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{47} Closed Tickets Needing Second Review (71 matches)

A ticket can be closed by anyone, but milestones can only be removed by bug gardeners. This allows for secondary review of ticket closures by another contributor, who then needs to remove the milestone.

If there are any tickets on this report, they need this secondary review from a bug gardener.

This applies to tickets closed as invalid, wontfix, maybelater, worksforme, or duplicate. Only bug gardeners can close a ticket as fixed, as this is typically done via a commit. For more on ticket resolutions and properties, see the handbook.

duplicate (12 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#48511 issue with custom post type capabilities Role/Capability 01/27/2023 closed duplicate
#50041 Manually add loading=lazy in certain image tags loaded by WordPress Media 01/31/2023 closed duplicate
#56135 WP_Term_Query cache never expiring with persistent object cache Taxonomy 02/07/2023 closed duplicate
#57570 WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table should be compatible with PHP 8.2 Users 02/09/2023 closed duplicate
#56535 Improve the compatibility of WP_Admin_Bar with PHP 8.2 Toolbar 02/10/2023 closed duplicate
#58111 Main loop is not working in some cases with "Post Featured Image" block General 04/18/2023 closed duplicate
#58184 WordPress database error Illegal mix of collations Database 04/24/2023 closed duplicate
#58252 Escaping issue found while echoing attribute's dynamic value in html attribute. Administration 05/04/2023 closed duplicate
#58365 A Bug in the template system Upgrade/Install 05/20/2023 closed duplicate
#58257 Canonical URL uses comment URL when comments are set to break into pages Canonical 05/23/2023 closed duplicate
#58414 Gutenberg not support on product page in WooCommerce latest version Editor 05/26/2023 closed duplicate
#44789 REST API: Improved media titles when created from filename REST API 05/26/2023 closed duplicate

fixed (6 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#33361 "Edit Comment" metabox header styling is inconsistent with others Comments 04/14/2023 closed fixed
#48402 Preformatted blocks do not remove styled line spacing Bundled Theme 04/18/2023 closed fixed
#56586 Remove extra sanitization before caching in get_pages function Posts, Post Types 04/20/2023 closed fixed
#39090 Remove duplicate query from posts page in the admin Users 04/20/2023 closed fixed
#58170 HTML API: Update code style so it passes when backported into Gutenberg HTML API 04/26/2023 closed fixed
#58331 6.2.1 Release Note Date Typo Site 05/16/2023 closed fixed

