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Enhancements Awaiting Review (73 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#29500 Add filter for the WXR export filename Export normal feature request 10/20/14 4.0 has-patch
#29020 Unit tests for dbDelta() Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/17/14 4.0 has-patch
#29999 update post overwrites slug if current_user is contributor Role/Capability trivial feature request 10/16/14 4.0
#29948 Use contextual controls (active_callback) API for conditionally-displayed core contextual controls Customize normal enhancement 10/13/14 4.0 needs-patch
#29687 Original image should be visible in media-library after image-processing Media normal enhancement 09/16/14 4.0
#29341 Raise default value for WP_MEMORY_LIMIT in wp-includes/default-constants.php Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 09/11/14 4.0 has-patch
#29479 Converts an associative array to an XML/HTML tag attribute string Formatting normal feature request 09/02/14 4.0
#29471 add class for parent div on wpcolorpicker Widgets minor enhancement 09/02/14 4.0 dev-feedback
#29439 add a filter for add plugin compatible with my WP version Plugins normal enhancement 08/31/14 4.0
#29351 Add a function for stampedes transient caching Cache API normal enhancement 08/24/14 4.0
#29173 Register (empty) core Customizer Panels for plugins to add their sections to Customize normal enhancement 08/10/14 4.0
#28381 Filter for unattached attachments count Media normal enhancement 05/28/14 4.0 has-patch
#28371 Use media post type object capabilities to allow user to see actions Role/Capability normal enhancement 05/26/14 4.0
#30582 Search and upload in one tab Plugins normal feature request 01/12/15 4.0.1
#30784 Subsites won't show 404 with default permalink structure Permalinks normal enhancement 12/19/14 4.0.1
#30628 Plupload improvements Media normal feature request 12/13/14 4.0.1
#30687 Ajax media attachment save has no error handling Media normal enhancement 12/12/14 4.0.1
#30673 plugin uninstall.php not called when multisite site is deleted Networks and Sites normal enhancement 12/11/14 4.0.1
#30610 Multisite Theme Usage Report Themes normal feature request 12/09/14 4.0.1
#30476 Plugin installation via URL appends .tmp to the plugin directory in some cases Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/24/14 4.0.1
#31522 Quicktags: use aria-label to improve accessibility Editor normal enhancement 03/04/15 4.1 dev-feedback
#31143 Login error handling accessibility improvements Login and Registration normal enhancement 03/04/15 4.1 has-patch
#31356 Compound settings confusing with screen readers (radio buttons) Administration normal enhancement 03/03/15 4.1
#31475 Add ability to change the folder location for templates Themes normal enhancement 02/27/15 4.1
#31233 Dismissable admin notices Administration normal enhancement 02/26/15 4.1
#31354 Compound settings confusing with screen readers (checkboxes) Administration normal enhancement 02/23/15 4.1 has-patch
#31376 Add Onet.tv oEmbed support Embeds normal enhancement 02/23/15 4.1
#31386 Add `target="_blank"` to WordPress.org links in dashboard. Administration normal enhancement 02/20/15 4.1
#31341 Works faster about update_user_option() Users normal enhancement 02/16/15 4.1
#31334 Customizer JS API should handle container removal from document Customize normal enhancement 02/14/15 4.1
#31320 Make customizer JavaScript API available during the live preview Customize normal enhancement 02/13/15 4.1 needs-patch
#31299 Protection from Spammy Comment Links in Admin Area Comments normal enhancement 02/12/15 4.1 has-patch
#31282 finally introduce comments templating Comments normal enhancement 02/11/15 4.1
#31280 Remove need for numeric keys for admin post screen messages Plugins normal enhancement 02/11/15 4.1 has-patch
#31237 improve get_the_archive_title() with new filter Themes normal enhancement 02/05/15 4.1
#30789 wp_login_failed action hook should pass authentication errors Login and Registration normal enhancement 02/02/15 4.1 has-patch
#31211 New function for link-category intersection General normal enhancement 02/02/15 4.1
#31210 Problem with WP core function to get user dropdown Administration normal enhancement 02/02/15 4.1
#30902 Create new dashicons (4.2) Administration normal enhancement 02/02/15 4.1
#31192 Enable sorting of search results on "Add Plugins" admin page Plugins normal enhancement 01/31/15 4.1
#31102 Sort Filters on Plugins Plugins normal feature request 01/23/15 4.1
#31005 wp_send_json(): Filtering of $response prior to passing it to wp_json_encode(). General normal enhancement 01/19/15 4.1
#31002 Activate Notice if Plugin already Installed Plugins normal enhancement 01/16/15 4.1 has-patch
#30996 As a theme developer / user, I want to have the `current-cat` / `current-cat-parent` classes on the built-in Categories widget based on the current post Widgets normal enhancement 01/12/15 4.1
#30978 Meta Fails for Nav Menu Import normal enhancement 01/11/15 4.1
#30907 Rewrite Rules collision Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 01/05/15 4.1
#30845 the number of weeks in a given year Date/Time normal enhancement 12/26/14 4.1
#30844 full width video icon Administration normal enhancement 12/26/14 4.1
#30829 I want to add the list table views in edit-tags.php Taxonomy normal enhancement 12/23/14 4.1
#31479 Save custom color palette through refreshes Editor normal enhancement 02/27/15 trunk
#28633 Generate better random numbers Security major enhancement 02/27/15 trunk has-patch
