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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#51656 add_theme_support() for 'wp-dark-theme' so plugins can use consistent CSS for dark themes Themes normal normal enhancement 10/28/2020
#51663 Feature request: :Last Edit Date Administration normal normal feature request 10/29/2020
#24386 Make _pad_term_counts work for non-post type objects and attachments Taxonomy normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 11/05/2020
#38900 Customize: Add REST API endpoints for changesets Customize normal normal feature request 11/06/2020
#51726 proposal: make specialized header name available inside header.php Themes normal normal enhancement 11/08/2020
#51717 Emails in WordPress (Templating and Sending methodology) Mail normal normal feature request 11/08/2020
#51731 Add the reason for deactivation to the 'deactivate_plugin' hook. Plugins normal normal feature request 11/09/2020
#39159 Add APC to automated test matrix Build/Test Tools normal normal feature request 11/09/2020
#51261 Integrate the -scaled.jpg images setting into _wp_make_subsizes Media normal normal enhancement 11/09/2020
#51730 update_metadata function: differentiate failure from no update Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement 11/10/2020
#50049 PHPMailer and OAuth Mail normal normal enhancement 11/10/2020
#51762 Unix authentication support via unix_socket Database normal normal feature request 11/12/2020
#51508 Fix for canonical.php Canonical normal trivial enhancement 11/15/2020
#51816 Implement auto recovery mode during auto update cron Site Health normal normal enhancement 11/18/2020
#51820 Make starter content for fresh sites more discoverable Customize normal normal enhancement 11/18/2020
#51789 Add system filesize resource limit to wp_max_upload_size function Upload normal normal enhancement 11/18/2020
#36292 Rewrites: Next Generation rmccue Rewrite Rules normal normal feature request 11/19/2020
#40278 Customizer: Introduce theme uploading Customize normal normal task (blessed) 11/22/2020
#35186 Put the Customizer "back" button next to the "Close" button Customize normal normal enhancement 11/22/2020
#36778 Parent theme editor-style.css cannot be disabled Editor normal normal enhancement 11/23/2020
#40629 Change default template Editor normal normal enhancement 11/23/2020
#50214 Consider introducing the concept of "Editors" Editor normal normal feature request 11/23/2020
#38624 Allow starter content to apply after a site has already been set up and is no longer “fresh” Customize normal normal enhancement 11/23/2020
#41804 Combine and Relocate Editor Menu Link Administration normal normal enhancement 11/24/2020
#48279 Avoid block markup in starter content and default pages Editor normal normal enhancement 11/24/2020
#51135 The main (primary) taxonomy term in post Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 11/24/2020
#45919 Twenty Nineteen: Improve comments in `twentynineteen_setup` Bundled Theme normal normal enhancement 11/25/2020
#51144 Create a UI for the Disclosures Tab (site-level privacy) Privacy normal normal feature request 11/26/2020
#51895 theme_root filter for WP_Theme::get_files Themes normal normal enhancement 11/29/2020
#42780 Code Editor: Linter (HTMLHint) should show error if checkbox doesn't have associated <label> External Libraries normal normal enhancement 12/04/2020
#48007 Setup Windows CI environment Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 12/08/2020
#51786 Accessibility issue with the logo on the login page Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 12/11/2020
#51181 Capabilities arg for register_taxonomy() inneffective on non-hierarchical taxonomies Taxonomy normal minor feature request 12/19/2020
#52012 Bundle jQuery plugin temporarily to encourage adoption of auto-updates External Libraries normal normal feature request 12/19/2020
#52182 Option to activate that plugin or goto installed plugin list Plugins normal normal feature request 12/28/2020
#47426 Site Health should check for incompatible plugins and plugins no longer maintained Site Health normal normal enhancement 12/29/2020
#52048 the functions activate_plugin and deactivate_plugin need validation Plugins normal normal enhancement 12/30/2020
#52100 Include highlight.js in core for syntax highlighting for codeblocks in markdown Formatting normal major feature request 12/31/2020
#52093 Open password field on click of New Password label on profile.php Users normal minor enhancement 12/31/2020
#12839 Themes should be sandboxed on activation to prevent fatal errors Themes normal normal enhancement 01/02/2021
#49198 Blink: Intent to Deprecate + Freeze `navigator.userAgent` adamsilverstein General normal normal enhancement 01/07/2021
#51952 Media Library - Focal Point Chooser Media normal minor feature request 01/07/2021
#52249 Events: Show user multiple location choices to disambiguate Administration normal normal enhancement 01/07/2021
#52281 Updating plugin by upload and replace current should run activation hook function Plugins normal normal enhancement 01/12/2021
#52284 Add filter for notoptions after retrieval Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 01/12/2021
#37699 Death to Globals Episode #1: A Registry, A Pattern General normal normal enhancement 01/14/2021
#49504 "Your homepage displays" setting missing without explanation Administration normal minor enhancement 01/19/2021
#52286 Add new admin widget "Community message" Administration normal normal enhancement 01/20/2021
#51479 Notifications in case of a broken theme Themes normal normal enhancement 01/22/2021
