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{47} Closed Tickets Needing Second Review (20 matches)

A ticket can be closed by anyone, but milestones can only be removed by bug gardeners. This allows for secondary review of ticket closures by another contributor, who then needs to remove the milestone.

If there are any tickets on this report, they need this secondary review from a bug gardener.

This applies to tickets closed as invalid, wontfix, maybelater, worksforme, or duplicate. Only bug gardeners can close a ticket as fixed, as this is typically done via a commit. For more on ticket resolutions and properties, see the handbook.

duplicate (1 match)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#40322 WordPress Network htaccess rewrite causes internal loop Rewrite Rules 12/19/2021 closed duplicate

fixed (1 match)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#54478 Backport block template resolution algorithm unit tests Editor 11/25/2021 closed fixed

invalid (11 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#54461 não consigo acessar como administradora o meu blog General 11/17/2021 closed invalid
#54482 The 'comment_author_IP' will be changed to current admin's IP after editing the comment from wp-admin. General 11/21/2021 closed invalid
#54497 images and photos disapeared of the media library and website Media 11/23/2021 closed invalid
#54531 Automatic image rotation using exif orientation incorrectly rotating images Media 11/29/2021 closed invalid
#54539 Unable to login to admin and site shows white screen Plugins 11/30/2021 closed invalid
#54737 Background tasks: Something went wrong General 01/04/2022 closed invalid
#54768 Woocommerce media items are considered as "unattached" Media 01/08/2022 closed invalid
#54779 Embed Youtube Error Media 01/11/2022 closed invalid
#54600 An error occurred while updating WPBakery Page Builder Plugins 01/12/2022 closed invalid
#54785 Submenu items outside the page Menus 01/13/2022 closed invalid
#54887 Enhancement when filter returns an empty url Sitemaps 01/23/2022 closed invalid

reported-upstream (2 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#54573 Reserved color slugs in theme.json? General 12/13/2021 closed reported-upstream
#54789 oEmbeds: allow embedding Twitter Profiles with a trailing slash Embeds 01/11/2022 closed reported-upstream

wontfix (2 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#36734 Filter for preview button Posts, Post Types 12/26/2021 closed wontfix
#52206 modify post date with submit comment wordpress Posts, Post Types 01/10/2022 closed wontfix

worksforme (3 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#54676 Undo button removes the header from the editor preview General 12/23/2021 closed worksforme
#54774 Upload webp (animated) Media 01/10/2022 closed worksforme
#53852 Select custom fields no longer defaulting cursor to search box Editor 01/13/2022 closed worksforme
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