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{47} Closed Tickets Needing Second Review (14 matches)

A ticket can be closed by anyone, but milestones can only be removed by bug gardeners. This allows for secondary review of ticket closures by another contributor, who then needs to remove the milestone.

If there are any tickets on this report, they need this secondary review from a bug gardener.

This applies to tickets closed as invalid, wontfix, maybelater, worksforme, or duplicate. Only bug gardeners can close a ticket as fixed, as this is typically done via a commit. For more on ticket resolutions and properties, see the handbook.

duplicate (4 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#44332 Hook retreive_password (depricated) should be removed Users 09/06/2020 closed duplicate
#48494 Option to expand admin menu with click instead of hover Toolbar 09/09/2020 closed duplicate
#40374 User name in admin bar falls out of layout when avatars are disabled (German wordpress) Toolbar 09/14/2020 closed duplicate
#51464 Theme details modal z-index too high General 10/13/2020 closed duplicate

fixed (1 match)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#51602 Application Passwords: Include siteurl in return data from auth flow. Login and Registration 10/24/2020 closed fixed

invalid (8 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#51451 What event is triggered when a menu item is added to the menu General 10/06/2020 closed invalid
#39856 Image editor not working for some images General 10/08/2020 closed invalid
#29462 comment pagination in reverse order should display a full number of the latest comments Comments 10/09/2020 closed invalid
#51515 There has been a critical error on your website. General 10/13/2020 closed invalid
#51537 Changes made to comments_array hook do not take effect if 'per_page' parameter is set in wp_list_comments() Comments 10/15/2020 closed invalid
#51563 How fix my error General 10/18/2020 closed invalid
#51569 Fix for current_parsed_blocks value when block has inner blocks General 10/20/2020 closed invalid
#51478 Rest api /pages endpoint returning old version of page when _fields is present in the rest query REST API 10/26/2020 closed invalid

wontfix (1 match)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#47726 Uploading new media to existing posts/pages backdates file location Media 08/30/2020 closed wontfix
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