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Ticket Summary Owner Component Severity Type Modified Version Workflow
#37893 Implementation of is_registered_sidebar() doesn't match its documented signature welcher Widgets normal defect (bug) 05/23/2017 4.4 needs-patch
#40398 Twenty Eleven: Searchform collides with menu on small screens Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 04/12/2017 4.7.3 needs-patch
#10947 Problem on import <embed> codes on mt.php script Edgar Gabaldi Import normal defect (bug) 04/03/2017 2.8.4 needs-patch
#40233 Password policy is not applied to new registrations Login and Registration normal defect (bug) 03/22/2017 4.3 needs-patch
#40204 Pasting a URL over a shortcode attribute shouldn't produce a link Editor normal defect (bug) 03/20/2017 4.3 needs-patch
#39382 Skipping term cache cleaning when cache invalidation is suspended Cache API normal defect (bug) 03/17/2017 4.3 needs-patch
#34683 Default .htaccess config creates rewrite infinite loops for path-based multisite installations Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 03/09/2017 4.3.1 needs-patch
#39472 Code tag still parses embeds Embeds normal defect (bug) 02/20/2017 4.7 needs-patch
#39838 Twenty Fifteen: Use wp_enqueue_script() for html5.js Bundled Theme normal defect (bug) 02/12/2017 4.2 needs-patch
#30402 WordPress does not respect the bit-depth of the original image when resizing Media normal defect (bug) 01/03/2017 3.9.2 needs-patch
#37758 The Link Checker tool does not detect some links Editor normal defect (bug) 12/11/2016 4.6 needs-patch
#16808 Insufficient permissions for custom post type management and custom role/caps Role/Capability normal defect (bug) 11/28/2016 3.1 needs-patch
#26050 Continual Admin Page POST (HeartBeats?) Can Cause SQL Connection Issues Administration normal defect (bug) 11/21/2016 3.6 needs-patch
#15386 WP_List_Table::get_columns does not work for plugins scribu General major defect (bug) 11/20/2016 3.1 needs-patch
#34335 URL shorteners ( redirects) should to be supported by the embed handling for couple of hops swissspidy Embeds normal defect (bug) 09/24/2016 2.9 needs-patch
#37978 Warning: posix_getpwuid() has been disabled for security reasons Filesystem API normal defect (bug) 09/13/2016 4.6.1 needs-patch
#37829 Problem when adding a link and searching published articles Editor normal defect (bug) 08/25/2016 4.6 needs-patch
#33972 static use of PHPMailer class results in stale state between calls to wp_mail() Mail normal defect (bug) 08/19/2016 4.3 needs-patch
#37582 long page title issue in drop down list setting>reading page General normal defect (bug) 08/14/2016 4.5.3 needs-patch
#26588 Dashboard menu in iPhone 4S / iOS7 Administration normal defect (bug) 07/04/2016 3.8 needs-patch
#36288 Bug Found when you update plugins... Plugins normal defect (bug) 06/26/2016 4.4.2 needs-patch
#36840 Link widget sort of recognizes email addresses Editor normal defect (bug) 06/12/2016 4.5.2 needs-patch
#33426 Visual bug in IE 9 Media Gallery Media major defect (bug) 06/01/2016 4.3 needs-patch
#16832 Trouble if the slug of a custom taxonomy is the same as the url of page/post Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 05/24/2016 3.1 needs-patch
#27914 Information about image is jumping in media modal Media normal defect (bug) 05/05/2016 3.5 needs-patch
#36756 blockquote on embedded core post link disables rendering on frontend Editor normal defect (bug) 05/05/2016 4.4 needs-patch
#28454 Inconsistent front page option behavior Options, Meta APIs normal defect (bug) 05/01/2016 3.4 needs-patch
#23243 wp_mail() not working with "Name <email>" format in buggy PHP versions on Windows Mail minor defect (bug) 04/16/2016 3.5 needs-patch
#36444 Site Icon: Previews for Transparent PNGs can appear blank. Customize normal defect (bug) 04/07/2016 4.3 needs-patch
#23909 Widgets settings loaded and instances registered unnecessarily Widgets normal defect (bug) 03/09/2016 3.5.1 needs-patch
#35847 Issue with blog roll pagination on static frontpage Canonical major defect (bug) 02/22/2016 4.4.2 needs-patch
#35794 redirect_canonical doesn't strip off custom feed endings Canonical normal defect (bug) 02/10/2016 3.9 needs-patch
#35792 tags cannot be added to post when using armenian language interface azaozz Administration normal defect (bug) 02/10/2016 3.4 needs-patch
#35216 Return empty string from wp.shortcode.replace() callback is ignored Shortcodes normal defect (bug) 01/29/2016 3.5 needs-patch
#24545 Fix Admin Layout When Displaying Errors Administration normal defect (bug) 12/18/2015 3.2 needs-patch
