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Tickets not modified in the past 2.5 years. Once this report is emptied, we'll adjust the threshold to 2 years, and so on.

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Unpatched Bugs (55 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#45801 Duplicate post publish action Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 01/07/2019
#45818 ALLOW_UNFILTERED_UPLOADS does not work on multisite Upload normal normal defect (bug) 01/07/2019
#45819 when {category|tag}_base include spaces their rewrite rules don't get generated correctly, resulting in 404's Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 01/03/2019
#45853 Videos embedded in a plugins readme.txt does not load while searching for a plugin in an actual WP install (not wp.org) Plugins normal normal defect (bug) 01/07/2019
#45858 Twenty Nineteen: Container content cut off on the right for specific browser widths Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 01/31/2019
#45879 WP_User::set_role() does not remove previous roles Role/Capability normal normal defect (bug) 01/09/2019
#45900 Twenty Nineteen: WordPress embed width does not match between front and back end Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 01/10/2019
#45906 Twenty Nineteen: Wide alignment does not match front-end when the sidebar is active Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 01/23/2019
#45926 Twenty Nineteen: Metaboxes overlapping the block editor Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 01/10/2019
#45929 Potential assignment to empty string Shortcodes normal normal defect (bug) 01/10/2019
#45944 Twenty Nineteen: Added URL in :after styles for print.css is unreliable Bundled Theme low normal defect (bug) 01/25/2019
#45948 WSOD protection message formatted incorrectly on windows Bootstrap/Load normal normal defect (bug) 01/11/2019
#45950 Twenty Nineteen: Fix social media icons to use the correct height & width attribute Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 01/23/2019
#45970 in IIS if web.confing <configuration has xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0" attribute the WordPress creates new <configuration> section and the site craches with wrong web.config Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) 01/13/2019
#45980 WordPress 5.0.3 PDF is opening empty page in Chrome and not showing content Media normal normal defect (bug) 01/30/2019
#46000 non empty post object in case of error 404 Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) 01/16/2019
#46016 Unable to move blocks in editor Editor normal normal defect (bug) 01/17/2019
#46023 reader mode on Safari - TwentyNineteen Theme Themes normal normal defect (bug) 01/17/2019
#46033 Please fix redirect in wp-login.php Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) has-patch 01/19/2019
#46042 wp_nav_menu always returns a container Menus normal normal defect (bug) 01/19/2019
#46055 Twenty Seventeen: Blockquotes aligned right are not rechecked when widgets are added in the Customizer Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 01/23/2019
#46080 Twenty Seventeen: Pullquote Block - "Write citation…" Text color not working at frontend Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 01/30/2019
#46100 Custom field validation is not working in Gutenberg Editor Editor normal major defect (bug) 01/25/2019
#46132 Opera changed its render engine to Chrome, $is_opera not working General normal normal defect (bug) 02/02/2019
#46145 dbDelta runs same updates on every execution Database normal normal defect (bug) 01/30/2019
#46146 dbDelta not parsing enum correctly Database normal normal defect (bug) 01/30/2019
#46158 Twenty Nineteen: Slight flash of desktop menu when closing mobile menu Bundled Theme normal minor defect (bug) 01/31/2019
#46166 wp_update_term sanitizes the description, removing all html Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 02/01/2019
#46250 smaller fonts for page navigation in admin in 5.1 Administration normal normal defect (bug) 03/22/2019
#46262 Twenty Nineteen: odd content_width in theme Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 02/20/2019
#46281 WP Query breaks if there are term_ids in tax_query are more than 192 General normal normal defect (bug) 02/19/2019
#46285 Search colums of WP User Query vars is not updated after applying user_search_columns filter Query normal trivial defect (bug) 02/20/2019
#46292 Bump `set_time_limit()` at the start of the update process, instead of mid-way. Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 02/21/2019
#46296 Posts set to 'private' and password protected should return a 403 HTTP header status Posts, Post Types normal minor defect (bug) 02/21/2019
#46307 Custom admin menu items don't provide their title on medium breakpoint garrett-eclipse Administration normal normal defect (bug) 02/22/2019
#46315 Block editor columns left margin issue on reduced screen width General normal normal defect (bug) 02/24/2019
#46321 rel="noopener noreferrer" General normal normal defect (bug) 02/22/2019
#46331 WordPress 5.1 prevents "add new main page" navabar menu function AND continues to demand 5.1 Update Upgrade/Install normal trivial defect (bug) 02/23/2019
#46334 wp_localize_script did not output anything in wp_print_footer_scripts hook although document suggested that it should be working Script Loader normal major defect (bug) 02/24/2019
#46338 taxonomy_meta_box_sanitize_cb_checkboxes: Warning: array_map(): Expected parameter 2 to be an array, string given Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 02/25/2019
#46342 Error messages in the Dashboard for Editor Role General normal normal defect (bug) 02/27/2019
#46347 WP_Term_Query where sql_clauses oddity Query normal normal defect (bug) 02/26/2019
#46352 Using a single quote locks up UI Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 02/26/2019
#46372 Missing Proxy Support in Requests/Transport/cURL.php HTTP API normal normal defect (bug) 02/28/2019
#46399 WordPress Embeds Block does not embed WordPress URL Embeds normal normal defect (bug) 03/02/2019
#46405 The editor has encountered an unexpected error Editor normal normal defect (bug) 03/03/2019
#46440 WP_Roles data doesn't load correctly when 'switch_to_blog' is called in a multisite. Role/Capability normal normal defect (bug) 03/08/2019
#46451 wp_dropdown_users() does not pass all applicable arguments on to get_users() Users normal normal defect (bug) 03/09/2019