#31004 Support srcset in avatars. General normal enhancement 02/26/15 trunk has-patch
#31377 Add optional blogname to wp_get_sites Networks and Sites normal enhancement 02/23/15 trunk
#31419 Vimeo and YouTube video cannot be inserted into a playlist Media normal enhancement 02/23/15 trunk
#31281 Register JavaScript/Underscore templates using the WP Dependency API Script Loader normal enhancement 02/22/15 trunk
#31218 nav-menu.js menu item added event Menus normal enhancement 02/20/15 trunk dev-feedback
#31154 register_post_type function does not check reserved post_types Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 02/17/15 trunk needs-patch
#31313 refactor is_email() tests to use separate data files and PHPUnit dataProvider General normal enhancement 02/12/15 trunk
#31292 Adding Dynamic Post Type Related Filters to `get_adjacent_post` Posts, Post Types normal feature request 02/11/15 trunk
#31278 Suggestion For Menus Menus normal feature request 02/10/15 trunk
#31206 Move AJAX action parameters out of the method body and into the declaration. General normal enhancement 02/03/15 trunk dev-feedback
#31126 wp_register_script() should return boolean success/failure value Script Loader minor enhancement 01/31/15 trunk needs-unit-tests
#31186 Get more info about the modified author General normal enhancement 01/30/15 trunk
#31108 test coverage for check_comment Comments normal enhancement 01/24/15 trunk has-patch
#31088 Post revisions in the customizer Revisions normal enhancement 01/22/15 trunk needs-patch
#31085 CPT selector to “Recent Posts” widget Widgets normal enhancement 01/21/15 trunk dev-feedback
#30976 When selecting multiple plugins and performing deactivate, keep selected for next bulk action (if any) Plugins minor enhancement 01/19/15 trunk dev-feedback
#31010 Frontend / Admin specifications for AJAX General normal enhancement 01/14/15 trunk
#30940 Extend delete actions arguments Posts, Post Types normal feature request 01/13/15 trunk has-patch
#30856 Automatically replace erroneous curly quotes with straight quotes in shortcodes Shortcodes normal enhancement 12/29/14 trunk has-patch
#30813 Add a function to create a single Google font url Script Loader normal enhancement 12/24/14 trunk
#30783 Support Microformats 2 General normal enhancement 12/22/14 trunk
#30797 New function for parent theme stylesheet uri Themes normal enhancement 12/20/14 trunk

Reporter Feedback / Close (27 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#31481 Alignment icons General normal feature request 03/03/15 reporter-feedback
#24152 Use JSON as alternative to headers Themes normal feature request 02/18/15 close
#20415 big tags formatted incorrectly in rss Formatting normal defect (bug) 01/17/15 needs-unit-tests
#30973 Add post type support for adjacent links Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 01/15/15 close
#27808 Tinymce violation of license term: source is only available as concatenation and not as prefered form of modification TinyMCE minor defect (bug) 01/11/15 close
#27038 Theme screenshot does not support SVG Themes normal feature request 12/08/14 close
#30180 wp_get_attachment_image_src does not return alt or meta Media normal defect (bug) 11/17/14 reporter-feedback
#28071 Selection lost when aligning image in a non empty paragraph TinyMCE normal defect (bug) 11/02/14 close
#19464 Auto add do_action for menu in admin Menus normal enhancement 10/28/14 close
#29798 unified theme and plugin uploader General normal feature request 10/11/14 close
#18778 Add filters to transform_query() to allow caching of queries created by this function. Taxonomy normal enhancement 10/11/14 needs-unit-tests
#29840 Use Moment.js to show dates Date/Time normal feature request 10/07/14 close
#23202 Enable is_page_template() within the Loop Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/01/14 reporter-feedback
#11048 Add new is_excerpt conditional tag Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 09/10/14 close
#28383 Adding have_the_post() as a shortcut to have_posts() and the_post() loops Query normal enhancement 07/07/14 close
#28424 XML-RPC endpoint doesn't enforce the admin scheme Security normal defect (bug) 06/09/14 close
#17525 There should be a datetime_format option to specify whether the date or the time comes first Date/Time normal feature request 06/04/14 close
#27056 Add hook for custom post.php actions Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 06/03/14 close
#21375 Add Filter for next_posts_link/prev_posts_link label Posts, Post Types minor feature request 04/25/14 close
#25548 Formfeed character in posts not being handled Charset normal defect (bug) 02/21/14 reporter-feedback
#6425 Support for RTL in feeds Feeds normal enhancement 02/21/14 close
#21791 Enhancement: locate_template() support for multiple file types (not just .php) Themes normal enhancement 02/17/14 close
#25148 Call wp_plugin_directory_constants before loading drop in files Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 01/19/14 close
#25671 get_theme_mods does not have a filter Themes normal enhancement 01/19/14 reporter-feedback
#25680 is_main_query() _doing_it_wrong() notice suggests using WP_Query statically Text Changes normal defect (bug) 12/27/13 close
#21729 Better logic for comments email notification Comments normal defect (bug) 11/21/13 close
#25765 Directory of users, listing with the role Users normal enhancement 10/30/13 close
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