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#53783 Visiting Widgets Is Blocking Access To My Server Widgets normal blocker defect (bug) reporter-feedback 08/04/2021
#51158 With ACF Blocks in 5.5, "enqueue_assets" causes fatal error Editor normal blocker defect (bug) dev-feedback 09/03/2020
#52771 5.7 issue p tag added to html comment Editor normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/12/2021
#50820 Admin side menu items hover doesn't work on version 5.5-RC1-48687 Menus normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 08/11/2020
#53963 Block editor tools slots are empty Editor normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 08/20/2021
#49923 Change "Critical Issue" to "Recommendation" Site Health normal critical defect (bug) close 12/08/2021
#53766 Legacy Widget block triggers update() method multiple times for one update Widgets normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 07/28/2021
#48268 Updating failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response. Posts, Post Types normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/31/2021
#54145 new widget feature broke database Widgets normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 09/28/2021
#32306 wp-cron throws 500 errors for SSL enabled sites Cron API normal critical defect (bug) reporter-feedback 11/14/2017
#45331 'rest_url_prefix' filter fails to impact flush_rewrite_rules() on plugin activation Permalinks normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 10/25/2020
#49192 All plugin style tags are empty after upgrade to 5.3.2 Script Loader normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 01/20/2020
#17170 Attachment slugs are not unique Permalinks normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 06/04/2019
#52049 Block editor borders disappeared Editor normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 12/14/2020
#32851 Comment e-mail address of registered user not updated when user's e-mail address is changed Comments normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 09/30/2020
#46642 Comment form content textarea shouldn't be a required field Comments normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 01/23/2020
#50119 Dashboard of new subsite won't open Networks and Sites normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/07/2020
#53743 Double <title> Tag with SEO Plugins in WordPress 5.8 General normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 07/22/2021
#40418 ID columns in multisite database tables should be unsigned flixos90 Database normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 09/11/2018
#44077 Image editor not working after WP update 4.9.5 this week Post Thumbnails normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/25/2018
#49078 Media Library permission checks in WordPress Media normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/12/2020
#52648 Problem with certain passwords not working to login to mysql db Database normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 02/25/2021
#43754 Problem with is_page() function when gets "NULL" parameter Posts, Post Types normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/04/2020
#30691 Removing a featured image does not remove the 'post_parent' value - reproducible Media normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 04/28/2021
#46155 Responsive images (srcset) not working on cropped files. joemcgill General normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/15/2019
#53625 The 'explode' function does not work on widget block editor. Widgets normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 07/16/2021
#53439 Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response. Editor normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 06/24/2021
#18043 Uploaded images disappear after loading if using compression w/Apache Upload normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 05/15/2019
#44802 WP Generate Tag cloud not generating Link (href) tag value and Role tag value. Taxonomy normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/03/2021
#44429 WP-CLI incompatibility with wp_redirect( https://... ) General normal major defect (bug) dev-feedback 07/24/2018
#33337 WordPress crashes in Chrome when trying to upload images too quickly into Media Library Media normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/04/2019
#53789 all kinds of error messages using WordPress 5.8 Widgets block editor Widgets normal major defect (bug) reporter-feedback 10/13/2021
#15955 move_uploaded_file mangles non-ascii characters on Windows platforms SergeyBiryukov* Upload normal major defect (bug) close 07/09/2018
#46333 wp_mail successfully working but not sending mails - WordPress 5.1 Mail normal major defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 06/04/2020
#44017 Add filter to display edit post link without 'edit_post' capability Posts, Post Types normal major enhancement reporter-feedback 06/05/2018
#17924 Make Integrating Multiple Roles Per User Easier for Plugin Authors Role/Capability normal major enhancement dev-feedback 07/20/2021
#49773 Navigating through list of posts on single.php is not functioning Posts, Post Types normal major enhancement dev-feedback 04/02/2020
#53126 Blogger Importer Import normal major feature request reporter-feedback 05/01/2021
#37145 Admin submenu opens underneeth editor link tool Administration low minor defect (bug) dev-feedback 08/05/2020
#51186 CMD S Not saving/updating posts Editor normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/04/2021
#46301 Customizer iframe warning Customize normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/30/2021
#49618 Image Widget Alignment Widgets normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/10/2020
#49432 Need of maximum character limit for Site Title Options, Meta APIs low minor defect (bug) close 12/14/2021
#48524 Notice: Undefined variable: matches Query normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 11/09/2019
#54282 Search terms wrapped in double quotes never return results directly from iOS Safari keyboard General normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 10/25/2021
#42008 Show warning that usernames can't be changed Upgrade/Install normal minor defect (bug) close 11/01/2020
#54136 Slideshow gallery shown as a tiled gallery when using shortcode with Classic Editor Gallery normal minor defect (bug) close 12/15/2021
#25293 Switch_to_blog not switching the siteid Networks and Sites normal minor defect (bug) dev-feedback 06/08/2017
#50047 Taxonomy parent select field not cleared after creating category Taxonomy normal minor defect (bug) dev-feedback 05/01/2020
#34130 Thickbox previous arrow External Libraries normal minor defect (bug) close 03/15/2021
#53935 Vimeo oembed force player with large height on blog post Embeds normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 08/18/2021