invalid (33 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#57442 Widget link is not appearing in wordpress dashboard Widgets 01/11/2023 closed invalid
#57514 Twenty Twenty-Three: No font size difference between H5 and H6 Bundled Theme 01/20/2023 closed invalid
#50645 Raw HTML displayed in snackbar message. Media 01/31/2023 closed invalid
#12939 Counterpart to content_save_pre hook not called when getting post content via API XML-RPC 02/01/2023 closed invalid
#56889 Hand-Picked Products Block Encountered A Problem and Cannot Be Previewed Quick/Bulk Edit 02/07/2023 closed invalid
#41833 Excerpt disappear in excerpt mode post list, after quick edit Quick/Bulk Edit 02/07/2023 closed invalid
#57861 Nested lists are not styled correctly on RTL Rosetta sites Site 03/03/2023 closed invalid
#57862 The Handbook on Rosetta sites lacks RTL support Site 03/03/2023 closed invalid
#57997 Font is not translating from web browser view to mobile General 03/29/2023 closed invalid
#57990 Fatal Error no email General 03/29/2023 closed invalid
#58059 Critical error after updating to core 6.2 Upgrade/Install 04/03/2023 closed invalid
#58112 WordPress photos disappear when making screenshot Posts, Post Types 04/11/2023 closed invalid
#58106 42 Pages CSS Code Broke General 04/11/2023 closed invalid
#58122 6.2 - customizer.php css no longer appears in theme, FSE custom CSS also does not appear in theme Customize 04/12/2023 closed invalid
#58165 virus attack on my website Administration 04/20/2023 closed invalid
#58166 Warning about future upgrade Upgrade/Install 04/20/2023 closed invalid
#58172 wpmu_create_blog() requires a title parameter, but the parameter is not used. Networks and Sites 04/21/2023 closed invalid
#58178 Unable to access my site. Plugins 04/24/2023 closed invalid
#58187 How to work with Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Plugins 04/24/2023 closed invalid
#58228 problem with website General 05/01/2023 closed invalid
#58232 Plugins related search box linked to WP Posts search General 05/02/2023 closed invalid
#58227 JavaScript can be entered as an image description Media 05/03/2023 closed invalid
#58242 Deprecated: The PSR-0 `Requests_...` class names in the Request library are deprecated. Switch to the PSR-4 `WpOrg\Requests\...` class names at your earliest convenience. in /home/u417507951/domains/ on line 171 General 05/03/2023 closed invalid
#58233 Cannot build a new page General 05/03/2023 closed invalid
#58253 All plugin update attempts fail with a -1 code Plugins 05/04/2023 closed invalid
#58266 Pattern Stats Top 100 General 05/07/2023 closed invalid
#58258 Removal of Impersonating/Trademark Infringing Domain Administration 05/09/2023 closed invalid
#58352 Unable to access WordPress counter and website page and HTTP ERROR 500 error Site 05/19/2023 closed invalid
#54176 UI Defects - Featured Image Editor 05/20/2023 closed invalid
#58367 problem No such customer: 'cus_NtpMsCe3eRG8bg' General 05/21/2023 closed invalid
#57258 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'WP_REST_Controller' not found General 05/23/2023 closed invalid
#58374 This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed Editor 05/23/2023 closed invalid
#58401 WP_Theme_JSON_Data::get_data() but for parent theme General 05/25/2023 closed invalid

maybelater (2 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#56294 WordPress search finds block name in comment Database 04/03/2023 closed maybelater
#58221 Cast (int) $cron->time - time() to prevent String - int error Site Health 04/30/2023 closed maybelater

reported-upstream (5 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#58004 not possible to change default margin for <footer> Editor 03/28/2023 closed reported-upstream
#58090 Global Styles custom colors with the same name are not differentiated Editor 04/04/2023 closed reported-upstream
#58031 query-no-result block is always appeared if post-template block contains post-featured-image block Themes 04/06/2023 closed reported-upstream
#58124 In Admin > Settings > Reading, the 'Learn more about feeds' link is broken Text Changes 04/13/2023 closed reported-upstream
#58292 CSS @container queries break block editor styles Editor 05/11/2023 closed reported-upstream

wontfix (3 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#56827 Alignment issue with Generate Password and Save Password buttons on Reset Password page Login and Registration 01/25/2023 closed wontfix
#48003 Function wp_prepare_attachment_for_js() missing other sizes Media 01/31/2023 closed wontfix
#58130 Google has detected harmful content on wp-login.php page General 04/18/2023 closed wontfix

worksforme (10 matches)

Id Summary Component Modified Status Resolution
#56725 WordPress setup on local - "npm run env:install" not working on windows Build/Test Tools 01/06/2023 closed worksforme
#51856 loading="lazy" attribute bug Media 01/31/2023 closed worksforme
#51305 wp_list_comments returns nothing if "per_page" parameter is defined Comments 02/22/2023 closed worksforme
#51934 Error wp-sitemap.xml Sitemaps 02/28/2023 closed worksforme
#54104 Media Library thumbnails broken with PHP 8 Media 03/15/2023 closed worksforme
#4539 Abbreviated year followed by punctuation or markup doesn't texturize Formatting 03/22/2023 closed worksforme
#56077 Link box partially hidden Editor 04/09/2023 closed worksforme
#39619 Firefox 50 is showing old "View autosave" dialog Autosave 04/12/2023 closed worksforme
#58219 Gutenberg throws an unknown exception Editor 05/09/2023 closed worksforme
#58403 Running remove_menu_page in the theme will cause admin-ajax.php 500 errors Menus 05/26/2023 closed worksforme
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