#46452 dbDelta given the same PRIMARY KEY and normal KEY produces no error, reports table created successfully, but the table is not created Database normal trivial defect (bug) 03/09/2019
#46482 Non-hierarchical taxonomies using checkbox display are not saving in quick edit Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 03/13/2019
#46541 widget class name sent in headers is incorrect when the widget has a namespace Widgets normal normal defect (bug) 03/17/2019
#46557 Dragging image to uploader directly from another website causes redirection Upload normal normal defect (bug) 03/18/2019
#46577 Improve tests related to file permissions for privacy export requests Build/Test Tools normal normal defect (bug) 03/20/2019
#46600 Twenty Nineteen: Flex order on comment form causes contents of comment_form_after to appear above the form Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 03/22/2019
#46625 username and password automatically change to dexter Database normal normal defect (bug) 03/24/2019

Unpatched Enhancements (45 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#5678 Respectfully strip newlines in some importers hansengel* Import normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#5942 Add Owner role Role/Capability normal normal feature request 11/06/2017
#6286 Proposed changes to "E-mail me whenever" Discussion Options Comments normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#6393 Export & import blogroll with categories Import normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#6425 Support for RTL in feeds Feeds normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#7745 Private posts cannot have unpublished or pending review status Posts, Post Types low minor enhancement 03/15/2019
#7795 Activate and Deactivate Theme hooks Themes normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#7797 Consolidate iframe headers Administration normal normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#8924 autoload should be boolean in add_option() Database lowest normal enhancement 03/15/2019
#11515 Admin needs standardized way of handling messages (notices) displayed to the user Administration normal normal enhancement 11/16/2018
#11869 Multisite upgrade notice at wpmu-upgrade-site.php isn't steadily visible. Upgrade/Install normal minor enhancement 04/23/2017
#12671 Installer page doesn't check if MySQL tables were created successfully Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 12/15/2018
#14375 Post pagination should have a show all option Posts, Post Types normal normal feature request 06/12/2017
#14393 Maintenance mode overkill. Please refine usage of it Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 03/18/2017
#14877 Ability to create exclusive custom taxonomies helen* Taxonomy normal minor feature request 02/27/2018
#15865 Make it easy to disable options / user settings Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement has-patch 03/25/2018
#16413 Settings page needs HTML refactoring and UI improvements helen Administration normal normal enhancement 07/24/2017
#17653 Canonical Redirect when space(s) are used instead of hyphens when requesting a page SergeyBiryukov* Canonical normal normal enhancement 08/19/2018
#17948 Enhancements to the login and registration forms wpdavis Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 10/06/2017
#18298 deprecate TEMPLATEPATH and STYLESHEETPATH wonderboymusic Themes normal normal enhancement 12/29/2017
#18301 Activating a new theme on multisite is very long-winded DrewAPicture* Themes normal normal enhancement 09/18/2018
#18493 HTML emails westi Mail normal normal enhancement 01/24/2017
#19707 admin-ajax.php requests via http regardless of force_ssl_admin() state Administration normal normal enhancement 03/06/2018
#20152 Multisite simplify option name to user_roles Role/Capability normal normal enhancement 09/18/2018
#21132 List tables' "select all" should let you really select all, regardless of screen options Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 06/08/2017
#22310 wp_insert_user bit ilogical with rich_editing Users normal normal enhancement 05/12/2018
#22938 Presentation of hierarchical taxonomy in Media modal should be checkboxes rather than comma-separated tag list wonderboymusic Media normal normal enhancement 09/24/2018
#23257 Add plural versions of Post Format strings Post Formats normal normal enhancement 07/17/2017
#23391 User in contributor role can add images to post only via the text editor Role/Capability normal normal enhancement 10/03/2018
#26311 Updated (responsive) Tools -> Export admin screen Export normal normal enhancement 02/26/2019
#26937 get_adjacent_post() should use WP_Query rather than build its own SQL query nacin Query normal normal enhancement 01/31/2018
#27127 Improve plugin search on installed plugins page Administration normal normal enhancement 02/11/2017
#27405 Widget Customizer: Fade out sidebar sections that lack any rendered widgets Widgets normal normal enhancement 06/07/2017
#27916 Add New Post screen nonce failure should redirect to Edit Post screen Administration normal normal enhancement 05/12/2017
#28093 Add REST API endpoints for widgets and sidebars Widgets normal normal enhancement 11/23/2017
#28376 Improve error message seen by user in update.php Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 11/02/2017
#28461 Add a fallback parameter to get_the_post_thumbnail() to find images Post Thumbnails normal normal enhancement 02/06/2017
#28798 htaccess and protected option Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 01/15/2017
#29316 Need more value and preview hooks for WP_Customize_Settings Customize low normal enhancement 03/20/2018
#29411 Add multi-network helper functionality Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 08/16/2017
#29910 esc_attr does not properly deal with json_encode Formatting normal normal enhancement 05/07/2017
#29948 Use contextual controls (active_callback) API for conditionally-displayed core contextual controls Customize lowest normal enhancement 02/20/2017
#30044 Use subqueries for AND clauses in WP_Meta_Query Query normal normal enhancement 03/17/2018
#30181 Add more Underscore.js array methods to wp.customize.Values and re-use _ for Customizer JS methods Customize lowest normal task (blessed) 03/14/2017
#30274 wp-login.php Logo Image Use "img" tag rather than CSS background Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 02/19/2017
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