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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#45359 Add checkbox to enable or disable sending out emails on password changes from backend Users normal normal enhancement 11/15/2018
#42952 Add comments about JS removal of message query_arg Comments normal normal enhancement 12/21/2017
#39709 Add filler content to New Site Registration email to avoid space ratio spam rule Mail normal normal enhancement 03/09/2017
#40821 Add filter to `wpmu_delete_blog()` to overwrite ability to drop tables Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 05/19/2017
#39298 Add filters for the exporter Export normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#38368 Add front-end revision browsing Revisions normal normal enhancement 03/08/2018
#44073 Add functionality to search plugin with double quoted keyword Plugins normal normal feature request 05/23/2018
#42737 Add method wp.api.getModelByType for retrieving api models adamsilverstein REST API normal normal feature request 10/19/2018
#30181 Add more Underscore.js array methods to wp.customize.Values and re-use _ for Customizer JS methods Customize lowest normal task (blessed) 03/14/2017
#29411 Add multi-network helper functionality Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 08/16/2017
#41125 Add new `_deprecated_class()` function General normal normal enhancement 06/25/2017
#38548 Add new filters on wp_script_is/wp_style_is Script Loader normal normal enhancement 03/26/2019
#43604 Add option to completely disable syndication feeds Feeds normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#42309 Add page-numbers CSS class to wp_link_pages generated links Themes normal normal feature request 04/17/2018
#23257 Add plural versions of Post Format strings Post Formats normal normal enhancement 07/17/2017
#44378 Add privacy prompt(s) to the embeds whitelist documentation in the core handbook allendav Privacy normal normal enhancement needs-docs 01/17/2019
#46562 Add rand orderby to the WP_User_Query and get_users to match get_posts Users normal normal enhancement 03/19/2019
#43841 Add request confirmation and security logging for major user actions Administration normal normal enhancement 04/24/2018
#43328 Add support for Web App Manifests westonruter* General normal normal feature request 03/01/2019
#44894 Add support for an optional `$roles` parameter to `populate_roles()` flixos90 Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/23/2019
#38036 Add support for the utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci collation Database normal normal enhancement 03/08/2018
#38560 Add support for uploading arrayed $_FILES Media normal normal feature request needs-unit-tests 08/10/2017
#40460 Add-On Grouping for Plugin List Screen Plugins normal normal feature request 04/15/2017
#39632 Adding Query identifier attribute Query normal normal feature request 06/07/2017
#39841 Additional Post Button Options Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 02/14/2017
#41627 Additional parameter for multisite activation Plugins normal normal feature request 08/13/2017
#11515 Admin needs standardized way of handling messages (notices) displayed to the user Administration normal normal enhancement 11/16/2018
#46764 Admin search functionality Administration normal normal enhancement 04/04/2019
#40223 Allow arrow key navigation in (all?) modals Administration normal normal enhancement 03/21/2017
#41172 Allow autosaving to be disabled on a per post type basis Autosave normal normal enhancement 06/26/2017
#31139 Allow editing of video embed parameters in the media modal wonderboymusic Media normal normal enhancement 07/10/2017
#43205 Allow filtering the list of characters to be replaced by wptexturize Formatting normal normal feature request 01/16/2019
#41854 Allow filters to be added for the Media Library in Grid Mode & Insert Media Media normal normal enhancement 09/17/2017
#38664 Allow installing translations via the language setting on the user profile edit page admin swissspidy I18N normal normal enhancement 01/10/2019
#37281 Allow non-error notifications to be set for Customizer settings from PHP Customize normal normal enhancement 04/19/2019
#45949 Allow plugins or themes to supply their own message when they caused a WSOD Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#44517 Allow specifying the WordPress username to be filled in on the login form via a URL parameter. Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#41170 Allow the newbloguser screen to be themed Login and Registration normal normal feature request 06/26/2017
#41199 Allow the optional editing of an author slug Users normal normal enhancement 06/30/2017
#41493 Allow users to add widget to multiple widget areas from Widgets Area Chooser audrasjb* Widgets normal normal enhancement 01/17/2019
#43215 Allow wp_kses to pass allowed CSS properties Security normal normal feature request 02/02/2018
#35127 Allow wp_nav_menu() function to add container attributes, including Schema.org structured data Menus normal normal enhancement 03/07/2017
#43588 Anonymize commenter IP address once a comment is no longer pending Privacy normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 01/09/2019
#41778 Archive page for user roles Role/Capability normal normal feature request 09/02/2017
#41578 Assure that $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] is available Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 08/10/2017
#38160 Attachment template hierarchy selects generic attachment.php before specific post type templates Themes normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/21/2017
#42487 Avoid redundant crops for all Customizer media controls. Media normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 02/07/2019
#43830 Being able to set a page as a homepage under the "Page Attribute" meta box General normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#42376 Beta Download/Install capabilities with Plugins & Themes Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 10/30/2017
