__group__,ticket,summary,owner,component,_version,priority,severity,milestone,type,_status,workflow,_created,modified,_description,_reporter Future Releases,48025,"When the permalink structure ends with a slash, a slash is appended to the URL of robots.txt.",SergeyBiryukov,Canonical,5.3,normal,normal,Future Release,defect (bug),reviewing,commit,2019-09-12T03:02:38Z,2019-10-15T14:44:33Z,"When the permalink structure ends with a slash, The URL is `http://example.org/robots.txt/` The trailing slash should be removed.",Toro_Unit Future Releases,41009,Add filter to comment form class,,Comments,,normal,normal,Future Release,enhancement,new,commit,2017-06-12T13:04:09Z,2019-11-26T15:21:37Z,"Almost all html of the comment_form function can be customized using filters, except for this line (current 2285 in comment-template.php), which is the wrapping div of the comment form: {{{
}}} I feel there are legitimate reasons for wanting at least the class to be filterable. For instance if you are using the clearfix class throughout your design to clear floats. So I would like to propose changing this line to this: {{{ $respond_class = 'comment-respond'; $respond_class = apply_filters ('comment_form_respond_class' ,$respond_class); echo '
'; }}} ",cjbj Future Releases,41921,add esc_html before the admin title display,,Administration,,normal,normal,Awaiting Review,enhancement,new,commit,2017-09-19T13:45:27Z,2019-04-30T14:17:19Z,"I have found esc_html is missing before the admin title on line number 67. file location: ""wp-admin/admin-header.php"".",lalitpendhare Future Releases,37114,Allow short-circuiting `get_post_class` for performance,,"Posts, Post Types",4.2,normal,normal,Awaiting Review,enhancement,new,commit,2016-06-16T11:58:48Z,2019-09-24T06:28:58Z,"Now that was introduced the usage of custom taxonomies on the `get_post_class` function we should be able to filter what will happen to the returned classes before we carry on with the logic. Something just like what we do with the `pre_site_option_$option` or `pre_delete_post`. I am also providing a patch for this in the hopes that we can make this fit on the release 4.6 If I'm missing anything to make this ""release-ready"" please let me know and I will gladly do it.",bordoni Future Releases,46418,Use wp_die() instead of die() function in wordpress,SergeyBiryukov,Administration,,normal,normal,5.5,enhancement,reviewing,commit,2019-03-05T12:01:39Z,2020-02-11T20:10:11Z,"When use the wp_json_encode() function that time you should use wp_die function instead of die() function. Because wp_die() function do Kill WordPress execution and display HTML message with error message.",immeet94 Future Releases,46367,Introduce a cancel button to the create new menu screen when 1 or more menus exist,audrasjb*,Menus,,normal,normal,5.5,enhancement,accepted,commit,2019-02-28T06:15:32Z,2020-02-11T20:27:29Z,"Hello, On the create new menu screen it would be nice to introduce a Cancel link in the same location as the 'Delete Menu' link appears when editing a menu. This would only make sense when there are one or more menus in existence, when there aren't any menus there's nothing to cancel. When there is a single menu and you go to create a new menu there's no indication on screen that a menu exists and you need to reload to be able to edit the existing menu. When there is more than one menu the select menu dropdown appears so at least you can switch menus to cancel. The use case this helps the most is when there's only one menu and you click 'create a new menu'. In this case the cancel allows you to go back to the single existing menu. Hope that was clear, Thank you",garrett-eclipse Next Release,49126,Update needed in wp-admin/includes/template.php,SergeyBiryukov,Administration,5.3.2,normal,normal,5.4,defect (bug),reviewing,commit,2020-01-03T18:50:14Z,2020-02-17T13:22:22Z,"I think an update is needed to the function {{{ _wp_admin_html_begin() }}} in the file wp-admin/includes/template.php beginning at line 2425. The output of this function can be seen in the source code of any page in the WordPress admin area, right at the top. I noticed first that the code contains this: Wrong: {{{ Ex. id=""poststuff"" and id=""postbox-container-2"". I thought that, It will need to update for better coding standard & improve acessibility. Any suggestions are more welcomes...!!! ",jankimoradiya Next Release,46829,Denote the special pages in Customizer Menu editor,garrett-eclipse*,Menus,,normal,normal,5.4,defect (bug),accepted,commit,2019-04-08T08:30:25Z,2020-02-09T21:30:26Z,"Hello, It was mentioned while working through #37782 that the special page labels (Front Page, Posts Page and Privacy Policy Page) would also be beneficial on the Customizer Menu editor. Opening this to branch from there as it's focus for 5.2 will be the standard menu editor. Cheers",garrett-eclipse Next Release,46304,On the privacy request table buttons switch to break-word for legibility,garrett-eclipse*,Privacy,4.9.6,normal,normal,5.4,defect (bug),accepted,commit,2019-02-22T05:30:23Z,2020-02-12T11:53:39Z,"Hello, Depending on the screensize the buttons in privacy request tables start to downgrade breaking to 2+lines depending on locale. Currently the css is break-all which causes the string to become illegible. Switching to break-word in the css will allow the button text to be readable. Gif Example; https://gyazo.com/5aa60b8dda2eacbd23e9c95086ac8e3d The breakdown for english starts around 1020 down to 920. For other locales and users with zoomed browsers the breakpoints will differ as to when this falls apart. The css for this can be found here - https://github.com/WordPress/WordPress/blob/173e0f9ee7b7f7dee03c351f2f9bf968759eb20e/wp-admin/css/forms.css#L1141 Thanks",garrett-eclipse Next Release,46747,Recent Comments widget can add duplicate ID to page,SergeyBiryukov,Widgets,5.1,normal,normal,5.4,defect (bug),reviewing,commit,2019-04-01T11:12:40Z,2020-01-16T23:50:40Z,"The Recent Comments widget includes the markup `