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Ticket Summary Owner Component Priority Severity Milestone Type Workflow Modified
#40549 Add jshint to Travis CI 3.8 branch build jobs Build/Test Tools low normal Future Release task (blessed) commit 05/14/2017
#12563 New action on body open adamsilverstein Bundled Theme normal normal Future Release enhancement close 01/15/2019
#44761 Privacy policy guide url is not escaped in Privacy Policy edit page Privacy normal normal Future Release defect (bug) commit 10/08/2018
#44044 $allowed_tags and $allowed_protocols in wp_privacy_generate_personal_data_export_group_html not filterable. Privacy normal normal Future Release enhancement commit 10/08/2018
#43438 Add filters and Ajax support for personal data export desrosj Privacy low normal Future Release enhancement commit 10/08/2018
#41902 wp-load.php: comment for error reporting levels schlessera* Bootstrap/Load normal trivial Awaiting Review enhancement commit 04/27/2018
#45755 Theme Editor WSOD functionality doesn't work with Multisite Networks and Sites normal normal Awaiting Review defect (bug) commit 01/20/2019
#37114 Allow short-circuiting `get_post_class` for performance Posts, Post Types normal normal Awaiting Review enhancement commit 08/31/2018
#43364 After blur on the custom text field the date format should update below. afercia Administration normal normal 5.2 defect (bug) commit 01/14/2019
#4575 Add functions to return the last-modified timestamp of a category/tag stevenkword Feeds normal normal 5.2 enhancement commit 01/10/2019
#30506 RTL: Hours and minutes fields order reversed in post editing adamsilverstein Editor normal normal defect (bug) commit 01/07/2019
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