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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#31788 WordPress Lost Your Password form Error Message Inaccuracies Login and Registration normal enhancement 01/07/2018 has-patch
#43019 Hook to validate post form data before save General normal enhancement 01/05/2018 ui/ux
#43010 Attribute Name Escape Formatting normal enhancement 01/02/2018 has-patch
#41451 Use pretty permalinks by default in the test suite Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 12/28/2017 needs-unit-tests
#42929 Indicate when a media file is selected as the video header Media normal enhancement 12/18/2017 needs-patch
#36177 default htaccess should include security measures Security normal enhancement 12/16/2017
#41520 Disable deprecated functions Bootstrap/Load normal enhancement 12/14/2017 dev-feedback
#30153 Integrate PHP_CodeSniffer into build/test tools to enforce coding standards on new patches Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 12/12/2017 needs-patch
#33381 Strategize the updating of minimum PHP version. jorbin General normal enhancement 12/11/2017 needs-codex
#42826 Change get_oembed_response_data to apply filters to title Embeds normal enhancement 12/07/2017 needs-patch
#30462 Test multiple MySQL versions on Travis Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 12/06/2017 needs-patch
#37463 Abstract Query Class Query normal enhancement 12/04/2017 has-patch
#39334 Network administrators should be able to enable themes on the site level Networks and Sites normal enhancement 12/03/2017 has-patch
#42668 Remove WordPress Importer tests from default test suite Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 11/29/2017
#42735 Add missing periods to some error messages Text Changes normal enhancement 11/28/2017 has-patch
#23253 Lack of a do_settings_section (singular) function Plugins normal enhancement 11/28/2017 needs-patch
#42712 Enhance wp revisions to keep with expiration date for the revisions Revisions normal feature request 11/28/2017
#42711 Support for symlinked themes in the themes folder Themes normal enhancement 11/27/2017
#39711 Allow network administrator to network activate/deactivate/delete a plugin on sub site plugin list table Networks and Sites normal enhancement 11/22/2017 has-patch
#39123 Allow usernames to be changed by administrators Users normal enhancement 11/21/2017 needs-unit-tests
#38061 Rename the text window name on the editor afercia Editor normal enhancement 11/21/2017 has-patch
#42448 Add 'upgrader_pre_unpack' hook Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/19/2017 has-patch
#29118 Registering rewrite rules is hard, so let's introduce remove_rewrite_rule. Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 11/19/2017 has-patch
#42550 Make wp_upload_dir respect URL scheme General normal enhancement 11/15/2017
#42536 Smoothen Plugin Updates Plugins normal enhancement 11/15/2017
#42511 register_activation_hook with MultiSite General normal feature request 11/11/2017
#29795 Set JPEG quality for individual image_size Media normal enhancement 11/10/2017 dev-feedback
#42496 Add CSSTidy in WP General normal feature request 11/09/2017
#42487 Avoid redundant crops for all Customizer media controls. Media normal enhancement 11/09/2017 needs-unit-tests
#38946 WP_Upgrader: Protection against deleting files in destination directory Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 11/07/2017 has-patch
#24689 Improve error wp-admin page chriscct7 Administration normal enhancement 11/06/2017 ui/ux
#42432 Upload image without cropping Media normal feature request 11/03/2017
#42417 Ability to reset site in Network Networks and Sites normal feature request 11/02/2017
#42376 Beta Download/Install capabilities with Plugins & Themes Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/30/2017
#42324 Extending the use of the Text widget by adding heading drop down and alignment icons. Widgets normal enhancement 10/30/2017
#35416 List children pages of another (in dashboard) Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/29/2017
#39748 Function to insert or update DB value Database normal enhancement 10/29/2017
#42336 Language suggestion when no plugins installed Text Changes normal enhancement 10/25/2017 dev-feedback
#38265 Add term_relationship_id column to wp_term_relationships Taxonomy normal feature request 10/25/2017 dev-feedback
#42334 Enter/Escape keys don't have an affect in the locked content modal Editor normal enhancement 10/25/2017 ui/ux
#37051 New filter `wp_page_path_sql` Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/24/2017 has-patch
#40842 Adding template filters Themes normal enhancement 10/23/2017 needs-codex
#38160 Attachment template hierarchy selects generic attachment.php before specific post type templates Themes normal enhancement 10/21/2017 needs-unit-tests
#42291 Filename "update-core.php" and Heading "WordPress Update" somehow misleading Text Changes normal enhancement 10/20/2017
#42269 i18n: Unify permission error messages for content import/export Text Changes normal enhancement 10/19/2017 has-patch
#42218 General Settings: Description of Email address should be Email Address instead of just Address. Administration normal enhancement 10/16/2017 dev-feedback
#40403 Media: Allow disabling of auto-save for attachment changes in Media Library Media normal enhancement 10/16/2017
#41544 $id_or_email parameter in get_avatar filter needs to be more concrete Users normal enhancement 10/14/2017 dev-feedback
#24044 Add index to wp_options to aid/improve performance Options, Meta APIs major enhancement 10/13/2017 has-patch
#41970 Removed unused variable. Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/13/2017 has-patch
