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Tickets not modified in the past 2.5 years. Once this report is emptied, we'll adjust the threshold to 2 years, and so on.

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Tickets with Patches (31 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#38636 Allow data attributes to be added to WP Admin Bar menu items Toolbar normal normal enhancement has-patch 07/09/2021
#27015 WP_Query::get_queried_object() does not always work in 'pre_get_posts' Query normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 07/10/2021
#33295 Login: Remove decoration from translation strings Login and Registration normal normal enhancement has-patch 07/15/2021
#53692 Inaccurate schema for the app_id property in the application-passwords endpoints Application Passwords normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 07/19/2021
#22225 WordPress does not localize ordinal suffixes in dates I18N normal normal enhancement has-patch 07/21/2021
#37645 Changes made to certain is_*() functions generates PHP Notices when arrays or objects are present Query normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 07/23/2021
#45177 admin bar View page button is missing in mobile view Toolbar normal normal enhancement has-patch 07/24/2021
#39593 Improve DocBlocks in class-automatic-upgrader-skin.php Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 07/27/2021
#46964 ID attribute value are used multiple times in "Custom Field" form Editor normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 07/27/2021
#53300 Select and Crop for header images, crop area is entire image External Libraries normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 07/29/2021
#53771 What about an equivalent of `is_active_widget()` for Widget Blocks ? Widgets normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 07/29/2021
#53869 Post type / Taxonomy Label Hardening: Prevent Raw HTML tags in output / Media Library eval of HTML entities in label Security normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/04/2021
#12456 Canonical URL redirect issue with post_id/postname permalink structure SergeyBiryukov Canonical normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/04/2021
#51299 Remove the title attribute from Walker_Nav_Menu Hareesh Pillai Menus normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/05/2021
#48894 Improve the small user sub window at the right corner on the admin bar a.k.a. the Howdy fly-out Toolbar normal normal enhancement has-patch 08/06/2021
#53899 Escaping strings and screenshot URL on Themes screen Themes normal normal enhancement has-patch 08/09/2021
#52531 Unable to upload .ico with PHP 7.4 Upload normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/09/2021
#23040 Deprecate magic methods __isset() & __get() method of WP_Theme object Themes normal normal enhancement has-patch 08/11/2021
#28085 Add a "Recently Updated" Plugins' view Plugins normal normal enhancement has-patch 08/11/2021
#38563 Theme installed state does not persist after installation and refined search Themes normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/11/2021
#47555 Add per_page filter to nav-menu.php audrasjb Menus low normal enhancement has-patch 08/12/2021
#18163 Include more usermeta fields in the Network Admin's "Add User" view Networks and Sites normal normal feature request has-patch 08/15/2021
#46785 Twenty Seventeen: Floated Images appear with extra space on top on the front end. Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/17/2021
#46604 Twenty Seventeen: Front page panels allow pages of any status to be shown. Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/17/2021
#40940 Twenty Twelve uses invalid linear-gradient() syntax Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/17/2021
#53927 Add test for _get_cron_array() Cron API normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/17/2021
#53944 Video resolution in portrait orientation Media normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/17/2021
#49399 wp_get_users_with_no_role() does not handle user roles which contain numbers Users normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/18/2021
#37376 Make it possible for custom post type to have an archive but no single Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request needs-unit-tests 08/24/2021
#53981 The 'media_buttons' hook does not work for contributors. Media normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 08/26/2021
#30979 Check for context menu before closing commentReply SergeyBiryukov* Comments normal normal enhancement has-patch 08/27/2021

Unpatched Bugs (69 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#39091 Customize: Nav menu item controls should be inactive when items are excluded from preview Customize normal normal defect (bug) 01/15/2017
#39651 Find Posts modal does not show post-type labels correctly Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 01/21/2017
#38573 Ajax requests in customizer controls don't inject customized state as done in preview Customize normal normal defect (bug) 01/21/2017
#36442 Customizer: when setting header image and site logo, also create a 2x image if possible Customize normal normal defect (bug) 01/24/2017
#38300 Got a PHP warning: class-wp-xmlrpc-server.php L596: array_unshift() ... XML-RPC normal normal defect (bug) 02/06/2017
#35562 Single post pagination redirect back to page one with nextpage tag - WordPress 4.4.1 Canonical normal normal defect (bug) 02/07/2017
#38186 Database Collations Bypassed by determine_charset() in wp-db.php Charset normal major defect (bug) 02/10/2017
#39847 force_balance_tags not properly balancing < with <strong> and </strong> Formatting normal normal defect (bug) 02/11/2017
#39864 Upload not giving back any error message when uploads directory doesn't exist. Upload normal normal defect (bug) 02/13/2017
#24844 get_theme_mods doesn't return the theme customizer preview's new values. Customize normal normal defect (bug) 02/14/2017
#39914 'orderby' date results differs depend on 'post_status' Query normal normal defect (bug) 02/19/2017
#39811 Bug maybe_unserialize() broke mysql data. Database normal normal defect (bug) 02/20/2017
#39472 Code tag still parses embeds Embeds normal normal defect (bug) 02/20/2017
#24995 Importer does not check to see if DOM is available Import normal normal defect (bug) 02/21/2017
#39942 Restored Post may steal slug to published Post Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 02/22/2017