#31200 wp_redirect Missing Body - Causes Performance Issues General normal defect (bug) 12/12/2015 4.1 needs-patch
#28017 Slug conflict with hierarchical Custom Post Types Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.9 needs-patch
#28139 WP MU legacy problems: missing database tables Database normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.0 needs-patch
#28300 Two issues in the code for auto-uploading to subfolders Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.9.1 needs-patch
#17061 media_sideload_image() allows upload of 301-redirected non-images chriscct7* Media normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.1.1 needs-patch
#24888 In image editor, cropping scale gets applied off by 0.4% Media normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#24026 No /themes/ folder causes strange behaviour Themes normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.1 needs-patch
#28747 $.wpColorPicker cannot duplicate elements Widgets normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.9.1 needs-patch
#27019 Redirect by page slug does not work in permalink structure /%category%/%postname%/ Permalinks normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.8.1 needs-patch
#28288 New Post overwriting a previously published post Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 2.5 needs-patch
#29066 Grunt clean:dynamic task does not delete file/s from /build during grunt watch task Build/Test Tools minor defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.7 needs-patch
#29051 get_raw_theme_root : Windows paths Themes critical defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.9.1 needs-patch
#27276 wp_rewrite_rule does not update option when it's empty Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.7 needs-patch
#26710 Wrong redirect URL after core update when WP is in subdirectory Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#29187 .notdef glyph (when copying text from a PDF in the excerpt) breaks the /feed Feeds normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 1.0 needs-patch
#22935 Horizontal scrollbar in RTL media modal Media normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#27180 Remove Hidden Widget UI Widgets normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#29505 Both update_user_option and update_user_meta returning false Users normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 4.0 needs-patch
#27758 WP_Error data is false in _unzip_file_ziparchive Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.7 needs-patch
#18499 User count / roles inconsistency if roles no longer exist but users still do Users normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.2.1 needs-patch
#17370 Screen options and meta box settings can lose per-blog meta box positions Users normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.1 needs-patch
#20520 Author Page Pagination Broken When Removing /author/ Slug Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.3 needs-patch
#20109 Valid htaccess rule causes 404 after upgrade to 3.3.1 Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.3.1 needs-patch
#28368 wpviews: copying all content doesn't inlude shortcodes TinyMCE normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.9 needs-patch
#29594 Basic Cookie Authentication from External Database Role/Capability normal defect (bug) 12/03/2015 4.0 needs-patch
#28630 wordpress "check for updates" fails silently behind proxy server with https POST 501 Error Upgrade/Install major defect (bug) 12/03/2015 3.8.1 needs-patch
#34742 Archive titles: Change order of conditions to match template loader Themes normal defect (bug) 11/19/2015 4.1 needs-patch
#29697 Weird ... After Title in Plugin Viewer Plugins minor defect (bug) 10/25/2015 4.0 needs-patch
#22879 Canonical Link Missing on Front Page Canonical normal defect (bug) 10/19/2015 3.4.2 needs-patch
#22003 Saving custom fields goes to post-new.php rather than post.php Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 2.5 needs-patch
#27556 Saving a post doesn't notify a user if the post has been correctly saved Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.8.1 needs-patch
#21234 Recursive directory creation & get_calendar() for custom post types Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.4.1 needs-patch