#52350 Add documentation about meta capabilities Role/Capability normal normal enhancement needs-docs 01/23/2021
#51964 Add bulk moving to items in the menu screen azhiyadev Menus normal normal feature request 01/24/2021
#47285 Better Management of External Asset Dependencies Script Loader normal major feature request 01/25/2021
#51917 Create a staging environment within Core General normal normal feature request 01/26/2021
#39447 Improvement to the get_the_posts_navigation SergeyBiryukov Query normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/27/2021
#51838 Add first-time user message to application passwords form describing what this form is Application Passwords normal normal enhancement 01/27/2021
#52382 Simplify the user deletion "Attribute all content" flow Users normal normal enhancement 01/27/2021
#52384 WordPress API - Add Limit / Block API Access Features REST API normal normal feature request 01/27/2021
#49407 Do not propose users to skip a minor upgrade (take 2) Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 01/27/2021
#33627 In-Context Comment Moderation Comments normal normal enhancement 01/27/2021
#52388 Use HTTPS URL already during installation if supported Security normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/28/2021
#52390 Use specific page for postpass Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 01/28/2021
#52451 Make the media sideload functions testable and add tests Media normal normal enhancement 02/04/2021
#52486 Extra check to create administrator account Users normal normal enhancement 02/10/2021
#52489 Allow List View when inserting images from the media library Media normal normal enhancement 02/10/2021
#52497 New filter "wp_script_attributes" doesn't take effort in enqueued scripts Script Loader normal normal enhancement 02/11/2021
#46129 Inconsistent logic in allowed_block_types Editor normal normal enhancement 02/11/2021
#52518 sanitize_post_field filter for 'raw' context Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 02/13/2021
#52527 Better RAM handling in wp-db.php Database normal normal enhancement 02/15/2021
#52590 Consider increasing the limit of the perPage argument in paginated requests. REST API normal normal enhancement 02/22/2021
#50787 Consolidate the logic for displaying WP & PHP compatibility messages for themes SergeyBiryukov* Site Health normal normal task (blessed) 02/22/2021
#52630 Add Validation/Security to Password Reset Users normal normal enhancement 02/23/2021
#52659 Insert Link tool should not apply anchor tag before anchor has been applied Editor normal normal enhancement 02/25/2021
#29683 Live Preview shortcodes Shortcodes normal normal enhancement 02/26/2021
#14028 Maintenance mode nag persists after successful upgrade Upgrade/Install normal minor enhancement 03/01/2021
#40410 Add chunked upload support to the REST API REST API normal normal enhancement 03/03/2021
#52715 404 Page for WordPress Admin Administration normal normal feature request 03/04/2021
#52705 Set threshold for lazy loaded images Media normal normal enhancement 03/05/2021
#48977 Add a new test case for E2E test Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 03/08/2021
#49274 Grunt copy:files should ignore node_modules Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 03/08/2021
#50627 CSS Build process: Consider removing autoprefixer from the source folder. Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 03/09/2021
#48587 Allow customization of Admin Color Schemes for dashboard General normal normal feature request 03/10/2021
#52761 Date Permalinks Date/Time normal normal enhancement 03/10/2021
#50161 Slow query in WP_Posts_List_Table, no way to avoid with filters/hooks Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 03/11/2021
#52766 WP_Image_Editor_Imagick checks for version number but ImageMagick in several cases reports it wrong Media normal minor enhancement 03/11/2021
#52819 Naming of Reusable block: make it required & unique Editor normal normal enhancement 03/15/2021
#52865 Strip 'enclosed' trailing spaces in URLs Canonical low normal enhancement 03/19/2021
#52824 A separate sub-menu to organize the extensions belonging to parent plugins. General normal normal feature request 03/23/2021
#51110 Create a UI for user-level privacy / consent management options on the profile page paaljoachim Privacy normal normal enhancement 03/26/2021
#30556 Modern widgets default wrapper joedolson* Widgets normal normal enhancement 03/26/2021
#52799 Easy HTTPS Redirects in WordPress Dashboard Site Health normal normal enhancement 04/02/2021
#52847 Admin Improvement: Filter posts, pages and media by date range or year Administration normal normal enhancement 04/06/2021
#31775 wp_mail attachments support only ascii symbols Mail normal normal enhancement 04/06/2021
#43130 Add New Site: admin autocomplete search all users Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 04/06/2021
#52528 Possible unnecessary buffering of output data in wp-includes/functions.php Administration normal normal enhancement 04/06/2021
#52916 can_perform_loopback() should not rely on wp-cron.php check Site Health normal minor enhancement 04/06/2021
#48758 Repurpose 'Hello World' post to also serve as a Gutenberg tutorial General normal normal enhancement 04/10/2021
#38227 Term Status API Taxonomy normal normal task (blessed) 04/10/2021
#53038 Comment Moderation by Specific Post or Page Comments normal normal feature request 04/15/2021
#53040 Prune IP and Email Addresses from Comments After X Days Comments normal normal feature request 04/17/2021
#52889 Add filter to disable forced plain permalinks Permalinks normal normal enhancement 04/19/2021
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