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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#45832 php-pm support General normal normal feature request 01/14/2019
#45919 Twenty Nineteen: Improve comments in `twentynineteen_setup` Bundled Theme normal normal enhancement 11/25/2020
#45949 Allow plugins or themes to supply their own message when they caused a WSOD Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 01/16/2019
#46003 Improve toolbar CSS Toolbar normal normal enhancement 03/04/2020
#46102 Documentation improvement General normal normal enhancement 01/27/2019
#46129 Inconsistent logic in allowed_block_types Editor normal normal enhancement 02/11/2021
#46179 Make fetch_array accessible in $wpdb Database normal normal enhancement 02/04/2019
#46180 get_permalink: Ability to pass required information for better performance Permalinks normal normal enhancement 02/04/2019
#46184 Add WP_Tax_Query support to WP_Site_Query Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 02/12/2019
#46188 esc_html does not have support for multiline output. esc_br_html or line-breaking parameter for esc_html is missing Formatting normal normal enhancement 03/02/2019
#46208 Improve Menu experience by making it easier to delete multiple menus at once audrasjb Menus normal normal enhancement 05/03/2019
#46238 REST API: Allow conditional field registration REST API normal normal enhancement needs-unit-tests 10/25/2020
#46242 Heartbeat Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 02/12/2019
#46267 Add generated_slug to REST API autosaves endpoint REST API normal normal enhancement 10/25/2020
#46305 Update emails w/ placeholders to use sprintf I18N normal normal enhancement 02/22/2019
#46314 JSON strings in postmeta issue Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement 02/22/2019
#46329 sanitize_text_field after 5.1 update should account for __toString() methods Formatting normal normal enhancement 02/24/2019
#46366 Posted Date - Field Arrangement - Reflect Locale Format OR Combine Fields Date/Time normal trivial enhancement 05/27/2019
#46379 REST API posts/pages response to include scripts needed for display of post content REST API normal normal feature request 10/24/2020
#46394 Create a Function to Allow the WordPress Search to Only Return Results from a Specified Post Type General normal normal feature request 03/01/2019
#46412 Make shortcode attributes case-insensitive? shortcode_parse_atts Shortcodes normal normal enhancement 03/04/2019
#46484 Cleaning WP from any reference to php4 General normal normal enhancement early 05/22/2019
#46562 Add rand orderby to the WP_User_Query and get_users to match get_posts Users normal normal enhancement 03/19/2019
#46565 Mixed engine in tables, could bring to major WP failure! Also there is a small fix that could avoid that. Database normal normal enhancement 03/20/2019
#46576 short-circuit filter for dbDelta Database normal normal enhancement 03/20/2019
#46580 Is there a reason we add noopener noreferrer on all anchor tags with target=? General normal minor enhancement 03/21/2019
#46586 `determine_current_user` filter only run once per request Users normal normal feature request 03/21/2019
#46629 Allow replacing placeholders in starter content posts/pages content Customize normal normal feature request 06/12/2019
#46659 Suggestion: add action hook before admin menu nav in the sidebar Administration normal normal enhancement 03/26/2019
#46705 Harden WP core against "update option" endpoint vulnerabilities Options, Meta APIs normal normal feature request 11/25/2019
#46716 Site owner unable to control admin level users in Word Press dashboard Role/Capability normal normal feature request 03/30/2019
#46764 Admin search functionality Administration normal normal enhancement 04/04/2019
#46835 unnecessary image size created Media normal normal enhancement 04/09/2019
#46885 Improvements/Issues with srcsets, additions to wp_calculate_image_srcset joemcgill Media normal normal enhancement 04/13/2019
#47194 Posts endpoint: Enable collection parameters for querying by custom field REST API normal normal enhancement 10/25/2020
#47221 Plugin Search Menu (Enhancement Suggestion) Plugins normal normal enhancement 05/10/2019
#47285 Better Management of External Asset Dependencies Script Loader normal major feature request 01/25/2021
#47306 comment reply event listener: need ability to run custom js function Comments normal normal enhancement 06/20/2019
#47310 Add Column Taxonomy Links Filter to Media List Table Taxonomy normal normal enhancement 12/12/2021
#47314 Add "parent" parameter to get_term_by Taxonomy normal normal feature request 12/13/2019
#47350 Add method to get JSON from a file without using file_get_contents() Script Loader normal normal enhancement 05/22/2019
#47426 Site Health should check for incompatible plugins and plugins no longer maintained Site Health normal normal enhancement 12/29/2020
#47446 Tools > Export does not include term meta data for a custom post type Export normal normal enhancement 05/31/2019
#47447 Allow client-side storing of comment meta Comments normal normal enhancement 05/31/2019
#47488 add "extensibility" to WP_Privacy_Requests_Table Privacy normal normal enhancement 06/06/2019
#47514 Change priority of make_clickable callback to boost performance Comments normal minor enhancement 06/12/2019
#47518 Add an explanatory message to the Revisions screen for locked posts adamsilverstein Revisions normal normal enhancement 04/30/2021
#47544 Code Editor not listing files/folders in the right order Administration normal minor enhancement 08/28/2019
#47579 Featured image Drag and Drop UI / UX Administration normal normal enhancement 07/31/2019
#47694 Adding a filter for $searchand variable Query normal normal enhancement 07/13/2019
