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Enhancements that need a reply (100 matches)

Ticket Summary Reporter Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#32137 Allow user-specified default image size when inserting image via Press This topdownjimmy Press This normal normal enhancement has-patch 04/26/15
#32131 _post_states should include Scheduled ragulka Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 04/26/15
#31737 Unique identifier for Heartbeat API calls ojrask General normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 04/25/15
#32085 Less ambiguous dashboard access. Suggested new capability: access_dashboard archonic Administration normal normal enhancement 04/25/15
#31434 Introduce dashboard_secondary_items MikeHansenMe Administration normal normal enhancement has-patch 04/24/15
#32116 Pass errors object to lostpassword_post hook TheDeadMedic Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 04/24/15
#32114 Add "Show Details" link to Shiny Updates on main Plugins page dmchale Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 04/24/15
#32069 Press This: Check embeds list against oembed providers too. stephdau Press This normal normal enhancement 04/23/15
#32072 Move link code for clarity in wp_ajax_send_attachment_to_editor() in ajax-actions.php tychay Media normal normal enhancement 04/23/15
#32065 Hide entire RSS widget when no items to display MadtownLems Widgets normal normal enhancement 04/22/15
#31949 Augment list of whitelisted CSS properties in kses.php lukeschlather Formatting normal normal enhancement has-patch 04/17/15
#31960 Archives widget li should have informative css classes basteln3rk Widgets normal normal enhancement has-patch 04/14/15
#31948 Make wp-content an svn external to official repositories johnjamesjacoby General normal minor feature request dev-feedback 04/10/15
#31947 Allow developers to enable $br in wpautop() using a filter KTOmega Formatting normal normal enhancement 04/10/15
#31313 refactor is_email() tests to use separate data files and PHPUnit dataProvider salcode Formatting normal normal enhancement 04/07/15
#31614 Add Actions to underscore media-template items andrewgstreet Media normal normal enhancement 04/07/15
#31747 wp_insert_comment better docstrings lamosty Comments normal normal enhancement has-patch 04/07/15
#30813 Add a function to create a single Google font url grapplerulrich Script Loader normal normal enhancement 04/07/15
#31887 Add media - Image - Align options Stagger Lee Media normal normal feature request 04/04/15
#31880 Expand wp_dropdown_users $show argument to allow custom user meta field adambundy Users normal normal enhancement 04/03/15
#31821 Make interim login URL filterable jfarthing84 Login and Registration normal normal enhancement has-patch 03/31/15
#31773 Shiny Updates: Installing Plugins jorbin Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 03/26/15
#31775 wp_mail attachments support only ascii symbols Fike Mail normal normal enhancement 03/26/15
#31759 Allow to set $allow_bail when creating new wpdb object to handle connection error silently szaqal21 Database normal normal enhancement 03/25/15
#31743 Add HeadJS Load to Core wpsmith Script Loader normal normal feature request 03/24/15
#31693 Feature Request - CHILDtheme as STANDARD-FEATURE W.P. Ginfo Upgrade/Install normal normal feature request 03/19/15
#31692 WP_Query post__in parameter to accept another WP_Query objcet maksbd19 Query normal normal enhancement 03/19/15
#31688 The Ability to Align oEmbedded Content jeffr0 Embeds normal normal enhancement 03/18/15
#31680 get_queried_object on multiple taxonomies thomask Query normal normal enhancement 03/18/15
#31624 $wpdb->prepare() named placeholders ozthegreat Database normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 03/18/15
#31643 Allow widget sidebars to be loaded open or closed via filtering silb3r Widgets normal normal enhancement 03/14/15
#31638 Bulk Edit & Quick Edit User Interfaces should be consistent siobhan Quick/Bulk Edit normal normal enhancement 03/13/15
#31635 Bulk Edit -> Publish should publish scheduled posts siobhan Quick/Bulk Edit normal normal enhancement 03/13/15
#31560 Edit Post "Tags" meta box: "Choose from the most used tags" result - CSS improvements tyxla Posts, Post Types normal minor enhancement has-patch 03/07/15
#31525 Request for filter hook for has_nav_menu() dougwollison Menus normal normal enhancement 03/04/15
#30687 Ajax media attachment save has no error handling Krielkip Media normal normal enhancement 03/04/15
#30628 Plupload improvements tigusigalpa Media normal normal feature request 03/04/15
#31391 Make the list of registered nav menus filterable csschris Menus normal normal enhancement has-patch 02/20/15
#31334 Customizer JS API should handle container removal from document Aniruddh Customize normal normal enhancement 02/14/15
#31292 Adding Dynamic Post Type Related Filters to `get_adjacent_post` Funkatronic Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request 02/11/15
#31284 Table with fixed header on scroll Apiweb Administration normal normal feature request 02/10/15
#30994 Offset return for wp_get_archives jefflange Query normal normal enhancement has-patch 02/09/15
#30789 wp_login_failed action hook should pass authentication errors mattkeys Login and Registration normal normal enhancement has-patch 02/02/15
#31211 New function for link-category intersection krabat1 General normal normal enhancement 02/02/15
#31210 Problem with WP core function to get user dropdown andyx2v Administration normal normal enhancement 02/02/15
#30037 Add TinyMCE to comment form Stagger Lee Comments normal normal enhancement 01/26/15
#23677 Feed autodiscovery for custom taxonomy and perhaps date archives mdgl Feeds normal normal enhancement has-patch 01/25/15
#31108 test coverage for check_comment CalEvans Comments normal normal enhancement has-patch 01/24/15
#29288 Settings updated within the Customizer Preview are not synced up to main app Panel westonruter Customize low normal enhancement 01/23/15
#31105 Abstract get_terms() arguments for use in wp_get_object_terms() boonebgorges Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 01/23/15
#31102 Sort Filters on Plugins leedman Plugins normal normal feature request 01/23/15
