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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#32234 Streamline parameter order of get_user_option() Users normal normal enhancement 02/19/2018
#40031 Consider Adding Web Annotations to WordPress Comments normal normal feature request 02/19/2018
#43348 Filter by 'Authors' option in wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request 02/20/2018
#42088 Function to detect if current page is a scheduled post (is_scheduled() or is_future()) Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 02/24/2018
#42089 Function to detect if current page is a preview of a draft Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 02/24/2018
#43403 Improve wp_add_inline_script() Script Loader normal normal enhancement 02/24/2018
#42082 Support compare custom fields in WP_Meta_Query Query normal normal enhancement 02/28/2018
#43451 Disallow objects as meta values Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 03/01/2018
#43083 adding "Unlisted" type for post visibility Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request 03/02/2018
#19707 admin-ajax.php requests via http regardless of force_ssl_admin() state Administration normal normal enhancement 03/06/2018
#38368 Add front-end revision browsing Revisions normal normal enhancement 03/08/2018
#36691 Ability to disable "Password Protected" post option Role/Capability normal normal enhancement 03/10/2018
#42849 Custom HTML Widget: Allow user to be able to bypass lint errors to save Widgets normal normal feature request 03/14/2018
#29316 Need more value and preview hooks for WP_Customize_Settings Customize low normal enhancement 03/20/2018
#43421 The $capabilities argument in the `add_role()` function is incompatible with `user_can` Role/Capability normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 03/20/2018
#38743 Introduce add_action_once() Plugins normal normal feature request 03/23/2018
#33473 Shortcodes + Widgets + Nav Menus. Unified "component" API (aka Content Blocks) Widgets normal normal feature request 03/26/2018
#30876 Paste an image into the Media Library Media normal normal enhancement 03/30/2018
#43722 On changing of permalinks ask a confirm before to save Permalinks normal normal enhancement 04/09/2018
#43741 Improve media_sideload_image() image extensions detection Media normal normal enhancement 04/15/2018
#43781 adding apply_filters on $handle in localize Script Loader normal normal enhancement 04/16/2018
#42309 Add page-numbers CSS class to wp_link_pages generated links Themes normal normal feature request 04/17/2018
#36402 front-page.php behavior for child themes Themes normal minor enhancement 04/17/2018
#43160 Reduce wp-admin/update-core.php load time by half Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 04/18/2018
#43818 Invalidate query caches less aggressively by using a `last_changed` key specific to metadata Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 04/20/2018
#43813 Meta API should set `last_changed` cache key internally General normal normal enhancement 04/20/2018
#43841 Add request confirmation and security logging for major user actions Administration normal normal enhancement 04/24/2018
#41442 Show nearby events in dashboard events widget in a per country basis Administration normal normal enhancement 04/25/2018
#43884 new is_front() function General normal normal enhancement 04/29/2018
#42913 Scroll widgets and widget containers independently in admin ui Widgets normal normal enhancement 05/03/2018
#43957 check_password_reset_key could use get_user_by instead of direct query Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 05/04/2018
#22310 wp_insert_user bit ilogical with rich_editing Users normal normal enhancement 05/12/2018
#44058 Include security sniffs in PHPCS ruleset Security normal normal enhancement 05/16/2018
#42264 Systematic way of dealing with compat code and polyfills Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 05/23/2018
#44073 Add functionality to search plugin with double quoted keyword Plugins normal normal feature request 05/23/2018
#44159 feature request: otption for removing save my name in comments General normal normal feature request 05/25/2018
#44268 GDPR concerns on the core commenting flow Privacy normal normal enhancement 05/30/2018
#44292 Make use of protected process_fields Database normal normal enhancement 06/01/2018
#30277 Split up Customizer JS into separate files and remove self-booting jQuery.ready call Customize normal normal enhancement 06/13/2018
#44377 add filter to post_submit_meta_box() to conditionally refrain from outputting the "Visibility" fields Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 06/15/2018
#44386 Problem with utf8mb4_unicode_ci collation for arabic content Database normal major enhancement has-patch 06/17/2018
#44186 Possibles enhancements to 4.9.6 privacy tools Privacy normal normal enhancement 06/20/2018
#44407 Please add page_attributes_meta_box_parent action to meta-boxes.php General normal normal enhancement 06/21/2018
#44425 Add WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT to secret-key service General normal normal enhancement 06/22/2018
#33123 Filter on theme mod default value Themes normal normal enhancement 06/23/2018
#39708 Provide suppress_actions argument on WP_Query::get_posts or apply suppress_filters to pre_get_posts Query normal normal enhancement 07/03/2018
#40200 Introduce WP_Customize_Embed_Control Customize normal normal enhancement 07/08/2018
#41972 Add Import/Export functionality to the Customizer Customize normal normal enhancement 07/13/2018
#37640 Add WPLANG to `.maintenance` Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 07/16/2018
#44602 meta_query to support FIND_IN_SET Query normal normal enhancement has-patch 07/18/2018
#44655 Introduce alternative srcset option for custom logo Media normal normal enhancement 07/30/2018
#44498 Make `_wp_personal_data_cleanup_requests()` run on cron Privacy normal normal enhancement 07/30/2018