#47700 My Sites text is confusing Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 07/19/2019
#47735 Separate sites I have created and sites I have joined in a network install Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 07/19/2019
#47765 Email from improved fatal error protection Site Health normal minor enhancement 12/05/2019
#47781 Site Health: mark installed default themes Site Health normal normal enhancement 11/21/2019
#47794 EuGH ruling - opt-in obligation for cookies and social media Privacy normal normal enhancement 12/17/2019
#47818 $wpdb should update ->insert_id also when `LAST_INSERT_ID(...)` is found Database normal normal enhancement 08/02/2019
#47831 Compare any two revisions: Improve the distinction of From/To columns Revisions normal normal enhancement 11/12/2019
#47878 Permalink issue when using sub categories. Why does it entirely rely on ID? Permalinks normal major enhancement 10/12/2021
#47880 Extend unit tests for Site Health component. Site Health normal normal task (blessed) needs-unit-tests 07/06/2020
#47890 Indentation within Post Publish (Classic Editor) and Comment Save Metaboxes: Administration normal normal enhancement 12/14/2021
#47940 Introduce privacy tools (Export/Erasure) to the Network Admin for network-wide handling Privacy normal normal enhancement 10/16/2020
#47983 Menus: Only send non-empty values on menu save on nav-menus.php Menus normal normal enhancement 09/06/2019
#47990 Opening/Closing the 'Add Items' slideout in the Customizer Menu editor loses the check icon Customize normal normal enhancement 06/01/2021
#47994 The additions of a new wp_posts table columns called post_level and post_patriarch Database normal normal enhancement 09/06/2019
#48007 Setup Windows CI environment Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 12/08/2020
#48051 Keeping default theme but removing inactive themes? Site Health normal trivial enhancement 09/16/2019
#48088 Anonymous Avatar should be served locally Comments low normal enhancement 11/01/2019
#48103 Bulk image resizing Media normal normal enhancement 09/23/2019
#48133 Please add filter on wp walker li element Menus normal normal enhancement 10/01/2019
#48143 Unstyled error message when activating broken plugin Plugins normal minor enhancement 09/26/2019
#48180 extend export with filter for join and where clause Export normal normal enhancement 09/30/2019
#48227 extend import with preselect of existing or pre-fill to create new users Import normal normal enhancement 10/06/2019
#48241 Using `add_theme_support( 'custom-background' )` enables both background color and background image. Themes normal normal enhancement 10/30/2019
#48279 Avoid block markup in starter content and default pages Editor normal normal enhancement 11/24/2020
#48299 When "big_images" are automatically scaled, communicate with a UI message Media normal normal enhancement 10/25/2019
#48308 Is it possible to make Phone number as a default field in Contact Info section in users admin details page. Users normal normal feature request 10/15/2019
#48364 (Needs confirmation) When updating plugins, WordPress won't update any new plugin updates that are found Upgrade/Install normal minor enhancement 10/18/2019
#48366 Export valid paragraphs HTML with wpautop applied Export normal normal enhancement 05/25/2021
#48373 Widgets area grouping Widgets normal normal feature request 10/20/2019
#48375 Introduce a separate capability for trashing a post Posts, Post Types normal normal enhancement 01/06/2020
#48385 Gutenberg blocks in the WP admin dashboard Administration normal normal feature request 10/21/2019
#48414 Enhancement: feed_links_extra needs filter to remove a feed from pages Feeds normal normal enhancement 10/23/2019
#48435 WordPress update: updating by transferring partial packages Upgrade/Install normal normal enhancement 11/16/2019
#48462 Download from Media in Backend Media normal normal feature request 11/15/2019
#48478 Allow omitting meta keys from the REST API response if they do not exist Options, Meta APIs normal normal enhancement 10/31/2019
#48480 Add comment_form_opening_tag and comment_form_closing_tag filters Comments normal normal enhancement 12/03/2019
#48486 Add compliance tab to plugin repository pages on Plugins normal normal feature request 01/14/2022
#48492 Add 'before_widgetcontent' and 'after_widgetcontent' attributes to register_sidebar Widgets normal normal enhancement 11/04/2019
#48498 Walker_Category should also accept the `item_spacing` parameter. Taxonomy normal minor enhancement 11/06/2019
#48499 request: bundle unminified jQuery External Libraries normal normal enhancement 11/05/2019
#48574 Create better post diff screens Revisions normal normal enhancement 11/12/2019
#48579 Should we reconsider the External Libraries mentions on the credits.php page? Help/About low normal enhancement 10/25/2021
#48587 Allow customization of Admin Color Schemes for dashboard General normal normal feature request 03/10/2021
#48720 Define all debugging constants for developers in wp-config.php Bootstrap/Load normal normal enhancement 11/19/2019
#48758 Repurpose 'Hello World' post to also serve as a Gutenberg tutorial General normal normal enhancement 04/10/2021
#48822 Indicate partial success/error of a REST API request REST API normal normal enhancement 10/24/2020
#48899 Verification admin email again after just changed/updated email? Login and Registration normal normal enhancement 12/06/2019
#48901 WordPress multisite with subdirectories sites using the same 'Site Title' Networks and Sites normal normal enhancement 12/06/2019
#48953 Improved revision control related to posts and the numerous auxiliary benefits Revisions normal major enhancement 12/18/2019
#48977 Add a new test case for E2E test Build/Test Tools normal normal enhancement 03/08/2021
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