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These tickets have been marked as being a "good first bug" for new contributors.

First bugs aren't necessarily "easy," though some are. These bugs are meant to be well-contained. They are designed to help get you familiar with WordPress core code, processes, and contributing, not send you down a rabbit hole for days on end. Whoever marked the ticket likely explained in the ticket why they did so, giving you a good starting point from which to work.

The person who marked the ticket as a "good first bug" — as well as other members of the community — will help you through this ticket by providing feedback along the way. Start by getting a handle on the problem, verifying that you can reproduce it, drawing up a plan of attack, and then creating a patch.

The Core Contributor Handbook should have some good reference materials for you, including an overview of the codebase, coding standards, how we use our bug tracker, and various tutorials and guides like setting up a development environment and creating patches.

If you're not a contributor who is just starting out, please find one of the hundreds of other bugs to patch!

If this report is running low or nothing catches your eye, try this report of tickets that need a patch. If you like unit tests, you can check out how automated testing is set up in the handbook, then browse the tickets that need unit tests. Or, if you want to contribute by testing patches, here are some patches that have been marked as specifically needing testing.

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Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Modified Workflow
#52617 App Passwords: allow http success and reject URLs with local environment type. Application Passwords Future Release enhancement 03/21/2021 has-patch
#40696 no chance to control wp_count_terms () Taxonomy Future Release enhancement 04/03/2021 has-patch
#41616 REST API: Expose old slugs REST API Future Release enhancement 04/04/2021 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#43502 `WP_REST_Posts_Controller::prepare_item_for_response()` doesn't reset postdata after calling setup_postdata() REST API Future Release defect (bug) 04/04/2021 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#52976 user emails comparison should be case insensitive Users Awaiting Review defect (bug) 04/21/2021 has-patch
#47422 Coding Standards: wp-admin/includes/ms.php Networks and Sites 5.9 enhancement 05/26/2021 has-patch
#52321 Add site icon to rest index REST API 5.9 enhancement 05/30/2021 has-patch
#38913 Aggregation of contracted and not contracted verb forms (cannot, doesn't)? Administration 5.9 enhancement 06/09/2021 has-patch
#53056 REST API json_encode error returns 500 data->status in body(Correct) but 200 in actual status(Incorrect). General 5.9 defect (bug) 06/15/2021 has-patch
#53516 Add unit tests for `WP_REST_Server->add_site_logo_to_index()`. REST API Future Release enhancement 06/25/2021 needs-patch
#53550 Add readme to e2e tests folder Build/Test Tools 5.9 enhancement 06/30/2021 has-patch
#53566 Pass the asset path to the `_doing_it_wrong()` notice in `register_block_script_handle()` Script Loader Awaiting Review defect (bug) 06/30/2021
#53540 Use $image[0] instead of $image['0'] in media file Media 5.9 defect (bug) 07/01/2021 has-patch
#49639 Add a filter on wp_insert_user function regarding $user_pass Users Awaiting Review enhancement 07/02/2021 has-patch
#53330 Update inline documentation for `auto_update_{$type}` Upgrade/Install 5.9 defect (bug) 07/03/2021 has-patch
#48879 Changing Site Admin Email Assumes Username and Who Took the Action (which may be incorrect) Users Future Release enhancement 07/10/2021 has-patch
#39258 Move bottom of options-permalink.php into Contextual Help Permalinks 5.9 enhancement 07/31/2021 has-patch
#40966 Double clicking the Update plugins-button gives... interesting experience! Upgrade/Install Future Release defect (bug) 08/11/2021 has-patch
#53284 `error()` method passed too many parameters Upgrade/Install 5.9 defect (bug) 08/15/2021 has-patch
#53605 Twenty Twenty-One: Investigate duplicate rules in `ie-editor.css` Bundled Theme 5.9 defect (bug) 08/19/2021 has-patch
#53626 Change Media upload failures string to not include "Security" messaging for each failure Media 5.8.2 enhancement 08/31/2021 has-patch
#53599 WP_Theme::get_files() returns unexpected entry if parent theme not available. Themes 5.9 defect (bug) 09/03/2021 has-patch, needs-unit-tests
#48489 Big image size threshold should take into account registered image sizes. Media Future Release defect (bug) 09/03/2021 has-patch
#54035 Update Jcrop to the latest version External Libraries 5.9 defect (bug) 09/03/2021 has-patch
#53234 Application password access text is misleading for Super Admins Application Passwords Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/04/2021 has-patch
#50074 Add filter on post/etc action links in the REST API REST API Future Release enhancement 09/08/2021 has-patch
#53102 Incorrect documentation for delete_{$meta_type}_meta and deleted_{$meta_type}_meta filter hooks Options, Meta APIs 5.9 defect (bug) 09/10/2021 has-patch
#48244 script-loader.php Need to use _n() when more than one results are found Editor 5.9 defect (bug) 09/16/2021 has-patch
#51898 Docker Env: Check that Docker is running before use Build/Test Tools Future Release defect (bug) 09/17/2021 needs-patch
#39733 List item separator should be a WP_Locale property I18N Future Release enhancement 09/21/2021 has-patch
#53813 Do not provide initial_edits for properties that are not supported by the current post type. Editor 5.9 defect (bug) 09/22/2021
#54076 Twenty Twenty: image not centered Bundled Theme 5.9 defect (bug) 09/24/2021 has-patch
#54181 Terms management screen shows bulk actions dropdown even if there are no terms Taxonomy Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/25/2021 needs-patch
#54186 Cast string to int in `wp_checkdate` Date/Time Awaiting Review defect (bug) 09/26/2021 needs-patch
#34436 Issue with wp.customizer.panel('name').focus(). Customize 5.9 defect (bug) 09/28/2021 has-patch
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