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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#53572 An "acknowledged" category for site health check for things managed outside of WordPress Site Health normal trivial feature request 10/16/2021
#54280 wp_verify_nonce should return a filter Security normal normal enhancement 10/17/2021
#54234 comment_type of reply should be same as parent Comments normal normal enhancement 10/18/2021
#21352 wp_lostpassword_url() on multisite Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 10/20/2021
#54274 Choose where new menu items should go instead of default ending them to the end. Menus normal normal enhancement 10/22/2021
#48579 Should we reconsider the External Libraries mentions on the credits.php page? Help/About low normal enhancement 10/25/2021
#44226 Link to Privacy Policy in comment consent Comments normal normal feature request 10/29/2021
#54343 set custom name for metadata value in custom-fileds metabox select box General normal normal feature request 10/29/2021
#52399 Remove widget accessibility mode joedolson* Widgets normal normal enhancement 10/30/2021
#54305 Transition of block editor width when previewing desktop/tablet/mobile causes multiple resize events (and unnecessary lag) Editor normal normal enhancement 11/01/2021
#54369 Request Gallery widget editor enhancement to allow standard editing features for each image in gallery Widgets normal normal enhancement 11/03/2021
#54374 Add the "Last updated" date to theme details Themes normal minor enhancement 11/04/2021
#54387 trailing slash in the url /wp-json REST API normal minor enhancement 11/06/2021
#54325 Multisite domain mapping: No blog address to revert to when domain mapping is made inactive Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 11/07/2021
#51124 Can we get an additional parameter in wp_add_inline_script to set the script type? audrasjb* Script Loader normal normal feature request needs-unit-tests 11/08/2021
#40276 enhancement: add a $type parameter to wp_add_inline_script() Script Loader normal normal enhancement 11/08/2021
#51438 Use CSP directive upgrade-insecure-requests when using HTTPS Security normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 11/09/2021
#44351 Fix "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed" when running unit tests Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 11/09/2021
#49635 Build tools: Remove generated and package sourced files from committed code. gziolo Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 11/10/2021
#53024 List https functionality health check failures as critical Site Health normal normal enhancement 11/10/2021
#54414 Support embedding Mobile Twitter URLs Embeds normal normal enhancement 11/10/2021
#53520 Add regression test for the wp_option data corruption bug Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 11/10/2021
#29792 Grunt: Add a stylelint precommit task to check for CSS syntax errors netweb Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 11/11/2021
#52191 Show plugin update notifications on Plugins screen on WordPress Multisite sub blogs Plugins normal minor enhancement 11/15/2021
#49072 Move readme.html & license.txt out of project root (maybe into Uploads?) General normal normal enhancement 11/16/2021
#54452 Image Aspect Ratio on resize Media normal trivial enhancement 11/16/2021
#40281 Improve Documentation for HTTP Unit Testing Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 11/16/2021
#49357 Admin intervention for personal data export really needed? xkon* Privacy normal normal enhancement 11/17/2021
#54465 Error message with invalid receipent Mail normal normal enhancement 11/18/2021
#54434 Add Zoomable as an oEmbed provider Embeds normal normal enhancement 11/18/2021
#54468 Apply aspect ratio classes to wp_oembed_get when theme_supports('responsive-embeds') is added Embeds normal normal enhancement 11/18/2021
#43749 Update zxcvbn to 4.4.2 External Libraries normal normal enhancement has-patch 11/18/2021
#14877 Ability to create exclusive custom taxonomies helen* Taxonomy normal minor feature request 11/20/2021
#40769 Translators' note required for singular/plural strings where both strings are in the singular form I18N normal normal enhancement 11/23/2021
#29155 Widgets: is_active_widget returns true even when the widget is not displayed on specific page Widgets normal normal enhancement 11/23/2021
#54512 Suggestion for file protection Security normal normal enhancement 11/25/2021
#54523 inherited custom template hierarchy Themes normal normal enhancement 11/27/2021
#54525 URL Object General normal normal enhancement 11/27/2021
#54533 State more clearly that an active theme can't be deleted Themes normal normal enhancement 11/29/2021
#54534 Introduce a get_term_by_args filter Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 11/30/2021
#45741 Theme block style dependencies while enqueuing Bundled Theme normal trivial enhancement 11/30/2021
#47310 Add Column Taxonomy Links Filter to Media List Table Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 12/12/2021
#47890 Indentation within Post Publish (Classic Editor) and Comment Save Metaboxes: Administration normal normal enhancement 12/14/2021
#54626 Custom Objects General normal normal feature request 12/14/2021
#54627 Adding More Timestamp columns to database Database normal normal enhancement 12/14/2021
#49582 wp-admin CSS audit Administration normal normal enhancement 12/16/2021
#53070 Establish a Core CSS deprecation path General normal normal enhancement 12/16/2021
#51086 Add native support for tabbed settings pages in WP Admin joedolson* Administration normal normal enhancement 12/17/2021
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