#33054 Better featured image/attachment sanity checks Media normal normal enhancement 06/27/2017
#43319 Bootstrap 4 Card issue in backend General normal normal enhancement 02/16/2018
#36940 Break `manage_sites` capability up into more targeted caps johnjamesjacoby Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 07/17/2017
#17653 Canonical Redirect when space(s) are used instead of hyphens when requesting a page SergeyBiryukov* Canonical normal normal enhancement 08/19/2018
#38760 Capture result size in bytes when SAVEQUERIES is true Database normal normal enhancement 10/03/2017
#39835 Category slug could be auto-generated with ability to update manually Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 02/10/2017
#38888 Change `init` Priority For Hook: `widgets_init` Widgets normal normal enhancement 03/25/2019
#36034 Change post name permalinks to use ID when inserting links General normal normal enhancement 06/28/2017
#39852 Change the confusing "Screen Options" button text Administration normal normal enhancement 03/21/2017
#41458 Class gets stripped out when inserting a link in author biography box Formatting normal normal enhancement 07/30/2017
#40971 Clicking More Details in Add Plugins page shows old version of Plugin Directory page Plugins normal normal enhancement 06/12/2017
#41873 Code Editor: Add PHP linter General normal normal enhancement 10/03/2017
#41874 Code Editor: Extend CSS linter to check for safecss-forbidden properties General normal normal enhancement 09/29/2017
#39028 Comments on private posts or specific edge cases can get a confusting white screen error. Comments normal normal enhancement 08/03/2017
#31356 Compound settings confusing with screen readers (radio buttons) Administration normal normal enhancement 01/30/2017
#41086 Conditional loading of CSS files from (for example) shortcodes Shortcodes normal normal feature request 06/16/2017
#43013 Confirmation Email workaround Users normal normal enhancement 01/02/2018
#40031 Consider Adding Web Annotations to WordPress Comments normal normal feature request 02/19/2018
#34681 Consider removing the "Disable the visual editor when writing" option Editor normal normal enhancement 01/08/2019
#37261 Consider removing the `$start` argument from `WP_UnitTest_Generator_Sequence` Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 02/25/2019
#37228 Consider to rethink and improve the list tables pagination links Administration normal normal enhancement 04/19/2019
#32824 Consistent search fields between posts and terms Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request 07/23/2017
#7797 Consolidate iframe headers Administration normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#36423 Constant in wp-config.php to disable uploads Upload normal normal feature request 02/02/2017
#45154 Convert Privacy Policy content to indexed array and filter array to allow easy unsetting. Privacy normal normal enhancement 03/27/2019
#40232 Could is_tax check through queried_terms instead of queried_object? Taxonomy normal normal feature request 03/22/2017
#46394 Create a Function to Allow the WordPress Search to Only Return Results from a Specified Post Type General normal normal feature request 03/01/2019
#39656 Create a submenu item under About admin bar for security Security normal normal enhancement 01/23/2017
#39707 Create onboarding flowchart for users of WP.org installations Administration normal normal enhancement 04/03/2017
#42849 Custom HTML Widget: Allow user to be able to bypass lint errors to save Widgets normal normal feature request 03/14/2018
#44419 Custom classes and markup for pagination Themes normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#41769 Custom function to display all values of a custom field (meta_key) Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 09/01/2017
#38957 Customize Menus: Menu locations should be able to opt-out of menu item types that can be added to associated menus Customize normal normal enhancement 01/21/2017
#38956 Customize Menus: menus assigned to locations with limited depths should not allow deeper depths Customize normal normal enhancement 04/03/2019
#42635 Customize: Add default value for customizeAction param for sections Customize normal normal enhancement 10/12/2018
#42644 Customize: Add rich text control for managing tagline and new footer credit theme support Customize normal normal feature request 01/09/2019
#42272 Customize: Use client-side templates for rendering base controls Customize normal normal enhancement 01/09/2019
#41126 Customizer does not work if both wp_footer() and wp_head() functions are not present in the theme. Customize normal normal enhancement 07/05/2017
#35827 Customizer: Create a dropzone for adding images Customize high normal enhancement 09/26/2017
#40432 Customizer: Should we stop contextually hiding features? Customize normal normal enhancement 09/12/2018
#11931 Day/Month/Year Permalink Structure Fails in Archives Rewrite Rules normal normal enhancement 04/05/2019
#42829 Debugging image uploads with wp_generate_attachment_metadata Media normal normal enhancement 02/14/2019
#40527 Decouple WP_Customize_Manager Customize normal normal enhancement 09/25/2017
#39724 Defining custom validation callbacks for tag/attribute values in wp_kses() Formatting normal normal enhancement 06/17/2017
#39710 Deprecate unused `WP_Media_List_Table::column_desc()` Media normal trivial enhancement 01/26/2017
#43451 Disallow objects as meta values Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 03/01/2018
#39346 Display Error if GD library ins't installed/enabled Media normal normal enhancement 01/04/2018
#44659 Display custom fields Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 01/16/2019
#40804 Display important informations in plugins list Plugins normal normal enhancement 05/18/2017
#43608 Display missing module error for GD when on Media Settings Media normal normal enhancement 04/15/2019
#39985 Do action before send email of retrieve password Login and Registration normal normal feature request 03/08/2017
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