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{47} Closed Tickets Needing Second Review (12 matches)

A ticket can be closed by anyone, but milestones can only be removed by bug gardeners. This allows for secondary review of ticket closures by another contributor, who then needs to remove the milestone.

If there are any tickets on this report, they need this secondary review from a bug gardener.

This applies to tickets closed as invalid, wontfix, maybelater, worksforme, or duplicate. Only bug gardeners can close a ticket as fixed, as this is typically done via a commit. For more on ticket resolutions and properties, see the handbook.

duplicate (3 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#38093 WP_Customize_Color_Control - Color Transparency Customize 01/15/18 closed duplicate
#13266 Admin page hooks change when plugin is translated (tied to $menu_title) Plugins 01/31/18 closed duplicate
#43374 PHP 7.2 Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /wp-includes/theme.php on line 356 Themes 02/21/18 closed duplicate

invalid (7 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#43034 Multiple times page is added in menu without warning Menus 01/10/18 closed invalid
#43089 SCRIPT5022: InvalidCharacterError TinyMCE 01/16/18 closed invalid
#43107 wp_create_user() incorrectly errors on emails without a . / tld Users 01/17/18 closed invalid
#43118 Move/readjust a full menu tree to another location in the menu. Menus 01/17/18 closed invalid
#42753 possible bug in filter wp_code_editor_setting Editor 01/18/18 closed invalid
#40747 Semantic elements for non-link links: theme-install.php Administration 01/22/18 closed invalid
#43384 wp_enqueue_script:require authors to document these in the readme.txt file or style.css for example Administration 02/22/18 closed invalid

wontfix (1 match)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#18402 Confused page ordering if filter drops parent pages Posts, Post Types 01/29/18 closed wontfix

worksforme (1 match)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#39594 Multisite Upgrade Network - cURL Attempting Port 443 on HTTP Networks and Sites 01/19/18 closed worksforme
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