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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#42069 Saving metadata fails (randomly) if equal value already exists REST API normal defect (bug) 02/15/18 4.8.2 has-patch
#42810 Updating metadata via the REST API fails when sanitized values match existing values REST API normal defect (bug) 02/15/18 4.7 has-patch
#43267 Admin editor "Insert link" modal on mobile seems to have incorrect styling Editor normal defect (bug) 02/14/18 4.8.3 has-patch
#43028 Remove numbers before month in dropdown, it makes user confused when drowdown is not opened Date/Time normal defect (bug) 02/09/18 3.3 has-patch
#41314 If the required fields are not set on user profile's save, every field's value will be dropped jackjohansson Users normal defect (bug) 02/08/18 4.8 has-patch
#39108 Media: can't leave an image "untitled" from the "Edit Media" menu junaidkbr Media normal defect (bug) 02/08/18 4.6.1 has-patch
#35968 wp_reschedule_event timestamp overridden when set in the future DrewAPicture Cron API normal defect (bug) 02/08/18 4.4.2 has-patch
#34634 Empty PHP_SELF causes 404 pages to load front page with 200 status code Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 02/01/18 2.0 has-patch
#42794 Can't upload new media files when multiple media dialogues are present on a single page Media normal defect (bug) 01/19/18 3.7.19 has-patch
#40613 Add query cache to WP_User_Query class Users normal defect (bug) 01/09/18 3.1 has-patch
#39521 media_handle_sideload does not initialize the caption/excerpt value Media normal defect (bug) 01/04/18 2.6 has-patch
#37305 Custom Logo: output invalid according to the W3C Themes normal defect (bug) 12/05/17 4.5 has-patch
#42718 Video shortcode needs muted attribute for Autoplay to work with Safari 11.0.1+ Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 11/28/17 3.6 has-patch
#42522 Terms are uselessly counted when saving a post Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 11/13/17 3.3 has-patch
#35959 Functon 'wp_generate_attachment_metadata(...)' silently swallowing errors from 'wp_get_image_editor(...)'. Media normal defect (bug) 11/12/17 3.5 has-patch
#42474 bulk_edit_posts should honor the show_in_quick_edit property of taxonomies Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 11/08/17 4.2 has-patch
#42389 Wrong password on confirmation page after manual activation of additional sub sites Networks and Sites normal defect (bug) 10/31/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#34088 Add delay to admin menu arrow's disappearance Administration normal defect (bug) 10/30/17 4.3.1 has-patch
#42201 Admin Sidebar Text length Issue Administration normal defect (bug) 10/25/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#42075 Do not show default image on using WP_Customize_Cropped_Image_Control. Customize normal defect (bug) 10/24/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#42238 Notice when Rest Comments controler is checking permision for a non existent post type REST API normal defect (bug) 10/20/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#42209 register_taxonomy with a non-sequential array index of post_types causes /wp-json/wp/v2/taxonomies to return an object not an array REST API normal defect (bug) 10/20/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#39992 Bug in get_the_content Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/11/17 4.7.2 has-patch
#42182 esc_js must escape U+2028 and U+2029 Formatting normal defect (bug) 10/11/17 4.8 has-patch
#40293 Comment template - warning Comments normal defect (bug) 10/11/17 4.8 has-patch
#42146 Admin side menu id not displaying proper when name is long Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/08/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#42008 Show warning that usernames can't be changed Upgrade/Install minor defect (bug) 09/29/17 4.8.2 has-patch
#22101 Gallery shortcode with link="file" is not linking the file in the RSS feed iworks Feeds normal defect (bug) 09/28/17 3.4.2 has-patch
#41882 Walker_CategoryDropdown does not wrap options inside HTML select element with wp_list_categories Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 09/14/17 4.8.1 has-patch
#41846 Avoid PHP notice in get_comment_reply_link() for null comment Comments normal defect (bug) 09/10/17 2.7 has-patch
#41837 WP_User_Query can generate negative offset in the LIMIT clause Users normal defect (bug) 09/08/17 4.4 has-patch
#41745 Uncaught Error in get_query_var when $wp_query is null Query normal defect (bug) 09/05/17 4.8.1 has-patch