#44694 Extra and un-neccessary query when no posts found in Posts Rest Controller REST API normal normal enhancement 08/02/2018
#44762 Suggested changes to get_cat_name and get_cat_link to provide support for custom taxonomies Taxonomy normal minor enhancement 08/09/2018
#40082 Pretty links for users when searching Canonical normal normal enhancement 08/14/2018
#41934 Update load.php with wp_is_bad_request function Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 08/16/2018
#35094 Replace static with Dynamic Image Sizes for inserted images Media normal normal enhancement 08/16/2018
#17653 Canonical Redirect when space(s) are used instead of hyphens when requesting a page SergeyBiryukov* Canonical normal normal enhancement 08/19/2018
#44863 Modify the WordPress importer to handle .zip as well as .xml files Import normal normal feature request 08/29/2018
#44868 Upload plugin and theme functionalities do not check on PATHINFO_EXTENSION before upload. Upload normal normal enhancement 08/31/2018
#40834 Introduce a JS module pattern to WordPress General normal normal enhancement 09/04/2018
#40432 Customizer: Should we stop contextually hiding features? Customize normal normal enhancement 09/12/2018
#43115 Improve plugin search results Plugins normal normal feature request 09/14/2018
#20152 Multisite simplify option name to user_roles Role/Capability normal normal enhancement 09/18/2018
#22938 Presentation of hierarchical taxonomy in Media modal should be checkboxes rather than comma-separated tag list wonderboymusic Media normal normal enhancement 09/24/2018
#23391 User in contributor role can add images to post only via the text editor Role/Capability normal normal enhancement 10/03/2018
#36228 Uncheck "uncategorized" when you select a category Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 10/03/2018
#45058 Proposal for plugin/theme public hashes to prove authenticity of installed code Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 10/10/2018
#42635 Customize: Add default value for customizeAction param for sections Customize normal normal enhancement 10/12/2018
#45092 WP_Query->is_category wrongly calculate current category when WP_Term is passed Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 10/15/2018
#41451 Use pretty permalinks by default in the test suite Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/19/2018
#42737 Add method wp.api.getModelByType for retrieving api models adamsilverstein REST API normal normal feature request 10/19/2018
#45140 REST API: Increase upper bound allowed on per_page argument REST API normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/31/2018
#37162 wp_style_add_data and wp_script_add_data should accept SRI information Script Loader normal normal enhancement 11/14/2018
#33204 kses $allowedposttags should support microdata Formatting normal normal enhancement 11/15/2018
#11515 Admin needs standardized way of handling messages (notices) displayed to the user Administration normal normal enhancement 11/16/2018
#45649 Please provide a 'Update Minor' option to the Updates page for minor updates Upgrade/Install normal normal feature request 12/15/2018
#12671 Installer page doesn't check if MySQL tables were created successfully Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 12/15/2018
#45722 add markup to highlight the active tag Taxonomy normal normal feature request 12/20/2018
#40140 upload_url_path doesn't seem to make any effect Media normal normal feature request 12/27/2018
#40161 Wrong documented or coded 'schedule_event' filter Cron API low normal enhancement 01/08/2019
#34681 Consider removing the "Disable the visual editor when writing" option Editor normal normal enhancement 01/08/2019
#42721 Introduce native language name as a WP_Locale property I18N normal normal enhancement 01/08/2019
#35437 dot in permalinks Canonical normal normal enhancement 01/08/2019
#42644 Customize: Add rich text control for managing tagline and new footer credit theme support Customize normal normal feature request 01/09/2019
#42272 Customize: Use client-side templates for rendering base controls Customize normal normal enhancement 01/09/2019
#43588 Anonymize commenter IP address once a comment is no longer pending Privacy normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/09/2019
#45946 Twenty Nineteen: Consider adding a slide-out animation when the touch menu is closed Bundled Theme low normal enhancement 01/12/2019
#40123 Improve media uploading flow Media normal normal enhancement 01/14/2019
#45832 php-pm support General normal normal feature request 01/14/2019
#44659 Display custom fields Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 01/16/2019
#43352 Make html5 standard rather than opt in for theme development Themes normal normal feature request 01/16/2019
#43205 Allow filtering the list of characters to be replaced by wptexturize Formatting normal normal feature request 01/16/2019
#44435 Add Action / Filter in Post Details page for Screen Meta Links Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#45439 Add a link to plugins/themes details in dashboard to translation page Plugins normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#43604 Add option to completely disable syndication feeds Feeds normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#44517 Allow specifying the WordPress username to be filled in on the login form via a URL parameter. Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#43830 Being able to set a page as a homepage under the "Page Attribute" meta box General normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#44419 Custom classes and markup for pagination Themes normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#43224 Extract `$utf8_pcre` from `wp_check_invalid_utf8()` into a separate function Formatting normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
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