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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Type Workflow Modified
#47207 Specific custom permalink 404 on archive page Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 05/10/2019
#35932 Square brackets for shortcodes can't be entered with default Czech, Slovak and maybe other keyboards Editor normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#40146 Starter content can be silently published with other themes Customize normal normal defect (bug) 11/02/2017
#23336 Sticky Posts lack sanity bounding. If used too much, can severely degrade performance. Query normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#42284 Stop invalid query generation in WP_Site_Query Networks and Sites normal normal defect (bug) 02/05/2019
#21762 Storing a multidimensional array using register_setting double-serializes subarrays identified with a string sekatsim Database normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#53831 Stray <p> tags added to shortcode block within widgets (5.8) Widgets normal normal defect (bug) 09/27/2021
#25103 Submit buttons on form fields in the Add Media panel joedolson* Media normal normal defect (bug) 05/21/2021
#45600 Suboptimal pasting from Word in block editor Editor normal normal defect (bug) 12/12/2018
#30784 Subsites won't show 404 with default permalink structure Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 07/02/2020
#39746 Suddenly getting error on all of my servers: Unable to locate WordPress content directory (wp-content). Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 03/08/2017
#36191 Support responsive images in WP_Customize_Media_Control joemcgill Customize normal normal defect (bug) 05/23/2021
#33112 Suppress calls to ini_set in core General normal normal defect (bug) 12/30/2019
#29408 Symlinked themes and plugins should not be updatable Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 05/11/2021
#50165 Synchronize get_theme_feature_list() with the Theme Directory Themes normal normal defect (bug) 07/22/2021
#42481 TEST_COOKIE and LOGGED_IN_COOKIE secure flag create issues on non-secure login Login and Registration low normal defect (bug) 04/29/2019
#54705 Table Block: Background color is not getting changed from the Color Settings Editor normal normal defect (bug) 12/30/2021
#24552 Taking over a locked post does not always load the most recent revision Autosave normal major defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#39140 Taxonomies - operator AND doesn't work properly for taxonomy hierarchies Query normal normal defect (bug) 01/08/2019
#28058 Taxonomies defined with UTF8 encoded names cause notices when adding a new term Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 09/15/2017
#31691 Taxonomies registered to Attachments post type don't show in media modal if public = false but show_ui = true. Administration normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#22511 Taxonomy manage screen checks for manage_terms and edit_terms, instead of just manage_terms. Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#38714 Taxonomy meta boxes do not work right with Custom Post Types that use custom capabilities Role/Capability normal normal defect (bug) 03/25/2019
#53814 Template Editor has no URL to access it Editor normal normal defect (bug) 07/28/2021
#53810 Template Editor: Code editor view doesn't show the template Editor normal normal defect (bug) 07/28/2021
#54810 Terms management screen: Bulk actions dropdown overlaps search field on small screens Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 01/13/2022
#38801 Terms with the same name indistinguishable in Menu section Menus normal normal defect (bug) 08/18/2017
#35292 Terms: get_terms by name mismatches emoji Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#52830 Tests: Uploads remain after running test suite. Build/Test Tools normal normal defect (bug) 03/17/2021
#53781 Tests_Embed_Template tests fail when run in isolation Build/Test Tools normal minor defect (bug) 09/28/2021
#37822 Text area misaligned on network setting.php Networks and Sites normal normal defect (bug) 03/05/2018
#51982 Textarea to which button 'Add block' attach to don't get the focus and Blocks from Blocks / Patterns area are placing into the previous place of focus Editor normal normal defect (bug) 12/09/2020
#41446 The PHP notice displayed after the overwriting global $posts by a new empty query. Query normal normal defect (bug) 08/25/2020
#51651 The `read_post` meta capability returns an incorrect result for the inherit post status. Role/Capability normal normal defect (bug) 02/02/2021
#41029 The changed author is not making the coming revisons adamsilverstein Revisions normal normal defect (bug) 04/30/2021
#46405 The editor has encountered an unexpected error Editor normal normal defect (bug) 03/03/2019
#50423 The expand icon at the bottom of the collapsed admin menu is not easily discoverable. Administration normal normal defect (bug) 08/03/2020
#51374 The initial revision of an imported post goes missing Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 09/22/2020
#52295 The response is not a valid JSON response - URL permalink using the ? sign Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 02/20/2021
#53417 The revisions endpoints provide an incorrect JSON schema Revisions normal normal defect (bug) 06/15/2021
#54606 The selectControl component has margin bottom 0 in label of selectControl. Editor normal normal defect (bug) 12/10/2021
#26968 Theme Administration Screen: Not enough themes displayed at high resolutions Themes normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#20859 Theme Installer: Preview should be scrollable on iPad and Kindle Fire Themes normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#30905 Theme Preview - Not working preview when front page setting stevenkword Canonical normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#43153 Theme Preview doesn't work Themes normal normal defect (bug) 12/18/2020
#46988 Theme dir hardcode Themes normal normal defect (bug) 05/03/2019
#41142 Theme editing: inconstancies with messages between this and plugin editing Themes normal normal defect (bug) 06/23/2017
#44892 Theme install button showing again Themes normal normal defect (bug) 03/13/2019
#44897 Theme installed success message not showing when installing multiple themes Themes normal normal defect (bug) 04/17/2021
