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#25123 The 'Revisions' post meta box should scroll adamsilverstein Revisions normal enhancement 02/11/15 dev-feedback
#24705 wp_link_pages() does not showing active current element Posts, Post Types major enhancement 02/10/15 2.2 dev-feedback
#31206 Move AJAX action parameters out of the method body and into the declaration. General normal enhancement 02/03/15 4.2 dev-feedback
#22364 Add Theme Location Arg to Custom Menu Widget Menus normal enhancement 02/03/15 dev-feedback
#22884 What if I delete wp_posts table from database. Database normal enhancement 01/25/15 3.5 dev-feedback
#29786 read_post_meta should be a meta capability Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 01/23/15 dev-feedback
#31085 CPT selector to “Recent Posts” widget Widgets normal enhancement 01/21/15 4.2 dev-feedback
#29009 There should be a capability for "publish private posts" Role/Capability normal enhancement 01/12/15 3.9.1 dev-feedback
#30798 Ideas for improvements to to wp_die() usages General normal enhancement 01/08/15 dev-feedback
#29829 Handling other HTTP header returns, rather than solely 404. Query normal feature request 12/05/14 dev-feedback
#21256 New theme feature - add_theme_support( 'content-width', $defaults ) Themes normal feature request 12/02/14 3.4.1 dev-feedback
#20558 allow wp_localize_script data to be added to existing objects Script Loader normal enhancement 11/04/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#30177 Eliminate deprecated pointers Administration normal enhancement 10/30/14 dev-feedback
#30188 Introduce utility functions to check constants General normal enhancement 10/30/14 dev-feedback
#18816 Add 'offset' parameter and 'ancestral' boolean to wp_nav_menu Menus normal enhancement 10/17/14 dev-feedback
#17619 Soft 404 at /wp-content/plugins/ General normal enhancement 10/11/14 dev-feedback
#28463 Need core concept of the first publication of a post/comment. Posts, Post Types normal feature request 10/11/14 dev-feedback
#18385 Canonical redirections not suited for Queries with multiple query vars and "pretty permalinks" in general Canonical normal enhancement 10/10/14 3.2 dev-feedback
#23207 Add $labels argument to register_post_status() Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/05/14 dev-feedback
#28956 Moving taxonomy metabox Taxonomy normal enhancement 10/04/14 dev-feedback
#29831 Introduce is_blog_index() and is_homepage() to replace/deprecate is_home() and is_front_page() Query normal enhancement 10/02/14 dev-feedback
#27786 Suggested x Default images for header I18N trivial enhancement 09/29/14 3.9 dev-feedback
#19902 blog_url() and get_blog_url() template tags Permalinks normal feature request 09/15/14 3.3.1 dev-feedback
#29618 Improve `is_child_theme` to check for a valid Template value in child stylesheet comment header Themes normal enhancement 09/12/14 dev-feedback
#29619 Make WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL more easy to use HTTP API normal enhancement 09/10/14 2.8 dev-feedback
#27425 Templates For Posts Formats Post Formats normal enhancement 09/01/14 dev-feedback
#28988 Detect Time Zones automatically at installation Date/Time normal enhancement 08/27/14 dev-feedback
#19647 Use add_node() instead of add_menu() in core Toolbar minor enhancement 07/11/14 3.3 dev-feedback
#28615 Display more columns of widgets on widgets.php page if resolution size is very large Widgets trivial enhancement 07/02/14 3.9.1 dev-feedback
#19872 Add Hook/Filter to image_resize_dimensions in media.php Media normal enhancement 06/27/14 3.3.1 dev-feedback
#26474 Add Filter to Username/Password Fields on Login Form? Login and Registration normal enhancement 06/27/14 3.8 dev-feedback
#27994 Erroneous plugin deactivation should be a manual action Plugins normal enhancement 05/28/14 2.5 dev-feedback
#34761 Posts screen: Improve the "filter by status" links description in the Help tab Administration normal enhancement 11/25/15 4.3
#34789 Timezone Option Terminology Improvement Text Changes normal enhancement 11/25/15
#34786 Only Superadmin in WP multisite can embed YouTube and Facebook videos TinyMCE normal enhancement 11/25/15
#34776 Introduced the `$site_root` and `$home_root` parameter in `mod_rewrite_rules` Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 11/24/15
#34770 Add ability to put term meta UX/UI anywhere on term edit screen Taxonomy normal feature request 11/23/15 trunk
#34765 Introduced the `$media` parameter in style_loader_tag Script Loader normal enhancement 11/22/15
#31281 Register JavaScript/Underscore templates using the WP Dependency API Script Loader normal enhancement 11/20/15
#34752 Confirmation for bulk delete on tax terms Taxonomy normal enhancement 11/20/15 trunk
#34739 New filters to extend Add New Site Network Screen (wp-admin/network/site-new.php) Networks and Sites normal feature request 11/19/15 trunk
#34667 Use RTL Plugin banners when appropriate Plugins normal enhancement 11/19/15
#33746 Widgets in Customizer: Accessibillity for Reorder Customize normal enhancement 11/18/15 4.3
#34727 WordPress News Dashboard Widget should open in new tab Administration normal enhancement 11/18/15
#34719 Breadcrumb in admin panel Administration normal enhancement 11/18/15
#33841 WP_Dropdown_Categories: Parent Category Optgroups Taxonomy normal enhancement 11/18/15 trunk
#34669 Custom back_link in wp_die and provide a filter General normal enhancement 11/17/15 trunk
