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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#47518 Add an explanatory message to the Revisions screen for locked posts adamsilverstein Revisions normal normal enhancement 04/30/2021
#53128 Simplify Widget Management Widgets normal normal enhancement 05/01/2021
#51546 the_widget template tag does not support all widgets Widgets normal normal enhancement 05/02/2021
#40686 CSS: introduce naming and usage conventions for JS targeting Administration normal normal enhancement 05/06/2021
#40330 Reconsider the usage of infinite scrolling across the admin Administration normal normal task (blessed) 05/08/2021
#49440 Allow configuring the upgrade directory Upgrade/Install normal normal feature request 05/10/2021
#30978 Meta Fails for Nav Menu Import normal normal enhancement 05/12/2021
#53215 get_comments_number should also need comment_type Comments normal normal enhancement 05/16/2021
#53131 Disjunctive normal form for WP_User::has_cap Users normal normal feature request 05/19/2021
#53186 Site Health plugin extension for the performance score Site Health normal normal feature request 05/19/2021
#40427 Expose a JavaScript API to extend the Media Manager Media normal normal enhancement 05/20/2021
#43617 Nonce invalid messages non-informative, needs changed General normal normal enhancement 05/21/2021
#52288 Separate Color Palette for Text sarahricker Editor normal normal enhancement 05/21/2021
#31673 Multisite UX: deleting a plugin Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 05/22/2021
#21627 Filter for custom-background CSS selector peterwilsoncc Customize low minor enhancement needs-unit-tests 05/22/2021
#22880 Customize Themes without activation Customize normal normal enhancement 05/22/2021
#29071 Make it easier to include an instance of the Customizer outside of customize.php Customize normal normal enhancement 05/22/2021
#29288 Settings updated within the Customizer Preview are not synced up to main app Panel Customize lowest normal enhancement 05/22/2021
#31436 Handle conflicts in concurrent Customizer sessions Customize normal normal enhancement 05/22/2021
#36582 Export main query from Customizer preview Customize low normal enhancement 05/23/2021
#39031 Customize: Include theme as just another setting instead of passing as separate parameter Customize normal normal enhancement 05/24/2021
#48366 Export valid paragraphs HTML with wpautop applied Export normal normal enhancement 05/25/2021
#51317 Remove deprecated JavaScript i18n globals Script Loader normal normal enhancement early 05/25/2021
#50921 Consider adding title attributes for metabox order buttons joedolson* Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 05/26/2021
#52887 Docs: Clarify why register_meta is necessary Shital Patel* Options, Meta APIs normal minor enhancement 05/26/2021
#39910 Customizer: Add ability to drag & drop widgets and menu items Customize normal normal enhancement 05/29/2021
#40243 Allow Manual Hue input for the HSL Color Picker Customize normal normal enhancement 05/29/2021
#42115 Customize Menus: Add "Your theme already has a basic menu" view bpayton Customize normal normal enhancement 05/29/2021
#42191 Customize: Selectively merge settings from autosave revisions Customize normal normal enhancement 05/29/2021
#43464 Search Options in Customizer Customize normal normal enhancement 05/30/2021
#43469 Native Site Icon feature in Customizer is outdated Customize normal normal enhancement 05/31/2021
#47990 Opening/Closing the 'Add Items' slideout in the Customizer Menu editor loses the check icon Customize normal normal enhancement 06/01/2021
#38707 Customizer: Additional CSS highlight, revisions, selection, per-page, pop-out Customize normal normal enhancement 06/01/2021
#40046 Add password length filter in `register_new_user` function. Users normal normal enhancement 06/01/2021
#50817 TinyMCE: default_link_target is ignored TinyMCE normal minor enhancement 06/02/2021
#34064 Filter the file type error message Filesystem API normal normal enhancement 06/03/2021
#45783 Upgrades Page: Improve design Upgrade/Install normal normal feature request 06/05/2021
#51695 Include Upgrade Notice in post-auto-update emails Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 06/05/2021
#53338 Determine when there is an error submitting the wp-signup.php form Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 06/05/2021
#51192 Consider mentioning whether the auto update was forced in the auto update email pbiron* Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 06/06/2021
#53353 have the ability to put FSE files in a theme subfolder Themes normal normal enhancement 06/07/2021
#26940 Toolbar Search: Drop down instead of expanding Toolbar normal normal enhancement 06/09/2021
#53387 Carry "dates" and times over to Plugins/Themes so you can see when it was installed/updated/removed. Administration normal normal feature request 06/12/2021
#42568 Text Widget: Media Uploader Button Label Widgets normal normal enhancement 06/14/2021
#53406 Custom css Themes normal normal enhancement 06/15/2021
#44412 'pre_cache_alloptions' filter in wp_load_alloptions() in option.php cannot be hooked Cache API normal normal enhancement needs-docs 06/15/2021
#53412 Consider allowing themes to include block directory block references Themes normal normal feature request 06/15/2021
#53285 Make it easier to determine which features have been merged to core General normal normal enhancement 06/17/2021
#53480 Existing config files lost when installing local-env Build/Test Tools low normal enhancement 06/22/2021
#34907 List for translation updates Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 06/26/2021
