor class is currently marked as final Editor normal enhancement 08/21/12
#21497 Make uploads on XML-RPC resumable XML-RPC minor enhancement 08/06/12 has-patch
#21472 Allow supplying a custom text to status_header() General minor enhancement 08/05/12 has-patch
#21171 jQuery Events for Metaboxes General minor feature request 07/06/12
#19587 JavaScript hooks for widgets Widgets normal enhancement 07/05/12
#21097 Reinstall Theme feature Themes normal feature request 06/28/12
#18105 Improve JOIN efficency of tax_query Database normal enhancement 06/04/12 needs-patch
#16840 add_rewrite_rule() should accept an array for the $redirect parameter Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 06/04/12 has-patch
#20706 Adding a link without a name or web address yields no (error) feedback General minor enhancement 05/20/12 dev-feedback
#20596 Adding more actions to a widget Widgets normal feature request 05/02/12 dev-feedback
#17185 Optimize verbose attachment rules Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 04/30/12 has-patch
#16252 Allow comment reparenting to fix poor threading Comments normal feature request 04/29/12 ui/ux
#20490 Move submit_button to wp-includes for frontend inclusion & use with comment-template.php Comments normal enhancement 04/23/12
#20451 wp_insert_post() should accept a meta_input argument Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 04/16/12
#18979 Add $post_type parameter and a filter to meta_form() Editor normal enhancement 04/01/12
#20180 Should wrap all links in a div Widgets normal enhancement 03/06/12
#20151 Add parameter for wp_embed_defaults() Media normal enhancement 03/02/12 has-patch
#20060 wp_redirect() doesn't exit Security normal enhancement 02/27/12 dev-feedback
#20046 Unnecessary default category code remains in wp_insert_attachment Media trivial enhancement 02/16/12 has-patch
#19893 get_comments_link() doesn't link properly if there are no responses Comments minor enhancement 01/25/12 has-patch
#19783 Add a "Processing..." overlay to update iframes Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 01/09/12 ui/ux
#19615 Deprecate get_currentuserinfo() Users normal enhancement 12/20/11 has-patch
#19278 Allow WP_List_Table ::get_bulk_items() to receive a nested array and output optgroups Administration minor enhancement 11/17/11
#19272 Add Filter to Nav Menu Support Themes Text Menus trivial enhancement 11/16/11 has-patch
#18518 suggest.js: don't store the URL in the options object General normal enhancement 11/16/11 has-patch
#18613 get_adjacent_post() doesn't find private posts General normal enhancement 11/16/11 has-patch
#19110 Media File Url Media normal enhancement 11/07/11
#19055 Post type check on top of wp-admin/edit.php enhancement Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/27/11 dev-feedback
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