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Option to export .zip backup before auto upgrade of wp/plugins

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Has there been any discussion on an option to export WP and plugin files in a zip before the auto upgrade process begins for either? The upgrade process is so easy now most users don't take proper backups first.

I'd be glad to work on a patch file, but wanted to get thoughts on this feature first?

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#1 @johnbillion
15 years ago

Definitely a good idea. I imagine people are getting a little lax now the auto upgrader is in core.

The option of a database backup would be good too (or maybe go back to including a database backup plugin in the package?...)

#2 @dd32
15 years ago

I personally do not see the need for a backup of the WP files and Plugin files.

A simple Database export would suffice for backup purposes.

#3 @williamsba1
15 years ago

The WP and plugin files are what is being overwritten when the upgrade happens, so that's why I think they should be backed up.

Actually a backup of all files and the DB would be a great option!

#4 @dd32
15 years ago

The reason i dont see a need for the files to be backed up, Is because they should be the same as the WordPress release they're currently running.. Which is available from Same goes for plugins, they're available there as well.

#5 in reply to: ↑ description @jeffr0
15 years ago

In my opinion, having the ability to backup the database should be all that is really needed here as that contains everything you need to get back on your feet, also includes any options for plugins that save them in the database. Saving the actual WordPress files or plugin files would just be overhead. I think end users who are really that concerned about saving the files such as themes should be making regular backups of either just the plugin/theme folders or making full/home directory backups through their webhosting accounts control panel.

#6 @dd32
15 years ago

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The way i see it, Is that WordPress needs a new exporter.

The current exporter exports post/page/attachment data & meta-data, It doesnt save the state of the Install however, The plugin list, The Options set, Etc. are all lost.

What I'd like to see, which would probably "fix" this ticket, would be an Exporter that does it all, with an importer (or maybe an Installer..) which can take an export and re-create the install exactly as it was the moment the export was created.

That has issues with non-hosted plugins, But would be possible if the export was a zip file which also contained any custom-plugins, But would certainly start getting large if it also included all Attachments.. Options as to what to backup to the export would be great.

I'm setting this to a feature request (pending patch/someone working on it) and Future release pending the same.

#7 @jeffr0
15 years ago

With regards to your idea DD32, I like that much better than what we have discussed already. Just wondering if this plugin which has been entered into this years Plugin Competition would be a good start for what you had in mind?

#8 @dd32
15 years ago

Its a start, But it mainly deals with the post side of things, that combined with some entirely new functionality not seen before would be great.

I honestly dont think something which i'm thinking of has been created before w/ WordPress..

#9 @jeffr0
15 years ago

I've been longing for an advanced exporter for WordPress which gave me granular control on what it is I wanted to export which seems to be what the above plugin would solve for me. But what you proposed sounds like I could export an install state sort of like an image of my PC which I could then import into WordPress like restoring an image and continuing right where I left off. That sounds nifty to me!

Regarding non hosted plugins, maybe just providing information such as version number, name, and other metadata for that plugin would suffice instead of having that part of the backup.

#10 @dcole07
15 years ago

Don't forget about Media. The current importer & exporter doesn't deal with locally stored media, meaning you have to go get it yourself through FTP or something. It would be a lot nicer and more efficient if the importer and export transferred more information than just the text content. Reducing the number of steps it takes to do a task is going to make it easier and more worth doing for people who use a product.

#11 @chipbennett
15 years ago

I think it's a great idea. I loved that WPAU plugin (pre-core-upgrade days) backed up both the DB and files, and then presented links to download both/either before continuing with the upgrade.

(I even mentioned just this functionality not too long ago on WPTavern.)

Even if some/many/most people decide not to avail themselves of the option, it's still good to know that the option is there.

#12 @chipbennett
15 years ago

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#13 follow-up: @williamsba1
15 years ago

I like the idea of a more advanced export for settings, etc. I also think it should be linked to the update process so the user has the choice if they want to receive a backup before upgrading anything, whether it be WP or a plugin.

#14 in reply to: ↑ 13 @dcole07
15 years ago

Replying to williamsba1:

I also think it should be linked to the update process

That's as simple as putting a link on the page right before the update process begins, which would be helpful reminder if nothing else.

#15 @dcole07
15 years ago

Is support for PHP Zip going to be a problem? I guess it's not bundled with PHP, so it's going to be dependent on the server the person is using. I'm not sure how popular the Zip extension is, but I would think it would be fairly significant. If it is a problem, we could write in an exception, removing the functionality that people can't use and give a warning message.

#16 @dd32
15 years ago

I wouldnt use the PHP Zip function specifically. Whilst its available on up-to-date installs... well.. we all know what users are like.

Using the Zip Extension if available, Else PclZip (PHP-based Zip compressor/uncompressor currently used by the various upgraders) would do the job.

#17 @williamsba1
15 years ago

So the question is, should the next export use the same WXR formatting, only expanded for server settings, etc?

I'd be glad to start working on this feature request

#18 @dd32
13 years ago

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#19 @DrewAPicture
13 years ago

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#20 @chriscct7
10 years ago

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This would be better handled by plugins than WordPress core because you can control the amount of things that get backed up (just WordPress settings and posts, or all meta, or all tables, or all tables, even not WordPress ones). There are a ton of plugins that do this and can run these backups automatically.

#21 @DrewAPicture
10 years ago

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I agree this is plugin material.

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