#52438 Theme translations in WP_LANG_DIR are loaded twice, no (logical) way to override from a (child) theme. I18N normal minor defect (bug) 07/22/2021
#41341 Theme update notification appearing multiple times Themes normal normal defect (bug) 01/15/2021
#41140 Theme/plugin editing: Long file list goes off page Plugins normal normal defect (bug) 06/23/2017
#41076 Themes: Add more help and documentation when editing theme files Themes normal normal defect (bug) 06/21/2017
#51264 There is no option to remove default_term using register_taxonomy() or unregister_taxonomy() Taxonomy normal normal defect (bug) 09/08/2020
#32471 There is no proper way to flush rewrite rules at plugin network de-activation Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#27473 Thickbox width and height parameters are ignored when using TB_iframe Administration normal normal defect (bug) 12/17/2021
#34571 Thumbnails and featured images broken if the filename contains utf8 characters (e.g. üäö) Media normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#45852 Tick Box Open link in new tab... Editor normal normal defect (bug) 01/22/2020
#43564 TinyMCE bookmark not removed Editor normal normal defect (bug) 02/07/2020
#36933 TinyMCE failing when using ModPagespeed Administration normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#35158 Titles Change over to Admin User Name Editor normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#52682 Total comment count is wrong with two meta queries on the same key Comments normal normal defect (bug) 03/01/2021
#23023 Touch UI Menu Code doesn't address flyout menus two-levels deep. Menus normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#51348 Trailing slash redirect removes pipes from query strings Canonical normal normal defect (bug) 03/18/2021
#44977 Transient fill fail delete to itself if it's timeout option is missing Options, Meta APIs normal normal defect (bug) 09/23/2018
#50678 Transient: save object with protected attributes will fail Options, Meta APIs normal normal defect (bug) 07/16/2020
#37395 Transients should be replaced with options, e.g. plugin delete notification Plugins normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#49633 Trim cookie paths Login and Registration normal normal defect (bug) 03/12/2020
#40334 Trim siteurl and homeurl General normal normal defect (bug) 04/01/2017
#16832 Trouble if the slug of a custom taxonomy is the same as the url of page/post Rewrite Rules normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#49171 Trying to get property 'post_type' of non-object in wp-includes/link-template.php on line 682 Feeds normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2020
#38982 Twenty Eleven: Navigation dropdown menus broken on android devices Bundled Theme lowest normal defect (bug) 04/09/2019
#42043 Twenty Fourteen: Menu problems on iPad Air 2 Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 09/09/2021
#45750 Twenty Nineteen: Bug in the menu on mobile devices; only partially visible desktop version of the menu sometimes shown instead of fullscreen mobile menu Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 02/24/2020
#45796 Twenty Nineteen: Mobile menu needs improvement for navigating on touchscreen via keyboard Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 02/24/2020
#45901 Twenty Nineteen: On single posts with featured images, tall menus appear clipped Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 05/11/2021
#39056 Twenty Seventeen: No Default Menu option creates extra work Menus normal normal defect (bug) 03/05/2018
#51236 Twenty Sixteen: Quotes don't inherit group color settings Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 11/03/2021
#49667 Twenty Twenty: Cover-Template scrolling issue Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 03/24/2020
#52116 Twenty Twenty: Menu + Search can cause a scroll jump on close Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 11/03/2021
#49154 Twenty Twenty: group blocks do not clear children Bundled Theme normal normal defect (bug) 04/29/2020
#42258 Twitter embed link in posts generates an empty paragraph Embeds normal normal defect (bug) 10/18/2017
#51844 Two different automatic update emails are sent at the same time Upgrade/Install normal minor defect (bug) 11/27/2020
#34041 Tying nonces to sessions breaks when users are switched Security normal major defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#44629 UI Add scrollbars for webkit on Update Plugins Upgrade/Install normal normal defect (bug) 07/24/2018
#50696 UI issue in customizer menus section Customize normal normal defect (bug) 06/01/2021
#45687 URL params get lost because of canonical redirect on static front page Canonical normal minor defect (bug) 12/18/2018
#38595 Unable to access wp-admin/options-permalink.php when .htaccess file is on NFS Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 05/03/2017
#47359 Unable to distinguish post formats when viewing list tables on mobile Post Formats normal normal defect (bug) 04/27/2021
#48459 Unable to list users with 'No role for this site' Users normal normal defect (bug) 10/30/2019
#14401 Unable to locate WordPress Content directory (wp-content). Filesystem API normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#41272 Unattached media URLs broken for anything over 1000 Permalinks normal normal defect (bug) 07/08/2017
#6297 Unbalanced tags across more and nextpage tags Formatting normal normal defect (bug) 03/15/2019
#54046 Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid regular expression Editor normal normal defect (bug) 09/11/2021
#42440 Uncaught TypeError: $(...).wpColorPicker is not a function Script Loader normal normal defect (bug) 11/06/2017
#43073 Undo leaves a big blank spot where content wp-view was Editor normal normal defect (bug) 06/05/2019
#35131 Unexpected 404: pending post hides published post with matching slug Query normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#35545 Unexpected behavior of wp.shortcode.regexp Shortcodes normal normal defect (bug) 06/04/2019
#47988 Unexpected behaviour when draft post has the same page_name as published post Posts, Post Types normal normal defect (bug) 09/06/2019
#48015 Unexpected results from wp_nav_menu() Menus normal major defect (bug) 10/03/2019
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