#41531 problem with wpautop Formatting normal defect (bug) 09/03/17 4.8 has-patch
#41594 Edit tag form limited to 800px width Taxonomy normal defect (bug) 09/03/17 4.8.1 has-patch
#41736 validate_file function will always return error for file paths in windows dev environments Plugins normal defect (bug) 08/30/17 4.8 has-patch
#38486 current_page_parent class wrongly added to menu item Menus normal defect (bug) 08/29/17 4.6.1 has-patch
#41148 Test for ticket 39875 can throw PHP error Media normal defect (bug) 08/28/17 4.8 has-patch
#38221 Incorrect page id/name search blocks future searches tomdude Media normal defect (bug) 08/27/17 4.4.2 has-patch
#40614 REST API: String argument for rest_do_request/rest_ensure_request does not work as expected. REST API normal defect (bug) 08/25/17 4.4 has-patch
#41725 User Search Box disappears if searched with 0 (zero) Users normal defect (bug) 08/25/17 4.8.1 has-patch
#41696 Content-Disposition header is blocked by CORS REST API minor defect (bug) 08/22/17 4.7 has-patch
#36184 Eternal loop under certain conditions Filesystem API normal defect (bug) 08/21/17 4.4.2 has-patch
#40784 WP_HTTP_IXR_Client constructor needs to check that $server is valid HTTP API normal defect (bug) 08/04/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#40338 Twenty Seventeen: Layout broken and JS error in `wp-activate.php` Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 07/22/17 4.7 has-patch
#39196 When saving large menus the JSON encoded string was not used. related to #14134 Menus normal defect (bug) 07/05/17 4.5 has-patch
#41180 ABSPATH definition - incorrect on chrooted vhost Bootstrap/Load normal defect (bug) 07/01/17 4.8 has-patch
#40572 .htaccess has incorrect permissions after installation rcutmore Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 06/26/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#40701 Admin menu icon distorted in Chrome when #adminmenu folded Administration normal defect (bug) 06/22/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#37790 Post editing sidebar does not always act sticky Editor normal defect (bug) 06/21/17 4.6 has-patch
#41097 Incorrect parsing of Forwarded header generates warnings Administration normal defect (bug) 06/19/17 4.8 has-patch
#41024 File uploader looks misaligned in Mac Chrome Plugins normal defect (bug) 06/14/17 4.8 has-patch
#27896 wordpress-importer's lack of understanding of XML Namespaces causing compatibility issues Import normal defect (bug) 06/13/17 3.9 has-patch
#40540 Drag and drop of images with captions sometimes works Editor normal defect (bug) 06/02/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#39812 Twenty Sixteen subscript and superscript inverted in editor Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 05/30/17 4.7.2 has-patch
#20944 Changing plugin filename causes Fatal error on automatic activation after update Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 05/29/17 3.3 has-patch
#28053 Fields with same name added to new media modal using 'attachment_fields_to_edit' do not pass as an array when saving. joemcgill Media normal defect (bug) 05/24/17 3.5 has-patch
#40630 Advanced meta compare "like" in WP_Query Query normal defect (bug) 05/16/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#40768 site.com/login should not redirect to login page when user is already logged in Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 05/15/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#40528 Title with ascii paragraph separator is not being filtered on post save Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/23/17 4.7.4 has-patch
#40401 Value of data-colname in wp-list-table is not escaped Administration normal defect (bug) 04/10/17 4.3 has-patch
#37264 Please do not chmod 666 the wp-config.php file on installation. Security normal defect (bug) 04/07/17 1.0 has-patch
#29117 Custom Field metabox shows table header information even though it has no data to show. Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 04/07/17 2.9 has-patch
#40369 Mail server settings page (options-writing.php) has no validation Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 04/05/17 4.7.3 has-patch
#40333 TwentySeventeen: customize-controls.js passes unused jQuery argument to an IIFE that accepts no arguments Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 04/01/17 4.7 has-patch
#40164 Apace HTTP 414 error on deleting comments in bulk Comments normal defect (bug) 03/15/17 4.7.3 has-patch
#40115 Duplicate Custom Fields are created Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 03/15/17 4.7.3 has-patch