#53405 short circuit before current filters for get_edit_user_link Users normal normal enhancement 06/29/2021
#53630 Prior State Recall for Panes in Editor (Collapse/Expanded) Editor normal trivial enhancement 07/08/2021
#53637 Video poster image is not shown after video has been played Media normal normal enhancement 07/12/2021
#31603 Don't change $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] just to filter the current URL query string General normal normal enhancement 07/17/2021
#53688 add super admin feature to help developer Customize normal major feature request 07/19/2021
#38336 Login: Add new action hooks to the top of login type forms Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 07/20/2021
#53709 Spaces as <br> in RSS Excerpts Formatting normal normal enhancement 07/25/2021
#53790 Do not close block inserter when selecting blocks Editor normal minor enhancement 07/27/2021
#38599 Allow verbose rewrite rules with custom post types Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 07/27/2021
#40475 Additional way to add plugin by indicating URL|slug of plugin page Plugins normal normal enhancement 07/28/2021
#41709 Make plugin install deep-linking easier Plugins normal normal feature request 07/28/2021
#53836 Option to additionally format API response REST API normal normal enhancement 07/30/2021
#31192 Enable sorting of search results on "Add Plugins" admin page Plugins normal normal enhancement 07/30/2021
#49876 Menu section improvement ryokuhi* Customize normal normal enhancement 07/30/2021
#53860 REST API returns special characters as Unicode Decimal Code REST API normal minor enhancement 08/02/2021
#53864 Feature Request - Add sizing options for Video Block Editor normal normal feature request 08/03/2021
#51836 Show when updates are disabled vs not available Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 08/04/2021
#39076 Reinstate Vimeo support for external header videos Themes normal normal feature request 08/04/2021
#53887 no link to theme changelog/readme.txt on the wordpress updates page Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 08/06/2021
#20194 Add Description meta to General Settings General normal minor feature request 08/10/2021
#31531 Shiny Updates: Updates on update-core.php Upgrade/Install normal normal task (blessed) 08/11/2021
#40544 Keep toolbar showing at the top on mobile screens Toolbar normal normal feature request 08/13/2021
#39544 REST API: Improve users endpoint in multisite REST API normal normal task (blessed) 08/17/2021
#53970 Add HTML mark tag support on Gutenberg Editor normal normal enhancement 08/20/2021
#53995 Application Passwords Expiration Application Passwords normal normal feature request needs-docs 08/24/2021
#54017 Add an Update Log (to site health?) Site Health normal normal feature request 09/01/2021
#52978 Feature Request: option to show full images in Media Library Media normal normal feature request 09/02/2021
#54053 Multisite Users screen Mark as Spam status is not documented Users normal normal enhancement 09/06/2021
#54024 Internal links with href=outdated-slug and a data-type data-id as fallback should use that and update href=new-slug instead of resulting in broken link (404) Editor normal normal feature request 09/06/2021
#54096 Get URL by post ID in WP-Admin Administration normal normal feature request 09/08/2021
#54097 Menu Dividers Menus normal normal feature request 09/09/2021
#54039 site health can probably do better job at detecting if imagick supports PDF Site Health normal normal enhancement 09/09/2021
#53982 Adding pages to menus could be more user friendly Menus normal normal enhancement 09/10/2021
#53903 Duplicate Menu Bar option Menus normal normal feature request 09/17/2021
#6619 permalink field misleading in page editor: it displays the erroneous values Editor normal normal enhancement 09/22/2021
#53385 When adding a plugin/theme via "add new plugin/theme" it should show if the plugin/theme is translated or not Plugins normal normal enhancement 09/27/2021
#44542 Images: Option to control when to create different image dimensions Post Thumbnails normal major feature request 09/29/2021
#54226 Cleanup Unused Image Sizes Media normal normal feature request 10/06/2021
#50441 Allow CORS for RSS feed Feeds normal normal enhancement 10/08/2021
#54235 Script for handling metadata in wp_postmeta Database normal normal feature request needs-docs 10/08/2021
#47878 Permalink issue when using sub categories. Why does it entirely rely on ID? Permalinks normal major enhancement 10/12/2021
#54259 The function deactivate_plugins should run only in the backend Plugins normal normal enhancement 10/14/2021
#54266 Enhancing WordPress - CSS for Category links General normal normal enhancement 10/14/2021
#28798 htaccess and protected option Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 10/15/2021
#53572 An "acknowledged" category for site health check for things managed outside of WordPress Site Health normal trivial feature request 10/16/2021
#54280 wp_verify_nonce should return a filter Security normal normal enhancement 10/17/2021
#54234 comment_type of reply should be same as parent Comments normal normal enhancement 10/18/2021
#21352 wp_lostpassword_url() on multisite Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 10/20/2021
#54274 Choose where new menu items should go instead of default ending them to the end. Menus normal normal enhancement 10/22/2021
#48579 Should we reconsider the External Libraries mentions on the credits.php page? Help/About low normal enhancement 10/25/2021
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