#26524 Quick edit form looks strange for localized version Quick/Bulk Edit normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#26655 Table pagination with many pages wraps on smaller screens Administration normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#23023 Touch UI Menu Code doesn't address flyout menus two-levels deep. Menus normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#27148 comments in page code converted to displayed text upon submission Editor normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#27236 Custom Widgets lost when theme is re-activated while the widget plugin is inactive Widgets normal defect (bug) 10/13/2015 3.8.1 needs-patch
#34188 Post lockdown Editor normal defect (bug) 10/08/2015 4.3.1 needs-patch
#18395 Non-URL GUIDs are stripped on post update Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 10/07/2015 3.2.1 needs-patch
#25714 Notices with translation upgrade Upgrade/Install normal defect (bug) 10/07/2015 3.7 needs-patch
#25016 XMLRPC method "wp.getUsers" not working correctly in Multisite XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 09/25/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#25037 XML-RPC : Can't remove all the categories from a post by using metaWeblog.editPost XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 09/25/2015 3.6 needs-patch
#29719 Connection error to WordPress.org when HTTP calls disabled Upgrade/Install minor defect (bug) 09/24/2015 4.0 needs-patch
#26885 Path Based Multisite Rewrite rule absolute path without trailing slash Rewrite Rules normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.8 needs-patch
#21859 Import blog and media library is not working Import normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.4 needs-patch
#22150 Customizer: Remove Image doesn't remove from Media Library Upload normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.4 needs-patch
#19031 Category view incorrectly counting custom posts Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.2 needs-patch
#21396 Categories widget reports categories without posts when they have custom posts Widgets normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.4 needs-patch
#21669 Make "Home" option persistent in Pages box on Menus screen Menus normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.4 needs-patch
#23436 Media Gallery - Cropping Image and then Cropping a thumbnail from that crop doesn't work. Media normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#20057 Media upload for multi-webserver setups introduces a nasty race condition that could corrupt uploaded files Media normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.3.1 needs-patch
#17382 XMLRPC wp_getUsersBlogs Scalability XML-RPC normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.0 needs-patch
#25113 non-latin CPT rewrite slugs fail `wp_safe_redirect` Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.6 needs-patch
#23117 permalink failed on IIS7 and Reserved Proxy for wordpress 3.5 Permalinks normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 3.5 needs-patch
#25002 get_post_time() doesn't return correct GMT time if date_default_timezone_set is changed from UTC. Date/Time normal defect (bug) 09/02/2015 1.2 needs-patch
#22022 Can’t properly add pages of type edit.php?post_type=xxx as submenu items to arbitrary parent menus Posts, Post Types normal defect (bug) 09/01/2015 3.0 needs-patch
#32704 Upload path is not set correctly after switch_blog Upload normal defect (bug) 07/10/2015 3.0 needs-patch
#31258 SVG replaced by default image in media library Media normal defect (bug) 06/04/2015 4.1 needs-patch
#32097 Extra margin in `post_submit_meta_box()` on non-public post types Administration normal defect (bug) 05/23/2015 4.2 needs-patch
#22660 Admin bar in multisite: mobile tap on "My Sites" dropdown in back-end doesn't work Toolbar normal defect (bug) 02/16/2015 3.4.2 needs-patch
#14902 weblogUpdates.extendedPing does not implement standard josephscott Pings/Trackbacks normal defect (bug) 02/03/2015 3.0.1 needs-patch
#30759 If Featured Image is selected, but not saved, editing the image will drop the selection after a save Media normal defect (bug) 01/21/2015 4.0.1 needs-patch
#27697 wp-admin.css class="hidden" bug renders screen options menu in admin blank General normal defect (bug) 01/15/2015 3.8.1 needs-patch
#36273 update_attached_file() on Windows will result in invalid image path when using native Windows directory separators Media normal defect (bug) 04/30/2018 4.4.2 needs-unit-tests
#43877 Do not run unnecessary `user_has_cap` filter if the caps to check for include `do_not_allow` already Role/Capability normal defect (bug) 04/27/2018 needs-unit-tests
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