#40144 Media: Unable to selectively opt for MediaElement.js for just audio or video shortcodes Media normal defect (bug) 03/13/17 3.6 has-patch
#38931 `update_option()` race condition with non-autoloaded options Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 03/08/17 3.7 has-patch
#36183 Twenty Fourteen: Incompatibility with Right-To-Left (RTL) webpages AND the default video player Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 03/02/17 4.4.2 has-patch
#19173 Issues with wp_editor() when used inside of a meta box. azaozz Editor normal defect (bug) 02/19/17 3.3 has-patch
#25333 Can't remove theme support for certain custom header arguments Customize normal defect (bug) 02/14/17 3.4 has-patch
#37645 Changes made to certain is_*() functions generates PHP Notices when arrays or objects are present General normal defect (bug) 02/08/17 4.5 has-patch
#30495 Unicode character U+000B is not removed by sanitize_file_name Formatting normal defect (bug) 02/05/17 4.0.1 has-patch
#25769 import vs DISALLOW_FILE_MODS Import normal defect (bug) 02/05/17 3.7.1 has-patch
#39542 wp_kses() et al. $allowed_html parameter not documented as accepting string values Security normal defect (bug) 01/14/17 3.5 has-patch
#25547 ”tag suggest box” does not disappear on ”inline edit” Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 01/14/17 3.8 has-patch
#39532 Media library's delete permanently does not work correctly from Trash in bulk mode Media normal defect (bug) 01/12/17 4.7 has-patch
#39547 options-permalink.php throws incorrect "You should update..." notice on multisite Permalinks normal defect (bug) 01/11/17 4.6 has-patch
#39311 New user activation welcome page links to the wrong site Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 01/01/17 4.7 has-patch
#39428 Die fast in get_posts if get_user_by returns false Query normal defect (bug) 12/30/16 4.7 has-patch
#37672 wpautop adds a closing p-tag without an opening p-tag Formatting normal defect (bug) 12/27/16 4.5.3 has-patch
#31405 upgrade.php fails with mixed HTTPS (SSL) and simple HTTP sites Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 12/22/16 3.0 has-patch
#37665 Font Natively: Google maps can change the active font General normal defect (bug) 12/14/16 4.6 has-patch
#39140 Taxonomies - operator AND doesn't work properly for taxonomy hierarchies Query normal defect (bug) 12/07/16 4.6.1 has-patch
#38744 Can't login with email address that contains an apostrophe Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 12/02/16 4.6.1 has-patch
#32856 wpColorPicker close should check that iris hasn't been destroyed before toggling it. General normal defect (bug) 11/26/16 4.2.2 has-patch
#29063 function current_time( $type, $gmt = 0 ) don't return GMT if 'Y-m-d H:i:s' is pass as type chriscct7 Date/Time normal defect (bug) 11/25/16 3.8 has-patch
#37440 current_time function outputs local time when it should output GMT time Date/Time normal defect (bug) 11/25/16 4.5.3 has-patch
#38062 SELECT DISTINCT ... ORDER BY ... Query normal defect (bug) 11/21/16 4.6 has-patch
#38435 Wrong documentation for wp_insert_post General normal defect (bug) 11/21/16 4.2 has-patch
#38721 Remove introduced uses of unescaped HTML from function/parameter/hook descriptions. DrewAPicture* General trivial defect (bug) 11/11/16 4.6.1 has-patch
#37820 wp_remote_get referrer not being sent correctly HTTP API normal defect (bug) 11/07/16 4.6 has-patch
#27421 Escape madness in meta API Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 11/01/16 3.8.1 has-patch
#32918 _wp_menu_item_classes_by_context does not generate "current-menu-ancestor" class when the menu structure was changed by e.g. a plugin Menus normal defect (bug) 10/11/16 4.2.2 has-patch
#34839 Wrong attribution of current_page_parent for menus when on single/archive CPT Menus normal defect (bug) 10/11/16 3.0 has-patch
#38192 Linking directly into Edit Image mode breaks cropping; imageEdit.init not triggered. Media normal defect (bug) 09/30/16 4.6.1 has-patch
#30401 Media Library Crashes Browser Frequently Media normal defect (bug) 09/27/16 4.0 has-patch
#36931 wp_upload_dir caches calls with default arguments separately from their explicit equivalent Media normal defect (bug) 09/15/16 4.5 has-patch
#32237 Default query args are ignored in menu editor's taxonomy metaboxes Menus normal defect (bug) 09/12/16 4.2.1 has-patch
#17010 Inconsistent handling of HTTP response codes HTTP API normal defect (bug) 08/28/16 3.1 has-patch
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