#30996 As a theme developer / user, I want to have the `current-cat` / `current-cat-parent` classes on the built-in Categories widget based on the current post LongYC Widgets normal normal enhancement 01/12/15
#30582 Search and upload in one tab www_smatplacid_com Plugins normal normal feature request 01/12/15
#30978 Meta Fails for Nav Menu WPThemeTrends Import normal normal enhancement 01/11/15
#30530 Enhance privacy by hiding posts of other users minderdl Query normal normal enhancement 01/05/15
#30907 Rewrite Rules collision TempAcc Rewrite Rules normal normal enhancement 01/05/15
#30845 the number of weeks in a given year luciole135 Date/Time normal normal enhancement 12/26/14
#30844 full width video icon postrophix Administration normal normal enhancement 12/26/14
#30829 I want to add the list table views in edit-tags.php llemurya Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 12/23/14
#30824 Upgrade to QUnit 1.16 jorbin Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 12/23/14
#30796 Entity Name vs. Entity Number johnjamesjacoby Text Changes normal normal enhancement 12/20/14
#29855 New dashicons for Customizer icons celloexpressions Customize normal normal enhancement 12/17/14
#30729 Theme Activation Workflow with Customizer (2) iseulde Themes normal normal enhancement 12/16/14
#30128 Allow to use associative arrays beside indexed arrays in wp_mail $headers marsjaninzmarsa Mail normal normal enhancement has-patch 12/10/14
#29809 Changing the default plugin update screen to have icons next to the plugins that need updates. NikV Plugins normal normal enhancement 12/10/14
#29748 Mark strings for screen readers pavelevap I18N normal normal enhancement 12/10/14
#29789 UX bug: Bulk Actions Selectbox is displayed even when user can't edit or trash anything psoluch Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement has-patch 12/04/14
#30476 Plugin installation via URL appends .tmp to the plugin directory in some cases Briareos Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 11/24/14
#30384 Cannot hook plupload's JavaScript consistently tomdxw Upload normal normal enhancement 11/18/14
#30261 Split all existing shared taxonomy terms on WP upgrade boonebgorges Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 11/05/14
#21941 Remove get_post_format_slugs() F J Kaiser Post Formats normal minor enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/29/14
#30181 Add more Underscore.js array methods to wp.customize.Values and re-use _ for Customizer JS methods westonruter Customize low normal task (blessed) 10/29/14
#20283 Create new variable or function in $wp_query object to get canonical URL of any site's page egorpromo Canonical normal normal enhancement dev-feedback 10/25/14
#23422 Add query filter argument to register_taxonomy tifosi Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 10/23/14
#24656 Tag Cloud generation return object for manipulation ysalame Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 10/21/14
#29249 Bottom padding on login screen tillkruess Login and Registration normal normal enhancement has-patch 10/20/14
#29500 Add filter for the WXR export filename alfreddatakillen Export normal normal feature request has-patch 10/20/14
#29823 WP_Date_Query across tables boonebgorges Query normal normal enhancement 10/19/14
#29938 mysqli_query and multiple resultsets soulseekah Database normal normal enhancement 10/12/14
#28463 Need core concept of the first publication of a post/comment. andy Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request dev-feedback 10/11/14
#27345 Add class to posts list table row if page has children bravokeyl Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 10/11/14
#17780 Use PHP native double encoding prevention in htmlspecialchars() nbachiyski Formatting low minor enhancement dev-feedback 10/11/14
#18067 update_post_thumbnail_cache - accept WP_Query instance TheDeadMedic Post Thumbnails normal minor enhancement 10/10/14
#16502 Quick Edit contents should only be rendered if quick edit button in actions after filtering wyrfel Quick/Bulk Edit normal normal enhancement has-patch 10/10/14
#29852 wp_update_term() should use wp_insert_term() internally boonebgorges Taxonomy low normal enhancement 10/03/14
#29687 Original image should be visible in media-library after image-processing arkonisus Media normal normal enhancement 09/16/14
#29479 Converts an associative array to an XML/HTML tag attribute string szepe.viktor Formatting normal normal feature request 09/02/14
#29237 Add Link Size Parameter to Gallery Shortcode cliffseal Gallery normal normal enhancement dev-feedback 09/02/14
#29379 Add a hook to filter gallery classes grosbouff Gallery normal normal enhancement 08/26/14
#29325 Use <time datetime> tag in Post Date Apiweb Date/Time normal normal enhancement 08/23/14
#29291 Media IDs in gallery shortcode : allow ranges of ids grosbouff Gallery normal normal enhancement 08/20/14
#28370 Dashicons: Add WOFF2 web font format sergej.mueller Administration normal normal enhancement 08/15/14
#28519 Specific table or views by post type dt@… Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request 08/14/14
#29211 Customizer: extract a cropped-image control from header images celloexpressions Customize normal normal enhancement 08/14/14
#28343 Admin Maintenance Mode lukbarros Administration normal normal feature request 08/13/14
#29173 Register (empty) core Customizer Panels for plugins to add their sections to celloexpressions Customize normal normal enhancement 08/10/14
#29082 Pass $meta_id into sanitize_meta() and subsequently into the filter for register_meta callback sc0ttkclark Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement 08/01/14
#28972 enhance make_clickable so that it allows for anchor attributes to be passed via an extra array argument. dwainm Formatting normal normal enhancement 07/21/14
#28922 Post update caches queries causes "Using temporary" and "Using filesort" mbrandys Cache API normal normal enhancement 07/16/14
#28845 Better error messages when uploading theme as plugin and vice versa tollmanz Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 07/11/14
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