#34308 The _n*() functions don't cater for a string that represents exactly one item I18N normal enhancement 10/11/2017 dev-feedback
#36612 Add Ratings into the Add New Theme page Upgrade/Install normal enhancement 10/10/2017 ui/ux
#42086 Option to view condensed diffs for post revisions Revisions normal feature request 10/04/2017 needs-patch
#42076 Allow the external HTTP tests to run internally Build/Test Tools normal enhancement 10/03/2017 needs-unit-tests
#42070 Remove networks_have_paths cache key Networks and Sites normal enhancement 10/03/2017
#20947 feature request: one-click update for core, themes and plugins (all in one) Upgrade/Install normal feature request 10/03/2017 ui/ux
#42066 List tables: consider a new method to generate the views links markup Administration normal enhancement 10/02/2017
#42033 Allow automatic installation and updates for drop-in plugins Plugins normal enhancement 09/29/2017 dev-feedback
#38800 add WP_ADMIN_URL and WP_INCLUDES_URL constants Script Loader normal enhancement 09/29/2017
#42012 Do not switch roles and capabilities when accessing options through `*_blog_option()` Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 09/27/2017 dev-feedback
#37057 Creation of an esc_html functions for _n(), _nx(), _ex(), and number_format_i18n() I18N normal feature request 09/27/2017 dev-feedback
#41992 Multiple items in WP_Customize_Media_Control Customize normal enhancement 09/26/2017
#30188 Introduce utility functions to check constants chriscct7 Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 09/22/2017 dev-feedback
#41907 WordPress-Importer Assign all entries to one 'local' user Import normal enhancement 09/20/2017 ui/ux
#41921 add esc_html before the admin title display Administration normal enhancement 09/20/2017 has-patch
#41910 Update plugin/theme maintenance message General normal enhancement 09/18/2017
#41675 Add filter to bypass display/query for Media Months filter in media modal joemcgill Media normal enhancement 09/15/2017 needs-patch
#41709 Make plugin install deep-linking easier Plugins normal feature request 09/15/2017
#41804 Combine and Relocate Editor Menu Link Editor normal enhancement 09/14/2017
#37757 Add `allowed_classes` to `maybe_unserialize` When WordPress is running on PHP 7+ Security normal enhancement 09/13/2017 has-patch
#24776 Need Filter Hooks on Creating Slug - Check Availability of Slug if That is Used for Post, Page, Taxonomy or any Plugin Permalinks normal feature request 09/13/2017 dev-feedback
#41792 Suggested Enhancement to WordPress' Handling of Authors and Author URL's Themes normal enhancement 09/06/2017 dev-feedback
#41797 max_num_pages for WP_User_Query Query normal enhancement 09/05/2017 has-patch
#41769 Custom function to display all values of a custom field (meta_key) Options, Meta APIs normal feature request 09/01/2017
#41775 REST API: Add filter to allow creation of custom comment type REST API normal enhancement 09/01/2017
#36475 Responsive images in TinyMCE TinyMCE normal enhancement 08/31/2017
#41760 wp_list_comments callback params Comments normal enhancement 08/31/2017 dev-feedback
#41740 Add comment count to "replies" link in post responses REST API normal enhancement 08/28/2017
#34712 New filter: `reset_password_url` Login and Registration normal enhancement 08/27/2017 has-patch
#31387 New core API for adding Meta tags to the header swissspidy General normal enhancement 08/24/2017 dev-feedback
#41674 More granular capabilities for restoring and permanently deleting trashed posts Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 08/19/2017 needs-unit-tests
#37079 Add new filter pre_wp_get_nav_menu_items Menus normal enhancement 08/17/2017 has-patch
#41655 Enable dead_db() to be trappable always. Database normal enhancement 08/17/2017 has-patch
#36420 A more forgiving redirect guesser Canonical normal enhancement 08/16/2017 dev-feedback
#41564 Search for hyphenated post templates for post types with underscores Posts, Post Types normal feature request 08/13/2017 dev-feedback
#38361 Ability to dismiss notifications in the media modal Media normal enhancement 08/10/2017 needs-patch
#38920 Use REST API for link query in editor Editor normal enhancement 08/09/2017
#41249 Improve the "collapse menu" interface General normal enhancement 08/08/2017
#17913 Site-level comment options may override individual post settings. Improve help/docs. Comments normal enhancement 08/07/2017 ui/ux
#25123 The 'Revisions' post meta box should scroll adamsilverstein Revisions normal enhancement 08/07/2017 ui/ux
#41570 Multisite Global Media Settings Media normal enhancement 08/07/2017
#37930 Introduce a general `pre_option` filter in `get_option()` Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 08/06/2017 has-patch
#41574 Add filter: wp_get_attachment_link_attributes Media normal enhancement 08/06/2017 has-patch
#40661 WP_Term_Query->parse_query() needs filter like 'get_terms' Taxonomy normal enhancement 08/04/2017 needs-unit-tests
#41560 WP_Filesystem_FTPext class documentation updates Filesystem API normal enhancement 08/04/2017 needs-patch
#19859 "Bulk Edit" Missing The Ability To Edit Tags gavinwye* Quick/Bulk Edit normal enhancement 07/31/2017 ui/ux
#37420 Enable TinyMCE for attachment descriptions Media normal enhancement 07/28/2017 dev-feedback
#28006 Add visual cues when viewing drafts on the frontend Posts, Post Types normal feature request 07/26/2017 ui/ux
#39599 Customizer: when no title on page it adds weird content in navigation link Customize normal enhancement 07/26/2017 has-patch
#37699 Death to Globals Episode #1: A Registry, A Pattern General normal enhancement 07/25/2017
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