#34706 Introduce an edit_post_{$post->post_type} action Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 11/17/15 trunk
#34677 Inline comments for remove_accents() Formatting normal enhancement 11/16/15 trunk
#34699 New function: `get_query_arg()` General normal enhancement 11/16/15
#28367 Video upload failure is a dead end Upload normal enhancement 11/16/15 3.9.1
#34609 Image URLs should be hostnameless and methodless by default Media normal feature request 11/15/15
#34690 when user login is required to comment, there should be a link to registration Comments normal enhancement 11/15/15
#34507 New action `before_login_form` Login and Registration normal enhancement 11/14/15
#34676 Optimize bulk plugin updates Plugins normal enhancement 11/13/15 trunk
#34675 Introduce action hooks inside of do_meta_boxes() Options, Meta APIs normal feature request 11/13/15
#34656 the_archive_description doesn't display the custom post type description Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 11/11/15 4.3.1
#34648 Requesting easier handling / replacing of menu items Menus normal feature request 11/10/15 trunk
#34641 Inline menu item editing in backend Menus normal feature request 11/10/15
#32313 Image upscale as Media's settings option Media normal enhancement 11/09/15 4.3
#34638 New function for retrieving previous and next adjacent image General normal feature request 11/09/15 trunk
#34631 Extra compat for mbstring: mb_strpos() Charset normal enhancement 11/09/15 trunk
#34615 Make it possible to disable a user account Users normal feature request 11/08/15
#32143 wpLink function getAttrs() missing link-text Editor normal enhancement 11/07/15 4.2
#34610 Unify Add plugin with Add theme Plugins normal enhancement 11/06/15 trunk
#31924 Use add_theme_support( 'more-tag' ) to control display of More Tag button in TinyMCE Themes normal enhancement 11/06/15
#34371 Allow Filtering of TinyMCE charmap / Special Characters TinyMCE normal feature request 11/05/15
#34590 Add an complementary method to wp_localize_script for non i18n related vars Script Loader normal feature request 11/05/15 trunk
#27177 Child themes should inherit parent theme customizer settings on activation / switching Customize normal enhancement 11/04/15 3.8
#27159 Removing TinyMCE buttons to improve user experience TinyMCE normal enhancement 11/04/15 3.8
#34584 Editor/TinyMCE - Enhance Blockquote Functionality to Allow Citations Editor normal enhancement 11/04/15
#34569 General purpose plugin uninstall hook Plugins normal enhancement 11/04/15 4.3.1
#34517 Relocate "Not Spam | Delete Permanently"...etc in Comments administration page Comments normal enhancement 11/04/15 4.3.1
#33852 robots noindex, nofollow for wp_die() General normal enhancement 11/04/15 4.3
#34552 Remove default post format setting Post Formats normal enhancement 11/02/15
#34546 Change in function `get_post_field` Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 11/01/15
#34545 'parent_item' taxonomy label should be used in tag edit form Taxonomy normal enhancement 11/01/15 4.3.1
#34485 Site Icon feature should be usable to users with "edit_theme_options" cap obenland Customize normal enhancement 10/29/15 4.3
#34478 Show Theme URI value in admin Themes normal enhancement 10/29/15 4.3.1
#34466 wp_register_form, wp_lost_password_form function Login and Registration normal feature request 10/27/15 trunk
#34455 Additional Filters for Press This Press This normal feature request 10/26/15 4.3.1
#33003 making simplepie class resistant to leading whitespace feed issues rmccue External Libraries normal enhancement 10/26/15 4.2.2
#34442 How to target only the get_comments() query in comment_template() Comments normal enhancement 10/26/15 4.3.1
#34428 New function `has_archive_post_type()` Posts, Post Types normal enhancement 10/24/15
#34420 Add Trackback Validation in Core Pings/Trackbacks normal feature request 10/23/15
#34396 Gallery shortcode : make image captions relative to the current gallery Gallery normal enhancement 10/22/15 3.5
#34383 Feature Request - Add ID field and function to dynamically generate image IDs for images in the Media Library Media normal feature request 10/21/15 4.3.1
#34385 Missing site_url path results in array to string conversion Rewrite Rules normal enhancement 10/21/15 4.3.1
#33899 Change get_current_site to get_current_network Networks and Sites normal enhancement 10/20/15 3.0
#33900 introduce get_current_network_id helper function Networks and Sites normal enhancement 10/20/15 trunk
#34365 View mode is not sticky for users/sites Administration normal enhancement 10/20/15
#29748 Mark strings for screen readers I18N normal enhancement 10/16/15
#34324 Tag picker for attachments Media normal enhancement 10/16/15 4.3.1
#34309 New function: `add_multiple_actions()` and `add_multiple_filters()` Plugins normal enhancement 10/16/15
#32558 More compact handling of the filter bar on small screens General normal enhancement 10/15/15
#33884 Move meta functions to their own files Options, Meta APIs normal enhancement 10/12/15 trunk
#26072 Bundle the Open Sans font Administration major task (blessed) 10/12/15 3.8
#18850 hidden admin page Administration normal enhancement 10/12/15
#34211 Ability to specify fields WP_Query can search Query normal enhancement 10/11/15 trunk
#34233 There is not a body class filter within the customizer. Customize normal enhancement 10/10/15 3.4
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