#45356 adding a featured image takes forever now, what's going on with that. Post Thumbnails normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 12/16/2018
#45764 blog page and homepage the same list pages and not posts Posts, Post Types normal minor defect (bug) dev-feedback 12/12/2019
#47465 current_action function - return types Administration normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/06/2019
#52798 delete_option() does not clear cache if option is missing in database. Options, Meta APIs normal minor defect (bug) dev-feedback 07/19/2021
#40779 function_exists() audit in wp-db.php Database low minor defect (bug) dev-feedback 06/01/2021
#49093 get_posts Some fields of the $args argument are not documented Posts, Post Types normal minor defect (bug) close 01/14/2020
#33521 manage_${post_type}_posts_columns parameters shifted Taxonomy normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/04/2019
#46555 update fails when I have a print statement in my code. Posts, Post Types normal minor defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/18/2019
#43963 Add admin body class for multisite blog ID and network admin context Administration normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 06/26/2018
#25419 Add icon support for widgets on the admin page and customize screens Widgets low minor enhancement dev-feedback 03/05/2018
#53541 Arguments passed to load_template() should be extracted General normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 06/28/2021
#45143 If the "recover password" form submit button is double-clicked two emails will be sent Login and Registration normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 03/18/2019
#24925 Improve no disk space error handling when updating plugins Filesystem API normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 07/20/2021
#45023 Improve parent and child category description example Taxonomy normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 10/03/2018
#47316 Improve the admin User Profile page, the user interface is not user friendly. Users normal minor enhancement reporter-feedback 05/18/2019
#49129 Incorrect German Umlaut substitutions Formatting normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 01/04/2020
#20459 Super admin should be able to bypass banned/limited domains when creating users Users normal minor enhancement dev-feedback 06/05/2019
#40412 Filter for theme actions to add extra buttons. Themes normal minor feature request dev-feedback 04/11/2017
#35310 "Add Media" dropzone shouldn't take up the entire modal window Upload normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 05/15/2019
#44615 "Cannot use object of type stdClass as array" breaking update-core.php Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/07/2021
#29161 $pagenow variable not set in admin pages on Windows systems Administration normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 12/27/2021
#50070 'post_type' query variable not set for taxonomy queries Query normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 05/27/2020
#53894 =?us-ascii? in the subject line Mail normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 08/09/2021
#40675 Accented letter at end of line displays wrong Editor normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 11/24/2020
#54122 Action hook transition_post_status not properly working in Block Editor General normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 11/14/2021
#37678 Add an action hook for plugins to do database upgrades on Database normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 04/18/2019
#44269 Add optional parameter $merge_args into paginate_links function General normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 12/03/2020
#45938 Adding new term meta fails if column is wrapped in a conditional Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 02/01/2019
#49870 Admin Email Verification "The Email is Correct" leads to White Screen Administration normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 05/02/2020
#46540 Admin bar CSS shouldn't be added in the customizer Customize normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 05/30/2021
#47901 Admin menu variable is not always considered as global Administration normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 08/24/2019
#36188 After WordPress installation, the default category archive page is showing a 404 page Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 12/06/2017
#46538 Aligning gallery results in conflicting classes added Gallery normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 08/08/2019
#33936 Alignment issue in dashboard update count General normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/19/2019
#53310 All Comments are not visible in comment section in WordPress Backend Post Section Comments normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/25/2021
#52178 Allowed memory size exhausted / url creates new post entry? Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 01/05/2021
#35418 Assigned post type not appeared in category and tag archive Query normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/04/2019
#48522 Attachment size not generated when large images uploaded Media normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 10/16/2020
#22558 Attachment term counts feels/are inaccurate Media normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 03/03/2021
#50222 Autocorrect redirect to the wrong URL based on a word after permalink Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) close 05/22/2020
#41387 Avoid 403's from AJAX requests from postbox.js Administration normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 07/24/2021
#45854 Avoid printf/sprintf strings to be "double-quoted" General normal normal defect (bug) close 08/04/2021
#33095 Background updates: Administration blocked Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 06/05/2019
#47160 Backport blocking of plugin updates if required PHP version is not supported Plugins normal normal defect (bug) dev-feedback 10/07/2019
#49382 Big span gap appears before feature SVG img in Gutenberg editor Editor normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 12/07/2020
#49782 Block editor problem after WP upgrde Editor normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 11/27/2020
#52794 Blocks not entering in correct place Editor normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 03/31/2021
#31591 Bug in the author permalink . Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) reporter-feedback 06/04/2019
#34591 BugFix to WP_Scripts::do_item(), remove doubled "//" Script Loader normal normal defect (bug) needs-unit-tests 02/05/2017
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