#39939 A Contributor cannot preview their own post if it's scheduled Posts, Post Types normal minor defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 02/23/2017
#37148 Links in notification emails appearing as https Administration normal normal defect (bug) 03/01/2017
#40014 & converted to '#038 Themes normal normal defect (bug) 03/03/2017
#40045 HTML code entered using "Text" mode gets garbled Formatting normal normal defect (bug) 03/06/2017
#40060 Define ADMIN_COOKIE_PATH cause unreachable /wp-login.php Users normal normal defect (bug) 03/07/2017
#39746 Suddenly getting error on all of my servers: Unable to locate WordPress content directory (wp-content). Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 03/08/2017
#40055 Incorrect User Counts Bug :: No-multisite Users normal normal defect (bug) 03/08/2017
#40052 Issue with WP_Cache not invalidating stale cache after an update request Cache API normal major defect (bug) 03/08/2017
#32048 Uploaded file reserves a name, page can't be named it. Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 03/09/2017
#40079 Content of static pages does not show when you have a count_post in the theme Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 03/09/2017
#40081 Remove wp-admin links from all Core emails Mail normal normal defect (bug) 03/09/2017
#40090 Walker::display_element does not populate $args[0]->has_children when it is cast as an Object Menus normal normal defect (bug) 03/10/2017
#40134 Invalid data for scripts in footer Script Loader normal normal defect (bug) 03/12/2017
#40129 Media deleting selected on mobile does not work Media normal normal defect (bug) 03/16/2017
#39382 Skipping term cache cleaning when cache invalidation is suspended Cache API normal normal defect (bug) 03/17/2017
#40195 No provision to set paths for sftp (ssh2) Filesystem API normal normal defect (bug) 03/18/2017
#40214 Some WP instances prematurelly try to do capability tests, before the user object is loaded Role/Capability normal normal defect (bug) 03/21/2017
#31970 Live Preview header image crop is not correct size Customize normal normal defect (bug) 03/21/2017
#40249 period as last character in username breaks activation link Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 03/24/2017
#40300 `title` parameter causes `WP_Query` to return sticky posts. Query normal normal defect (bug) 03/29/2017
#40291 subcategory pagination no run Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 03/29/2017
#35839 Escape backslashes upon export for better import Import normal normal defect (bug) 03/30/2017
#40324 make_clickable doesn't work if url stands after an even number off spaces Formatting normal normal defect (bug) 03/31/2017
#40327 Wrong SQL request for 'EXIST' OR 'NOT EXIST' on same post meta Query normal normal defect (bug) 03/31/2017
#39301 Importer associates all posts with uncategorized term in WP4.7 PHP7 Import normal normal defect (bug) 04/01/2017
#40334 Trim siteurl and homeurl General normal normal defect (bug) 04/01/2017
#38098 Use common naming for context switching functions / classes General normal normal defect (bug) 04/04/2017
#34322 set_transient and get_transient don't seem to be working for some users since WP 4.3 Options, Meta APIs normal normal defect (bug) 04/06/2017
#26905 Follow CSS coding standards for SASS/SCSS files netweb Build/Test Tools normal normal defect (bug) 04/07/2017
#40394 Activation email not sent to new users on Windows (have come out another time) Mail normal normal defect (bug) 04/08/2017
#39775 wp_mail miss send Content-Type with boundary when array header does not have other custom headers Mail normal normal defect (bug) 04/14/2017
#39496 Can't view page preview. General normal normal defect (bug) 04/15/2017
#40464 Embed video in Wordpress gives W3c Markup Validation issue Embeds normal normal defect (bug) 04/16/2017
#40465 Multisite fails to rewrite upload path on main site Networks and Sites normal normal defect (bug) 04/17/2017
#40387 WP_Query bug with product post type with search parameter on Query normal normal defect (bug) 04/18/2017
#40487 GUID contains more than 255 characters General normal normal defect (bug) 04/19/2017
#40502 Add the check version and template attributes method for /themes/update-check/1.1/ API HTTP API normal normal defect (bug) 04/20/2017
#40521 Using a custom query var on a static front page results in wrong $post Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 04/22/2017
#39773 Users Can Wrongly Set a Custom Page Template when front-page.php is in Use Themes normal normal defect (bug) 04/27/2017
#40595 wp_authenticate_username_password() should respect WP_Error object generated by higher priorities Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 04/28/2017
#39495 Can't navigate to subsite without logging in again. Networks and Sites normal normal defect (bug) 05/02/2017
#40390 Wrong time (and date) in mail header send by phpmailer Mail normal normal defect (bug) 05/02/2017
#40643 Russian post date month translation is incorrect I18N normal normal defect (bug) 05/02/2017
#38595 Unable to access wp-admin/options-permalink.php when .htaccess file is on NFS Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 05/03/2017
#40121 Media edit screen on mobile has visual issues Media normal normal defect (bug) 05/03/2017
#21790 When set a static front page WP main query isn't set correctly SergeyBiryukov Query normal normal defect (bug) 05/05/2017
#36058 PHP notices and invalid "View Post" link on edit-comments.php when post type does not exist Comments normal normal defect (bug) 05/06/2017
#40706 pasting text that has emojis into a new post breaks autosave and save draft Autosave normal normal defect (bug) 05/09/2017
#39331 unsharpMaskImage in Imagick's thumbnail_image is not compatible with CMYK jpegs. Media normal normal defect (bug) 05/11/2017
#40786 Leading spaces are added to custom textarea metabox Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 05/17/2017
#40793 Events widget on back button loses location Widgets normal normal defect (bug) 05/17/2017
#40785 Image caption in WYSIWYG is not displaying in post page Media normal normal defect (bug) 05/19/2017
#40559 Bug when inserting images with TinyMCE for latest Chrome Editor normal normal defect (bug) 05/19/2017
#39980 Improve handling of image previews for non-image files joemcgill Media normal critical defect (bug) 05/20/2017
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